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i love the way cms talks about ed being so “gleeful” because i feel like when ed’s happy oswald finds it infectious and is happy as well and that’s just rlly cute and also nice because obviously when they’re running their criminal empire ed is p self-satisfied and gleeful, like, 100% of the time

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Hi💕 I'm the anon with the older boyfriend. I want to update you guys and tell you what happened after our "talk". We never were able to talk on the phone because he just showed up outside around the time I was coming home/ he was getting back from work. He begged me to get in the car with him and then he got out and grabbed my arm. (I'm in Ed recovery so I'm not that strong btw.) I managed to pull away and he started offering me a lot of money to go off with him. PT.1

He was just being extremely aggressive with me. He said that all of this was parents getting in my head and trying to break us up. He said they kept me homeschooled and struggling with my issues to have control over me. Eventually he backed off and kept apologizing for hurting me and begged me to come to his house. He then said that I would always be his baby girl(yuck) and that I should just come with him so he could make me happy. My neighbor walked outside pt.2

And asked if there was a problem which scared him off. He called me on his way back and said he would be staying with family until after Christmas. He said to give him my answer about the marriage when he gets back. He said he will always love me and that I’ll be hurt without him(wtf)? So far it’s been about 4 hours and he hasn’t called or texted. When I showed my friend his picture, she told me I was stupid to pass him up because he’s hot. Yeah. 

oh my god i’m really sorry you had to go through that. He sounds like he’s not in a healthy place right now for both you and himself. He’s trying to create distance between you and your family, and trying to manipulate you with the “you’ll be worse off without me” line and the offering of money. That’s not how someone who loves you acts. He just showed up at your house because he has issues with control. That’s what that sounds like. I’m not gonna tell you 100% what to do because it’s still your life and your decisions, but he does not sound like someone who would treat  you like you deserve to be treated. Issues like this would pop up again and again, but you wouldn’t necessarily be able to escape from them. I’m really sorry you’re in this situation. Please message me if there’s anything more you want to talk about.

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hai una tipa troppo bella vi ho viste ieri sera in centro, come si chiama?

Chiunque tu sia è meglio se le stai lontana, non guardarla, non pensarci, niente, lo dico per te, e ti assicuro che faresti meglio ad ascoltarmi!
È bellissima, lo so, ed è mia però :)


 I know my brother like I know my own mind
You will never find anyone as trusting or as kind (x)

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what happened what did i miss

louis: freddie starts college in january he spendin time with his son

liam: cheryl aint told him she’s pregnant yet so pray for him

niall: literally absorbed ed sheeran

harry: grew a christmas crustache to ward off any december girlfriend rumors

zayn: had to sell his ariana grande la concert tickets bc he didn’t wanna see his ex open for her


My secret headcanon is that all these shots of Yuuri that tail-end the ED (you know, the one whose lyrics are ‘you’re so beautiful tonight, you entrance me, take my breathe away” etc etc etc) are actually from Victor’s point of view.

Like, think about it for a second, Yuuri is very beautiful in general, but in these shots he looks especially gorgeous and ethereal (compare to the goofier shots at the start of the ED that feature the three of them)… So maybe he looks like this because that’s how Victor sees him