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Just. Imagine Geoff’s been off on business for a couple of weeks, nothing too serious but he’s taken Jack along for backup and his crew’s been running ragged recently anyway so he thinks what the hell, let them all have a bit of a holiday. There’s still some background stuff to be done, of course, gotta keep things running, have to maintain their presence in the city, but for the most part the FAHC are on break.

The majority of the crew are thrilled – Support work pretty much 24/7 so there’s no chance in hell they are squandering their rare chance to sleep in and laze about, but not everyone can handle being footloose and fancy-free. Honestly Geoff couldn’t say he was surprised to hear the FAHC were making unauthorised messes in his absence, not when he left the Lads alone with Ryan, a choice which is always somehow ten times worse than just leaving them wholly unsupervised.

Hearing about a series of little heists isn’t alarming exactly, not half as concerning in itself as the overly aw shucks tone of their explanations when he calls, the assurance that they’re just blowing off a little steam, nothing to get worked up about boss, honestly. Like he could ever possibly fall for that, knowing what an utter calamity his people can be, the inevitable nightmare of this group in particular. Like half of the support crew haven’t been sending him updates, less helpful informants than gleeful reminders that they’re not on the clock and won’t be playing clean-up.

Perhaps Ryan’s little jobs - and they are his, Geoff knows that bastard is leading the charge, more Lad than Gent the second nobody’s watching, christ - might seem somewhat aimless and unconnected to an outsider but neither Geoff nor Jack miss the locations of their hits, the items reported stolen, the way their unruly little miscreants are obviously gathering supplies for something bigger. Lord knows they couldn’t just behave their damn selves while daddy’s off doing business, can’t even contain themselves to a few quiet jobs to pass the time, oh no. With the absolutely surety and sinking dread of weary parents worldwide Geoff knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that his overgrown, over-armed, entirely irresponsible pack of brats are gearing themselves up to make one hell of a scene.

And yet, no matter how many unofficial reports he’d read, how many spies he’d had keeping tabs, despite all the wild and unpalatable guesses he and Jack had made, nothing quite prepared them for what they witnessed when they rolled back into Los Santos three days ahead of schedule. The thick black smoke is visible from miles away, and the sirens hit them like a wall of sound from the moment they pass into the city limits - Los Santos is in utter chaos.

There are cars and people scattering in every direction, at least three different buildings are entirely engulfed in flame and even as they watch a police helicopter plummets from the sky. A familiar purple and orange eyesore of a Technical lays abandoned, overturned and blocking half the bridge, and even without that telling evidence the clear culprits of this mayhem are all too easy to see the moment they hit the main drag. Jack parks in the shadows, tucked safely out of the way, and without discussion the two settle back to watch the drama unfold. 

It seems the boys have gotten their hands on not one but two mini-guns, Ryan and Michael straining under the considerable weight as they advance down each side of main street, gleeful cackles audible even over the waves of pure destruction they’re unleashing, killing everything in sight. A second later the doors of the bank slam open as Gavin and Jeremy barrel out, both weighed down by enormous backpacks straining to contain everything they’ve stuffed inside. The four converge and, taking full advantage of the momentary quiet calm of the now empty street, slip down a convenient alley and disappear. For a moment Geoff thinks that, despite the sheer amount of heat they’d brought down upon themselves, this little heist may not be quite as ridiculous as he’d feared, which is of course when they promptly reappear on motorbikes.

Gavin’s out in front and immediately turns what must be the wrong way, quickly herded back into line by Ryan, flooring his bike and circling Gavin’s to get him turned around like biggest, scariest evolution of a sheepdog. Jeremy is clipped by a panicked civilian in a soccer-mum van of all things, overcorrecting and catching his fall in an easy roll before bouncing back onto his bike while Michael paused to take lazy pot-shots at the fleeing driver. Having come to a complete stop Ryan’s now flapping his arms in exasperation, Gavin’s eating, leaning over his handlebars to offer Jeremy some P’s&Q’s, and just like that they’ve lost their lead, LSPD reinforcements pouring down the boulevard. Finally, finally, the idiots start moving, still laughing like hyenas as they take off, tearing down the road and out of sight with what looks like every remaining officer in Los Santos hot on their tails.

