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heavily inspired by !

• soulmate au where u only hear some certain musical notes/beats and ur soulmates hears the other ones
• the music is only complete when u two are really near each other
• ur at an event after school at the auditorium that u didnt want to go to but ur friends forced u and theyre playing songs so it just kinda ticks u off bc
• u hated music bc u dont hear everything and it just sounds off all the time
• u sneaked out to get your stuff from ur classroom and go home earlier than everyone else
• u kinda enjoyed seeing the hallways emptier than usual (bc u hate ppl) and decided to walk around
• u happened to pass by the music room which u’ve never gone to bc of the said circumstances and ur like,,,, bit CH is that good music i hear
• u think ur delusional but ur soulmate might just be there and u decided to look inside
• u quietly opened the door then the music suddenly stopped and u thought yeah whatever im just hallucinating bye
• but u hear a mellow but manly voice speak “is someone there??”
• “hi…” u said bc ur a little shy then u slided inside the room and u see him and ur like oh my gof Fuck he’s so cute,,,, and he’s SITTING BY THE PIANO what does this mean
• he stared at u for a moment bc he’s baffled too,, u looked away bc it feels awkward and u dont know what to say. u just cant ask ‘lol r u my soulmate’ bc its too fast and u arent really sure
• “…u can watch if u want to” he said and u said ok then u settled down at the nearest stool even though u wanna go near to make sure that this moment is real but ur a klutz and u dont wanna trip and fall so
• u notice his hands shake as he placed it on the piano. he looked like he’s hesitating to play but he did
• both of u are surprised but he’s obviously more shocked as his eyes are wide open
• ur anxious and dont know what to say so u asked “are u here often to play??” bc if he’s always there then how come you’ve only heard his music now and he answered “no it’s actually my first time playing here. i only play at home” and ur like hmm ok that makes sense,,,
• u take the awkward silence as an opportunity to hear the melody better and ur like wow music has never sounded so good,, i could listen forever
• u looked at how his delicate fingers continued to touch the black and white keys and thought that,,,music is so amazing . u already forgot how much u hated it back at the auditorium
• u saw him smile and it just?? melted u?? bc he looked genuinely happy???
• u feel all mushy inside and bc u have no self control, u asked him “how could u play so good when u could barely hear music?” he halted and changed his facial expression when he heard what u said and u thought oh shit did i say something wrong i dont deserve to have a mouth sometimes
• it took a while for him to say something so ur like, u know what i think i should go but then its all ok bc he smiled AGAIN and u dead fam u all melted inside then he said “it’s just that i.. i feel the rhythm and it’s like i know it by heart. i could not hear music by all means, i feel it instead. and it makes me happy”
• “…i also felt like i could find the missing connection through this. someone who would make me hear all the tunes in the world, and i did. i found you.”
• you’re in awe . u’ve never met someone as passionate as him before and it just,, made u speechless
• he broke the ice and asked “what’s your name?” “..i’m y/n” “i’m jihoon. it’s a great pleasure to finally meet you y/n”
• he plays again, this time with much more enthusiasm. u listen and u realized, ur still in ur own little quiet world, but just better.

heavily inspired by !

Guys...holy hell.

I just realized, in the dream world Carbuncle tells Noct he can get back by going to his “safespace”
And in episode Prompto Prom goes there twice. After he passes out from hypothermia and when he confronts his younger self.
But, but here’s the thing, how Prompto get’s out and get’s his determination.
His heading up the stairs into the Citadel rather sitting at the bottom staircase like he did earlier.
So his exit is the Citadel, and why would that be his safeplace, what kinda attachment does he have to a building?
And then it hit me, it’s not the building, it’s because Noctis is there, that Ignis and Gladio is there.
It was ovbious and we all know it and subconciously knew. But we never actually thought about it.
How his safeplace is litterally Noct and co.
They’re all he got in this world and it’s godamn beutiful.
Or his safeplace is just litterally just Noct and Promptis has been canon all this time.
I can’t be the only one who feels that the amount of how much Prompto loves and depends and dedicates his life towrwards Noct goes far and beyond and best friend or family type of relationship. I feel like they legit could stay like platonicly togther forever to the end of time. I mean doesn’t have too, but it feels like super right that they can just be together forever without any labels. Like they’re not friends nor lovers….just something more.

