so drunk already


I love you, Alec.
       I love you too.

  • Alex: THE FLOOR IS-
  • All of floor nineteen: *jump onto nearest couch/chair/table*
  • Alex: -loving me.
  • Magnus: *falls from seat onto the floor*
Drinking Games!
  • Christophe: Never have I ever fallen in love at first sight.
  • Victor: *To Yuuri* Your good looks are getting me drunk, I hope you appreciate that.

I got through the day without my parents seeing my tattoo! But I’ll have to show them tomorrow - I’m too gay to go any longer without rolling my sleeves up. 

i’m posting this in an effort to exorcise the demons:

draco malfoy losing a bet and his friends making him sing “i need a hero” at karaoke, scowling & staring firmly at the floor

harry potter, eyebrows raised and arms folded, watching

there are some nights
i can still see you
holding the gun out to me,
but this time
you don’t have to speak.

this is instinct now,
it has to be.

then my back starts to bleed,
and i can hear you laughing at me.
it’s all i can hear anymore.

you drive away like it’s nothing,
because it probably is by now.
it always has been.

you see,
nothing has changed.

so when my phone rings,
we both know i have to answer it.
and when it hits me,
i let it take me under.

this is it for me,
because it’s all i’ve ever known.

all i’m good for lately
is drowning
where no one can save me.