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Number One, you served with Burnham aboard the Shenzhou. What is your assessment of her abilities?

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You were dancing happily along to your favourite song, everything was perfect. Well, that was until Peter decided to barge into the loft, making you fall face first into the laundry basket. You didn't know where Derek or Isaac was, but you were pretty sure you heard Peter chuckle. "PETER HALE, YOU HELP ME THIS INSTANT OR I SWEAR I'LL KILL YOU!!" You yelled, although it sounded more like incoherent mumbling. At this exact moment Derek and Issac found it perfect to come from where they'd been...

Apparently just a few steps behind Peter, the two of them burst out into laughter simultaneously within just a few short seconds of entering the loft, Peter’s chuckle only getting louder at their reaction.

You regretted your demands, you really did, because due to your complaining about wading through what felt like fifteen or more laundry baskets each laundry day between the four of you, making trip after trip for load after load, Derek had given in and bought one of those large industrial bins on wheels like they usually have at the end of laundry chutes at fancy hotels.

Well, he says he bought it, but you think it was left abandoned somewhere here in the building from forever ago, and he had just cleaned it up, replacing a few parts here and there, but no matter what they did, the right front wheel still had a squeak that let out once for every rotation of the wheel, making it sound like a limp of sorts as it was wheeled across the loft.

So falling into the giant bin meant to help you was more like being eaten by a black hole, only this smelled infinitely worse than you imagined space to smell like. Though, you could have sworn you saw stars for a second there, whether from rage or sudden immersion in the smell of death that was everyone’s laundry, you weren’t sure.

Flailing only seemed to make it worse, clothes wrapping around you from all sides, seemingly trying to pull you back in, and increasing the laughter already pointed your way from your three idiot roommates.

Emerging atop the mass of clothing, you took a deep breath, looking on wide eyed as they looked back at you with an indiscernible look, their laughter suddenly stopping, and an eerie calm settling in the space. Looking up where their gazes were directed at the top of your head, you realized a pillow case had somehow managed to make it onto your head like a hat, and you batted it off angrily after staring up at it a moment, making the cart roll slightly, that little baby squeak of the wheel the only sound aside from your vicious attack on the fabric wrapping itself in knots around your arms, seemingly not wanting to let go.

Stopping with a huff, letting your shoulders shrug dramatically with the movement, you stared down at the rest of the clothes and sheets around you, your arms dropping defeatedly in front of you, the pillowcase still around them acting like handcuffs.

Snapping your head up at the sound of a camera going off, you saw Isaac with his phone in hand, pointing your way, and a shit eating grin on his face.

“Lahey, I’m gonna kill you.” Normally your tone of voice would have scared whoever was on the receiving end, but as you had established long ago, your three roommates were far from normal, and that was even taking into account that they were lycanthropes.

“How do you keep ending up in these situations?” Peter mused, trying to fight the smile that kept making it’s way up his face despite his best efforts, Isaac still grinning like a maniac unabashedly

You rolled your head dramatically to face the oldest of your little band of four, letting your eyebrows knit in an ‘I am not amused’ sort of way. “Because despite my better judgment, my three idiot roommates continue to somehow cause my life to be full of unexpected incidents.”

With a final flail, the pillowcase released your arms and you stretched with a sigh, rolling your wrists as if you had been confined for hours.

“Would this be a bad time to tell you you have Isaac’s lacrosse jersey wrapped around your neck, ironically, like one of his scarves?” Derek had a smile that continued to grow as he spoke, a chuckle making his words choppy.

A moment of silence passed between the four of you before you let out a war cry, using your body to get momentum behind the large cart, and causing it to roll with impressive speed towards the Alpha, the wheel letting out it’s limping squeak at impressive speed, before you hopped out at the last second and tackled him to the ground, straddling his midsection and digging your knees into his ribcage to keep him there, pinning his chest down with both of your palms pressing into it’s center. He looked up at you in surprise, wide eyed, and you smirked, wondering why he expected anything less from you after all these years. You barely registered the squeaky wheel slowing down before hitting the bottom step of the entry to the loft, bouncing back slightly before stopping altogether, drawing out a final, prolonged squeak before the wheels stilled.

“I don’t know, Derek. Is it?” You said, in reference to his comment about the jersey, lowering your face to get unnecessarily close to his, sticking the fabric of the jersey onto his nose.

Coughing at the sudden smell accosting his senses in such close proximity, you laughed, rising up off the ground, pulling off the item of clothing before wadding it up, and throwing it at Isaac, successfully hitting him square in the face. “That’s for taking a picture of me in my time of need, asshole.”

Peter was chuckling, stilling when you turned on your heel his way. “And as for you, since you were first to find me in my state of crisis, in fact, you caused it, you get to do all that laundry.” You pointed at the bin, contents spilling over from your battle inside it, a trail leading to it from the sheer force you had used to make it hurl across the loft. It had been a long week, full of training and fighting the newest evil to walk the streets of your little town, and so the pile had simply grown and grown and grown. Peter nodded soundlessly in agreement, his eyes wide in a special kind of fear reserved only for you in these particular moments.

“And you,” you turned to Derek who was just rising from the floor, eyeing him up for a moment. “You’re just lucky I don’t feel like becoming an Alpha today.”

Derek growled and flashed his eyes at you, Isaac mumbling an “oh shit”, making you turn his way. “Don’t you dare send that photo to the pack. I swear to God, Isaac, I will-”

All three of your phones went off simultaneously, Isaac wincing, and you immediately knew it was the group message between all of the pack members.

Your eyes glowed bright yellow. “I may not feel like becoming an Alpha today, but I’m all for kicking a certain Beta’s ass….” you growled, looking Isaac in the eye.

“You wouldn’t.” He gulped.

“It’s like you don’t even know me-” all four of your phones went off with a ding, indicating a reply to the group thread. “I’m gonna-” Ding. “You’re so-” Ding. “I swear to God, Isaac, when I’m done with you-” Ding.



Ding. Ding. Ding.

Ding. Ding.


You snarled, ignoring all the further alerts to replies the phones gave off. “I’m gonna kill you.”

“I’m not afraid of you.” Isaac stuck his chin out defiantly, sticking his nose up in the air. “Besides, blue eyes would not be becoming on you.”

“Oh, you are far from innocent in this, my friend,” you said, your voice low, glowing your eyes at your fellow Beta, lowering into a fighting stance, ready to launch. “Did you even smell that shirt I threw in your face? That alone is a crime in and of itself. Only evil emits that kind of stink.”

Isaac gasped. “How rude!”

Peter let out a huff behind you. “I, too, am offended, considering I basically am evil on a base level, so….”

You turned your face to Derek, raising an eyebrow.

“Don’t look at me,” he said, hands raised slightly, showing his palms in innocence, “I’m not becoming a part of this whole situation. You guys are all just too…. Weird.” He seemed to think for a moment before deciding otherwise. “Actually, you know what?” He turned to Peter, pointing at him. “You, do the laundry.”

