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magnus bane and alec lightwood will be the most iconic couple on tv in 2017

not only are we getting a proper respresentation of an interracial couple, not only are we getting a queer couple… but we are also gonna see them actually fall in love, depend on each other, trust each other, fight for each other

AND at the same time we are going to see two badass and independent characters who have their own stories and are so much more than just a couple

Me during the latest episode of YoI:

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Me still thinking about it a few hours later:

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@snapback-gravity-falls Aww yeah, that’s some good stuff.

That’s why it’d be especially good if the bio dad showed up a couple years after the finale, when Soos is comfortable openly calling Stan “dad” and Stan openly calls him “son.” (It’ll take a while but they’ll get there.)

Especially since the bio dad knows that Soos’s mother died of a terminal case of Being On A Disney Show, so this guy isn’t someone she married. Who is he? Why is Soos calling him dad? And maybe if this guy has an introspective bone in his body he’ll realize he knows nothing about Soos’s life, and that’s entirely his fault.


“The first draft of my vows - which I wrote the day after we got engaged - clocked in at around seventy pages. But I don’t have them with me today… Here’s what I’ll say, then. The things you have done for me - to help me, support me, surprise me, to make me happy - go above and beyond what any person deserves. You’re all I need. I love you and I like you.” 
“I love you and I like you.” 


Christmas at the Bartowskis’ means eggnog, PJs, a fake gas fireplace, and - that’s right - Twilight Zone marathons. I’m not taking no for an answer, Walker, so prepare to be heartwarmed.

Luci dancing?

You know how Luci mocked Amenadiel for having white man’s overbite? Well, I personally don’t think that Luci is as smooth as he thinks he is. I mean, has anyone seen the faces he makes? And the way he opens his mouth awkwardly when dancing? Like, do you want a pacifier or what, honey? 

And then I realised that the only reason he did all that crazy/relaxed/not-trying-to-be-seductive shit was because Chloe was there, and she doesn’t like the usual smooth-talking casanova. She seems to just like normal-Lucifer (cause that’s the one she hugged in 2x09, right?). So again, Lucifer let himself be vulnerable because Chloe was there. And the best thing is, it wasn’t even physical. She didn’t make him. He was brave enough to make himself vulnerable because wifey came to save him and he was so happy :’)

“If you want me, satisfy me.. If you want me, satisfy me.”

Inspired by Christopher Clark’s “The Red Umbrella in Venice”, (ft. Sango & Miroku) 

❀ Dedicated to my @mirsan who I hope can forgive my heavy handed coloring~ Thank you so much for donating to Dani & Im sorry this took so long but I was having too much fun ❀ 

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I’m so proud of Sweet/Vicious and what it’s done. It’s raw and unapologetic and important. And it gave me a voice when I couldn’t find one. It gave me two characters that I could connect with on a very deep and personal level. Jules, because of her trauma and working through it. Ophelia, because of the way she feels about herself and trying to move past it, it’s all so real to me. Sweet/Vicious has helped so many people, and I hope it gets renewed so it can continue to tell these all too real stories and keep helping people like me who are/were struggling to find a voice. Thank you, Sweet/Vicious.


Late night doodles of near-eyebrowless killers with their favourite people. ´ v `)
(or: why are these people so problematic)
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It’s Myers roof dust, all the hotels use it now. It diverts the sun’s rays. Keeps the utility bills down in the summer.


Summary: His hook is never far.

Rated: G (also F for Feelings)

Words: ~1300

Notes: Post 5x11.  This is definitely not spoiler free.  Inspired by this post by @swan-on-a-hook and checked over by the wonderful @capaldisrighteyebrow. Also based on the headcanon that Emma is quite fond of Killian’s hook.

Also on ao3 and ff

His hook is never far.

The paramedics pass it to her father first, the click as it dislodges from the brace echoing harsh against the quiet, somber breeze. Emma’s cries had dissolved into a stunned, almost disbelieving, silence.  But when she watches David’s hand close around the chilled metal – his fingers shaking, the cold sweat on his palm smearing along the base – a fresh well of sobs burst forth.  Heavy, wracking, until she can hardly breathe.

She stumbles as Snow leads her back to the loft, and though she longs to be home – the future’s nothing to be afraid of, Swan – she lets herself be tucked into bed.  Lets her mother tug her shoes gently off her feet as she whispers soothing nonsense into the silence.  

