so endeared by everything about you

honestly taehyung is so loving and protective of all his members like he’s always standing up for jin when the members pull his leg and he can’t stop praising jimin for literally everything and he adores and spoils jungkook to death and loves to gently tease namjoon and whispers ‘i love you’ to yoongi on live broadcast and that time hoseok called himself ugly and taehyung immediately said ‘no what’re you talking about you’re so handsome’ i really love that about kim taehyung

Time Bomb by ThisSentimentalHeart


“Why exactly are you here?” Louis asked, feigning annoyance and failing pathetically at it.
“My publicist told me I can’t go anywhere near you.” Harry said, eyes still smudged with last night’s eye liner. “That makes you my favorite person in the world.”

Or the one where Louis has everything: a lead role in a giant Hollywood franchise, a glittering new house with an entertaining Irish neighbor, and a steady, normal boyfriend who he probably loves. Louis never expected to become a household name among young Hollywood overnight. He also never expected to find something endearing about the enigmatic rockstar who keeps showing up on his back porch.

Actor Louis/Rockstar Harry. This is a massive fic: 291.555 words. It’s seriously so good! I’m not even half way through the story, but I’m totally hooked. Read the tags please! Photoset by me.

the signs and their best qualities
  • Aries: your enthusiasm and energy is unmatched! you are so fun to be around, and you always make me feel safe and protected. you have a way of making anything fun or enjoyable and are such a great friend. your daring personality inspires me
  • Taurus: everything about you is so endearing and wonderful. you are always so loyal and sweet, and are always thinking for my best interest. you are the best person to chill with, and are such a great listener. all in all, you are always delightful to be around
  • Gemini: you are always there for me, especially when i need someone to just listen. you are great at giving advice and always make me feel validated and okay. even when i'm having a bad day, i feel happy just hearing you talk about anything.
  • Cancer: you are so creative, and have such a fun personality. you always care about me and what i have to say, and are always willing to compromise. your patience is admirable
  • Leo: your smile is the most contagious thing. you are magnificent and amazing. you always understand and are so generous with everything, especially your time. you would do anything for your loved ones.
  • Virgo: you are always willing to help, and you are always up for listening and giving advice. you are always so practical and honest, it's impressive. you are so caring and have such a big heart
  • Libra: you are the friendliest and sweetest person. you make me feel so happy and cared for, no matter how long we have talked or what we are talking about. you are so creative and your ideas are so fun to talk about. you have such a positive and powerful influence on everything you do
  • Scorpio: your passion and ambition is incomparable. you always make me feel so loved, safe, and important. you are so loyal, and your heart is gold. you are so strong and capable
  • Sagittarius: your optimism inspires me. you make me feel like i can do anything. you have a way of speaking that makes me feel so motivated, and with you by my side, we can conquer anything.
  • Capricorn: everything about you makes me feel secure and important. you are so faithful and true, and your ambition and determination is commendable. you can do anything you set your mind to.
  • Aquarius: you are the most genuine person. everything about you is authentic and your intentions are pure. you are so innovative and imaginative, and the way you think and talk about your ideas and opinions is so captivating. you are capable of great things.
  • Pisces: you have a gentle soul and kind eyes, and i appreciate your way of thinking. your bright and brilliant mind is astounding. you are so unique and glorious

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RFA + the two dorks, reacting to falling for crazy hyper mc?

Wasn’t too sure how I was supposed to portray mc, I hope that’s what you wanted u_u I also realized you wanted reactions so it’ll be shorter than hcs

Yoosung (pretty likely to happen, he can get along with a wide variety of people): 

  • he might be a bit overwhelmed sometimes by how energetic they are but he finds it endearing on them (then again, he finds everything about them endearing). He might be a bit surprised to fall for someone with this personality since he always thought he was attracted to cute shy people but he’s just happy to find someone so special to him – he’s not picky, tbh, as long as they’re nice to him and other people, he doesn’t even care much about the rest. He’d really try to go out of his way to be less lazy and spend time with them – even if he comes back home completely drained.

Zen (also gets along with a lot of people, just no one like his brother or Jumin): 

  • also wouldn’t expect to fall for someone like that, but, Zen’s a romantic and in tune to his feelings when it comes to love – so when he does fall in love, he knows it and he’s ecstatic at the fact that it’s the cliché, romantic, cheesy love at first sight kind of thing. He’d love how crazy they get sometimes, it always put a huge smile on his face and while he’s not hyper himself, he sometimes likes to follow them in their energetic antics – it feels like he’s on an adrenaline rush when they’re around and he absolutely loves it.