In the secluded safety of their parked car Geoff sighs. He rubs a hand across his closed eyes, pinches the bridge of his nose, tries to shake the growing tension out of his shoulders. He thinks of civil business meetings, of beachside holidays and little paper umbrellas, of crews with strict, obedient hierarchy and adults who actually behave like adults. He turns to look at Jack and she looks right back, wild grin already stretching across her face as she revs the engine, raising her eyebrows at him in question, as though she’d even listen if he said no. As though Geoff’s even capable of walking away, of giving in to the temptation to turn around and take those last three days of serenity, as though Geoff’s not just as eager to gatecrash this getaway. He groans his acceptance, she laughs through his bluff, and with a screech of rubber on asphalt they leap into the fray.




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There will be a compilation video of all the parts into one video, so please don’t make one lol. it’ll come out in a few days. 

Sorry for all the watermarks and the low quality finished picture guys. :C I’ve been getting a LOT of art theft lately and I just know that this is just a buffet on a silver platter for those art thieves if I make this full quality like usual, even with a watermark. but I hope you enjoy! There’s no watermark in the video but that’s only because if someone screen shot it, it still would look bad as a print or whatever. 

I am super delayed on posting merch I’ve bought (a mix of being very busy and also a bit lazy lol) but this music box was one of the things I was looking forward the most when I preordered it, so it’s almost a crime I haven’t posted it yet! 

I got reminded of it thanks to @sugarplum-senpai (I am still waiting to see yours, don’t be like me and procrastinate for days/weeks!!! haha) so I finally uploaded a video and some photos of it ^^.

Excuse the poor quality of the video (and the background noise from the fish tank lmao) but I think it’s enough to give you an idea! 

It really is beautiful, I was worried that would it be smaller than it is but thankfully its size is pretty normal for a music box. It’s also really well done and there’s a lot of care on the details! And of course the best part is that Eren and Levi image on the inside ♡(ŐωŐ人).

I’m really happy with my purchase, this one is definitely one of the most unique merchandise pieces I’ve bought! And as you can see my little Eren and Levi loved it too, hehe (ノ▽〃).


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If it turns out Acxa isn’t Keith’s sister in season 4, then this will be very dated in a month or so…

Which is why I did it now while I still have time to ride the theory train! xD

I had a lot of fun making this video, it was just the trial and error of trying to get the video quality as good as I wanted that was the hard part. No matter how much I fiddled in Premiere with settings, it still looks pretty blurred sadly. But overall I’m still happy I got it done and can share it!

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hi everyone im reopening commissions- this time featuring 3d art!!

my general 3d art tag is here and my general music tag is here but if you want more specific examples based on what the price ranges are check below!! 

3d art- $15.00 usd

this includes: 

  • your own potion! (see above) you can give me a name and have me design the rest, tell me what you want it to look like, have me make a potion based off your blog, whatever you want!!
  • terrariums (examples here and here) these usually include two different color schemes mostly because of how tumblr deals with gifs!!
  • i can do some character modeling but im still pretty new at it, if you want some examples of what i have done i have this pal and these friends over here. shoot me a message of what you have in mind and ill let you know how feasible it is!!
  • that applies to pretty much anything else in this category!! message me and ill let you know if its something i can do s( ò_ó)=b

i will make a gif both for tumblr and a higher quality one to send to you directly. i can also give you a video and the model itself if you want (cleaned up and optimized to the best of my ability) but most of the shader work is done in unity so i wont be able to attach them to the model

music box cover- $8.00 usd

you can get a cover of any song you want in music box form!! (example)

regular cover- $15.00 usd

you can get a cover of any song you want in well, any other form!! i can work in my style or try something new, make it entirely using hoenn instruments, make it sound like a squid sisters song, your call!! (examples)

original theme- $25.00 usd (slot filled, check back later!!)

you can get…something New. send me a pic of an animal or something else and i will do my best to make a theme song for it (heres my original stuff and heres the Themes ive done so far)

medley- message me!!

i can make a medley of your favourite songs from a series or a video game etc!! these vary a lot so message me with what you want and i can give you a price range (examples)

if theres something you want that doesnt really fit in any of these categories or if you have any questions feel free to message me!!

  • if you want i can make a 3d gif to go with your song for an extra $10 usd
  • no nsfw sorry!! also no vocal covers i cant sing and i cant afford vocaloid to sing for me
  • if you want the song to be over 4 minutes prices might be higher (just over 4 minutes or situations like a 3 minute song repeating making it technically 6 minutes long are fine)
  • i do payment through paypal!!!

if youre interested message me here on tumblr or email me at!! (im more likely to get it faster through tumblr but i will see it either way)

thank you!!!!

