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Still not much time for drawing… So a little doodle about my guardian…. Probably use my last doodle as a base when I change her clothes… ANYWAY… Speaking alone… With my bad english… I will continue to work later… In the futur…. I really wanted to do an update with so draw… (つ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)つ BYE. 

jennamatan  asked:

So I dress en femme all the time at my house, go by a female name with friends. Am I out to 15 plus people and put on makeup and stuff. Yet I dont often "feel" female. I think I look better en femme and prefer my chosen name to my birth name. I'm concerned however because I do not "feel" things as I stated previously. Am I faking/forcing my transness? Am I just depressed? Is it something else?

I think it’s time to see a gender therapist. Seeing a gender therapist was extremely helpful to me in figuring out my emotions and feelings. I don’t think your faking being trans but to me this sounds like a subject that someone much more knowledgable then me should answer.

Perhaps this PDF will be of some assistance. It’s about gender questioning but it may give you some insight into how you are feeling.


can you believe in the middle of all of this louis had the wherewithal to ask steve to record a song with him and he managed to write something uplifting and heartwarming in dedication of his mother? that he was able to pour his love into a song that he gets to sing, and that steve is right there for him even though as far as we know they only met this year. that they managed to keep this private and process in peace. that this is how he chose to honor her and that he’s allowing us to be part of it; that he’s gotten to choose what he’s sharing, and that this is what he’s sharing with us.