Jaehee (not sure how that would happen but): 

  • would have a bit of a hard time coming to terms with the fact that she is falling in love with someone like this, she wouldn’t really understand how or why. Since she’s the polar opposite to them, she wouldn’t really know how to approach them – she’ll treat them the same way she treats 707, that is to say, she won’t really follow them in their crazy spree and she might also shot them down when they’re being a little too childish or immature to her taste. She doesn’t mean to be rude, but she’s a (mostly) responsible, mature and level headed person so she can’t really relate to them.

Jumin (more likely than Jaehee but still a kinda unlikely):

  • would be very very surprised but he’s not knowledgeable about falling in love anyways so eh whatever. Honestly, whoever manages to get a special place in Jumin’s heart has to be pretty special so Jumin will be fascinated by this person regardless of personality. He would find it amusing to watch them act weird but he wouldn’t follow them in the things they do or whatever. It would be a nice change from the people he’s used to talk to because they are all pretty serious and uptight when they talk to him bc it’s always for business (bc he has no friends except the RFA shhh).

707 (copycat): 

  • I mean he’d be happy to find someone who can follow his shit but those two would be a nightmare for other people; one of you can be exhausting enough but when you tag team it’s just the worst for everyone. He’d be really glad to be in love with someone who can act like him and with whom he can go crazy and it’d be fun that they’re able to keep up with him since he’s used to having kind of one sided conversation bc no one really understands what’s going on in his head.

V (too sweet and adorable, he could fall in love with people of any personality):

  • would find it super cute even though he doesn’t really know how to react sometimes with them but he loves how expressive and how it doesn’t feel like they restrict or limit themselves. They always manage to surprise him with where their mind goes and he finds it really interesting how they see / react to things and how different they are from him. He tries to follow them in their crazy moments and while he can be a little awkward bc it’s so out of character for him, it’s always so endearing when he does it.

Saeran (not sure it would happen or be a good idea, will get annoyed bc ptsd from how similar they’re with his brother): 

  • yeah, he’ll feel complicated bc he’s conflicted by how it reminds him of Saeyoung + he can get quite annoyed at how they act sometimes bc – even if it’s once he’s better – he’s still pretty scarred, traumatized and bitter at what happened to him and even in general, he’s too pessimistic to tolerate their antics at times. But, at the same time, and that’s when he’s very conflicted; he finds it somewhat cute how hyper they can be – when he’s in a good mood – it makes him feel light and like he doesn’t have to worry so much.
Imma tell you somethings about Harry:

Okay so it’s the new year and I’m drunk off me arse so I have the non-filterness to tell you some things about your boi Harold:
1. He’s 100% everything you think he is. Wildly awkward but you don’t care cos he’s Harry. This is equally annoying as it is endearing. His eye contact is out of control. You will feel like you are the center of the universe when talking to him. Don’t worry, this happens to everyone. Boy, girl, man, woman, plant, muppet, aluminium, banana… literally nothing is safe.
2. He’s got the humour of your grandad. Honestly. You think it’s cute? IT’S NAHT because he means it.
Which, FINE, can be endearing in its own weird way…but also, HARRY! LISSEN: you were born like two minutes ago… why you got the humour of an 87 year-old-man?
3. He loves attention. He humble AF cos the universe constantly humbling him, but also he loves this platform. He loves that you care. He loves that he makes a difference. And that truly is beautiful, Harry, cos lord knows he got what he always wanted and is doing good with it. He’s living his dream, He living his truth. And you feel compelled to live yours in his presence. And that’s respectable.
4. He smol. He tol, but also he smol. But you know it makes sense. And you hate him for being better and worse than you imagined and love him for being weirder than you gave him credit for.

The End. Happy New Year errbody. May 2017 be better for all of us, and may Harry’s summertime and butterflies all belonging to our creation be lit AF. 🙌🏼

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Credence likes to wear Graves's clothes with no underwear. The soft silky fabrics feel so good when they rub against his cock.

omg but can you imagine how poorly they’d fit on him? i wonder if graves sort of– laughs at him, all the hems on everything too short while the coat is too wide and his slacks have to practically be lashed about his waist (there are spells to fix this and graves uses none of them because while it’s ridiculous there’s something endearing and proprietary about it, too). 

