so dont hate me for that

my cousin is having a baby shower soonish and I’m just

bc it’s a reminder I’m going to have to probably listen to a semi-newborn demonspawn at christmas and people are probably going to expect me to hold it while cooing about my future HellNo McNuggets I am in no way psychologically (and possibly physically) capable of having and assuming I’m straight and want sex in any way? Maybe I’ll spend my christmas eve hiding in the bathroom

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I understand venting to people helps but with the internet, displaying to an entire audience usually goes kinda bad! like most recently you recording and put hateful people on blast on your twitter (they were cunts albeit) but why do it? it doesnt really gain you anything other than sympathy pats. same with your constant "disappointment" in your comments. it hurts, it really does but these are just faceless people (like me kek!) just report/block and keep truckin'. dont show that it bothers you.

I am not even hurt, I didn’t expect sympathy pats, It legit was the worst comment section I’ve had in my videos with a bunch of spam messages, virus links and so forth.

It is expected when you grow as a person but I do go through my comment section to keep it as friendly and safe for people to go through, as long as I can.

But I will not stay silent about how I feel about it, that’s basically censoring my personality. I’m not going to become an emotionless puppet just because I have an audience. 

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why???? are???? u???? so???? perfect????? it frustrates me everytime u write a post because it's always so nice and kind and ur so beautiful. like fuck im supposed to suppress my feelings cause love is shit but u have to go and fuck that up and make me hopeful. how dare u


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I am very understanding on when Lauren stands with all of this, and she's said this — idk, feels like 2014 again lol. But I hate it when she's so rude about it. Like, if you're gonna call out shitty stans for what you see at least call all of them, not just shitty cs that make us all look bad i dont know!!!! ah!!!!! anxiety!!!! Sorry if any of this sounds selfish or whatever, but it just hurts me. I was doing just fine, but I HAd to look up camren on youtube that 2014 fml

It’s okay I get it - I think she just wanted to shut the haters down and didn’t really think about the non-crazy fans who obviously got very disappointed and felt accused of something they’re not responsible for - she put us all in the same basket without thinking that it might hurt some. The fact is, she never embraced the opportunity to make Camren something positive (I think the main reason for that is that Camren was indeed real). Lauren has always been at war with CS, not once did she say anything positive about it - even though it helped a lot of people - I mean it was understandable when she was younger and figuring herself out but now she’s 20, she’s out, and still she couldn’t find a way to end it on a better note - I get that she’s mad and probably tired of it all, and that she had to be direct and blunt, but I think she could’ve used other words.

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Can u adopt me pls??????

ya i will but we would both die pr obably bc i cant drive u 2 ur soccer pracice bc i hate driving  but i mean i will drive if its not 2 far away  and i will bake u sweets n make sure u have water on ur nightstand b4 u go 2 bed just incase u get thirsty…………but like i dont make Enough Mone y to suport u so we have to find a sugar daddy ok i love u xoxo

guys lemme ask those of you in the buffyverse/ats fandom something real quick if yall dont mind

why don’t you ship Angel & Fred?? Do you only ship them with a few specific characters? did you just never really give it too much thought? do you not care about one or the two of them? is it just not your cup of tea? do you actively anti-ship it? why? is there something on their canon interactions that keep you from shipping it? 

I hate that feeling when I’m having a semi normal night, muddling through and managing when suddenly my brain ambushes me, cornering me and screaming “YOU DONT FIT IN ANYWHERE YOURE WEIRD AND GROSS AND EVERYONE THINKS YOURE ANNOYING. YOURE GONNA DIE ALONE AND MISERABLE” like okay… I’m crying in a bathroom stall at work right now because I hate myself so much that’s cool that’s fine that’s normal

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I have never shipped Robin and Raven in any of there incarnations *be it comic, tv show, fandom* and the JSVSTT movie did NOTHING to sway me. It felt awkward and unnecessary and weird because is Damien still 10? I wanna say he is an actual teenager *like 13* since hes now a part of the TEEN titans but the time line is still pretty unclear to me and i dont know how much time has passed since SOB...your thoguhts?

yeah tbh i really just. don’t give a damn about the jl v tt movie and i don’t really care for robin n raven pairings bc i 100% hate how DC can’t move on from the trigon arc so they continuously age raven back down for no reason. (damian’s currently 13 as of rebirth i believe? which makes him 11/12 in r: son of batman bc he went on a year’s journey so time was a bit vague on if one or two years passed)

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im so mad with ppl calling me gay, like wtf is wrong! im not but i just dont get it ugh i really hate when people call me like that!

yeah that could be annoying. just tell them you aren’t and that it’s not cool of them to be telling people your sexuality which is false

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i'm in such suspense and so curious who the other hated nv char is??!

they’re notso much hated as more ‘god you grate me why do people like you???’.okay……i really really reallyy dont care for yesman lol.

  • Me, talking about whatever I'm hyperfocused on: *very excited and happy to talk about said thing, is genuinely enjoying the conversation*
  • Friend: *says nothing, does not respond, doesn't react in anyway*
  • Me, wringing my hands nervously: so um, anyways, let's talk about Normal Stuff(TM)

Cute past!Ardyn with his black chocobo *_*
I want to know more about Ardyn’s past life before he became evil guy…


*hysterical laughing in the distance*