Also if a dude spent years losing weight just cause he wanted to look perfect in order to talk to u then his a catch. If i was Noct i would be head over godamn heels man, i wasn’t gay before but i guess i am now!
Man i both hate it and love it when they write relationships like this, cause its basicly up to your own interpretation. Its enough for them to be best friends but also something more. Because nothing tells u it cant be a thing. But nothing either tells u it is a thing. Ive always imagined Proms feelings for Noct somewhat romantic, because theres so much extra shit that is kinda weird and overwhelming for just “friends”. And we dont think about it but Prom low self confidence and selfworth makes him a very extreme person. Someone could say his freckles are ugly, he would probably wear makeup to cover them up cause bybdoing so he doesnt cause this person discomfort or digust. His eager to please, to improve himself on his “faults” if u remember all it took for prom to loose weight was one comment from Noct how he was heavy. Also the fast decision on him trying to burn his barcode of his arm, his hella impulsive.
The fact that he have such strong feelings to the point if he doesnt have Nocts approval he no longer wants to live is also very extreme. No matter what relationship they have Noctis is the one he loves most in the entire godamn world.
And even if they started as friends, someone that means that much too you often becomes something more amd you dont even think about it.
And judging by all of this it’s very possible he did love Noct, but there was no reason for him too show it. First take this, Noct is the prince, Prom wouldn’t do anything to put a spotlight on him or make him uncomfortable or cause him any trouble. Then the wedding with Luna, the mission to save Luna and save the world. His personal feelings wouldn’t belong anywhere there. Cause he deemed his feelings not important because his world revolves around noct. No matter what happened, even if prom told him it was doomed from the start. It had no future, noct had no future as he was destined to die by the gods. It honestly makes sense why prom sounds so depressed, unsure and kinda snarky torwards noct later in the game. Cause this is his last change but its still not the time, and it never will be so its gonna be a secret he takes with him to the grave but his feelings for noct, he cherished those and it was enough for him. It could also be because he knows Noct is gonna die soon but what do i know. Im just here to speculate and overanalyze relationships between a prince and a poor boy.
Also the fact that Prompto stays single those 10 years and litterally only hangs out with Cindy even though she probably told him no. But from how Talcott says it it seems like Cindy was kinda oblivious and Prom just hang around and never told her. Kinda like his pinning but shes too busy working she doesnt notice him, for 10 godamn years.
What i always feel was weird in this game was how forced Proms interactions with girls was. Like no joke he has lowkey crushes on every girl he met. Cindy, aranea even iris jesus christ. If u go by his character its really contradicting that he would react like that to them. But its also just stays in his head because he doesnt actually wanna bother them irl. Like that photo tour where noct is the wingman and noct tells him to just ask vindy for a pic amd he tells him that would be creepy.
It weird, but its a prompto thing to be satisfied imagining what could have been rather them act on something. Which what i feel with noct and why he would never even put that tought in the open for noct.
Like with Cindy and all the girls it seems more like his impressed by what theyre capable off. Like cindy being a genius engineer and running the garage herself. Aranea being a godamn badass fighter, its like his so impressed what they can do and developes small crushes. But thats what they are, small insignificent crushes that would never lead anywhere. In a way they remind me of Clouds, zacks, aeriths and tifas relationship. In which cloud started with a crush on tifa, started to develop feelings for aerith but they never lead anywhere cause she wasnt there anymore. But then theres also the fact that cloud cant let go of aerith or zack, but i feel like aerith is more about guilt rather then love. And No matter what, zack always priorities in clouds mind. Cause back then zack was all he had, he had given up on going back to tifa or even see or talk to her. He failed his goal but zack got him hopefull again. Zack was his only ally and friend. Then shit happened and zack decides for him that theyre gonna stay totgether and be mercenaries forever. Zack takes care of him like no one else has ever done and that caring and love goes way deeper then crushes. Like no matter what happens its the same with prom. Noct will always be the number one love in his life.
Oh god this is way to long, i did it again.
I just wanted to talk about carbuncle man.
And please, if u read this long pls come talk to me about what you think.