The finger turned to Isaac along with his body, cutting off the rebuttal Peter was starting before it got anywhere. “You, help him.” Isaac hung his head, nodding, before walking slowly and grabbing a corner of the bin, Peter grabbing the other, and together they pulled it slowly to the laundry room, picking up the stray pieces off the floor as they went, quietly bickering about something between the two of them, the wheel squeaking at a steady, slow pace.

The finger then turned to you. “And you,” he stopped for a moment before launching at you, pinning you to the floor like you had him earlier, his knees digging into your ribcage, your wrists pinned on either side of your head in his hands. “Stop being so bossy.”

Isaac barked out a laugh from across the loft, Peter snorting his own amusement before saying, “Like that’ll ever happen.”

You snapped your head their way to look at them, a snarl leaving your lips as your upper body lifted before being pushed down again by Derek with a warning growl. Glancing up at him briefly, your lip still curled in a snarl, you quickly turned your gaze back to the other two, seeing them go wide eyed before finally scurrying away into the laundry room and out of your sight, making you smirk, before looking back up to Derek.

He was looking at you in a funny way, one you couldn’t quite read. “I swear, I don’t know how I ended up with you three as my pack members,” he shook his head gently, smiling somewhat amusedly.

You chuckled. “You’re just that lucky, I guess.”

“Luck ain’t got nothing to do with it, kid.”

You flipped in his grip, pinning him once again, laughing at his fuming face.

“Lucky shot,” he said sarcastically.

You grinned. “Luck ain’t got nothing to do with it, kid.”

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Forever My Love-Isaac Lahey

Valentine’s Collection:#14

Teen Wolf Imagine: #113

Word Count: 1,565

Warnings: Mention of Allison’s Death. That’s all I can really remember.

Summary: 10 Years after Isaac leaves Beacon Hills, and Y/N, the two reunite in Paris.

A/n: The last day of the collection! We started with Isaac and we end with Isaac. This is my favorite by far and I am so happy with how it turned out and I hope you are as well.

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Last Imagine

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Isaac Lahey Song Fic - Part 1

Aaand my Daniel Sharman obsessions has made me write this…

Song: Oh my, my, my by Taylor Swift

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I was eight, and you were nine
I looked at you like the stars that shined
In the sky, the pretty lights.

My eyes fell to the long forgotten pictures stuck to the headboard of my old bed. It felt weird being in this house again, after all these years. Taking the pictures down, my fingers traced the faces of two kids, arm in arm with wide grins on their faces. I remembered that day so vividly. It was the last time either of us had smiled at each other like that.

And our daddies used to joke about the two of us
Growing up and fallin’ in love
And our mamas smiled, and rolled their eyes
And said, ‘Oh, my, my, my’

I chuckled at the bittersweet memory of our mothers sitting by the pool, sipping on cocktails and laughing about me and him, whilst our Fathers were by the barbeque, joking about their kids growing up and falling in love.

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Isaac- For The Better

Requests-  may you do a fluffy isaac imagine where you’ve been frenemies for a really long time but you start to fall in love? you actually really want to protect him and he actually means alot to you and while you’re having a fight you then later on accidentally blurt out that you’re in love with him and turns out he’s been feeling the same way? you can decide how it goes in the end. thank you so much! probably around the timeline of 3a or 3b.  / IsaacxReader where he hates the reader for some reason and he’s extremely rude and cold to her that she feels like shit and he and the reader get locked in the closet during detention (like in episode 4 of season 3 when Allison and Isaac are locked in the closet) and he freaks out and hurts the reader while she helps him since he’s freaking out and when Scott finally opens the door and cleans up readers wounds Isaac realizes he actually loves her and tries to apologize

A/N- I combined these requests since they were so similar. Hope you like it!