Natsu and Lucy’s daughter live drawing from the Friday panel at NYCC. I recorded this myself, and had to sacrifice the quality in order to post it on here (tumblr has a 100mb limit). I didn’t know Mashima would get into her name or her appearance so I stopped the video right when he said he was done, but he did say she wears the scarf like her dad and explained her hair a bit. And if I remember correctly he said she looks like Lucy. About the names, Mashima mentions Nashi and Luna (probably because it’s Natsu and Lucy’s names combined, I don’t remember if he said that though). I also can’t remember if the fans mentioned the name “Nashi” first (because everyone was like “what’s her name???”) or Mashima did in this panel. I do think it was Mashima who said it first. But yeah, here you go! Mashima approved, lol!

Small rambling: He wouldn’t draw something that didn’t agree with his story and he wouldn’t mislead or be cruel to his fans like that. Mashima is a VERY nice guy who treasures his fans so much. He was taking selfies with us, posing with us, laughing with us, talking to us, etc. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to meet him. If Mashima did not want to draw the children of Nalu/Gruvia, then he wouldn’t have. He would have politely declined, but as you all can see, he had no issues whatsoever. The fan asking didn’t even expect him to draw it, she was just wondering what the kid would look like. Mashima himself said “hmmm let me try!” That’s what what happened with Gruvia’s too–I had a back up character for him to draw me (Gray) if he declined drawing their child. Luckily he was all for it, and truly enjoyed drawing the kids. He even requested his staff/friend take a picture of the Gruvia child for him to keep.

Anyway questions are welcome, though I really haven’t looked at my ask box since… well… yeah. I’ll try to get to that soon, and I’ll answer questions to the best of my abilities. It depends if I can remember exactly what was said, because I didn’t record everything. X’D

Edit: Okay my friend had the recording too.
She looks more like Lucy with her eye lashes. Has Natsu’s spiky hair. Dad’s scarf. And Mashima is the one who says her name after being asked.

When he’s got the chance to sing any French song ever made but y’know he’s John Lennon and he goes for a ‘Voulez-vous coucher avec moi, ce soir’ (Would you like to sleep with me, tonight ) instead.


this is the number one most important mmd video ever made. everyone needs to watch it right now

basically a girl named Mariel who is a big Vocaloid fan wants Hatsune Miku’s autograph…and you’ll see what ensues!! 

This video is such an impressive showcase of all the different Miku models that have been made throughout the years– I think a lot of people don’t truly realize how many Miku MMD models exist because of how overused the TDA model is (it’s not a bad model, but I think people should try different ones too!). 

Here you’ll see a LOT of different variations of Miku’s original design by a number of fan modelers…and also a lot of shitpost models. but theyre fucking hilarious so it’s awesome

It’s also a very high-quality and enjoyable video all-around in terms of its cute story and theatrical execution (animation, facial expressions, camera angles, etc.). It’s a really fantastic example of just what can be done in MMD with a lot of creative power and artistic contribution, haha.

(incidentally it also makes a pretty spirited video to watch around Miku’s 10th anniversary– it’s like a big silly celebration from the MMD community…although the video is from 2014.)

We Are Oddly Entertained

People watch a lot of weird stuff for videos: oddly satisfying stuff, flash mobs, vine comps, play throughs, etc. My sister just reminded me of a weird one that really squicks me out but she finds so satisfying: pimple popping. 

I mean just imagine a few humans, gathered around someone’s mobile in the break room, ewing and ahhing and cringing as Hr'k'tir (the newbie that’s still curious and näive to many human antics) walks in and asks what’s being viewed. Xey then realize that several  others in there are staring catatonically into their nutrition rations or in one case, just the wall.

Ensigns Tammy and Rae scoot over to leave room for xin as the next video loads. “We’re watching a bunch of different pimple pops, ingrown hair extractions, and cyst drains.” Rae explained.

“Are you pursuing medical training to assist your fellow crew mates?” Hr'k'tr perked up.

“No. It’s just fun to watch. Some are done by doctors, others are just someone getting inebriated and helped by a friend. And some are done stone cold sober.“ 

As the humans would phrase it, Hr'k'tr’s jaw dropped to the floor as the video progressed. After the third video, exploring the many many many qualities of human stretchability and pain tolerance, the nauseous feeling that had been building in xind three guts, finally ‘came to a head’ so to speak and Hr'k'tr emptied the remains of breakfast and lunch into the waste chute.

Never. Never again would Hr'k'tr ask what video was making a human cringe. Ever.

Submitted By: @jumishots