so dont read too much into it

so Richard Epcar is seriously throwing my emotions for a loop right now. this tweet of his last week got some attention

particularly when someone responded to it with “TERRA” and a gif of Terranort, which Richard retweeted with no other response. a lot of people on reddit assumed he was working on an upcoming KH3 trailer or even KH3 itself, but being the biased rebel and hopeless dreamer that I am, I tweeted at him with

just for the heck of it, not really expecting anything to come of it but because I WILL KEEP MY DREAM ALIVE.

I check twitter this morning and find that Richard just favorited my freakin tweet.

before thinking too much of it, I scanned the rest of the comments to see if maybe he’s just a nice guy who favorites EVERY reply he gets just to say he’s listening to his fans – but the only other tweets he favorited were those suggesting Ansem and Terranort. Not the ones suggesting KH3. Or Streetfighter. Or Injustice. Or any other role. Just Ansem, Terranort, and my own suggesting Terra DLC.


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Boku No Hero Academia Light Novel No.2 Translations

Commence Study Groups!

そろそろの勉強会: Chapter 1, Part 2 [click here for part 1] [Part 3]

(t/n: for some reason I found this quite hard to translate, but it was a quick short part before they switched back to yaomomo and gang, nonetheless enjoy the bakushima! p.s dont forget to read part 1!!! ^_^)

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↳ hi hi everyone hello
↳ It’s RM (japanese)
↳  I wish there was a function where it says who it is when you come in
↳ It’s 1:30 in korea right?
↳ doing well (english)
↳ I’ve been reading and watching movies all day
↳ I just finished working on something but I don’t know when I can release itㅠㅠ

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It’s Quiet Uptown Pt. 4

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes

Warnings: language, anxiety

Summary: Post Civil War AU, Steve and Bucky decide to have a child, and experience things they never expected to face.

Author’s Note: Let me know what you guys think of the baby’s name :) also I’m going to be putting the tag list at the bottom from now on so things are less cluttered

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Need your help!

Hey guys!! I have this great opportunity at work but i need your help for it!!!! Basically, i need to have 500 followers on more on Instagram or YouTube. Problem is: i am Ok on the witchy side of things, but not on the “official ” one I would use for work!

It would mean the WORLD to me if you could help me reach the 500 followers by following me on Instagram at Abookandacup (books, tea and journaling mainly) or on YouTube at AbookandaCup.
If you cant do this little action, you would be SO GRATEFUL and you would help me SO MUCH.
If you dont want to follow but Can reblog the post, it would mean a lot too. It’s a great chance i would have for a work, and I hope to be able to share with you the outcomes if it!!

Thank you for Reading this ❤❤❤

PS: i’ll follow back from my witchy account on insta

anonymous asked:

I dont understand perspective at all can you help me? .-.

Omg, sorry for taking so long to respond. I saw this ask and was like, “*sweat nervously* whooboy perspective what do”

This is something I struggle so much on too, and online tutorials can’t help me.

So I’m going to point you to a book.

Perspective Made Easy by Ernest Norling

The writing style is very conversational and easy to read, and it takes you through the various parts of perspective step by step to give you a more intuitive understanding of it. And it has the added benefit of not cramming so much onto one page that your eyes glaze over.

Like, look at a few sample pages

I’m a huge fan of this book.

If you want something more advanced, I’d recommend Successful Drawing by Andrew Loomis

It’s not as easy of a read, and it does examples more than tutorials, but this book is exhaustive when it comes to perspective.

It teaches everything from one point and to point perspective to scaling interiors, placing figures, drawing inclines, curved surfaces, reflections and shadows - all in perspective.

Here are a few images from the book


some stiles & lydia doodles i made a little while ago???? i havent been up to date w the new season (sue me) so nO SPOILERS I WILL HURT YOU but yeah ;))

IwaOi fic rec #1

so i’ve read over 100 iwaoi’s fic and here is the fic list that no one asked for

part 2  ❤

Arrest me Officer (on-going / chaptered) grumpy but hot officer!iwa with usual reporter!oiks being himself. this is my fave cuz iwa as officer is a thing to me

No Touching Allowed (oneshot / nsfw) not recommended for pure innocent soul out there. but if u’ve sin way too much, read this fic. this is 100% smut with stripdancer!iwa and nerd!oiks that everyone need ;)

The PDA jar (oneshot / sfw) this fic is hilarious i swear to god! matsun and makki r the best i luv them ~ seijou is so done with iwaoi skinship. if u want a happy fic u should totally read this!

