so eating people is wrong

  • Random Person: nice Superman shirt I've never seen one like that before
  • Tim: thanks but it's not superman
  • Person: ...Supergirl doesn't wear black and red-
  • Tim: it's Superboy okay oh my god why doesn't anyone know that

Aaaaaaaaadfhahshdjakshdhakahagdhsjhwhdjahwhhdhwjajshdhehejwwjjwwhhhhwhwhwhh. I met them omg and Dan loved my cap chibi phone case.

And I was like you ate Vegemite all wrong
And dan was like is there method is there.

And I’m like yes YouTube hugh Jackman Vegemite.

Phil was like all right we will and Dan was like yeah we will look it up.

😂😂 I meet my idols and I lecture them on how to eat Vegemite properly that’s so me. I’m very pasionqte about people doing it wrong.

This is very random, but I love the fact that no Utapri character tells Natsuki that the things he cooks are horrible. They know it’s important to him, and that he’d be hurt if he knew. Syo only warns others when he’s not looking, and even though everyone knows he’s not good at it, they ask him to help with the food in the Christmas episode, since he loves it so much.

They probably won’t say a thing (actually, kinda encourage it) to make him practice more, so that one day he can get better. I will forever appreciate.

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Five Nights at Freddy's yandere simulator and also the new game these OC sucks people need to make something different besides these stupid games I'm so sick and tired of the fetish b******* that's all over deviantART come on what the hell is wrong with people today that is so gross so Disturbed people out there who will eat people something in the wrong mind in undertale I really hate those games too many models from everyone it's so annoying

Rant on boyy! Don’t forget Bendy that horrible Felix the Cat Mickey Mouse thing.
It’s 2017…and we’re still stuck with horrible fandoms.
I’m just glad
MLP died
Frozen died
Homestuck died
Pewdiepie models are ded
And especially sonic.
How come the rest of the fandoms won’t do the same?


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sjana i feel awful. i accidentally ate a casserol that had an animal in it last night and i have been wracked with guilt all day. i cant stop crying, i cannot believe i would support that murder. what can i do?

Now breathe again. And again.
It’s not the end of the world. The casserole was already there, whether you ate it or not the dish was already cooked! You’re not “supporting murder” by eating it.. You were just engaging in the normal/natural act of eating. Yumm:)

To be honest, i think one of the most unhealthy things at the moment, is the mind set that “eating meat is wrong”. So many people will preach you their vegan ways and make you feel insignificant or over powered or stupid even for eating meat and animal products.
I heard a joke today saying “how do you know when a vegan is in the room?”.. Answer: “they’ll tell you”.
Which is not far from the truth.. You’ll find that vegans will describe themself as being “vegan”. Introduce themself as a “vegan”. Become openly opinionated about the topic and preaching it to others.. (Just because they say “i’m not preaching it to you, i’m just saying..” Doesnt mean they aren’t trying to fool you into feeling cruel. It will more than likely be in their description or bio and it becomes something that DEFINES them if they do this. Theres nothing wrong with that. Good on them for being a vegan woo! But when those people then begin belittling and acting superior to others because of their meat free diet and making others feel like they are being “evil” or “wrong” for eating meat.. Like how you feel now!! Then i have a problem with that.. If the biggest problem for you is eating or not eating certain foods, then i’d really try to step back and reevaluate your thinking. Sure, you can eat or not eat meat. But do you really have to mess yourself about it if you eat it? Feel guilt and shame and self HATE because of it? There is so much more to life than what we do or dont eat! And seeing and hearing so many young people become so focused and obsessed with food and diets (“lifestyles” as some like to disguise it as) makes me so upset. Because we shouldnt be living to eat. We should be eating to live!!! I know of only one vegan who doesn’t preach it to the world. It isnt something that is written in her bio, she doesnt feel the need to explain in her food photos that there is no animal or animal products in it and she just is!! She has been a vagan since before i can even remember (primary school) and to her it is her lifestyle, literally. Not something she heard soneone else was doing and lost weight from so is trying it too. Not because her “idol” is vegan. Or because she thought it made her superior. But because she is truly a vegan. I support this soooi much! I do NOT support the kind of vegan phase that is now popular in our society.. Where people just “go vegan” overnight because they saw soneone else do it. Or because they want to cut out entire food groups from their diet in order to lose weight and vegan gives them the perfect excuse for that. Or because a girl at school just turned vegan and she is losing weight from it and you want to lose weight too. Or because you were told to watch a documentary about how chickens are killed and you were disgusted but not overtly grossed out enough to make a huge lifestyle change but someone you look upto seemed life changingly repulsed by it and made you feel like a bad person because you could still eat meat if you had to after watching it; so decided to try convince yourself and others that it was more traumatic for you than it really was.

My patience is running thin with people accusing others (including myself) of being bad people or “murderers” simply because we eat meat and drink milk..
It’s like if you want to not eat meat and animal products, good on you! But dont go making others feel bad for doing so. It’s so ironic that they do this and then go say “i accept all people, vegans and non vegans alike” then tell you to go watch a documentary about people who eat meat are cruel inhumane animal killers.. Its so contradictory it doesnt work..
I was a vegan when i was 15/16 yrs old. I had dieticians and psychologists helping me and i still had a psychological AND physical breakdown. I was getting fortnightly blood tests and doctors appointments and i still was majorly effected by the lack of nutrients.. Even though i was supposedly eating enough of alternative forms of it. My iron disappeared. As a female this is really dangerous! My seratonin levels significantly reduced. I was being forced to take horse sized vitamin tablets to get the essential nutrients and eventually my body and mind gave in. I had spent a year becoming withdrawn and anto social. My depression worsened. I became lethargic. I stopped exercising. Moody. Lacked concentration. And hostile.. I became so selfish and self proud and righteous that i pushed everyone away from me.. It was horrible; i was horrible! I convinced myself that they werent accepting me and my values because they were stubborn and/or jealous. I was in denial about my weakeing mental and physical state and would not even listen to others telling me I was changing.. Or even worse; convinced myself that change was GOOD. And now, seeing that happen to others. Is horrible! Sooo many people are going vegan for the wrong reasons, or in an unhealthy way.. Ie unsupervised by professionals, without the aid of a professional dietician (no, following someone elses vegan plan does not count! It needs to be personalised for YOU and your mineral/chemical/hormone/energy/vitamin levels and metabolism.) and if you are vegan you should be getting fortnightly to monthly blood tests to ensure you’re still getting enough nutrients. If you are doing vegan properly and healthily you shouldnt lose ANY weight.. Meaning this would probably deter half the people who want to go vegan anyway.
I just think that life is too short, i dont want to waste (or seeing others waste) their lives pretending to be something theyre not!
Call me a bad person for eating meat. And drinking milk. Do it. I dare you. Call me cruel. Or a murderer.
I know i’m not. I’m eating a balanced diet. What ever happened to just eating things in moderation? Why is it that suddenly you think health is only attainable if you are vegan. Only eat fruit. Or a mininum of a certain anount of calories. Or dont drink milk other than soy. Or wont eat more than 10g of fat etc.
do you not think its unhealthy that you are made to (irrationally) feel like a murderer because you took a bite of something that contained meat? That would have been in the meal whether or not you ate it?
I’m not saying you should eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. I’m saying that it shouldnt make you feel like a bad person if you do. I don’t eat meat everyday.. My life doesnt revolve around consuming animal products. But it doesnt make me feel like a bad person when i do.. Rant over. X