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No one can tell me this wasn’t the best friendship to ever happen on YT. No one can tell me that they never got along. No one can tell me that they didn’t make the other smile/laugh and no one can tell me that they didn’t care for eachother. I owe Bryce and Ohm my life and to see them how they are now, hurts like hell. I wish them nothing but the best and I hope they can come back together sometime in the future and be friends, playing these games once more. 

-This has nothing to do with their ship but their FRIENDSHIP so don’t confuse this with their ship please. 

i would love to see a Blizzard animation in which Genji has trouble against a strong opponent and Hanzo makes an appearance to help him by shooting an arrow by them – not only to make his presence known, but in an attempt to distract the enemy from further harming his brother. then both Hanzo and Genji give one another the look™ and take on the opponent together.


Took a small break from portraits tonight to work on something that’s been in my brain the last few days. 

I place the blame at @eeblingtheshade for encouraging me, and my stone cold heart melting slightly for papa!solas. 

For maximum angst imagine this as a post trespasser dream. 

References used!

until BW proves me wrong, I’ll imagine Abelas’ hair to be something like this. thank


WOW that last post got a lot of notes. Anyways, here’s some digital doodles with a lot of weird negative space, and a half done pencil sketch of a human bill cipher. (i’ve seen a lot of very… pretty human bill ciphers, and he’s supposed to be unsettling (i think) so i went for unsettling. whaddya say kids, is it worth the effort to finish it?)

Prompt from @nerdy-emo-royal-dad! I hope this is what you wanted! I’m kind of terrible with scenery descriptions. 

Warning I guess?: Logan passes out, but it’s not incredibly descriptive

Logan sat slouched in the recliner he and Virgil were fond of fighting over, book in hand and glasses on his stomach while he read.  The other three were out in one of Roman’s make-belief worlds – Logan remembered something about elves, but he might have misheard.  They had invited him, of course, but he had to say no.

Roman’s worlds were so illogical that they actual drained Logan more than he was willing to admit.  While they all had the capacity to create their own realms, and normally Logan had no problem dealing with Patton’s “perfect world” scenarios or Virgil’s hellish cats-are-creating-a-cult-and-conspiring-against-us nightmares, there was something about Roman’s over-the-top dream worlds.  

So, Logan stayed behind each time they went.  Stories of dragons, spells, and close-calls intrigued the logical side, but even the conversations about them exhausted him sometimes.  He just…couldn’t get it.

Suddenly, the front door flew open and in walked Roman with Patton and Virgil not very far behind.  “Alright, you two!” Roman exclaimed, clapping his hands together.  Logan turned around in his seat to see what was going on.  “New rule, we don’t tell ogres they’re not pretty, even if it’s true.”

“Good to know you figured that one out…” Virgil grumbled, pushing past Princey. He went over to the recliner and flopped down, smirking at the squeak that escaped Logan.  “Maybe we’ll eventually have enough rules that you won’t nearly kill us,” Virgil complained over his shoulder, snickering slightly at the huff from Roman.

Logan smothered the pout that swelled up in him.  He had no context, and it killed him.

“Looooooogan!” Patton called.  Logan groaned and rolled onto his back, opening his eyes to see Patton hovering over top of him.

“Patton!” Logan yelped, shooting upright.  He was quick to regain composure, muttering to himself about rudeness and how Patton hadn’t actually scared him.

“Just wanted to tell you we were thinking about going to Roman’s kingdom for a while.  You wanna come?” Patton said, reaching out a hand and grabbing at the air.  Logan sighed and shook his head.

“Oh, come on!” Roman groaned from the doorway.  “Why are you always such a grumpy spoil sport?  Even Virgil goes!”

“It’s just not enjoyable for me –“

“Lo, it’d be fun if you came with us,” Virgil interjected, popping up behind Roman and making the creative side jump.  “Besides, it’s gotta be even less enjoyable to be here by yourself.”

“Yeah, we’ll even let you play the hero!” Patton added.

“Wait – we will?”

Yes, Roman!”

Logan looked from eager face to eager face, sighing and dropping his head.  He didn’t have much of a choice.  They all wanted him to come…maybe it wouldn’t be so bad this time?  Surely Roman had more control, now.  

Logan was wrong.  So very, very wrong.  Only 20 minutes into being in Roman’s kingdom and he felt the same exhaustion as he’d felt last time.  If anything, it was worse.  His knees felt wobbly, his arms were like spaghetti noodles, and there was this ringing in his ears that drove him nuts.

But, he was a good actor.  He was apart of Thomas, after all.

“Onward!” Roman shouted, sword drawn.  They all four marched forward, Logan taking up the caboose.  A visit with a family of fairies later, and Logan just wanted to sit down for a moment.  

“You OK, Logan?” Virgil asked, reaching over to take one of the logical side’s hands.  “You don’t look too good…”

“I’m fine,” Logan said.

It took about four more “I’m fine”s for Logan to finally admit that he was, in fact definitely not fine.  And the only reason he admitted it was because he suddenly woke up on the chocolate walking path with Patton and Virgil on either side of himself, and Roman in front of him.  He’d collapsed.  Oops.

“Let’s get him home…” Patton said, lifting the logical side up.  Logan groaned, but he couldn’t protest too much. Patton held onto him as tightly as he could, reassuring the other two and speaking as calmly as he could as they headed home.

Logan apparently had either passed out again, or he’d fallen asleep. Judging by the fact that no one was fussing over him again, he went with sleep.  Patton had put him in his bed and tucked him in, which Logan found sweet. The scent of lavender filled his nose and made him smile, knowing it was silly that Patton decided this was a good time to use the anti-monster spray.

When Logan came downstairs, he found the other three in the commons room all sat around talking.  Roman spotted him first and propelled himself out of his seat to meet the logical side.

“You nerd!  You had us all worried sick!” Roman shouted, yanking Logan into a tight, tight hug.

Logan stumbled back, still not completely steady on his feet.  “I apologize…” he mumbled, leaning into the hug and uncrossing his arms.

“Logan, why didn’t you tell us you were feeling sick?” Patton asked.

“I didn’t want to ruin all of your adventure…” Logan mumbled.  Roman walked him over to the sofa, flopping down beside him. “I never go on those adventures or quests because they are so illogical and impossible that they drain me…”

“You could’ve told us that,” Virgil said.  “We could’ve gone to Puppy World instead.  Or even Lizard Land, since you like lizards…”

“I apologize…”

“Don’t apologize; it’s alright now,” Patton said, scooting closer and rubbing Logan’s back.

Normally, Logan would protest to group cuddles.  He could barely handle one at a time, but at this moment, he just really needed their hugs.  And the others were glad to give him hugs.

A/N: Puppy World and Lizard Land are worlds Patton made, without a doubt. Sorry if this sucks

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Remember, reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold, bye!“

Have you ever gotten really unsettled because of something you were drawing but then drew more of it because you were unsettled? That was pretty much me @ those teeth. Anyways… Here’s a more finished version of that human bill cipher! uh. I might have gotten carried away with it.


As it descended, it opened it’s maw wide and screamed at Ronan. It wasn’t the sound Ronan had heard before. It was the roaring hiss of a fire dampened with water. Sparks rained onto Ronan’s shoulders.

He could feel how it hated him. How it hated Kavinsky, too. How it hated the world.

It was so hungry.

Kavinsky looked at Ronan, his eyes dead. “Try to keep up, Lynch.”