Just Friends: Part 4

(( OOC: Lily Evans played by: @potterdeer )) 

*The halls are dim and everything is quiet as James and Lily make their rounds, giggling and chatting in not-so-hushed tones*

James: *smirks* And you bet I did. *swoons* Minnie’s the love of my life! 

Lily: …And where did you get those snapping toffees?

Lily: You don’t call Marlene by her last name….or- 

James: It’s a… term of endearment. 

Lily: You looked like you were having a lot of fun.

James: *shocked* …. You… 

Lily: *quickly changes topics* 

Lily: *smirks* You both have a pension for trouble.

James: *laughs* 

Lily: We’re mates right? You can talk to me about that stuff…

James: Besides… talking about “that stuff” with you… is kind of weird.

James: I’m clearly not picking up what you’re putting down, so could you maybe simplify this for me… ? *smirks*  Pretend I’m a toddler, use small words. 

Lily: I really, really like you… I’m sorry.

James: *quietly* … What are you trying to say Lily?

Lily: Not anymore.

James: *studies Lily’s earnest face* *struggles to contain himself* 

Lily: *laughs in frustration*  

Lily: *turns around and starts heading down the hall*

Lily: *stares down at their laced fingers* 


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Ive been following you since youre BTSxNaruto crossover days and I gotta say you've improved a lot! I don't know if I've ever said this before about your art, but I love the way you do lines. Like in your recent VMin art, the way you lined their hair and faces makes everything look so soft and pretty :3

After opening this message, I literally stopped what I was doing, placed my iPod down, got my lazy ass up, opened my laptop, logged on tumblr, and respond to you properly because HOT DAMN, I shed a tear when I read this! This is by far the most endearing message I have gotten so far. I wasn’t expecting this at all, I honestly am boiling in happiness as I am writing this to you. First of all, thank you so much! I WILL CONTINUE THE NARUTOXBTS AU! I plan on drawing it all out after my finals. I honestly am too overworked with the amount of stuff I have to study. But nonetheless, I will draw it all out. I hope to make it slightly longer and worth reading. Any who, you like the way I do lines? Haha, I don’t fancy my line art at all, or the way I color. To me, it looks so unprofessional! But thank you. It’s really nice hearing this kind of feedback! I don’t get this very often! 

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Hey listen, I know we love the word ‘Boy’ in the TAZ/Mcelroy fandom,but I just wanted to put out a little PSA about using it to refer to Kravitz?

Because I’ve heard from multiple sources that calling black men ‘boys’ is pretty racist. And since Kravitz is canonically black, just- if you’re not black, and especially if you’re white, please keep this in mind and find some other endearments to use for our beloved grim reaper.

(important note- OP is white as heeellll so PLEASE feel free to call me out if I’ve gotten any of this wrong/ it’s not my place to talk about this kinda stuff! I just haven’t seen anything about this and was getting worried. Ok, that’s everything, thanks for reading!)

I think one of my favorite things about “Oshiete! Gyaruko chan” is the fact the show is so very chill and upfront about everything. The girls and boys chat about some rather personal or specific biological quirks of the human body and even THEIR bodies amidst more regular everyday talk, as well as the fact that everyone kinda subverts whatever tropes you’d expect of their appearance and/or name.

The way they do it is so charming and endearing, especially since the lead of our protagonist trio is into the gyaru style; a style that has a LOT of assumptions made about those who indulge in it due to centering around individuality and going against the societal grain. Meanwhile, Gyaruko is adorable and caring underneath that freewheeling, relaxed tone. Ojou is an airhead, yet absolutely endearing and insanely perceptive due to being on a different plain of thought, and Otako is rather up front and assertive conversationalist despite being an introvert by nature. Hell, Gyaruko’s sister is even more in the gyaru look and style, and from what we’ve seen she is the most on the ball older sister/parental figure you can find.

It’s such a charming little 8 minute show.

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Your description says it's open so please ignore this if it's actually closed >___< GOM reacting with their gf being really mother-like to them. Not the type that bombs them with questions 24/7. The type that's really caring and thoughtful and shows their love through actions <3

Aomine Daiki: Aomine doesn’t really know how to feel about getting smothered by kisses constantly - since usually he’s the one who tends to initiate anything physical - but it’s definitely not the worst thing that’s happened to him, so he doesn’t complain. Most of the time he’s in the mood to play along and return your kisses with his own, anyway. 

