so eat it


Look what I opened today! I’d like to thank @maggie-stiefvater for such a beautiful piece of art…I can’t believe I get to own it!

I’d also like to thank the front-office staff for not judging me (much) for how excited I was when they handed it to me


after watching the great british bake off we were inspired to make jaffa cakes, and, well, this is what happened…

at least we tried??

let me tell you one thing, they’re a lot harder to make than they made it look on the tv

Ok so I’ve discovered the only food I’m able to keep down is a little bowl of chicken noodle soup from my favourite Chinese restaurant which is now even more loved than before

I’ve been getting very very freaked out at night and my mom took me there last night to try and calm me so I tried eating a little and it stayed down

I had a burger and fries today and spent about five minutes hurling it up an hour later after trying and failing to settle my stomach

I freaked out again almost two hours ago and decided to go back to the Chinese with @potentiallysnorlax and try to get some soup into me because ffs I need to absorb SOMETHING I don’t ACTUALLY want to die in a realistic sense, its my mental illness that’s making me want to die
But yeah
I had the soup and some milk, and it was lovely, it was really really lovely

I typed up a message on my phone (it’s how I’ve been communicating mostly) to show the waitress I was grateful and to ask her to thank the chef for me for basically keeping me from starving

I’ll probably keep going back until I fix myself up enough to eat regular foods like sandwiches and stuff

€5 a day for a small meal is well worth it when that meal is keeping you from kneeling over a toilet and/or ending up in hospital

I’m so mad like I JUST made breakfast and then I saw some people talkin about the pears scene in Osomatsu and now what do I want to shove in my mouth?



*curls up under the covers and pouts*

A mother and her son just came through my checkout line at work. Now this mother is clearly overwhelmed so I try to distract the kid- he can’t be more than 6 years old. I ask what his name is and he says “I’m Jensen!” and I kind of smile and glance at the mother who glances at me and we share The Look of Mutual Understanding and I wonder if this kid’s father knows his son was named after Jensen Ackles.