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some soft klance headcanons
  • before they start dating, and they’re both in that stage where they both realized their feelings, casual touching becomes more of their thing
    • keith isn’t a very Touchy person to begin with, so when lance first initiated he’d tense up a little only because he didn’t know how to do this with lance of all people
      • lance: (looking at keith nervously after casually wrapping an arm around his shoulders while they walk) are you okay? should i not do that?
        keith: no, you can. should i put my arm around you?
        lance: oh! well, y’know, only if you want to. 
        keith: okay. (wraps an arm around lance’s waist)
        lance: (dies)
  • when keith is cupping lances cheek with the palm of his hand, lance will turn his head a bit to either playfully nip at keith’s palm or kiss it. sometimes both. either one has keith smiling with the fondest expression on his face.
    • lance loves keith’s hands and will kiss along his knuckles when he’s holding his hands.
      • will especially do so if lance is patching him up after a mission where keith got a little too punchy.
  • lance also loves keith’s hair. when they’re kissing or cuddling, he’ll run his fingers through it softly. sometimes lance will occasionally brush strands of keith’s hair behind his ear when they’re talking and keith ends up losing his train of thought.
  • when lance sleeps in past a certain time, keith will press light kisses to his face to wake him up. it works 10/10 times. 
    • lance, who usually hates being woken up when it’s not by his own accord, will wake up with a sleepy smile on his face and in a good mood. the literal definitely of the soft sleepy boy aesthetic. 
  • keith is ticklish. lance uses this to his advantage. 
    • if lance ends up tickling him too much, keith will end up laughing so hard it hurts, occasionally snorting. it’s the most adorable sight lance has ever laid witness to. he always ends up peppering keith’s face with light kisses afterwards all quick which only makes an already giggly keith start to laugh again. it’s a win-win. 
  • when they’re on missions and nothing crazy is going on, they end up falling into place besides each other. they’ll play little games together, like 20 questions or i-spy, or lance will be a little touchy and play with keith’s hands or squish his cheeks.
    • nobody on the team minds their pda. they all think it’s cute and infinitely better than how it used to be before with their bickering.
  • they always end up nuzzling the other’s neck if they’re cuddling. 
    • lance’s soft breathing against keith’s will be sorta ticklish to him
    •  keith’s hair will occasionally go into lance’s mouth 
    • neither of them mind at all
  • keith is touch starved but has a hard time asking for it. so sometimes he’ll just open his arms for lance to go into, or pat the spot next to him for lance to sit, or even pat his chest for lance to lay on.
    • when lance is laying on him, keith will gently rub his back. lance instantly melts and ends up nuzzling closer to him. keith loves it.
  • when they’re kissing, lance will have a hand cupping his cheek, the back of his neck. he finds out squeezing the back of keith’s neck all soft will instantly have keith softening into the kiss. 
  • when lance smiles and keith sees his dimple, he’ll cup his jaw only to hold him in place just so he can press a kiss to it. lance immediately feels all gooey inside. 
  • during their more soft kisses, there’s lots of nose bumps right before. occasionally their lashes flutter against the other’s cheeks. most of the time, their legs always end up tangled together as they do.
    • they’ll mumble quietly into their kisses or during their brief little pauses when they pull apart.
      • lance: you’re so cute. 
        keith: lance…
        lance: what? it’s true. not to mention you’re funny, kind… protective and passionate.. i can go on and on…
        keith: (kisses him again because he can’t handle this)

The idea of Stiles being trapped in his own head and being aware of what was happening while the Nogitsune wreaked all that havoc is an interesting one to me. 

I’m so proud of Jack, he’s going places. Even though he couldn’t continue his show, he didn’t give up and kept on trying, now look at him. He’s gonna star in a DC movie. I’ve always loved DC, I’ve always been a fan and now that one of my favorite boys it’s gonna be even better. I️’m so excited for this, I️ literally started to cry when I️ saw it, it made my day so much better and I’ve been having a pretty shit day. I️ can not wait for this movie to premiere, Shazam is gonna be fucking lit I️ stg.

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a little highlight reel of my favorite acting moments from the amazing cast of IT (2017) -

wyatt oleff as stan uris: stan the man! i loved this character. he had the right amount of optimism with just enough pessimism. stan just wanted some rest, gdi. anyways, the scene i chose for him was quite obvious. i chose the one after they got separated in the sewers at the end. he was crying and screaming about how they said they wouldn’t leave him. he was distraught and even i felt betrayed??? even though i knew what happened?? 

finn wolfhard as richie tozier: richie was a funny af character, and i found myself genuinely laughing out loud at most of what he said, but I think the moment that stood out to me was when bill, eddie, and richie entered the house on neibolt street and richie saw his own picture on a “missing” flyer. he went from sarcastic and relatively unbothered to sheer panic and fearful in like 3 seconds flat. i’m still impressed, tbh.

jack dylan grazer as eddie kaspbrak: ahh, eddie. adorable, paranoid, sweet little eddie. jack was someone who i’d never heard of before, but immediately checked his imdb afterwards because wow. he played that character so incredibly well, it was hard to choose a standout moment. what i did eventually land on was when the losers were looking at the maps of derry in the garage and he got up and stopped it. that may seem like an odd choice but when he was going off on his little tangent, i just believed everything he was feeling, if that makes sense?? that was one of his scenes that really stuck with me.

sophia lillis as beverly marsh: beverly is my love, if i’m being honest. she’s strong and brave and just good. sophia did an a+ job bringing this character to life. an acting highlight for me was when she was standing over the sink and cut off her hair. she had just had that confrontation with her dad and i could feel her dread. powerful stuff.

jeremy ray taylor as ben hanscom: ben is such a pure character. he likes boy bands and conspiracy theories and becomes a key member of the losers club. jeremy did amazing. i was especially impressed when henry bowers and co. had him at the bridge. his cries for help were so genuine and his pain when henry cut into him was palpable.

chosen jacobs as mike hanlon: WE NEEDED MORE OF MIKE. i wish this movie was three more hours long with bonus scenes for all the characters. chosen was so good as mike. his highlight scene for me was when he was delivering the meat and saw pennywise for the first time. his horror was unmistakable when he saw the burnt hands scratch at the door and his fear only escalated when he saw pennywise. some quality acting.

jaeden lieberher as bill denbrough: this boy. i felt for him. his anguish and pain from losing his brother. it was brutal. jaeden’s best moment imo, was when he was giving That Speech about how it’s easier to walk into the house with pennywise than his own, like???? i’m crying in the club??? 

bill skarsgård as pennywise: i had high expectations of bill going into this movie because i knew he could be great, and let me tell you- he did not disappoint. he was amazing! my favorite moment was when eddie/richie/bill went into the house and pennywise crawled out of that cabinet. he started mocking eddie (poor boy) and just all his mannerism?? and how he delivered his lines? so good. that entire scene was perfection, all the way to the end when he sauntered out of the room with a pole through his head.


jackson robert scott as georgie denbrough: “you’ll float too, you’ll flOAT TOO, YOU’LL FLOAT TOO”