“Look, Lydia,” you were saying as you hiked up the steps to Derek’s loft. “I can’t.”
“Why not?” she whined, irritation bleeding into her voice. “Allison’s going out with me. It’ll be fun.”
“I’m not exactly in the mood,” you insisted as you pressed the phone to your ear. “I…I just don’t have time right now.”
“Is it this werewolf stuff?” she questioned. “Because honestly, now that I know about it, it’s not that big of a deal. And there’s no reason we can’t just go out and have a few drinks, even if there is a pack of alphas running around.”
“Lydia,” you said firmly. “I love you, but tonight is not the night. And by the way, you do know it’s Thursday, right?”
“Ugh, whatever,” she huffed through the phone, and then after a brief pause, “Fine, but just know that whatever you’re doing could never be as fun as the girls night you could have had.”
“Of course not,” you told her as you finally walked up the last flight of steps.
You placed your hand on the railing and made it up the last step, slightly out of breath as you got to the top. It was just your luck that Derek’s elevator happened to be break before the meeting that night, and of course maintenance hadn’t fixed it yet.
As you made it to the top of the steps, you looked over just in time to see Isaac slipping through the doorway of Derek’s loft. He started to tug the door shut behind him, but you called out “Isaac, hold the door!”
The blonde boy turned around and took one look at you standing at the top of the stairs, and he raised his eyebrows. Your eyes widened at the quirk in his brow, and your face immediately contorted into a glare. You darted forward and shouted, but of course Isaac had to be a massive asshole. Naturally, you wouldn’t have expected any less.
“Don’t you da-”
Before you could even finish your sentence, Isaac was slamming the huge loft door in your face. You slammed your hands onto the metal, at the same time Lydia asked “Ooh, Isaac?”
“Shut up,” you complained. “You know he hates me.”
“But do you hate him?” she asked suggestively.
“Yes,” you practically growled. “He’s the biggest dick I’ve ever met.”
“Well, if I were you, I’d be all over that,” Lydia informed you. “Hate sex is the hottest thing you’ll ever experience, Y/n.”
“Thanks for the advice,” you told her sarcastically. “But I’ll have to pass on the hate sex.”
“If you say so-”
Suddenly the loft door flew open, and you gulped as Derek stood there, glowering down at you. “Are you finished?”
You opened your mouth to answer, but your mortification didn’t allow a single word to come out. Your face went bright red as you realized Derek had probably heard what you had said, especially about the hate sex. If he did hear it, he didn’t bring it up to you, but instead continued to glare.
“Y-yes,” you stuttered, clutching your phone tightly. “Lydia, I have to go.”
You hung up the phone quickly, ignoring your friend’s protesting. “Now I’m finished.”
“Good,” Derek grumbled. “Because we’ve all been waiting on you.”
“Me?” you questioned with a raised eyebrow.
“You’re one of the only betas I have now,” Derek told you gruffly. “So yes.”
You felt a pang of sadness as you thought about Erica, and how she had died in that vault, probably terrified, but putting on a brave face because that was what she did. She had been so strong, no matter what anyone had said about her, and it wasn’t fair that her life had been snuffed out for something as stupid as pack rivalry. “Is something happening?”
“Maybe,” Derek huffed as he slammed the loft door. “Which is exactly what we’re here to talk about. And I can’t have you late, or breaking your neck on the stairs because you’re too busy talking on the damn phone.”
A hint of a warm smile touched your lips as Derek looked your way, and maybe no one else would have noticed, but you knew there was a hint of affection in what he had said to you. His tone had been gruff, but anyone who knew Derek would have known that was his way of showing he cared. He quickly looked away, but you knew he was worried about losing you and Isaac too.
Isaac looked over his shoulder from where he had been leaning against Derek’s table, and he smirked at you. He wasn’t the only one in Derek’s loft, and Boyd, Cora and Scott all stood around the table as well. Peter was also at there, perched on the stairs and smirking as if the impending carnage was something he was looking forward to.
“Nice of you to finally join us, Y/n,” Isaac told you with a smirk.
“Well I would have been here sooner if you hadn’t slammed the door in my face,” you spat.
“Well maybe if you hadn’t been so busy gossiping with Lydia-”
“Isaac!” Derek barked. “Y/n! Shut up!”
You shot Isaac one last glare and crossed your arms over your chest, but you followed Derek’s orders. At least you wouldn’t have to defend yourself to Isaac anymore.
“Now that everyone has so graciously stopped talking,” Derek snarked as he turned to Scott. “What did you need to tell us?”
“I know where the alphas are,” Scott told Derek. “They’re-”
“Same building as the Argents,” Derek finished for him. “We already know.”
Scott’s brow furrowed and Boyd looked over at him with a shrug. “Cora and I followed the twins.”
“Then…then they want you to know,” Scott realized.
“Or,” Peter announced from stairs. “More likely, they don’t care.”
“So what are we supposed to do?” Scott asked. “Just sit here and wait for them to try something?”
“Of course not,” Peter told him, shooting him a baffled look. “That’s what this is about.”
“You’re going after them?” his questioned, his eyes going wide.
“Tomorrow,” Derek confirmed. “And you’re coming with us.”
“We can’t take on a whole pack of alphas,” Scott protested. “There aren’t enough of us, Derek.”
“Yes there are,” the Alpha insisted. “We’ve got you, Boyd, now we’ve got Cora, and-”
He paused, looking over at his uncle on the steps. Peter simply smiled. “Pass.”
Derek rolled his eyes and looked back at the group surrounding the table. “And Y/n and Isaac.”
“What?” Isaac asked, his eyes widening. “You can’t bring Y/n.”
“Why not?” you demanded, bristling suddenly. “I’m just as strong as you are.”
“You haven’t been training-” Isaac protested.
“Neither have you!” you pointed out.
“Because I got  trapped in a fucking bank vault for weeks on end!” he growled. “What’s your excuse?”
“I was looking for your sorry ass!” you yelled. “You went missing, Isaac! Did you think I just wouldn’t care?”
“Well, it would surprise me if you did!”
At this point, you were just yelling in each other’s faces, and the air was thick with tension because of it. Your face was bright red, so angry that you felt like you could just scream at Isaac for hours. He had done nothing but hate you since you had been turned, and some days you were sure you wanted to strangle him. His arrogant eyes and that cocky smirk just drove you insane, and you usually felt the urge to reach up and yank that ridiculous scarf until he stopped talking, or better yet, stopped breathing.
But there were some days when he wasn’t like that at all. There were some days when you were sure you even liked Isaac and you could even see yourself becoming friends. You remembered the day you had gone to find him in the hospital with Scott, and the way he had gripped your hand after he had come off of the drugs Kali had given him. It was something small, but in that moment you had been sure that Isaac didn’t really hate you.
That felt like it had been ages ago, and as you stood there screaming at each other, you couldn’t even fathom that possibility.
“What the hell is wrong with you two?!” Derek suddenly snarled. “A pack of alphas is after everyone here. They want me to kill my pack, which includes both of you, and if you don’t shut up and work together, I might just do it.”
Derek’s voice was low and threatening, filled with the venom that was only unique to him. He stared at you with those dark eyes, and you knew you and Isaac had both gone a step too far, but at least you hadn’t attacked each other. If that had happened, the alphas wouldn’t have needed to kill you, because you probably would have done it yourselves.
“Now,” Derek continued. “Everyone in this room, except for Peter, is going to fight tomorrow, Y/n included.”
Isaac opened his mouth to protest, but Derek shot him a glare so deadly that Isaac’s breath caught in his throat. He looked at the ground sullenly after that, and he barely said a word the rest of the night. You shook your head silently and crossed your arms over your chest, wondering what you had done to make him hate you so much. You hadn’t really known Isaac before Derek bit you, but this aversion to you couldn’t have just been you, right?
It had to be something on Isaac’s end, and if that was really true, then what the hell was his problem?