synaisthēsis (oneshot / sfw) pianist!iwa and violinist!oiks. oikawa has synaesthesia, so he can see what color is everyone’s music. this is so beautiful and breathtaking. oikawa describe music so beautifully, i even teared up lel. i dont know about music, yet i found this fic so interesting. this is 10/10 must read y’all

Like Perennials (oneshot / sfw) bountyjumper!au. so iwa and oiks is a bounty jumper who can traveled around the world, even time with one jump. angsty af but still amazing. i remember crying over this fic at 3am when i hv a class at 7

Unhealthy Obsession (on-going / chaptered) officer!iwa and murderer!oiks. this is the dark twist of Arrest me Officer. this is so fucked up which i love so much. this is so dark and a lil angsty. recommended for y’all who have a dark soul lol jk

Say You’ll Remember Me (on-going / chaptered / mpreg) alpha!iwa with mother omega!oiks. this is my another fave series~ ugh everyone must have read this but i have an urge to include this lol

10 ways iwaizumi hajime has said i love you (oneshot / sfw) literally fluff and cotton candy. this is my personal fave. idk why but this fic potraits iwa flawlessly like gdi, this had me almost teared up cuz feels ;-;

new phone who dis (on-going / chaptered) i cracked up cuz this is so funny to read. but hell, lately this fic got angstier ;-; still, this is highly recommended for someone who likes texting fic like me :D i feel like jumping from my rooftop everytiem this fic updated

stranger danger (completed / chaptered) yes, another texting fic. oiks just wanted to know iwa’s real name but iwa refuses since he’s afraid that oiks is prolly a serial murderer lolol

by chance (on-going / chaptered / sfw) soulmate!au and colorblind!au. in which the world is black and white until you meet your soulmate. a lil angsty that probably good for ur health

Guns (oneshot / sfw) super spy husbands!au. this actually one of Super Spy Husbands series, but this one is absolutely my fave. i recommend you to read all the series cuz dang, it’s so good. badass iwaoi is life ;)

The Great Photo Race (oneshot / sfw) oiks doesn’t have a single terrible photo of iwa on his phone, and challenges the volleyball team to get the worst photo possible in a week. this is hilarious. if u have a bad day, u should read this fic to get better again :)

okay that’s it for now. happy reading ;)

Fav. Reading List

A masterlist of fics that I really love reading.
updated: 1.17.17

Okay, so I have a bunch of fics that I keep in my “likes” so I could read over and over again, but now they’re getting burried. I would use my drafts, but I already use that for fics that I’m going to read lol
these are all Bucky unless stated otherwise

Series (may contain smut) 

Hey Neighbor 2 3 4 • by @demonsebastian (Pietro)
If We Were A Movie 2 3 4 • by @rayswritingcorner
Bring Me To My Knees 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 • by @mattymattymerduck
House Of Memories 2 3 4 5 by @writingbarnes
My Joy 2 3 4 5 • by @assembletheimagines
Do Me A Favor 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 + drab • by @bovaria 
Marked 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 • by @matthewmurrdock
Have I Made You Uncomfortable 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 • by @marveliskindacool
Downpour 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 + EP • by @bionic-buckyb
Longing 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 by @sebbytrash
In An Instant 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 by @marvel-ash
Right Here Waiting 2 3 4 5 6 • by @such-fun

(if • marked at the end of a chapter, the series is finished)

Absolute Fluff 

• Since When Was I Your Best Girl? by @capnbbarnes
• It’s Just Borrowing by @bovaria
• Dance With Me by @spiderbarnes
• Slurred Confessions by @bovaria
• Why Are You So Quiet? by @demonsebastian
• Is Bucky Ticklish? by @she-who-nailed-it (i was obsessed with this one)
• Captain’s Mischiefs by @bovaria
• Clueless by @writingbarnes (Sebastian)
• Not Just Pretending by @matthewmurrdock
• The First Kick by @buckystories
• Drunken Shenanigans by @bovaria
• Domestic Bucky by @jarnesbrnes
Beautiful Things by @capsbuchanan (ouch)
The Little Things by @wakandasoldier
To Know Oneself by @jarnesbrnes
Don’t Hit Yourself by @bovaria

Short Stories (wc: 5k+) *smut

Just A Dream* [wc:8300+] by @winchester-with-wings (this is a work of art)
Prisoner Of War [wc:6800+]by @wakandasoldier (my heart)
Suburban Safe House* [wc:5300+] by @winchester-with-wings

Pure Smut

• Hiding by @just-call-me-mrs-captain (this was the first fic i ever read guys)
Thinning My Patience by @avengersandchill
A Whole New World by @after-avenging-hours 
Sex With Bucky Barnes by @fvckingavengers
Bucky Barnes & The Three Plums by @demonsebastian
Not Going Anywhere + Sequel by @just-call-me-mrs-captain
Bucky Drabble by @fvckingavengers
Post-WS Bucky Drabble by @winchester-with-wings
Addicted by @fvckingavengers
Right In Front Of Me by @mrs-squirrel-chester
July by @mattymattymerduck (Steve)