ok so u all probably know by now that i love everything iwaizumi-related but ive never really shared my headcanons for him??? hes.. my favorite (loud groaning, you all know that)

well here u go!!! iwaizumi headcanons. masterlist. truly a work of art, a novel about iwaizumi hajime 

• iwa is probably like… the Best™ around kids. like… oikawa’s great and all with kids but iwa is…. the best ( “iwa-chan, it’s probably because you have the mind of a seven year old” ) but… honestly just imagine him like coming with oikawa to coach at Lil Tykes and theyre all hangin off of him bc they love him ( “hajime’s back !!!” ) 

• which means…. he’d be a super cool dad (im not gonna elaborate i think the above headcanon paragraph speaks for itself)

• he’s definitely a chocolate kind of guy. like…. does not eat anything vanilla flavored ever and would not be caught dead with anything vanilla in his reach

• half of me is like… ‘he’s probably a morning person. could get up and make coffee and read the newspaper and it’ll be like 5am’ and the other half is like ‘there is literally no way he’d get out of bed prior to 10am out of his own will’ and ive been torn over this for months

• eats midnight snacks like his life depends on it,,, bonus points if its like… giant brand cereal like these creatively named ones

• probably has to hug something when he sleeps like a big pillow or stuffed animal or oikawa (hah im super subtle)

• wore braces from like… age nine to age sixteen. hated every second of it and rightfully so,,, but honestly just imagine iwa with braces its very cute

• knows his geography like the back of his hand !!!! holy shoot this boy…. is Smart™ and dont let oikawa’s teasing fool u he’s like… really smart

• he seems like his favorite color would be green tbh. just. yeah

• also he’s super supportive in canon, which we know, but i think with oikawa and his Many Girlfriends Over The Years™ he’s had a lot of practice with how to comfort him, or like…. even better,,, if oikawa’s like “oh thats a cute girl” iwa will lean over and be like “yeah she’s pretty cute” but with all due respect he is actually looking at the cute guy behind her (hes literally. The Gay™) (theres not many characters i headcanon as 100% gay but. he is)

• i love the idea that he has no fashion sense at all and i second that but i also think there are some times when he’s probably thrown an outfit together, walked to school, and gotten jaw-dropping looks because he’s legitimately better dressed than oikawa that day

• he doesnt even brush his hair he just stands up and leaves

• hates spinach but will eat broccoli in huge bowls and no one will ever know why

• also going along with my seijou mariokart headcanon post he always chooses toad during mariokart and no one understan d s where it comes from (neither does he… he just likes the weird noises toad makes when u select him and occasionally… he snort-laughs and its super cute)

• ALSO going along with the above….. his laugh…. can grow flowers in a desert… can bring the dead back to life…. truly a blessing… and even better when its a tiny lil giggle

• always bites on his tongue or rolls his tongue around his mouth and teachers ask him if he’s chewing gum a lot and he doesnt really know how to respond 

• always has like… a notepad and pens on him. “hey iwa-chan a girl gave me her number i need something to write it down quickly quICKLY” and he’s like “ok i got u” ( “iwa-chan ur a livesaver” )

• the kind of guy who would like… sub-text say “oh my god i could kiss you right now !!” after someone says something smart/flat out amazing

• please send me iwa-chan headcanons. i love hi m

BONUS when he’s flattered he pulls the drawstring on his hoodie and just. hides

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Your art is so good?? What the heck?? I'm so flabbergasted? And as spiteful and horrible as it sounds I almost hate it because I'm your age, and yet I dont have, nor will ever in my life attain the artistic skill you have. I'm sorry that sounds so mean of me, but I'm serious when I say your art is so fantastic it's almost unbelievable.

