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Music Videos As Comics– 1/??: Bring It! (Snakes On A Plane)- Cobra Starship feat. William Beckett, Travie McCoy, & Maja Ivarsson

A petty criminal, a rebel, a former good girl, and a viper with the face of an angel are hired to assassinate a key political figure during a cross-country flight. The weapon? Venomous snakes.

“Times can change, and the world can say that we’re all the same, but fuck it, I don’t care. Pop that cheap champagne, we’re goin’ down in flames.

房间空了 你走了 钻进衣柜角落 只有影子陪着我 The room is empty, you’ve left. Crawled into the corners of the wardrobe, my only companion is the shadows.
—  Yixing // 独角戏 Monodrama

Two months and twenty-one days after its release, I present to you sheet music for the intro theme for Over the Garden Wall, otherwise known as Into the Unknown. Really have no idea why sheet music hasn’t already been posted for this, but I couldn’t find any so I had to whip this up myself! I’ve never really arranged anything before so it could stand to have some commentary (and especially lyrics) added. Whoops.

Anyways, I’m off to go learn this on piano. Enjoy!


The night has come to hold us young

Loving Lightning

Makorra Week Day Two:  Lightning

275 words

Loving Korra was like loving lightning. 

Mako felt it creep up on him, he felt it in the way the hairs on the back of his neck stood up straight when she looked at him in that way she did, so full of passion and life and strength. 

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Quiero decirte que
Nunca te olvidaré
Aunque no puedas volver
No es facíl para mí
Vivir sin ti