• Coffee. Black. No Sugar. by @demonsebastian
• I Win by @demonsebastian (sexual tension, but not smut)
• Awkwardly Tangled by @lowkeybxrnes
• Imagine Bucky by @aprofoundbondwithdean (metal arm)
• The Skirt Is Short On Purpose by @fanfic-super-chick
• Bucky Drabble by @mangosoldier (short af but broke my heart)
• A Figment Of Imagination by @mangosoldier (^contin. Bucky Drab)
• Little Warrior by @wakandasoldier (T’challa)
• Neighbors by @rogerthat-bucky
A Field Trip & A Metal Arm by @waitingfortherightpartner
Our Last Night by @bovaria (reader beware)
Get The Girl by @stories-from-stark-tower
The Last by @rayswritingcorner
Picture This by @pleasecallmecaptain
Dancing On My Own + Sequel by @fallen-stark

Also, some of the series are still ongoing. If something is wrong, please tell me so I can fix it asap! Other than that, enjoy these talented writers and their amazing fics ~


After deciding not to give a fuck….I decided to post one of my favorite Jimin smuts I wrote.

I dont know how long I will keep this up lol 

Disclaimers: Jimin is in college. And the main character is in her last year of college and wants to be a college professor.  Its smut. So dont read if you dont like smut. I will block your hate anons if I get any. 

@hobiandthe95z @e-lamia-vita @danibabyluv @halfheartedwish  @bangtans-baby

“Private Lessons”

You x Park Jimin (BTS)

Rated M

Part ½

You didn’t know why you liked him so much. He was so much younger than you. You weren’t supposed to feel this way about someone you tutored. If your boss found out how you felt about Jimin, you would lose your student teaching job.

You were already too comfortable with Jimin. He had already visited your apartment a few times so you could help him with papers. He already seen you without makeup. You wouldn’t change out of your leggings or shorts. Despite how short or tight they were.

Nothing happened between you too. But you saw the way Jimin looked at you. He knew you wanted him. You were playing with fire but you couldn’t resist.  You were addicted to how forbidden this was.

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[TRANS] RapMonster in the Chatroom:

- Hi hi everyone hello
- It’s RM
- Ah I wish that there was a function which says who is it when you come in (the chatroom)
- It’s 1:30am in korea right?
- doing Well
- I’ve been reading and watching movies all day
- I’ve just finished something I produced but I don’t know when I’ll be able to release it
- Blue is the warmest color
- whatcha doin
- yeah i watched it
- impressive movie
- You should sleep now, it’s really 1:30am
- For me when it’s 1:30am it’s my long time
- everyones okay
- dont worry
- Since we only stayed at the hotel I grew a little stiff so I exercised and did that and that
- It’s a problem because we rested too much
- too much rest
- so enuff no worries
- Everyone(the members) is working hard and resting hard
- I want to go sightseeing but I don’t have the leisure to so…
- You say you want to buy me food?
- One day I will buy you food
- Talking while having a cup of coffee in a café
- Talk about life
- I drink too much coffee
- too much coffee
- 5 cups a day
- I’ll be on V App later everyone
- Let’s talk about this and that
- okay ill try it decad
- decaf
- I will do a V Live later
- yes im writing music
- hope i could release this soon
- Yeah see you trough the V App soon
- I miss you
- Ah and I also watched breathless after a long time
- I’s a heartwrenching movie
- Try to watch it someday
- I’m going to read and pack my luggage
- Bye

Trans cr; @tamimou / @ btschannel


Its a fact that Hibari is really fond of small animals like Hibird and his box weapon, Roll.

In Shimon Arc, Hibari calls Tsuna little animal – instead of the usual herbivore (or small bugs, like he called Gokudera and Yamamoto)


The last panel tho, if this is not blatant hint of 1827, I dont know what this is

VICTUURI (long-ass) fics

i really want to get all these masterpieces in one place and also to share. i’m a slut for novel-length fics, slow burn, pining, angst that makes me cry myself to sleep. so yas this post features long victuuri fics that i took the liberty on reading all in less than a week (i have too much time in my hands) to recommend! these are what i loved, in my personal opinion. im also still on the lookout so will probably be updated.

the shortest here is just over 40k. also, i hate reading WIPs either BUT!!! authors seem to update regularly and they did recently, like just a few days ago. it’s all worth it. but dont tell me i didnt warn you. sorted by word count after the cut!

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