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dear eien,

thank you for being one of my favourite people on tumblr. i remember following you knowing i was following someone amazing. i hope you know you’re someone i consistently am proud to mention and talk about to people, telling them you’re my favourite writer here alongside @magerain . i feel like you embodied my happy experiences from the ft fandom; warm and welcoming. a very meme experience. i truly, truly do treasure you and your talents and i believe in you so much.

title: assembly required

rating: t

ship: nalu

summary: “natsu you fuck, I sent you to build a wardrobe not marry my fucking sister” - they probably have the movie rights to this one

notes: AHHH @rivendell101 I’M SO SORRY THIS TOOK ME FIFTEEN  YEARS TO DO alisha won second place (1.5K words) in my 2.2K follower giveaway and requested a nalu soulmate au involving writing on their person and while I had one written and ready to go like two weeks ago I went to IKEA and bought a wardrobe and while I was dismantling the stupid thing for the second time I had an idea and rewrote it.  this went over 1.5K words but oh well lmao 

notes p2: ok so in this au you’re born with half a word on your wrist, and your soulmate has the other half.  the word isn’t necessarily the first word your soulmate says to you, and you’ll know it’s them because it will flash a colour when one of you says it.  

From: Sparkypire

Time: 8:47 AM

Natsu(5) + {[Any situation(the amount of people)(proximity to Gray Fullbuster(5) OR Gajeel Redfox(3))] - Presence of Erza Scarlet(2)} + Access to pyrotechnics of any sort + Access to his phone = total level of destruction possible, plus-or-minus 2.

To: Sparkypire

Time: 8:48 AM

What the fuck?

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Eien Misui ni Goodbye
Osamu Dazai
Eien Misui ni Goodbye

I want to tell everyone, it is I, I that have failed.
Isn’t there anyone to take my hand and cease existing together?
I hold the feeling that the attempt isn’t enough.
Days darkening in the setting sun are endless.

In a world like that… I found you.

Suddenly, that hand pulls and stops the cuff of my reckless heart.
I want to try living like this a little bit more.
It’s not like me to think so.

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❤ + cosmicallybrownie ❤ + starrscript ❤ + papalogia

@cosmicallybrownie: Brownie is my best bae. I love her so much. She’s my #1 and she’s always there for me and I honestly don’t know where I’d be without her. She’s such a big part of my life now I can’t imagine it without her. She’s talented and she’s the singlemost hardworking, driven, and smartest person I’ve ever met and she’s just. She’s amazing and she’s been a role model to me for nearly 2 years now. I’ll never understand how she does what she does, but she sure as hell makes me want to be a better version of myself. 

@starrscript: [aggressively but with affection] BITCH ASS TAYLOR. She changes her URL 3 times every hour so I’m always like who is that but it’s just her every time. ANYWAYS. I feel like I’m repeating myself a lot but this bitch is alSO hella talented. Like I saw her fic update the other day and almost dropped my phone I was pumped. Taylor’s a spunky kid, she’s got sass and some sarcasm to spare and she’s fun to scream at. She’s such a winner and I love her.

i love that even when katsura is not in the picture, even when he is not literally fighting side by side with gintoki, he is always having his back. he is just sitting behind, trying not to get in his way, clearing his path, making sure he won’t get hurt and holding these dear memories he shares with him closest to his heart.

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hey i have a really serious question and i feel like you are the most qualified person on this site to answer this ...... how do milk bags work? do you reseal them? or once it's open there's no going back?

so you’re either the same person who sent this in

or there are are two very different types of people on this website who want to know how milk bags work.

tutorial time???

First off, this is what a milk bag looks like

very squishy and cold.  We then stick them in these

a canadian rite of passage is learning how to slide the milk bag in properly because if you don’t then too much hangs out and your curse yourself to over-pouring milk until the bag is half done.  

Now that the milk bag is in, you gotta cut a little piece of the plastic off in the corner.  Normally you’d do this with scissors or a knife but newer containers started coming equipped these things

on the handle and I had no idea until I had to buy a new container for my dorm and I almost cried in the superstore because this is legit the best thing humanity has ever come up with I hope the person who came up with this retires with a million dollars and clear skin 

The rip has to be just the right size because you can end up with either a tiny trickle of milk or a miniature Niagara Falls depending on where you make your tear.  A rip this size is ideal.  Then you just 

Stick it in your fridge for your next consumption.  

And that has been your intro lecture to Canada 101.

  • Wendy: Let's see what we have here...
  • Gajeel: You've taken computer classes.
  • Wendy: Master's in computer forensics, MIT.
  • Gajeel: ...I see.
  • Wendy: Oh, this isn't good.
  • Gajeel: What?
  • Wendy: Isopropyl methylphosphonofluoridate.
  • Gajeel: ...
  • Wendy: B.S. in biomedical engineering, Johns Hopkins. You?
  • Gajeel: Ohio state. Phys ed. I was a jock.

I’m not in the ml fandom bUT @illustraice ‘s Sun/Moon au has me h o o k e d.  Now, I’m no artist so I can’t draw for it (believe me I just tried drawing Mari and I spent more time outlining muscles than anything so that was a lost cause), and because I’m not in the ml fandom and I have no grasp on Mari and Adrien’s characters, I can’t write for it, either.  Buuuuut, given what I’ve read for this AU, I can certainly devise a playlist for it.  Because music is universal.

She is the Sunlight Trading Yesterday | May I Trading Yesterday | Run Leona Lewis | Drop in the Ocean Ron Pope | Little Do You Know Alex & Sierra | Losing Your Memory Ryan Star | Echo Jason Walker | Infinity One Direction | California King Bed Rihanna | Battlefield Jordin Sparks | Bleeding Love Leona Lewis | Listen To Your Heart DHT | Truly, Madly, Deeply Savage Garden | Hey There Delilah Plain White T’s | Saware Arijit Singh

guys ok real talk if the universe is constantly expanding what the fuck is it expanding into like if it’s expanding then that means that there is space for it to expand within like does that mean that there’s a limit to how large the universe can get or does the space it’s expanding into keep expanding to make up for the expanding universe but then what is the expanding space expanding into gUYS