“Are you sure you didn’t go out drinking on your own last night?” an inquisitive voice asked.
You sighed and let your head fall against the closed door of your locker. “No, Lydia. I didn’t go out…why?”
“Because you look like hell,” she remarked. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’re hungover.”
“I wish,” you grumbled. “That would mean I actually had fun last night.”
Lydia sighed. “What happened?”
“Isaac happened,” you stated glumly. “There’s something…something’s going to happen soon, and the pack is supposed to be there. Isaac was hellbent on trying to keep me out of it. He didn’t even want me there.”
Lydia pursed her lips, resting her hand on her hip and eyeing you strangely. “Did he say why?”
“Some bullshit about me not training,” you told her. “But he was lying. I’m sure he was.”
Lydia raised her eyebrows. “And did it ever occur to you that he might actually want you out of trouble? That he might care about you?”
You raised your eyebrows at Lydia, and a bubbling laugh burst from your throat. “Lydia, come on.”
“What?” she exclaimed. “Have you never thought about it?”
“Of course not,” you said. “He hates me.”
“But you don’t hate him,” she pointed out.
“What? Yes I do.”
“Only because he hates you,” she stated.
“Well…” you said. “Yeah.”
“So maybe he doesn’t actually hate you,” she declared. “Just like you don’t actually hate him.”
You were silent as you just stared at her and she simply shrugged. “Just something to think about, you know? Anyway, do you have those history notes I missed last week?”
“Yeah,” you told her, setting your bag down and rifling through it. “It’s a lot though. Mr. Quinn chose that day to be a total fucking psycho-”
“Y/n?” a voice asked from behind you, causing you to freeze.
You immediately recognized the voice and sighed, and when you turned around you came face to face (really more like face to chest) with Isaac. “What do you want?”
“Can I, uh, can I talk to you alone for a second?” he asked, scratching the back of his neck uneasily.
You huffed and looked up at him with narrowed eyes. “About what?”
“I guess that’s my cue to leave,” Lydia said, reaching into your unzipped bagging and snatching up the notes she needed. “I’ll give these back to you later.”
“Wait, Lydia-” you cried, but it was too late. She was already flouncing down the hall, her heels clicking as she went.
You stared after her helplessly until you finally looked back at Isaac, an exasperated expression on your face. “What, Isaac?”
“You can’t come tonight,” Isaac stated.
“Derek already said I had to,” you reminded him. “And either way, I’d still come and help you.”
“You won’t be able to help,” Isaac insisted. “You’re just going to end up getting hurt-”
“What the hell is your problem?” you snapped. “I’m just as strong as you are. In fact, I’m probably a better fighter.”
“Y/n-” Isaac protested.
“No!” you practically growled. “You’re not taking this away from me just because you hate me. I’m not the one who got locked in a fucking vault over the summer; I’m the one who worked my ass off to try and find you when you did! I don’t know what I ever did to you, but-”
“You don’t know anything about me!” Isaac snarled. “You think you know everything, Y/n, but you have no idea!”
“Oh, I know about you, Lahey,” you spat. “I know that since Derek bit you first, you think you’re better than all of us. You’ve hated me from the moment he bit me, and-”
“Will you keep your voice down?” he hissed.
“Will you stop being such an asshole?” you demanded, continuing at the same volume.
In all of this shouting, you never even realized that the bell for your next class had already rang. You also didn’t notice the firm footfalls of Mr. Harris on the tile as he came up behind you, which would prove to be one of hell of a mistake.
“Ms. Y/l/n, Mr. Lahey,” he announced, causing your eyes to go wide.
You whirled around, swallowing thickly as you realized that the worst teacher in school had just walked in on your shouting match. Mr. Harris glared down at the both of you with one eyebrow raised and a cruel smile on his face, and in that moment you were sure he was Satan reincarnated.
“Last time I checked, couples counseling takes place in the guidance office, not in the hallway.”
“Oh,” Isaac said, his eyes going wide. “No, Mr. Harris, god no, we’re not-”
“Actually, I think you two would benefit from some extra time to work out your differences. How does lunchtime detention sound?”
Your eyes widened. “Mr. Harris-”
“Perfect,” he cut you off. “Be in my class by the lunch bell, or I’ll make it a week instead of just one day.”
You opened your mouth to protest, but Isaac clapped his hand over your mouth. Satisfied, Mr. Harris turned on his heel and strode away, leaving you in the hall with Isaac.
“What the hell is wrong with you?” you demanded as you shoved his hand off of your mouth.
“Me?” Isaac questioned. “I’m not the one screaming in the hall.”
“You know what, Isaac?” you asked. “I don’t care anymore. I’m not arguing with you and I’m done fighting. See you in detention.”
Isaac watched in shock as you yanked your bag from the floor and brushed past him, and he could practically feel the anger rolling off of you. That was why he was so surprised that you weren’t biting back at him with something mean to say. That was always the way things had been, even though you had no idea that Isaac wasn’t simply being mean.
He watched you go helplessly, wondering if he would ever get the chance to tell you how he really felt about you. He wasn’t being a dick because he didn’t like you, he was doing it so you would stay out of everything the pack did. He thought that if he could drive you away, you wouldn’t want to be mixed up in the bloody battles they often got caught up in.
Isaac hadn’t done much with his life, but he had decided that if he was going to do something, it would be to keep you safe. Because of that, he realized he would probably never be able to tell you how he felt. Not if he wanted to keep you away.

You were already in Harris’ chemistry classroom when Isaac walked in, avoiding your eyes as he strode across the room. You looked away sullenly, tracing your finger across one of the indentations on the lab table. It appeared that neither of you wanted to think about each other for the time being.
He sat at the edge of the room, one table behind where Allison was sitting. She had shot you a questioning look when you walked in, but Harris had glared at you like you had killed one of his many cats, so you just shook your head.
“So nice of you to join us, Mr. Lahey,” Harris said brusquely, once Isaac sat down.
You couldn’t help but roll your eyes at this, because even though you and Isaac had your issues, he hadn’t even been late. You knew Harris hated him for some weird reason, even more than he hated you, and you felt a little bad for the guy. You were a little surprised that you still felt anything for him that wasn’t bloodlust after everything he had said, but it appeared you couldn’t just hate Isaac.
Although you were beginning to feel bad for him, any pity you had quickly vanished when Harris began to pair people up for different punishments. You had assumed you were safe because you and Isaac were on separate ends of the room, but of course Mr. Harris had other ideas. He saved the two of you for last, and with a wicked smirk, he informed you that you and Isaac would be restocking the janitor’s closet.
Isaac swallowed and walked up to Mr. Harris. He probably thought he was being quiet, but you heard every word he was saying.
“Uh, Mr. Harris,” he said as he leaned toward the man. “Does it…does it have to be with her?”
Harris smirked. “Now that I know you prefer not to, yes.”
Isaac sighed and turned around, looking at you with reluctance written across his face. You rolled your eyes and stood up dutifully, because if Isaac was going to complain about this, then you sure as hell weren’t.