Let me give you a tip: if you think like that you will never be as good as me. Take my art as a goal and try to be better, you dont necesary have to be like me in a short time, take your time to perfectionate you art with practicing more, you can even take my style as a reference to improve. I feel like you sometimes, i have seen people at my age or younger that are far more experienced than me and i admire them and i try to be as good as them, practicing, watching them. I take them as an inspiration and i get better at what i do. You should do the same! Dont push yourself down! Try to be in some ways positive, try to think of the art you see “wow that could be me in a year or in some months!!” Bc you are always improving and learning even if you dont see it. You can do it.

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How does one be creative? This is a strange question I know but I feel like nothing I draw is original not even my ocs I just feel like I'm copying everyone else and its making me hate myself and my art. Are all of my ocs just washed up versions of someone elses? Have I never actually made something ? What inspires you to make things? How do you achieve individuality?

Ah so i understand this like 100% my man and dont listen to anyone who tells u that u have to be “born creative/ with talent” because thats a load of shit bud. 

YOUVE 100% MADE SOMETHING MANNN even if ur ocs stem off of others that doesnt make ur oc’s any less valid yknow?

i think to make something “creative” you just have to push yourself to draw what youve never drawn before/ never seen before. (which even if u draw something youve seen before u can make it nice)

like pushing poses that are too quirky to even be human possible or bending bodies in ways it shouldnt be done yknow? and as far as ocs go ur oc can be as dull as a fuCKING ROCK but if u draw them with energy and a prominent pose it can make them look like a fucking killer LOL

like i have these basic ass “cop and criminal” ocs, if u dum it down its just the criminal is a chick in a tight cocktail dress and heels and the cop is just a bitch with cuffs but bc im pushing poses out that make them both seem like fucking assholes, they both have more personality and character

like instead of drawing this:

doing this would make her seem cooler:

and to end this lil ramble LMAO 

chARACTER FLAWS make CHARACTERS INTERESTING<3 if the person is 2 damn good or too damn mean they dont seem realistic

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My secret is I have bad social anxiety and I really want to tell my friends because sometimes they do things that make me uncomfortable but I don't want to hurt their feelings and I also they have a lot of problems on their own so I guess I'm gonna live like this forever lol

Well i think ur should tell them they don’t know it makes u uncomfortable so they won’t stop it unless u tell?? Them?? I know it is hard believe me I once was just like you but everything is easy when u say what ur thinking. Like, poeple dont just start hating you because u said u didnt liked something they do. And U said ur worried about hurting their feelings but what about yours? Ur feelings are important too. Just because they have problems doesn’t mean u don’t do too. U dont have to pretend something its okay when it isn’t. Im sure they wont be hurt tho. I think they’ll problaby just feel bad for making ur fell uncomfortable?? Well i would. Friends care about each others so I would never want any of my friends  to be uncomfortable because of me.

Anyways, I’m a slytherin but I always wanted to be a hufflepuff that’s my secret









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heya !! its pizza anon back at it again with the hopeless crush. i messaged her a couple of days ago and i was like boi i cant actually eat pizza atm (i cant really eat dairy atm) so can we do something else and she sent me a message this morning that was like hi i dont hate u (i asked her friend in cONFIDENCE if she hated me and was trying to ignore me bc she kept leaving me on read) (1)

(pizza anon 2) and then she was like its gonna be really awkward dont u think next year when i run this extracurricular we both do and im really busy this summer so shall we not hang out. um so its actually day ONE of my summer holidays and i got upset about her last night and i obviously got really upset today ive just kind of been moping around because my friend was like ah yes she likes u and now its kind of like why would u say its awkward and im quite upset anyway just wanted to update u :)


Hi, you’re back! Thanks for the update :)
Well, did you ask her why it would be awkward? Because if you’re just friends with someone, hanging out with them is usually something you wanna do, and having extracurricular activities together is fun and all that. So yeah, why’d she say that?
I mean … earlier, you said she knows you have a crush on her (I remember that correctly, I hope?) but that hasn’t stopped her before from spending time with you (until now), has it?