Kise Ryouta: Kise finds your motherly tendencies (and pretty much everything else about you) incredibly endearing. He sometimes whines to Kasamatsu about the way you constantly fret over him, or the way you worry about his safety due to him being so popular, but his complaints are never really sincere and are always accompanied with a satisfied smile. 

Midorima Shintarou: Midorima pretends that he doesn’t enjoy getting smothered in hugs from you in public, faking annoyance out of embarrassment - when in reality he doesn’t mind your affections at all, even going as far as to hug you back most of the time, when the two of you are alone and he’s certain that there’s nobody watching. 

Murasakibara Atsushi: Murasakibara absolutely adores the fact that you make him home-made lunch every day, so there’s no complaint what-so-ever from his side. He’s also surprisingly affectionate himself - and doesn’t seem to be too embarrassed by it, either - sometimes reaching out to pull you into his lap at lunchtimes/break-times so that you can easily feed him the food you’ve made.

Kuroko Tetsuya: In Kuroko’s mind, being mother-like means that you’re a kind and gentle person - qualities that he prefers in a romantic partner - so the fact that you have the habit of reminding him to do his homework and bringing snacks up to him whenever he’s studying just confirms that he definitely made the right choice when he asked you to be his girlfriend.

Akashi Seijurou: Despite the fact that he’d never admit something like this to you, or to anyone, Akashi appreciates every motherly action you perform - from doing his laundry to kissing him goodnight - due to having lost his mother at a young age. He cherishes these moments - and you, for making them happen - because they allow him to get a tiny glimpse of what his life may have been like if his mother was still around.

Man, I’m reading the Rick and Morty comic now and I’m up to issue 12. And I can’t help but think dimension c-132′s Rick is an even bigger asshole than (the show’s c-137 Rick. And not in an endearing way.

And all this shit they’ve gone through… and alluded about smart!Mortys and everything… I just can’t help but feel… uneasy. C-132′s Morty is also a little more… I dunno, less sweet? He’s a little more unhappy feeling, and he has less patience when dealing with Rick’s BS. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve seen him be happy with Rick at any point so far. (Mind you, I’ve also been skipping around a little.)

I’m I’m just like… what if this is all a build up revealing comic’s c-132 Morty is actually “Evil Morty” from the show?

C-132 has come across at least two smart!Mortys, y’know. So, he knows he’s got potential. (Albeit the first one wasn’t so much a “meeting” as much as seeing that universe’s Rick beating that Morty to death with a hammer…)

In both cases smart!Morty was missing our Morty’s kindness. Rick!Morty (the one who got murdered by his Dumb!Rick) was an asshole, mocking dumb!Rick and his lack of intelligence constantly, and the other smart!Morty became a dictator of Earth. 

“A cocky Morty can lead to big problems. Can be a real bad thing for everybody.”

-C-137 Rick

Yeah, I’m beginning to see that. And I wonder… if all these adventures are going to shape c-132 into one of those “cocky” Mortys.

My Favourite Kind Of Person... *Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Originally posted by wehavesass

Summary: “My favourite kind of person is a quiet person, so be quiet” Bucky finding the fact you talk too much annoying, unlike the others who find it endearing. So it leads to an argument, which leads to Bucky kissing you for you to shut up, since you won’t stop ranting about how rude he can be.
Warnings: Swearing, you being hella annoying and some Bucky fluff because he does find it endearing but… yeah you talk too much!
Admins Note: My sister sent me a bunch of prompts for one-shots, she also put various characters beside them, although she said all of them can be for Bucky!! 

You are everything Bucky isn’t but wants to be. You seem to be so carefree and able to make it through the day without some kind of mental breakdown. Bucky wished he could make it an hour without flipping the fuck out, he’s getting better but he can’t help but look to you, laughing and smiling; like everything that happened to you was nothing but a bad dream. 

You talk, you could talk for days and Bucky realised that when once you talked about some TV show for a full hour, to no one in particular but you talked about it anyway! 

You never seem to care about who you are talking to as long as someone is listening, he wished he could be like that, to be able to talk about random things but… he can never seem to work things right. 

He always comes across grumpy, angsty or angry; he doesn’t mean to sound defensive or violent. He allows everyone to speak, he just listens, even then that can be difficult; he hardly knows what anyone is saying or the references they use, it can be… depressing. He feels out of place, he looks at Steve and see’s he has adjusted well and yet he can’t seem to do the same, he just feels like he is drifting around not really knowing what to do now; he has all this freedom and yet… nothing to do with it. 