Isaac watched you as you angrily stacked rolls of paper towel onto the shelf, thinking that he had never seen someone do that with so much emotion. You were cramped in one of the tiny janitor’s closets throughout the school, but you would have to go back outside every so often to get something from the supply cart.
You seemed to be angry at him, although you hadn’t said one word to him after leaving Harris’ classroom. He watched from the corner of his eye as you walked back out to the cart and returned with a few more stacks. You were trying to finish as quickly as possible, but in your haste you ended up dropping the paper towels.
Isaac reached out to catch them at the same time you did, and for a few awkward seconds your fingers fumbled together until you finally took them yourself. You quickly looked away and Isaac sighed.
“I’m sorry.”
You blinked, looking up from the shelf in surprise. “What?”
“I’m sorry,” Isaac told you. “For all those things I said to you. For the way I treated you.”
“Wow,” you remarked. “I never thought I’d hear that come out of your mouth.”
Isaac frowned at you. “Y/n, come on.”
“Seriously,” you told him. “I don’t know why you’re choosing right now to apologize.”
“Well, maybe I felt like a dick,” he told you.
“Because you are one, Isaac,” you told him.
“You have no idea why I did any of that,” he informed you sullenly.
You raised your eyebrows. “Care to share?”
Isaac frowned, looking over at your questioning eyes. He swallowed nervously, scratching the back of his neck. Where the hell would he even start?
“Uh,” he began, just as the door to the closet slammed shut.
Suddenly the room was washed in darkness, and you sucked in a sharp breath. “What the hell was that?”
“The doorstop must have slipped,” he reasoned, walking over to the door and turning the handle.
He tried to push open the closet door, but he soon found that it wasn’t moving an inch. He shoved his shoulder up against it in a panic, telling himself that he couldn’t be trapped in there. Not now, and not with you.
“Isaac,” you told him. “Let me try.”
He stepped backwards for a second, and you slammed your body into the wood, wincing at the pain and the fact that it was indeed not moving.
“There’s something up against it,” you realized, but when you looked back at Isaac, he didn’t appear to be listening.
The other beta’s eyes were squeezed shut tightly, and he had his fingers coiled tightly in his curls.
“Isaac?” you asked gently. “Are you okay?”
At the sound of your voice, his eyes opened, but you realized they were no longer his familiar baby blue. They were bright yellow.
“Woah,” you breathed. “Isaac, calm down, okay? We’re going to get out of here.”
“How?” he growled painfully.
“I-I don’t know,” you admitted, backing away from him. “But we will.”
“You can’t know that,” he snarled. “You don’t know anything. You don’t even know how I feel about you.”
“What?” you asked him, your eyes going wide.
“You shouldn’t be in here,” he snarled to you.
“Well it isn’t exactly my choice,” you muttered, and that was when your back hit the edge of the shelf.
You looked up at Isaac, who just kept getting closer and closer in the small space.
“Isaac,” you warned. “Find your anchor. Think about it. Hold it in your head, just like Derek taught us.”
“I-I can’t!” Isaac snarled, swiping out at you with a clawed hand.
You gasped and ducked. “The hell you can’t! I know thinking has been a stretch for you in the past, but it’s really not that bad!”
Isaac snarled as you darted around him, and he looked down at you with those livid yellow eyes. “You don’t understand.”
“What don’t I understand?” you demanded. “I know how this feels. And I know you can control it. I’ve seen you use your anchor-”
“My anchor hates me!” he spat. “She doesn’t want anything to do with me.”
“Isaac, Allison will come around-”
“It’s not Allison!” he snarled.
You darted toward the door, fumbling with the handle and trying to rip it off it’s hinges. Maybe you could, if you really tried.
Suddenly a hand gripped you around the arm and you were tugged back around to face Isaac. You let out a cry of pain as his claws dug into your skin, but you looked up into his eyes nonetheless.
“Isaac,” you whispered. “Find your anchor.”
“I can’t,” he insisted through gritted teeth.
“Isaac, please, what’s your anchor?” you asked softly, trying to pull your arm away.
Isaac closed his eyes. “You.”
“What?” you demanded, your eyes going wide.
The door behind you suddenly flew open, and without it up against your back, you tumbled to the floor. Isaac fell with you, and for a brief moment his weight was on top of you. As quickly as it had happened, it was over, and then you were lying on the ground in shock.
“Y/n?” a voice that wasn’t Isaac’s asked. “Are you okay?! Y/n?!”
“I-I’m fine,” you promised breathlessly as you pushed yourself up from the ground.
You sat up and reached out to gently touch your wrist, which was covered in blood, but already in the process of healing. You looked to your left and saw Isaac sitting against the wall with his head in his hands. The moment your gazed landed on him, he looked up at you with shame.
“I-I’m sorry,” he stammered, pushing himself off the ground. “I didn’t mean to do that. I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
He knelt next to you and gently grabbed your arm, running his fingers over the now-healed skin.
“What the hell happened?” Allison demanded from where she stood next to Scott. “You guys never came back and then…”
She gestured over to the right, where a large vending machine was now stationed in the middle of the hall. You guessed it had been what was blocking the door, and that Scott had thrown it out of the way to get to you.
“It was the twins,” Isaac practically growled. “They did this.”
“Then they’re not playing around anymore,” Scott remarked. “They’re not just messing with us, they actually want to get someone hurt.”
“Well I’m going to hurt them,” Isaac practically snarled. “I could have killed her Scott.”
“We’ll get them back,” Scott promised him with a nod. “But for now I think we had better make sure everyone is okay.”
“We can go check on Boyd,” you told Isaac. “Thanks, Scott.”
You pushed yourself to your feet and with one last grateful glance toward Scott and Allison, you headed down the hall. Isaac scrambled up after you and quickly followed behind as the others turned the corner in the opposite direction.
“I’m really sorry, Y/n,” he breathed. “I-I can’t believe I did that.”
“It’s fine,” you told him, pausing in the hall to look at him. “Seriously. I get it. But there’s one thing that you said…”
“About you being my anchor,” Isaac finished.
You nodded. “Wanna tell me what that was about?”
“Well,” Isaac said. “It’s true.”
“But you hate me,” you stated with a frown.
“What?” Isaac asked. “No I don’t.”
“But you’re always such a dick to me,” you reminded him. “You never want me around, and you question everything I say.”
“Because I don’t want you around,” he agreed. “Not when we’re fighting a pack of alphas who wants you dead.”
“What?” you demanded, thinking back to what Lydia had said earlier. “You’re telling me that all of that was because you didn’t want me to get hurt.”
Isaac nodded sheepishly. “Guess that didn’t end up working out.”
“Of course not, you idiot,” you bit out. “Are you fucking insane?”
“No,” Isaac told you, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. “I’m in love with you. And I know that you feel the same way.”
You stared at him in shock, mouth open as you realized that the reason he had been such an asshole for the past few months was because he loved you. Maybe another girl would have swooned, but you just felt livid, and very much like you wanted to smack him. You did feel the same way, but the fact that he had taken this long to admit his feelings made your blood boil.
“Oh, get over yourself, Lahey,” you spat, poking his chest repeatedly. “You’re the most insensitive fucking human being-”
He caught your wrist as it moved toward his chest a third time, yanking you toward him and pressing his lips onto yours. His hands came up to cup your cheeks and you wound your arms around Isaac’s neck, because there was no way he was going to kiss you better than you could kiss him.
You finally pulled away, breathless and slightly embarrassed. “Derek is going to kill us.”
Isaac smiled. “Derek can get over it.”
“So what do we do now?” you asked.
“We go find Boyd,” Isaac told you. “And then figure out how to get the Twins back.”
“I meant with us, dumbass,” you told him.
“We could make out some more,” he suggested.
You elbowed him in the chest, and he let out an oof! sound, but he continued to smile. “Whatever we want to do.”
You grinned and leaned into him, because after all this time thinking that Isaac hated you, you never imagined how good it would feel to be in his arms. This was so much different from any future you imagined with Isaac (most of them ending with you in prison for his murder) but now you realized that things were changing. And maybe, you realized as he squeezed your shoulders, they were changing for the better.

Jealous Boyfriend // Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Request:  Heyyy! May you please do me an imagine where Stiles(boyfriend) is jealous of Isaac(best friend)?

Of course :)

Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,334

“Isaac, stop!” You laughed as he lifted you up from the ground, his arms securely around your waist. He spun you in a circle, the sound of his laugh mixing in with your own. Isaac loved to pick on you, mostly because you were like his little sister and that’s what big brothers do, right? Eventually, Isaac placed you back on the ground. He slung his arm over your shoulder and you both walked back over to your group of friends. 

You took a seat next to your boyfriend, Stiles and placed a quick kiss on his cheek. He was focusing intently on his homework and didn’t even bother to look up when you arrived. You frowned. You looked over at Scott, giving him a questioning look which he just shrugged in response to. You curled up next to Stiles, laying your head on his shoulder. 

