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i guess it is mine turn??? does not real mater but i feel i never have show you how much you have help me on countless time you are always here always lissen carefully and always whit a good plan on what i can do or trying to change mine mind or just make me feel better and make me keep on going not failling down and even thou you have say me you did nothing for me you are giving me a entire world and no matter what i have done i still feel i own you a lot of thanks so thank you for been here!!!

You’re a dear friend Wolf :3 and I will always be here if you ever need to talk. You’ve helped me a lot and helped with so much as well. So thank you for being an awesome friend!! :D *hug*


This story was originally written on April 16th, one day after the fifth episode of the fifth season aired. I watched and re-watched that episode countless times, as I’ve done with all episodes before it. I was so struck with the writing this season, particularly in regards to Jack’s thoughts of suicide. This was my take on how Ashi and Jack would be reunited during Jack’s darkest moment.

I did not include the horseman, later revealed as the Omen, an actual spirit meant to lead Jack to his death. I originally thought him just another hallucination. Keep that in mind when you’re reading this story.

Thank you for reading and I do hope you enjoy!

P.S. This is my first fanfiction ever. Please be gentle.

P.P.S. I posted this story on if you’d like to read it there (and maybe review?).

Anyway, on to the story!

Synonyms: put an end to, stop

From any passerby’s account, it would appear that he was meditating. They would not be wrong, necessarily, but the place he was mentally preparing himself for was not one of tranquility.

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It feels good to be answering asks and to feel like I’m again interacting with all of you ♥ Let’s finish off the final half of this semester strongly, yeah? This is for Sara Anon and I hope you’re doing well girl. Chin up and let’s kick school in the butt ^^ Thank you everyone for putting up with me, and welcome new followers~

Warning: Explicit Content

         The first sign came when he reached for the glass of water and missed, only to knock it off the table. He made a swipe for it, thirty degrees off, and the glass hit the wooden floor to shatter into reflective pieces.

         “Oops,” Yongguk sighed. “The cup must have been at my blind spot.”

         You hadn’t thought much of it, only getting up to grab a broom and bin. “Don’t worry. But you can go out and get replacements.” You were only joking. Those glasses had been an unwanted gift from your stepmother and you now had an excuse for putting them away. One simply could not have mismatching glasses on the table.

         The second sign came when Yongguk turned a corner and nearly slammed into a pole. He hit the brakes on time but had to pull over and breathe for a good ten minutes. He had definitely seen the pole when he was about to turn but then his vision had turned blurry. He was too tired, he determined. No more late nights at the studio.

         “Gukkie, can you chop these for me?” You pointed at the tomatoes on the cutting board.

         He nodded and took the knife from you. It started alright but you noticed that his fingers were fumbling. He rummaged around before steadying but you had caught it. “Yongguk?” You glanced at him sharply. “Do you need glasses?”

         “No,” he replied. “My hands slipped.” The look of defiance he gave you was almost convincing until the knife sliced right through his finger.


         He clutched his hand in pain and you examined the cut. Luckily, it went off the side but was deep enough for him to bleed profusely. You stared at him and saw that he was looking everywhere but at you.

         “What’s wrong?” you asked him softly. He had complained before that he was seeing spots but refused to see an optometrist.

         “Nothing,” he said shortly.

         “Bang Yongguk.”

         Not even the warning tone in your voice got him to talk. Instead, he threw the knife onto the counter and walked away. You watched him go before calling the doctor and scheduling an appointment.


         “I told you, I’m not freaking going.”

         “Yongguk, can you stop? You’ve been complaining of seeing spots and so many things have happened, we need to make sure your eyes are okay. Don’t make this harder than it has to be.”

         He slumped in the seat and stared out the window. Yongguk was being like a child but you forgave him. You knew he was worried by the way he was biting his lips. Without taking your eyes off the road, you covered his hand with yours. “It’ll be okay. No matter what happens.”

         “It’s Stargadt’s Disease,” the doctor said. “It explains the blurriness you’ve been previously experiencing and the occasional spots. If we treat it now, you may not completely lose your vision but there will be great discomfort and there may be a loss of color vision. Faces will be near impossible to recognize.”

         Taking the blow quietly, you forged forward. You had to be strong for him. “What can we do? Is there medication?”

         “There really is no true control but we have to make sure you avoid the light to keep from more retinal tissue damage. I’ll prescribe sunglasses that cover one hundred percent of UV rays. From then we can only wait and see how far it progresses.”

         “Would donation be possible?”

         “I don’t want it,” came Yongguk’s flat voice. “Stop talking about treatments when I’m right here. What about what I want?”

         “I’m sorry, Yongguk. Why do you not want treatment?” It was hard to keep the temper from your voice. You hated giving up and that was what he was doing.

         “Either way, there’s no way to prevent a loss of vision. I don’t want someone else’s eyes. I don’t want you to look at me and see someone else. I won’t do it. Just leave me alone.”

         “But we can slow it down,” you plead with him. “Just let us try our best please.”

         He had ultimately relented but there was a sour note to your relationship. His expression, hidden behind the sunglasses, was more a mystery to you than ever. He had stopped verbally fighting you along the way but he spoke less and less.

         One morning, Yongguk woke up and asked you to open the blinds.

         “I can’t. UV rays are not good for you.”

