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Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You as performed by SASER on caklempong, a traditional Malaysian orchestra sorta reminiscent of gamelan.


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Did you get in Wellesley and Barnard?

ahhhHH ok so ive gotten a lot of asks abt this and i feel bad not answering since i talked abt it so much through my application but i didnt :( and im. not taking it Well,, like At All,,, its been Rough,,,, and its like super embarrassing bc my whole family was expecting me to get in and like my Thing is that like im ‘the smart family member’ like my extended family thought i was like on track to harvard and this is rly like hurting my brand name,, but applications this year were rough and also i took like the entirety of junior year off due to my ed so that . rly fucked things up i think

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About your post about what you learned in school is so much more than me we learned just about STD's and how to not have sex till your married. I learned all the stuff I do know from the internet and now you. So thanks for your posts it does help a lot

You’re welcome! I’m glad it helps! I know sex ed it so bad!! I had to just ask my mom, my sister, and I worked in a hair salon starting my junior year of high school and those ladies were WILD! They talked about sex more than any people I’d ever met and it changed my life. I learned EVERYTHING from them. Ugh. It was so great. It was the first time in my life where I was like “wait, women talk about sex WAY MORE than men do!” And they were like, “welcome to the real world.” And my response was, “it’s good to be here.”