“Aww, look how cute.” Isaac teased, the corners of his mouth turning up into a smirk. 

You rolled your eyes. “You’re just jealous because you’re single, Lahey.” 

Isaac shrugged. “Possibly. But hey, according to your mom, we’re getting married so I won’t be single forever.” The teasing tone was evident in his voice so you laughed. He wasn’t lying though except your mom said that once, 7 years ago when you and Isaac were only 9 years old. It was kind of a joke between the two of you but you both retched at the thought of that truly happening. Marrying Isaac would be pure incest. 

Stiles tensed beneath you and you watched as the grip on his pencil tightened, threatening to snap the pencil in half. You sat up and placed your hand on Stiles’ forearm gently. “Stiles, babe, are you okay?” 

He didn’t look at you and that stung. His lips were compressed together in a hard line and it was like he was refusing to look at you. “I’m fine.” Stiles said gratingly. 

You slid your hand down his arm until you reached his hand, resting your hand on top of his. “Babe..” Your voice trailed off when he snatched his hand back. Without a word, he packed up his homework and stuffed everything in his backpack. He slung the backpack over his shoulder and turned to walk away but Isaac’s voice caused him to freeze. 

“Stiles, man, what’s wrong?” He asked, genuinely concerned. Isaac always had a deep respect for Stiles and told you on multiple occasions how perfect he was for you. It warmed your heart to know that your best friend approved of your boyfriend and cared for him just as much as you did. 

Stiles turned his head, his eyes closed into little slits. “You’re the last person I would confide in.” He snapped his eyes away from Isaac and then stomped away. 

“Well that was surely interesting…” Scott chimed in, looking between you and Isaac. 

You sighed heavily, removing yourself from the picnic table. “Do you know what he’s so pissed at?” You asked Scott, worry written all over your face. 

Scott shook his head. “Honestly, no. I mean I know that he failed his Bio mid-term but I don’t think that would set him off like that.” 

“Well, clearly I did something wrong.” Isaac insisted. He began to get up from the picnic table as well. “Maybe I should be the one to go talk to him.” 

You shook your head. “No. I don’t think it’s you. He’s been acting cold towards me all day. Let me go talk to him.” 

Isaac nodded. “Alright. Text me if you need back up.” 

You smiled a little. “Will do.” 

You walked in the direction of where Stiles stomped off to. You knew that he had English next and you figured that, that would be the perfect place to start looking. You entered the school and turned the corner to see Stiles sitting on the set of stairs diagonal from you. His elbows were resting on his knees, his one leg shaking up and down wildly. He still had that pissed off look on his face and you would be lying if you said you weren’t a little scared. 

Slowly, you approached him, taking a seat next to him. He didn’t look at you or even acknowledge that you were there. Part of you wondered that if he was just too lost in his thoughts to noticed your arrival. “Stiles…” You said softly. Still no response. You sighed, running your hands through your hair. “Stiles, please, what’s wrong?” 

He suddenly looked at you. “So you’re done with Isaac now so that’s why you have time for me?” 

You looked at him, a slightly confused expression on your face. “Isaac? You’re like this because of Isaac? What did he do?” 

Stiles shook his head, a dry humorless laugh falling from his lips. “You don’t get it, do you? Think, Y/N, just think.” 

Dumbfounded, you sat there and thought. What possible reason could Stiles be so angry at you and Isaac for? It was like a light bulb went off in your head at a sudden realization and you tried to hold back your laughter. “Stiles, are you jealous of Isaac?” 

He could tell that you were trying to hold back laughter and that just made him even more angry. He jumped up from the stairs, his fingers roughly raking through his hair. “Yes, Y/N, I am. I’m just the road block in the Isaac and Y/N happy ending aren’t I?” 

You shook your head. “No you’re not. I’m not really sure what gives you that idea. Or even what you mean to be honest.”  

“I’ve seen the movies. The girl is always in love with the best friend, she just doesn’t realize it. Then one day there is an epiphany and a night of accident and she realizes that her best friend is the guy she’s always wanted. Then I’m just the heartbroken boyfriend left in the dust.” He ranted on, pacing back and forth. 

“Stiles, I am not in love with Isaac, I can promise you that. He’s like my brother. We’ve been friends since practically birth and all he’ll ever be to me is my best friend. The same goes for him.” You explained, standing up. 

“It just doesn’t seem that way. You guys do everything together. And then he was talking about how your mom said that you guys were going to get married and I lost it.” Stiles sighed. “I’m just jealous because I feel like Isaac owns a part of your heart that I never will.” 

You stepped in front of Stiles, placing your hands on his shoulders to stop him from pacing. “I want you to listen to me, okay?” For the first time that day, his brown eyes stared back into yours. “Isaac is special to me, yes but he’s not you. My heart doesn’t beat a little faster when he walks into the room or when he smiles at me. I don’t think about him when I lay in bed at night or when I first wake up in the morning. I don’t crave his touch and I don’t have this urge to be with him any chance that I get. All of those things happen with you because I’m in love with you and only you.” 

A small smile crept on to Stiles face. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I really don’t know what came over me.” You knew Stiles had a tendency to ramble when he was apologizing for something so instead giving him that chance, you clasped your hands on to his cheeks and pulled him into a passionate kiss. Routinely, his arms wrapped around your waist. You sighed contently as you pulled away. 

“Do you 100% believe me now?” You asked. 

Stiles nodded. “Oh yeah.”

Not alone

this was another long request so I’m gonna summarise it here:

You’re really close with Scott and Isaac but you’ve never told them about your family. It’s the one subject you always avoid. When you’re attacked one day, you end up in the hospital and that’s when Isaac finds about your family and more worries are added to your plate. Your thankful though, because Melissa McCall is a literal angel. (tbh melissa is my fav tv mum)

ask // masterlist // mobile masterlist (requests are open!!)

Pairing: Isaac x Reader (platonic), Scott x Reader (platonic)

Word count: 1692 words

Warnings: mentions of parents death, werewolf attack, orphan,

a/n: finally!! i hope you liked this one! :-) also melissa is mum goals tbh

“You boys did great out there tonight,” you smiled at Scott and Isaac after the La Crosse game.

“Thanks (Y/N), are you coming to Lydia’s party?” Scott asked, taking off his helmet.

“I can’t I have to head home, but I’ll see you both tomorrow in school!”

“Your parents worried about you?” Isaac asked.

“Yeah, something like that,” you mumbled. You waved good bye and began the walk home.

Night time was always your favourite time. It was nice to be alone with the chilly breeze and the starry sky. It always gave you time to think by yourself, seeing as most people wanted to lock themselves indoors.

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A Tattoo, Our Vows (Requested)

I sort of put a twist on the request because I didn’t want to just copy the movie exactly. Also, the songs that I used in this imagine and what inspired me this time were “Songbird” by Fleetwood Mac and “Soldier” by Gavin DeGraw. Oh, and lastly, I’m not sure about the Teen Wolf timeline so I’m just gonna say that they graduated in 2014 (because I really do think the show timeline is behind our real time (April, 2016).

