so embarrassing god


Can we just talk about Quentin’s outfit for a moment? Like, seriously, did each team member design their own uniforms? Because there’s Eliot, looking gorgeous and stylish and rocking the still drunk while hungover from last night look. Then there’s Alice, super adorable in her baby doll dress; Margo, the epitome of a fashionista; and Kady, who is just so absolutely stunning.

And then there’s Quentin. I don’t even have words for poor, frumpy, asymmetrical Quentin.

Honestly, how did Eliot let him out of the cottage in those pants? You cannot tell me that Eliot wouldn’t have taken one look at him, had a fit of epic proportions, and then literally set fire to that outfit.

Ok guys, I really didn’t want to get to this point, but i really feel like I have no other option right now.

My name is Kami, and I’m from Venezuela. Venezuela, if you don’t know, is a Little country in the north of South America that currently is going through some rough shit. This rough shit includes the fact that the minimum wage for people who work is equivalent to roughly 11 or 12 dollars FOR MONTH. Yes, this is different in our own coin, but considering that this implies that 100,000 of our national coin is equivalent to just 10 dollars I’m sure that anyone with basic knowledge of economy knows that this implies some bad shit for the prices of stuff. Just to put an example, in my house there’s only three people and by WEEK we spend 40,000 or so only on grocery shopping.

You would believe that with both of my parents working it would be enough to live decently, right? Haha, yeah, it’s just enough to make it to the end of the moth. And the thing is, I work too, if only to keep my own needs at bay, so we don’t have to spend extra money on my stuff but… it’s kinda’ve been difficult lately… because My computer broke. It just went dark and didn’t turn on anymore. And I work as a freelance Graphic Designer and I write for an online column so like, my computer is the one thing I NEED to work. I’ve been able to work using one of my dad’s computer, but not being able to work on my own space is difficult, since he also works with the computer so… I’m just able to work when he isn’t working (which is not many times).

If I decided to save and try to buy a computer here that I could use to do my work would come out at, at least 15.000.000 Bs, which is 1500$ and it’s… it’s kind of a lot… and really hard to get when I can only work from time to time in a computer that’s not mine, I’m don’t have an University Title (and thus I don’t count as a “professional”), and I have to worry about my house having enough food and services and if something break or something. And yes, I’ve tough of asking for help here, but I wouldn’t be able to even get the money, because Venezuelan Credit Cards aren’t compatible with PayPal. So I’m kind of stuck.

I though about it a lot, and in the end I did some work and instead I bought myself a Plane ticket to Panama. Panama is a place where a lot of things are cheaper because it’s low sale’s tax (at least for me it really, really is) and it’s really better to go there and buy the stuff, especially because one of my cousins lives there, and they confirmed for me that they can lend me a credit card to use my money from PayPal, so I would be good, and I would be able to do my shopping with no problem.

So here’s all I’m asking. I’ve been doing numbers and considering I’ll be staying at panama for just 10 days, I’ll be staying in my cousin’s house (but I wont be eating there every day, because… I can’t do that to her, she has three daughters and I’m an adult) I would use anywhere from 20 to 35 dollars a day (a total of 200 to 350$ for the entire trip), and I found the cheapest computers that I could use for my work are around 320$ and 450$, depending on what they have at the time. So that’s anywhere from 550 to 800$, and that would be all I need, leaving 700$ out of the price that it would cost me to buy one computer here. And yes, I’ll be working in the meantime, but the trip could only be one month and a half from now (because the only had tickets for that date and if I didn’t buy the ticket right now it would’ve been a lot more expensive later), and the max amount of money I’ll be able to do is going to be like… 70$ or 100$ IF IM LUCKY and get one hell of a good job somewhere.

So yeah, if you guys could help me a little bit I would really appreciate it. My PayPal is and I also have a redbubble, even if there’s not many stuff because… well I don’t have a computer to make more.

Please guys, I’m begging you if all of my followers gave me just one dollar I could have enough, and if you can’t donate at least share so I have a chance to get it. And honestly, even if I just get the 550$ it would be totally worth it for me, since I could help to bring more money to my house.