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Come see the other parts!

Part 1-

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Part 4 Final - (Above)

There will be a compilation video of all the parts into one video, so please don’t make one lol. it’ll come out in a few days. 

Sorry for all the watermarks and the low quality finished picture guys. :C I’ve been getting a LOT of art theft lately and I just know that this is just a buffet on a silver platter for those art thieves if I make this full quality like usual, even with a watermark. but I hope you enjoy! There’s no watermark in the video but that’s only because if someone screen shot it, it still would look bad as a print or whatever. 


Cait smiling at Sam and Sam trying to keep a straight face during this interview 😊


sth i get asked a lot is whether i know any german youtubers whose videos have subtitles and tbh i dont like having subtitles because i think theyre a distraction from the video itself and they also hinder my learning how to understand spoken language so its not something i ever bothered to look out for BUT ive noticed people have recently started adding german AND english subtitles to julien bams videos (einige davon haben auch untertitel auf schweizerdeutsch wie geil ist das denn bitte??)
the english translations arent perfect because theyre obviously done by german speakers who arent necessarily able to write perfect english but theyre still very understandable. im currently working thru them to fix some of the little translation errors and grammatical/spelling mistakes just to make it a bit easier to understand but ye anyway if ur learning german and are looking for some quality content™ defs check out some of the newer videos on his channel. he mostly makes humour videos/sketches and song parodies and uploads once a week :~)


Heights Cool Musical Too

I think a lot of you weren’t around for this? but you need it in your life and I need consoling for being present at this Ham4Ham show but not being able to see anything, so here are some highlights of my favorite thing that @linmanuel​’s ever done. and yes that includes all the things that changed my life. JUDGE ME.



ITS SO SHITTY OMG but goddamn does it feel good to have completed prolly the longest animation I’ve ever done?? Wish I coulda done more to it but my computer is terribly laggy. This was basically a screenshot redraw gone wild haha, also sorry for the shit video quality?? maybe ill upload a higher quality version, if anyone wants.

Over the Garden Wall is very important to me; its basically if I were turned into a 10-episode long miniseries haha and its helped me through a lot!! So here is a nod to my favourite cartoon ever. Enjoy!!!


So, I finished one of the videos I started months ago.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Sorry the video got boxed in…I really have no idea how that happened since my others have uploaded fine in the past. And youtube killed the quality, but I’m so done messing with it.  Anyway…now that I’ve completely lowered all expectations, enjoy. <3

To my fans and friends...

I am humbled by the outpouring of support during my time of need.

I took it to the repair place today. And I got an estimate.

I will be getting my computer back tomorrow. The CMOS battery was shorted out. And… well… it looks like you guys gave a surplus of $300+.

I have stopped the donations on Gofundme.

I will be making a strawpoll to see what you guys want me to do with it (whether to use it for something or to give it back somehow) and will be making a video showing my face to personally thank all of you who gave so much.

Thank you all again for the support.. whether it was just condolences from comments to those who donated. I am so humbled by the kindness of my fans. Thank you so much for sticking by me even when I haven’t been able to make those high quality FE videos or exhibitions as of late.

Let me just say, I was torn about asking for help as I have done so before with the Elgato.

I am so grateful to have people who help out from their comments and even financially.

I really felt guilty back then when you guys helped me, and I do so now as well. Like I have a whole debt I need to repay to my fans that I never can. Especially from my lack of content as of late. I didn’t feel worthy of your guys’ support.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank all of you for sticking with me. I promise I will at least get that GBA Critical collection done and will have the glory and quality you guys expect of me.

With much gratitude


Happy Birthday Eiichiro Oda! 1.1

Steven Pasquale and Laura Osnes rehearsing Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical play Carousel.

Mystic Messenger Crew

I think collectively they all took about 9 or so hours. I’ve never really done lineless art before but it is actually pretty fun and very fast compared to my usual art style.

There will be individual pictures (that are better quality) under the cut so yeah

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So sorry for the terrible quality! When it’s done, I’ll upload the file instead of just recording it off my phone.

Anyways, preview for an animatic. It’s obviously an animatic of “Aleinn um Jólin”, and it’s also obviously a Sportarobbie video. I might even animate it if it gets enough attention.

Basic storyline for this:

Sportacus drags Robbie into the airship on Christmas Eve, insisting Robbie shouldn’t be alone during the holidays. Robbie just wants to go back to his lair, as he doesn’t care for whatever Sportacus has to say. However, before Robbie could open the door, Sportacus decides to get the guitar and start playing. As he starts to play, Robbie stops and listens. And, as the song goes on, he realizes just how much he was missing out on all these years.

