so dooooo


Here’s Babe all aged up !!! He’s so cute guys… im….. He inherited Rizky’s chub too!!! and i just… i wanna squeeze him like…. my life

Every time they clasp hands in greeting no one can tell if they’re weirdly enthusiastic or just trying very hard to break the other’s wrist. Kuroo always makes it a point to lean down with all his weight, but Daichi is always very well braced so he never budges. 


Okay I didn’t think I would like Fuma this much but I DOOOOO!!! He’s so funny, hahahaha, you’re right @daeva-agas! And he took that Lover’s Guide to the heart!!!

And there’s a precious moment when Fuma was hugging his knees on the roof, pondering about his feelings when Kiyohiro passed by and just gave him a side eye, then when it was sunset and Fuma was still there, Kiyohiro passed by again and basically said, “Jeez, get a grip.”

Yep, definitely not expected that but I like Fuma’s epi better than Hotaru’s. I’d recommend it!

ugh. I just love her so much.

I am so happy to have gotten a commission from @esakris of my Hawke, Tess. They did such an amazing job with her, and I can’t stop smiling at this dork of mine (and I’ve been staring at her since they gave me the first sketch). I can’t thank them enough for bringing Tess out of the game in a way I couldn’t dream of. Now I’m just gonna sit here looking at her and wishing I could relive my first DA2 playthrough with the bab all over again.