You’ve always tried to get Bucky to talk to you, to have some input on a conversation, he just remains silent or passive to any thought or opinion; since the beginning you’ve tried to be his friend, although it seems he doesn’t really want to have those at the moment.

You keep trying like you are doing now, rambling away about something you like, Bucky had stopped paying attention around ten minutes ago but you just carried on… in hopes he would strike up conversation with you. 

You actually found Bucky a mystery, curious and quiet, but from Steve telling you about Bucky he was anything but those things; you wanted him to just be comfortable around you. Only, you also found him intimidating and that causes you ramble a lot, you hardly stay on one topic for longer than two minutes, he just has this vibe of he could easily kill you in a second… if he wanted to. 

You hardly remembered the topic you began with, now you were talking about the VMA’s, an award show that Bucky would likely never watch… so why are you rambling about it? 

You kept going though, you were in too deep with topic to just suddenly stop, Bucky wasn’t even nodding anymore he was just looking at you with raised eyebrows; how can one person talk this much and fast? Then you began to tell him about all your favourite musicians, bands and various other people, telling him about what they do and how they are with their fans. 

“My favourite type of person” Bucky spoke up, you instantly stopped talking and was prepared for him to talk now, you were regaining normal breathing patterns now “is a quiet person, so be quiet!” he tells you, moving his eyes back to the TV screen, you blinked a few times and nodded slowly, allowing your eyes to trail to the TV also. 

Natasha had told you how forward Bucky can be, you didn’t think he would be… so rude! You get what happened with him was bad, no excuse to be rude to people who are just being kind, well he didn’t exactly ask you to come over and ramble to him; He could have told you to leave. 

You fiddled with your fingers, biting your lip, you were also a very emotional person and you were fighting back the tears; it seems silly but all you ever wanted to do was be friends with him, now he is basically telling you, you are annoying to him. You shuffled slightly away from the assassin, not wanting to annoy him any more, he could somehow sense how upset you were and he knew it was because of him.

“Are you crying?” Bucky asked, slightly shocked by this, he knew what he said was kinda rude but he didn’t expect you to cry over it. You scoffed, not looking at him and avoiding eye contact, he was being so insensitive towards you.

You are extremely rude” you confirm, he raises his eyebrows as you stand up, ready to walk away but instead you decide to tell him why he is rude “all I’ve ever done is try to be your friend, you ignore me, glare at me and tell me to be quiet; I don’t see anyone else other than Steve try as hard as me” you point.

And another thing, I get with what happened to you and all but that’s no excuse to be a total dick, especially to me… we all have problems, Bucky” you spit his name slightly, he stands up slowly, hardly believing you can rant this much also. 

Don’t you dare smirk when I am trying to be angry at you, you are so-” he cut you off. A light, feathered kiss to your lips was enough for you to become quiet, this is probably the longest Bucky has heard you be silent. 

His lips move slowly against yours, his metal arm remains at his side but his human one holds your waist, he smiles into the kiss as your hands rest on his shoulders. He pulls away, actually expecting you to talk but you remained at a loss for words, he grins smugly as you blink a couple times at him; you fall back onto your feet, losing the two inches of tallness from your tippy-toes, a slight frown settling on your face a pout on your pink plump lips, slightly more red from kissing Bucky.

“Wow” Bucky muttered “this is the longest I’ve heard you be silent” he whispers, you slap his chest playfully “well, now I know how to make you stop talking” he shrugged sitting back down, pulling you slightly with him, sitting how you were when you first sat down. The silence between you both now was deafening.

“When am I allowed to start talking again?” You ask, Bucky grins looking directly at the TV “also your favourite person can’t be a quiet person, Steve talks just as much as me, so does Clint and Natasha. I think you just like being mean to me, I am the better Avenger, no wonder,,, probably jealous.-” he rolls his blue eyes as you begin to ramble again, he knew it wouldn’t last long, it just now means he has to kiss you a lot more.  