I won’t give away the end yet, let’s just say it is…a bit emotional.

Enjoy what I have so far :)

Ps, the text says this:

Morgan Animations presents
Inspired by the song from ‘Jól í Latabæ’
“Aleinn um Jólin”



Spread this MV like FIRE everywhere, they bring the best quality music and visuals so they deserve it!! for the past 2 days ive been very well but have done nothing else than promote nu'est, thats how dear they are too me, I can do nothing else but think about them every second and worry too many people arent playing attention despite this being their highest quality video EVER. It seems everyone moves onto rookie groups with frank;y mediocre songs compared to Nu'est who developed their unique sound by themselves as they LITERALLY made this album themselves with Bumzu- the lyrics, the composistion, even the visuals ren helped with

Remember its been 4 YEARS AND NO WIN!! we need ONE.

I know as an international fan its hard to support and i mostly see casual fans here, so IM BEGGING you please you need to hardcore support them- NO ONE has been though more shit than nu'est, being badly promoted, being shipped off to China and Japan while Korean and international fans forgot them. The boys Aron Jr Minhyun Baekho and Ren are the sweetest boys you could ever meet, Jr personally blames himself for their downfall which is horrendous.  SO PLEASE SUPPORT NU'EST THEY AND THEIR AMAZING TALENT DESERVE SO MUCH BETTER!!

anonymous asked:

Any HCs about Felix and Jack that you have in general?

Sure. Here are some of mine that I enjoy:

🌹 Whenever Jack has free time and he’s done recording videos, he heads directly over to Felix’s office to hang out with him. They watch a movie, play video games, board games, whatever. Just to spend quality time with him.

🌹 Jack really likes it when Felix goes on and on about his personal interests.
(I got this idea from when Jack watched The Room with Felix in Brighton. Now I see Jack reference it every so often in his videos). It really intrigues him and makes him want to like them as well as a way to connect better with Felix.

🌹 Jack said that he was the type of person to have many nicknames for people so I would imagine that he has a whole bunch for Felix.

🌹 Felix likes cooking with Jack so whenever he comes over they always try out recipes and make a mess of the kitchen.

🌹 Jack is still a huge fan boy of Felix to this day so I can imagine him admiring Felix from afar and just in a trance every so often


Rhombus of Ruin play through - part 1 (part 2 HERE - part 3 HERE - part 4 HERE - part 5 HERE)

OK, I’ve taken lots of little short clips of various parts of the game, but now I’m doing a full play through, cutscenes and all.  I’m trying really hard to make it the kind of video that I would want to watch as a fan: looking at the characters as much as possible and triggering as much dialogue as possible but not wasting too much time, as well as attempting to keep the camera reasonably steady (which is sometimes difficult).  I only wish I could make the clips longer, but I’m afraid that might sacrifice too much quality.  Sorry!

I think the time in the Pelican is the most difficult, because there is so much stuff that can be done and said, and the constant interruptions by the training alert, Coach yelling from the bathroom, etc. makes everything a bit chaotic.  But I tried!

Part 1 covers the very beginning of the game through the opening credit sequence.

Videos on Bullet Journaling

I found some really good videos on bullet journals! These are not in specific order. 

1. How to Bullet Journal: This video is very simplistic and informative for those just starting out. This video was created by the company that sells pre-designed bullet journals, which it will explain in the video. 

2. Bullet Journal Flip Through: Boho Berry is an internet-famous bullet journaler. This video is quite long, but it might give you some inspiration. 

3. Bullet Journal 101: No, this is not my video, but I did enjoy watching it. The light, happy music in the background and cheerful tone is inspiration enough for me. This YouTuber shows you how to start your journal from the very beginning; how to break in your journal. (Very important!)

4. Bullet Journal-  Start and February: This video is from a basic YouTube channel, and the video is lower quality than the ones I previously listed. However, her journal is so beautifully done! I love how she organized it and how she set up her calendars! 

5. My Bullet Journal Setup: Blog and Business Planning: For those who are bloggers and business tycoons, this video is perfect. This actually gave me ideas for mine. 

6. How I use the Bullet Journal system: Sometime you just need to make the journal system work in your favor. This video shows one woman’s take on how to use the bullet journal to her own lifestyle. Very simple, but very effective. And since Tumblr only will let me post five videos on one post, the link is here