Emma shies away, though, when Snow leans forward to kiss her brow.  The touch, Emma knows, would be too much.  Already there is a rush of blood in her ears, when she can feel Snow’s cool breath fanning over her forehead.  It’s too cold.  Too cold.

His is always warm. He always presses his cheek to her skin. Drags his scruff across her face until his lips press wetly against her brow.

“Was,” she whispers.

Was always warm.

Snow leans back, tears in her eyes.  She hovers, unsure, for a minute.  Or an hour. Emma can hardly tell.  Eventually, though, she can hear Snow’s footsteps as she walks away.  Can hear the door close behind her as Emma drifts into some hellish place between sleep and awake.

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GOT7 As Types of Boyfriend

A.N. This is my own opinion and just by seeing the way they act in interviews, and how they present themselves anybody can sense the way they would be in a relationship.

Jaebum: Protective Boyfriend. OMG I can so picture it, he would do anything to keep you safe. He makes sure he knows where you’re wither it’s with family, friends and especially when you are by yourself, just so he doesn’t worry so much about you. He wouldn’t show much emotion when it’s in front of people, yes he’ll show you some PDA like holding hands and small kisses but when the two of you are out on dates he’ll hold you, have his hand around you, and give you deep passionate kisses but he’ll constantly remind you why he loves you and constantly brags about you to everyone he knows.

Mark: Geeky but Sweet Boyfriend. Mark is already labeled the quiet one of the group but I personally feel that he would be a total geek/nerd about a certain topic that you both share in common. For example let’s say you both are into Marvel Comics, he would plan this whole movie marathon day of you watching every Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, etc. movies. He would also be super sweet and do little things for you around your place just so you wouldn’t have it. If you had a pile of dirty dishes he would do them for you and go out and buy you some flowers so just in case you were having a bad that could cheer you up. I need a Mark in my life

Jackson: Reasonable and Passionate Boyfriend. Much like JB Jackson would protect you but he would always want to discuss many things, like ways on making your relationship better but always want to know your opinion/views on a lot of topics and try to make you feel comfortable with being in a realtionship. Cause we all know how much this boy can talk. Yet Jackson would do so many cute romantic things just to make you feel special like he’ll buy you your favorite flowers and food just because he wanted to or buy something that would reminds him of you.

Junior: Sensitive Boyfriend. OKAY WE ALL KNOW HOW JUNIOR IS THE MOM OF THE GORUP AND HOLY SHIT HE WOULD DO SO MUCH FOR YOU! He would show you how he loves you and treat you like a fucking princess!! He would cook with you, watch your favorite tv show or movie even though he might not like it, read you his favorite book and just cuddle all the damn time. He would constantly tell you how much he appreciates you and never let you doubt he doesn’t want to be with him. Brb I’m going to go ugly cry

Youngjae: Reasonable Boyfriend. Much like Jackson I feel that Youngjae and you would have a mutual understanding in what you both want in the relationship, and the both of you will learn more from each other from the way you both do things you like, from sharing your thoughts on certain things. But he would do things just to make you happy as well, for example if you wanted to go to a roller coaster he would complain a lot but he would still go on it because it would make you happy. He’ll do anything to show he cares even when he’s being super awkward and nervous around you.

BamBam: Fashionable and Adventurous Boyfriend. Clearly we all know BamBam is a little diva in the group and will always take the longest to get ready. He would make sure that the both of you look bomb af and also spoil you with nice clothing, even though you protest against him buying you things he wouldn’t listen and still keep doing it. He would also want to try to do new things with you. There’s a new foreign restaurant that just open? Be prepared to go out that night because he’s taking you. He would also take you to the new art exhibit that’s in town or would have this spontaneous day all played out for you. 

Yugyeom: Sweet and Funny Boyfriend. Okay we all know how Yugyeom does those little pranks to his band mates but for you he’ll most likely hide things from you and give you those cheesy clues for you to find them, and at the end he’ll give you a kiss. Even though you’ll be annoyed with him, he’ll make you smile and you’ll get over it because he’s such a precious cinnamon roll! He’ll also make sure every week you’ll have your favorite flowers every week even if he doesn’t see you because he’s on tour, having a fan meet up, or having long practices, he just wants to you to know he’s still thinking about you.