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Tag you're it! Ship each member of bts with a mutual excluding yourself! Go!

you know what’s sad . i’m responding to this like five months later but LMJHFBDNMKS uh…. i apologize.

  • JIN: you know WHAT…. my girl @sinnamochi deserves jin bc 1) they’re both super fucking funny; 2) they’re both really caring and just Nice Ass People; 3) they’re both fire signs. now tell me thats one of the best combos you’ve ever fuckin heard!! bc it is!!! i truly am a match making Queen Hello!
  • YOONGI: @spookyagustd wins yoongi.. which listen, idk how! considering they are not astrologically compatible but u know what they say abt pisces! they love the conflict. also megan’s funny and shes a consistent yoongi lover so clearly this is a match made in heaven
  • HOSEOK: umm… obviously i would ship my potato soulmate @hoeseok with hoseok… she truly is his biggest stan. imagine thinking that rachel truly did not love hoseok the most… its just… not possible?? anYWAY rachel is very calm in my opinion lhfjbdnks and hoseok is so extra and i feel like… she would mellow him out and just bring Goodness into his life. a good song.
  • NAMJOON: i dont rly talk to you much, but @rapnamu u seem like u love namjoon w ur entire heart and namjoon needs someone that loves & supports him like that!! also… you’re a whole loyal stan, which is… astonishing in this economy… bUT HONESTLY PLS U AND NAMJOON WLD BE GREAT TOGETHER :-) 
  • JIMIN: you know what i been saying this for exactly too many months (wish i could do math) but uh @taewitch and jimin? a match made in heaven (actually its hell lets be real here). first of all, they’re both crackheads. so. there we go. do i need to say anything else?? i already tried to convince dijah jimin was the one for her like… ages ago. i stayed up until 5am telling her why jimin and her would be good for each other and i know she stays thinking about it so :-) you’re welcome diejah
  • TAEHYUNG: @rosykook idc what saige tells anyone!! i know deep down she loves taehyung!! they both got that foot fetish!!! and that weird pet play fetish (i dont kinkshame tho dont worry)!!! and she mentioned taehyung once so saige sweetie!!!! come collect ur new mans!!! also her and tae are astrologically compatible so uh :-) the zodiac gods have spoken.
  • JUNGKOOK: only my Wife could get my baby & that is @jeonjiah … she isnt loyal to jungkook but like i know hes still her number one man, so!! thats all that matters!! also, kaina is funny as fuck and is just as whack as jungkook is so they really would be a Great combination. also this has nothing to do with this but she rly just texted me “is this what sucking dick is like” and i just think that proves shes great for jungkook thnx for listening

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trini + billy’s death

How dan and Phil probably broke up #56
  • Phil: Dani Snot On Fire