so dramatic!!


“No mourners, no funerals. Another way of saying good luck. But it was something more. A dark wink to the fact that there would be no expensive burials for people like them, no marble markers to remember their names, no wreaths of myrtle and rose.”

@ravenbellclarke remember that time mulder flew the fuck to antarctica by himself, on a whim to save scully from aliens, with no clear plan of action, right after he broke out of a hospital because he was SHOT IN THE FACE?????

ok im gonna try and answer one (1) prompt now and im gonna try and have a GOOD time writing. i wanna have FUN writing it. i wanna laugh and giggle at myself as i type out the words. i want to be an impulsive, 20-minute long careless thing that’s just FUN to me. 


Amara: But-

Cara: But nothing. Amara, look at me. I can’t guarantee you won’t struggle and face problems I would never want you to experience. But, as much as I would love to keep you from all the bad in the world, I know that would be extremely selfish of me. You’ve been wanting to move to San Myshuno ever since you graduated high school, I would only be holding you back. And believe me, if you gave up now, you’d regret it for the rest of your life.

Amara: I- you’re right. Sorry I was being so dramatic.

Cara: You don’t need to be sorry. Moving to a new city is scary for everyone.  

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so how you feel about Emma as hermione?? I agree about her acting for the most part but she's never bothered me in the HP films

She’s not how I picture Hermione at alllll and also I hate the films lol. But neither of those are her fault! And also she was just a kid! So I’m not gonna be harsh on her acting in the HP films
(but I vividly remember seeing OOTP for the first time in the cinema and not being able to concentrate on anything but her moving her eyebrows around so dramatically and constantly and it’s haunted me ever since)

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lol Aaron's so dramatic just walking off to start getting dressed, no wonder him and Robert are perfect together ha.

And I thought Robert was the drama queen

Guzma battle theme is intense, cool and just lets u know that dis boi is gonna mess you up

lusamine’s battle theme…. is so beautiful and dramatic . Hot dang…. like a fantasy rpg music… makes u enchanted & pumped at the same time

I love good music aaaaadgdjfknfh

We miss and love you jack. Please, you didn’t do nothing wrong.. You was just stating your opinion and that is 100% okay. Times must be hard asf rn but trust me, it’ll get better! You’re a firm believer of that remember? Don’t let your thoughts consume you whole. It was a mistake that anyone could’ve made, this drama about it is completely unnecessary. I do understand if you want to take a break from social media, and that’s okay with us. But if it’s for any other reason, keep in mind that you’ve saved our lives, in return we can do nothing but love and support you through your darkest of days.

sorry im so dramatic oh my god why what is wrong with me im such trash ugh