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hi guys 

so yesterday I hit 4k and uh, first things first, how? when I started this blog three-ish months ago I never could have imagined this. I’m honestly shocked that anyone enjoys my content and puts up with my whining. you guys are all amazing and I love you guys so much. this fandom has been so welcoming to me and I’m infinitely grateful for everyone who follows me, interacts with my posts, or has been a friend to me (wow there, sap, calm down) 💛

anyway, I figured that to celebrate, since I didn’t do anything for 3k (sdfghjkl sorry) I could do some url edits.

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extra shit rubbish:

I’ll try to do them all/as many as possible but there’s a (relatively strong) chance that I only do those I’m inspired by, sorry. these make take a (long) while to finish because I have this, plus 100 days of London flat memories, plus real life stuff like school and yeah. blacklist “callie does url edits” if you don’t wanna see them. also I’m gonna be using these mostly as practice to improve my editing so don’t expect to be amazed.

and yeah. i love you guys 💛

Crop top yuuri cosplay (ft my friend who took the photo) ignore my derpy face. Also @zephyrine-gale who gave me the idea and made me wanna wear croptops. Ty for the crop top yuuri revolution.

Super Double Triple Agent Akechi AU

I had this hilarious idea where Akechi is some Snape-level secret double-triple agent or something working for like Mitsuru or something to catch the real black masked persona user around the time they realized personas and shadows were involved because the ones who don’t die basically have apathy syndrome

so they investigate and realize Shido is involved but the track record of annoying ‘gods’ playing a role in this kind of thing makes them decide to play along

so they fabricate the story that he’s a detective and raise his record with a bunch of fake cases and he gets close to Shido but Shido never lets Akechi meet the real killer

and everyone he 'took care of’ (by which I mean drives insane) himself is actually in super witness protection and when you get to the part where he’s about to kill you, he’s actually like

“This is probably really confusing but I totally didn’t sell you out to kill you I just needed Shido to think you were dead”

And they’re all like

“Well fuck, that didn’t work out the way I wanted at all”

And they’re all scrambling to figure out what to do next when he realizes that he just 'saved’ a cognitive version of the guy he was trying to save and he shows up at the cafe like

“You guys ruined all my plans but he still thinks you’re dead and I kinda need him so like stop trying to eviscerate me with that spoon Futaba I stg I will arrest you”

And then it’s just a few days of

“I thought you were the killer”

“Well I thought one of you may have been the killer”

“If we aren’t the killers then who the fuck killed my mom”

And it just goes on as they try and figure out who could have been on to them all this time

And in the end it turns out the killer is someone completely unexpected like you walk into the 'final’ boss chamber (the one twenty hours before the actual ending) and it’s that kid with the green pencil case who sits behind Akira in class and he’s actually Akechi’s secret brother who wanted revenge against Shido for similar reasons Aketchi wanted revenge and also he wants to get revenge on Aketchi for being successful

And then they all team back up to stop Yaldobaoth and life is good.

Haru’s dad is in persona prison, and actually not dead at all, Futaba’s Mom is still dead because Akechi wasn’t investigating at the time of her death and all the accidents with the subway were staged and nobody actually got hurt too badly. And deaths were just fake numbers.

Maybe I will write this crackfic someday

Just to clear though the idea just made me laugh and occurred me while reading a Harry Potter fanfic .w.


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Dumb otgw AUs

Fred the horse manages to get back his old nickname of Honest Fred, but secretly he still has an urge to break into places and steal. Instead of actually stealing though, he leaves gifts. Basically he becomes Santa Claus

One time when I was at the beach with my friend I cut the top of my foot with a broken shell and I wanted to clean the cut but the salt water stung and the only drinks we had were arizona iced tea. so my dumb ass thought “whatever” and I poured the tea over my bloody foot and while I was doing this a really hot lifeguard approached me and gave me this weird look bc I mean here’s a girl with a bloody foot pouring a sugary drink over it and he asked me if I needed anything and I was so caught off guard I replied “you” and I swear I have never experienced anything more awkward in my entire life and anyway my point is klance au

You know how some people have their dog bring the wedding rings down the aisle at their wedding? Imagine Blackjack doing it for Percabeth

So fun story about my religion class

Though most people aren’t going to care I go to a Catholic high school where religion is a required course. Normally I sit in class not pay attention or just laugh at whatever dumb thing comes up (it can be so entertaining). So for whatever reason my school thinks that religion should give sex ed, and they decided to give the sex talk in my class (it was comically awkward and stupid, I just made jokes the whole time with a friend). And then the topic of homosexuality came up (cause of course). So they tried to teach me that gay sex is a major sin, gay marriage doesn’t exist, that we can’t experience love and that loving the same sex is the same as must having a really good friend. A long with a few choice comments.

Long story short I’m now writing a religion essay on homosexuality, and during our mock wedding (cause why not) I’m “marrying” a dude. I can’t wait to see my religion teachers face, hehe hehe I’m so excited.