(Hope you enjoyed this random one shot. Remember you can request; imagines, one shots and ships by myself and Angie - Rosalee)

why is Liam so warm? like if you were to stand next to him you would just be consumed by his warmness. why is he so soft? he looks like he is made from everything soft and fluffy. why is he so cuddly? let me cuddle you :( how is he capable of smiling the way he does with his entire face that just makes my heart so happy? why is he so giggly? why is he so soo soooooo precious? why is he the biggest tease? then less than a second after he is this huge puddle of preciousness and giggliness and everything cute warm and fuzzy?! why is his pouty lip so cute? why is he so endearing? why does he do that thing with his eyebrow, you know the thing and manages to be cute about it? I feel like he is just this beautiful soul full of warmth and peace. why is Liam so fucking amazing? how does he do all of this? how is that possible for a single person to be all at once? who are you Liam Payne and why are you doing this to me?

As suggested by @netbug009, you can view Wander/Dominator here

Wander/Beeza (No ship name known/created)

Suggested Ship Names:

- BanjoQueen

- PlanetWanderers

Reasons to ship/Why this ship is interesting:

- Beeza is really aloof and “eh” at everything, while Wander tends to care a lot about things and  likes to act melodramatic at times. Opposites attract/they balance each other out, in that way.

- Beeza is so, so much smoller than Wander, very short, so it’s really endearing to see Wander being the tall one in a ship.

- The concept of Wander visiting her at times to ensure she’s still enjoying where she lives and make sure she’s happy.


- Wander reached down, gathering the tired Beeza in his arms. She felt light as a feather, and he smiled fondly as he carried her off to her bed for rest.

- “Ohmygosh! You made trees by braiding his fur?! That’s so cool!” Wander bounced up and down, still clutching the cup of tea Beeza had offered him, “You guys have really gotten creative with the place since the last time I was here!”

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can you please write about furihata, izuki, kasamatsu, kiyoshi, koganei, mitobe, and nijimura doing something embarrassing in front of their crush, but their crush finds it endearing? thank you so much and i hope you have a lovely day! <3

Oh man, I can’t really think of anything embarrassing but I’ll try to put in things that might make them uncomfortable :D

FURIHATA: Furihata’s never been a guy to show any form of PDA. He didn’t like drawing attention to himself but he did try his best in everything. Including impressing you. On Valentine’s Day, after you put in your shoes inside the lockers, you turned around to find Furihata standing there, a guitar in hand. He began to serenade you and despite the initial awkwardness and a few false notes, he genuinely put his all into it. “You learned to play the guitar for this?” You couldn’t hold back your smile. He just blushed and nodded, seeming uncomfortable with the attention around him. Well, he was about to be even more embarrassed. You tugged on his collar and kissed him deeply on the lips, causing him to completely combust.

IZUKI: While puns were easy to make for him, dancing was not his forte in the least. Izuki had good coordination on the basketball court but definitely not on the dance floor. So, when he showed up one day in the cafeteria with music blasting out of the speakers, you were more than surprised. You had told him the day before that dancing guys were pretty cool. Now, he was standing in front of you, dancing with a few back up guys. He twirled and even lip synced to the song. You laughed and threw your arms around him afterwards. “If dogs can dance with two left feet, then so can I.” He beamed. “Dogs can’t dance, baby.” You laughed.

KASAMATSU: Although he was pretty good with the guitar, he’s never had the courage to perform in front of an audience. Though, he really wanted to do it this time. For you. For your birthday, he actually stood up on the stage and began to sing a love song directed right to you, causing all your friends to scream and coo. You just blushed at him, smiling secretly to yourself, until one of your friends shoved you onto the stage. He cleared his throat, “Happy birthday.” Then he leaned you back and placed a sweet, long kiss on your lips. “Thought you don’t like the attention,” you teased. “I’ll do it for you,” he muttered.”

KIYOSHI: His knowledge of Shakespeare was between zero to zilch. Thus, he recruited the help of Riko who was smart enough to teach him how to pronounce some of the lines. When it came to literature class, he stood up in front of the class and approached you. “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? / Thou art more lovely and more temperate.” And he recited the whole sonnet, the most romantic of all of Shakespeare’s sonnets. The girls went ‘aww’ while the guys gave loud cheers. He blushed lightly at the attention but smiled down at you who was grinning up at him with glistening eyes. You bit your lip and hugged him tightly.

KOGANEI: A public love confession was something you’d have expected from Koganei. But a public love confession with chalk written on the field, a bouquet of flowers, and a group of musicians serenading you in class, not to mention the huge spread he had prepared for a mini lunch date for the two of you, were things you never really saw coming from the boy. He smiled down at you, after preparing everything, “I’ve liked you since the first moment I saw you. Would you considering being my girlfriend?” You nearly jumped the boy right then and there. Hugging him, you whispered a ‘yes’ in his ear as he smiled in relief and happiness.