As always, the gif isn’t mine. I find all of my gifs through google image searches. If the creator wants credit, just ask! :)

As your eyelids flutter open, it takes a moment for your eyes to adjust to the harsh fluorescent bulbs shining above your head. You hear the soft, rhythmic beeping as you reach up and pull the oxygen cannula away from your nose. Your eyes slowly scan the room until they land on a tall man with soft, slightly curly hair slumped down, asleep in a chair not far from your bed.

Suddenly you’re very anxious and scared. It’s clear to you that you’re in the hospital, but you have no idea why or who the man sleeping in that chair is. You move to push the button to call a nurse, but when you do, you feel a sharp pain in your head. You let out a short whimper of pain waking the man in your room up.

His sky-like blue eyes immediately lock on your open eyes before he jumps up and approaches your bed. “Are you okay? What hurts, Baby?” He asks you, a worried, anxious tone filling his voice.

“Baby?” You ask while moving back in your bed, away from him, while bringing your hand up to clutch your aching head. “Who are you?” You ask the man.

“Y/N, it’s me – Isaac.” The man proclaims while reaching for your hand.

You pull your hand away from Isaac before he can touch you. “Isaac?” You question. “I… I don’t…” You stutter, not having any clue who this boy is supposed to be to you.

“You were in an accident, Y/N. It’s okay. I’m going to go get your doctor. I’ll be right back, Baby.” Isaac tries to reassure you.

Within minutes Isaac returns with Dr. Geyer and Melissa McCall to explain that you’d been in some sort of altercation where you’d hit your head. You’d suffered some sort of brain injury and been unconscious for a few days now. Both medical professionals assured you that some memory loss and confusion was common and both assured you that your mind would clear and your memories should return. When they start to leave, you reach for Melissa’s hand. “Can you stay?” You ask her quickly. You had so many questions, and she was the only person here who you really trusted. “Just you.” You add on when you notice Isaac doesn’t seem to be leaving.

Melissa nods her head towards Isaac to reassure him. When it’s just the two of you, the nurse turns back to you with a kind smile on her face. “What can I do for you, Honey?”

“Can you tell me what the hell is going on? And, who the hell is that guy, and why does he keep calling me Baby?” You question Scott’s mother.

Now Melissa looks a little worried. “You mean Isaac? You don’t remember him at all?” She asks you, and you just shake your head in return. “Honey, he’s your boyfriend.”

You scrunch your eyes up as you start slowly shaking your head. “That can’t be possible. I had never even met him before now.” You inform Melissa.

“What’s the last thing you remember before the accident, Y/N?” Melissa asks you carefully, trying not to show how worried she was starting to get.

“Umm…” You bring your hand up to touch your forehead subconsciously while trying to recall your last memory. “I remember going to Senior Scribe with Scott and the others.” You offer to Melissa.

Melissa looks confused now. “Y/N, what year is it?” She quickly asks you.

“2014.” You answer quickly, completely confident in your answer. When Melissa looks more worried, you start feeling less confident and way more anxious. “Melissa, what is it?”

“Y/N, it’s 2016. You graduated almost two ears ago…” The nurse informs you carefully. “I’m going to go get Dr. Geyer. He’ll do some more tests, and we’ll figure out what’s going on. I promise.” Melissa reaches forward and squeezes your hand.

“2016…” You say to yourself as Melissa exits your room.

Outside by the nurse’s desk, Melissa approaches the doctor and Isaac. “We might have a problem.” She informs them before telling them about the conversation the two of you had just had.

Afterwards Isaac looks both hurt and angry. “So she doesn’t remember me at all?” He asks.

“The last thing she remembers is before you came back home, before you even met.” Melissa reminds the werewolf.

Isaac then turns to look at Dr. Geyer. “And when will she be able to remember the past two years?” He asks more angrily. He knew it wasn’t the doctor’s fault, but at this moment, he needed someone to be angry at.

“We’ll figure this out, Isaac.” Liam’s stepfather tells Isaac before walking off in the direction of your hospital room.


The next couple of days were extremely confusing and awkward for both you and Isaac. Learning that the life you remembered wasn’t even remotely your reality anymore was entirely too difficult for you to wrap your mind around – but you were still trying anyway. You could tell that Isaac was trying to be patient with you, but it was also incredibly trying when he was constantly bringing up a past that you couldn’t remember. Every other sentence out of Isaac’s mouth was a memory or some sort of attempt to bring your memories back.

When Dr. Geyer had told you that you could finally be released, yet another shock was thrown your way. When you’d been about to call your parents, who had been uncharacteristically absent during your hospital stay, Isaac had been the one to remind you that you actually lived with him. You’d apparently been living together for almost a year now. So, not only were you dating a complete stranger, but now you were supposed to live with and sleep next to him every night. But, your doctors had all suggested that returning to your usual routine would help spark your memory so you had done it – You’d let Isaac take back to the apartment you supposedly lived in with him.

You were still adjusting, and it was completely surreal to have to put your life together like it was some sort of puzzle.

After your shower your very first morning at home you catch a glimpse of your back in the mirror, and you’re completely shocked to see three lines of a pretty cursive print etched between your shoulder blades. You quickly wrap a towel around your body before rushing out and finding Isaac in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee. “What is this?” You turn around and point at the tattoo on your back.

“Your tattoo.” Isaac tells you after taking a sip of the coffee in his hand.

“When did I get a tattoo… and what does it say?” You ask bewildered. As far back as you could remember, you’d sworn you’d never get a tattoo.

Isaac sets his coffee cup down on the counter before reaching across his body and pushing the right sleeve of his shirt up to show you the tattoo covering his forearm. “We got them together on our one year anniversary – of course mine was a much more extensive process.” You’d known about whole werewolf thing before you’d met so you remembered that they existed. Finding out you were dating one was a little surprising though.

“We got matching tattoos?” You question Isaac skeptically. That really didn’t sound like something you’d ever do.

“Not exactly.” Isaac shakes his head slowly before continuing. “We each chose a song for the other, something we could promise the other. You wanted it to be like a vow to one another.” Isaac explains to you.

“These were my idea?” You point towards Isaac’s tattoo.

Isaac nods his head in response before finishing his explanation. “You tattooed the specific lyrics I chose to promise you, and I did the same with the song you chose for me.”

You slowly nod your head in understanding while leaning forward to reach forward, grab Isaac’s arm, turn it, and read the words you’d once chosen to promise him. “To you, I’ll give the world. To you, I’ll never be cold… I love you. I love you. I love you like never before.” You slowly whisper out. You recognized the song immediately. You’d loved it ever since you were a little girl.

“It’s a Fleetwood Mac song…” Isaac begins to tell you, but you interrupt him.

“I remember the song from when I was a kid.” You inform Isaac. “It was always one of my favorites…” You say while tracing the lines on his arm subconsciously.

