so dumb lol

on one hand, i spent too much time doing this. on the other hand, if i didnt have to rest for a flight out of the country tomorrow, i wouldn’ve spent a lot MORE.

a fun let’s play. rip joof.

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~~elizabeth keen appreciation month~~

HAHA you all thought it was just going to be a week!! but in honor of mboones basically falling in love with me (we’re already planning our wedding tbh), i though we’d extend our appreciation for one whole month! from july 1st-july 31st, gifs, fics, picspams, fanmixes, fanvids, moodboards, WHATEVER, can be posted every day to celebrate our favorite female lead.  tag (within the first five tags) #lizkeenappreciationmonth or, if i miss it, feel free to submit it. i can’t waaaaiiiiit!!!!!!!

below is the list of episodes to highlight every day. don’t feel obligated to do something every single day. 

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Apparently Lana is going to release ‘Summer Bummer’ (a.k.a Daisy Chain) as single next Thursday… What about all the theories I read about the LFL trailer pointing 'Tomorrow Never Came’ as the next single? Lana I’m gonna kill yo bitch Btw I want 'Cherry’ as promotional single too (I’m praying) At least we have a new single after 725182626 years lol, can’t wait to hear the new song❤

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i burned like the back of my legs and my ass at the beach this morning like fairly bad cause i’m a dumbass and it’s just now kicking in like how bad it is and how much it hurts… i’m so dumb and in pain lol

Happy 20th, Pokémon anime!

I can’t believe my birthday falls on the same day as the anniversary of my favorite series - It has been such a constant part of my life since the beginning and the main reason how I got into Pokémon in the first place.

Thanks for all the fun memories and here’s to many more!! ✨✨

Not Safe (C.H)

{pic not mine}

warnings: cussing, mention of religion

A.N: i’m not christian so i’m sorry if any of what i say is offensive,, im trying not to mention as much religion…

His hands started to give out from holding his weight up for so long, so he hovered above on his elbows for support. That deepened the kiss. Tongue was everywhere, you wouldn’t even know what the goal was with this tongue. His crotch brushed against hers, a slight tough but enough to make him moan her name ever so loudly into her neck.

“Oh, Y/N,” he sighed into her neck. He placed small kisses on her neck and on her shoulder, moving back up to her neck. He was having the time of his life. As for her, she stared up at the ceiling. In lust? In desperation? Was she grabbing onto his shirt, desperate for a deeper touch? No. She stared at the ceiling, her eyes filled with boredom, her breathing stable, her body stiff as wood. The routine was simple and the same. Her five year long boyfriend would come over for steak and mashed potatoes for dinner with her parents, sometimes it was with mac and cheese when her mom felt adventurous! Then they’d go up to her room for their 7-8 study session, only to turn into an intense make out session. Or an intense make out session for him. But it never ended with sex. The Lord would not approve of premarital sex. Please do not break the routine.

He let out a grunt and placed one last kiss to her collarbone, letting out a deep sigh. He lifted his head above hers and touched their noses, rubbing his tip against hers. “God, I want to marry you,” he sighed. His eyes were still closed in lust as he savored her smell, the taste of her. Her eyes were wide open, her lips forming a fake smile to show him she was just as enthusiastic as he was. His eyes opened to meet hers and he returned a bigger smile to her. He kissed the tip of her nose and slowly made his way off of her, letting out a loud groan as he made his way up. He sat back on the bed and watched as she made her way up as well, her hair just slightly messed up from the slight head movements on the pillow, her lips glistening from spit and chap stick. Their eyes met and his smile turned into a smirk, proud of his work of art. She placed her hands in her lap and returned a small smile. He furrowed his eyebrows and reached up to move a strand of hair away from her face.

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