MITOBE: Mitobe hasn’t spoken so far and might never will so you’ve always wondered how he expressed himself. There were hints that he might be interested in you that you could see through his actions, but this time… wow. During morning assembly out on the field, everyone looked up to see a huge sign hanging off the school building with a few guys holding onto it outside. “Will you be my girlfriend?” was written on it. Your eyes widened when you dropped your gaze to find Mitobe standing there with a smile. He took your hands in his and nodded at the question. “Yes! Yes!” He didn’t even need to ask.

NIJIMURA: Preparing a candlelit dinner in the middle of a crowded park in spring wasn’t easy, but it was something Nijimura had been planning for months. He had cooked up the food on his own and even scattered petals around the area to surprise you. Everyone around you two stared and the girls went all soft-eyed on the couple. He never liked public displays of affection but he thought that it wouldn’t be bad to do something like this once in a while. The expression on your face when you saw it was definitely worth it. “You prepared all of this for me?” You tried to hold back your smile but failed. “Only for you,” he whispered, kissing the top of your head.

Save Me - Chapter 54

The conversation during breakfast was light and fun as soon as I dropped my offer to have my assistant handle everything. I had no plans to mention that again. Really, most of what we talked about was family… Jared talked about Shannon and it was so endearing how close they were. It reminded me of my brother Aaron and myself.

“Shannon says hello, by the way.” Jared said as he took another bite of toast.

“So, he obviously knows you stayed to have dinner with me last night?” I asked. I wondered how much everyone knew. It made me feel better knowing the people closest to Jared knew about me. It has to say something that I wasn’t some dirty little secret, right?

“He does…and he keeps teasing me about it too.” Jared laughed, “He really likes you, ya know.”

“I liked him too. After I got over being completely embarrassed by him.” I said rolling my eyes and chuckling at the memory.

“When was this?” Jared asked curiously.

“The girls and I passed him on our way to the meet and greet after you made me miss his backstage tour. I didn’t realize until then it was a total set up. Shannon was going towards your dressing room, he made a comment like ‘hope you guys had a nice, umm, talk’ and I knew he knew…” I told him shaking my head.

“Oh, then! ” Jared said laughing recalling exactly how that all went down. “Well, in his defense, he knew I needed reinforcements, especially since I thought you weren’t going to show. He knew I needed some alone time with you if by some miracle you ended up coming.”

“I can’t believe you set me up! All you had to do was ask, ya know, you didn’t have to go to so much trouble.” I said, totally not shocked but slapping his arm playfully anyway.

“Actually, I can’t take any credit, we didn’t really talk specifics. He came up with that backstage tour idea all on his own. He just knew I needed a few minutes. After the tour thing was brought up, I knew with Lily’s little obsession with him, it would be a good distraction and I just went with it.” Jared explained with a smile.

What stinkers! I’ll have to give Shannon a big hug and kiss on the cheek for coming up with that little diversion though. It gave us the time we needed together. I don’t think Jared and I would be sitting here right now if he hadn’t.

“Does he think you’re crazy?” I asked, my turn to be curious…

Because, when you really think about it, it is kinda crazy…what Jared and I were doing. I’m sure when I tell Aaron I’m changing my work travel to spend the week here with Jared, he’s going to think I’m crazy too. This was supposed to just be a weekend fling. Who knew it would turn into so much more?

“No, he doesn’t think it’s crazy. He’s my brother and he supports me unconditionally just like I support him. If the tables were turned, I’d encourage him to follow his heart and his gut. Growing up we really just had each other, ya know…” Jared said as he looked away. “he’s my best friend, my confidant.” Jared turned his eyes towards me then continued with a small shy smile, “Besides, he likes you….Thinks you’re funny and sweet. He gets it.” Jared said as he tried to lightened the mood.

I think talking about himself, even talking about Shannon was something he doesn’t do very much. At least, not in a honest way. I’m sure they get asked tons of questions during interviews about their childhood and upbringing but I think it’s pretty safe to assume Jared keeps everything that’s personal very private. I was so touched that he gave me a little insight and felt comfortable enough to be that open.

That moment when a relationship is new and they tell you everything about you is so interesting and endearing but then you tell them they are going to get sick of you and they say “no. I can never get sick of you!” But then a few months later everything about you annoys them and you wonder which of your quirks was the final straw and you hate yourself even more than you already did.

The end.