Like a slideshow playing out of sequence, small spurts of memories and fuzzy images rush through your mind, but none of it makes any sense to you. It was like hearing the melody of a song without hearing the lyrics to go along with it.

“Do you want to know what your tattoo says?” Isaac apprehensively asks you. He knew he’d been pushing you lately, but he was also afraid of pushing you too far. The doctors warned him that it could eventually just end up pushing you away altogether.

“Yeah, I do…” You whisper out, still trying to make sense of the flashes of memories. You slowly turn your back to Isaac again so he can read the tattoo.

Isaac laughs under his breath at the movement. It wasn’t like he needed to see the tattoo to remember what it said. Those words really were his promise to you, his vow for now and forever – no matter what happened or what obstacles the two of you had to overcome. “My aim is so true. I wanna show you, I’ll try forever. I’m never gonna say surrender.” Not even thinking about it, Isaac absentmindedly lifts his hand and lights runs his finger along your tattoo as he recites the words.

Unknowingly to Isaac, you’d begun to silently mouth along the words with him as he’d read your tattoo. You close your eyes, and it’s as if a rubber band is snapped into place. Suddenly and just like that, you remember.

You slowly turn around and look into your boyfriend’s beautiful blue eyes and question how you ever could have forgotten them or the handsome, amazing man in front of you whom they belonged to.

Knowing you better than you know yourself, Isaac can see the truth in your eyes before you even say it. “You remember, don’t you?” He asks as a growing smile begins to cover his face.

Happy tears fall from your eyes as you slowly nod your head. “I’m sorry I ever forgot in the first place.” You stand on your tiptoes and press your lips against Isaac’s in a slow kiss. “I love you.” You proclaim against his lips.

“I love you too, Baby.” Isaac says back while tightly wrapping his arms around your body and pulling you in flush against his own body.

He could hear them shuffling around in his room, could hear the beeping of the machines. He’d listened to the healers, heard Victoria’s scary stern voice… Most of his time had been spent sleeping, the whole matter of stomach pumping and whatever the hell else they’d done to make sure he was okay had been a thing that had happened on Sunday. But now… Now, he could hear them in his room, knew that Isaac and Lauren had barely left since it happened. He’d pretended to be asleep whenever they got close but eventually, Zach would have to face the music. He supposed that now was a good a time as any. “Hey…” He croaked, still keeping his eyes closed. “You two done being so loud with your pacing?”

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Song Preference (Isaac)

When you tried your best, but you don’t succeed

Somehow it was just like the movies. Grey skies, rainy day, people in black ensembles and black umbrellas. You put on your loveliest black dress and some small black flats. 

“Are you ready?” your mother asked you through the crack in your door. You nodded, grabbing your bag and going downstairs. Your dad and Isaac were waiting for the two of you downstairs.

“Hi,” you said to him, taking his hand in yours. He nodded in response, his gaze not even meeting yours.

“We need to go or we’ll be late,” your mother called as she and you father made their way to the front door. You tugged an unwilling Isaac to the car and strapped yourselves in.

When you get what you want, but not what you need

That dreaded little flag was waving on the antenna, signalling to everyone that you were on your way to a funeral. You could see people in cars looking at your car with sadness or pity.

You kept a hold on Isaac’s hand, hoping to god that he didn’t see the looks the people were giving.

“I wanted him gone, but not like this,” he said, his voice barely above a whisper.

“I know Isaac,” you said. “We’ll figure out what happened okay?”

“He should have just gone to jail,” Isaac continued. “What he did was awful, but he didn’t deserve to die.”

When you feel so tired but you cannot sleep

There was dark bags under his eyes. You knew he had trouble sleeping at night, all alone in the guest room. He always tossed and turned, throwing the sheets of himself because they were too restricting. Often times you’d have have to wake him up to stop the screaming. His mind tortured him day and night with the memories of the freezer and now this.

Stuck in reverse

The car pulled up to the grave yard where he once dug graves. His father insisted that he be buried there since that’s where his son worked. It was sad really.

There was about four other people there. Most of Isaac’s relatives didn’t want to go after hearing what he’d done to Isaac for so many years.

When the two of you got out of the car, the four other flocked him, apologizing over and over for his loss and for his trauma. Isaac just blocked them out, just like many people in his neighborhood did to him. They always heard Isaac’s screams, knowing that something bad was going on in that house but never paying any mind to it.

And the tears come streaming down your face

You opened the umbrella as it started to rain, sharing it with Isaac as people began to made speeches. They all sounded like broken records, saying similar things about how Isaac’s dad was a “wonderful man” and how something must have gone wrong for him to start abusing Isaac. They would all look at the two of you, sorry looks in their eyes even though there was nothing they could do about it now.

Isaac chose not to give a speech because he didn’t know what he would say if he did. He stayed silent and stoic throughout every speech. You held his hand the entire time too.

When you lose something you can’t replace

Soon enough, they lowered the coffin into the ground. Among the crying of his other relatives, he still said nothing, not even shedding a single tear.

Afterwards, people left their flowers including your parents. You and him were the only two left, your parents waiting for you back at the car.

When you love someone, but it goes to waste

He needed to be alone, that much was obvious. In the car, he wouldn’t let you hold his hand and he just stared out the window. When you got home, he got out of the car and slammed the door before any of you had that chance to say a word. 

You ran in after him to try to console him but he locked the door to his room. No amount of pleading was going to get him to open it and that broke your heart. 

You sat yourself down next to the door, reminding him of all the good times the two of you spent together when you were younger. When you would pretend to be a queen who ruled the playground and he was your brave knight who protected you. When you tried to play house, but he didn’t always want to. When your parents would let him sleep over whenever he wanted even though he was a boy.

None of it worked though. He didn’t come out of his room.

Could it be worse?

He didn’t go downstairs for dinner that night, but your mom left his dinner by the door. And you could hear him weeping through the wall of your room. Your heart was aching with the need to somehow rescue him from the pain.

Lights will guide you home

At about eleven o’clock, your door creaked open. The hallway light streaming in made it hard to see, but you recognized his silhouette.

You sat up in your bed holding out your arms to him. He closed the door behind him and clambered in into your bed, nuzzling his tear soaked face in your shoulder. 

“Y/N,” he began. “I need you tonight. Please let me stay with you.”

“Of course,” you told him. “You can stay with me for as long as you need.”

“Are you sure?” he asked.

You ran your fingers through his curls in confirmation.

And ignite your bones

You pulled the covers over your bodies. Isaac pulled you closer to him, hands wrapped around your waist and face still buried in your shoulder. You enveloped him in your touch, wrapping yourself around him. You laid there in silence for a while before he shifted to look up at you. His lips met yours in a sweet kiss. Your fingers kept a tight hold on his curls as you kissed him back, 

“Thank you,” he said as you pulled away from his lips.

“For you, a thousand times over,” you told him.

And I will try to fix you

(Song: Fix You by Coldplay)