You being upset about not knowing what’s going on is totally valid and understandable, don’t get me wrong on that. But also (just my opinion) … don’t be so hard on her and give her a bit of time. Because maybe she is into you but doesn’t know how to handle it / what to do / how she feels / etc. I don’t know either, so don’t quote me on that! It’s just a possibility.
Give her some space to think it over, maybe she’ll change her mind. And if she doesn’t - it’s okay, too. You’re a fantastic person, no matter if your crush reciprocates your feelings or not.

You have a whole summer ahead of you! That’s exciting. Focus on yourself, learn new things, relax, whatever. I wish you a great time and good luck 🍀
Good vibes your way! 😊

Send me your crush stories!

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✏️ - Want any tattoos?
i think just getting a few tally marks so that people ask me “what does these tattoos mean?” and i will say “its the number of tattooes i have”

💬 - I wish… 

i could get haircuts without having to go through the trouble of going to a haircut place

😷 - Something you hate eating?

i dont really hate eating it theres just something about the texture of mushrooms that make me feel like they think their better than me.

😡 - What pisses you off?
too many things tbh like i gotta calm down.
idk uhh bugs flying all up in your face like have u ever heard of personal space.

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y r u apologizing to people who get offended over nothing? u made a positive post about women issues and someone got offended by it. y apologize? ppl r oversensitive over nothing, especially in this situation. its not a hate question, i just dont understand u... sorry if it seems offensive...

Because I don’t want to upset others and hurt someone by using incorrect terms, anon. I’m not always 100% educated on topics so I appreciate when people let me know when I’ve messed up. I don’t think they were being over sensitive; I caused them to feel dysphoric and that wasn’t my intention. I want to be inclusive as possible and to do so I need to listen when someone speaks up and calls me out on something. Hopefully that makes sense.

i hate seeing posts about like..bad or ugly makeup or whatever.. i dont usually do makeup since i never leave the house but whenever i do, u know like maybe i just wanna look a bit nice for an evening out or something idk, im just like ‘well i know what all my Smart Sexy Makeup Friends think about this look! lol :\

i dont have the means or energy to learn the Right Way™ to do it, with all the expensive brands and shit that i have zero familiarity with, so its basically a shame fest every time no matter what. u know it just feels like Proof that im still an inherently lesser being


okay, can we please… This ‘fan’ had (I’m assuming) gone to see Kai at the airport in LA and was turned down. Uploading countless posts regarding him being ‘disrespectful and rude’. She even went on to make fun of his skin tone and bashed his family. If you have the time, wouLD yOu PLEASE KINDLY TELL THIS GIRL THAT SHES IN THE WRONG AND REPORT HER BLOCK HER IDC JUST DO SOMETHING IM SO FIRED UP RN SORRY I WAS GOING TO BE CALM BUT SERIOUSLY WTF THIS IS SO RUDE. YOU SAID HES ON DRUGS; OK WELL UM IM PRETTY SURE HES NOT BUT EVEN IF HE WAS, ITS NONE OF UR GOD DAMN BUISNESS SO CAN U KINDLY SHIT THE FUCK UP THANK YOU


I’ve seen like 3 of these posts go viral on this website and i honestly cant believe people are so stupid. 

Do you really think that a reblog will donate water to the kids in africa?? well who’s paying for that, then? you think its free?.

I hate this kind of people because they sitting there rebloging stupid pictures like “oh i just made a contribution to the world, i am a good person :)” If you really wanna help then travel to africa and do something for the kids in person because im telling you, no one is going to donate water for a fucking reblog, idiot.

the frozen fandom rn
  • elsanna shippers: *eternal glory and celebration* thank goodness they didnt turn it into some no homo fest and kristoff was just bein his cutsy self
  • elsanna: no, like, its just nice to not have something concentrate on roman--
  • elsanna: we dont hate kristoff, he's cute, he just had a small part and we're thankfu--
  • kristanna: YOU HATE KRISTOFF!!!
  • elsanna: I think you want us to hate kristoff so you're validated in feeling angry because the frozen fever short concentrated on the sisters and sisterly love, a theme in the movie, rather than have a kristanna party. honestly i think ur being jealous and salty about all of this.