         “Open them,” he insisted, more forcefully. You made sure he had his glasses on before slowly doing so. Your bedroom flooded with light. Too quickly for you to stop him, Yongguk whipped off the shades and you saw no reaction. The tiny cry of pain that left him had you on your knees, crying as you realized that he really could no longer see.

         The papers came to you out of the blue and had you shouting and running furiously up the stairs. “Bang Yongguk! What the hell is the meaning of this?”

         You blew into the room with the force of a million hurricanes and he turned his head to stare at you blankly. “What? I can’t exactly see,” he said snarkily.

         “This.” Your voice was shaking. “Divorce papers? Why? Are you so great that you can do whatever the hell you like? Having muscular dystrophy does not mean being king of the fucking world, Yongguk.”

         “Shut up,” he replied calmly. “What’s done is done. Sign them and mail them please.”

         Emotionally, you were heartbroken but adrenaline was forcing you forward. The hurt was turned into an anger. “And what if I don’t?”

         “I’ll have my lawyer deliver them personally and we can sign them with him right here.”

         “So where in your busy schedule were you able to find time to go find yourself a lawyer? Was it when you went out with Himchan last week?”

         He shrugged. “And so?”

         “And so you owe me an explanation. Why?”

         “As you’ve so wonderfully pointed out, I have a disease. I’m kind of just a little disabled right now and it is not my wish to be a burden.”

         Tears strained your voice. “You’re not a burden.”

         “I feel like one.”

         “Well, given how you didn’t give a damn about my feelings, I’m going to go ahead and invalidate yours.”

         Yongguk sighed. The air blew out of his nose. “Can you please not make this harder than it has to be? Sign the goddamn papers, and mail them in.”

         “So can you really live without me? Look into my eyes and tell me that you’ll be okay by yourself.”

         There was a wry grin on his face. “I can’t exactly do that, can I?”

         You grabbed his hand and pulled him to you. “Then I guess I won’t ever be able to let you go.”

         There was a look of surprise on his face as you pushed him backwards. He hit the bed with a thud and you winced. That must have hurt but he deserved it. You straddled his torso and his hands automatically came up to hold you only to lower again. You grabbed them and placed them on your hips and his fingers reflexively dug into your flesh.

         You ran your hands under his shirt and felt his muscles flex with movement. It was easy work getting rid of his shirt and you saw a tear drop from his eye. You placed your head against his heart. The constant thudding sped up a little and he stroked your hair. “I want to be able to protect you,” he choked out. “I want to hold you like this and see you, and make you feel beautiful when you see how I look at you.”

         You inched up and leaned in to kiss him deeply. It took him a minute but when he did respond, your heart expanded and then everything switched onto fast pace. Having done this countless times, Yongguk didn’t need to see to know how to get you naked. You wanted to do all the work but he shook his head.

         “No, let me.”

         You watched him as used his mouth to feel your body. Everything was so beautiful about it; the small smiles as he re-explored areas he knows too well, the slowness with which he went about things. His finger trailed down your body first and then his lips and you followed his path with alertness.

         When he reached your breasts, Yongguk rested for a moment, hearing your heart rate speed up and then slowly taking a nipple in his mouth. You squirmed beneath him and it was like old times. His palm pressed down on your stomach as he raised his head with a loud pop, and he almost didn’t need to feel his way to the other side.

         His familiar deep chuckle came when you arched your back and moaned. Even though the responses were automatic, they seem to boost his confidence and that made you happy. He ran his tongue down the slope of your stomach and you giggled at the ticklish feeling. Yongguk peered up at you and you knew that he was seeing everything in his mind regardless.

         He pulled your legs over his shoulders and you held your breath, anticipating. The first few strokes of his tongue had you shivering. When he pressed his lips against your clit, you entangled your fingers in his hair. Every time the tip of his breath swept past the sensitive spot inside you, you rewarded him with a slow rake through his scalp. His responses had you tightening your legs tighter around him as you desperately pulled him closer.

         It took a lot of effort but Yongguk pushed you away and moved upwards. Somewhere along the way he had gotten rid of his pants and you took his pulsing cock in your hands. You ran your fingers down his length, squeezing gently as you did so. He licked his lips and you guided him towards you.

         You hooked your leg around his waist and turned him over so you were on top. “No fair,” he complained but any more protests were cut off when you started bouncing on top of him. He inhaled sharply again, and the feeling of his fingers digging into your hips encouraged you to continue.

         His left hand went to your breasts and he squeezed gently. A small smile spread across his face as he heard the change in your breathing, knowing that what he had just done was very much approved of. Yongguk tapped his lips and grinned cutely at you. You were tempted to tease him but leaned forward and kissed his nose.

         “Hey.” He frowned and you moved your hips forward and backwards, squeezing your muscles against his dick as you did so.

         “You can’t get away with this so easily,” you told him as you lifted your hips once more and sat back down. Your pace was far too slow for him and he hooked his arm around your waist, and decided to push upwards instead.    

         In this position, you were pressed against him and every thrust went deep inside you. You nipped at his skin and closed your eyes, wanting to feel things from his perspective. Every sensation was clearer and when he pinched your clit, you thrashed in his arms, coming undone as he followed your orgasm.

         In the dark, you traced his features and listened to his deep breathing. “I’m sorry,” he breathed. “I was being selfish.”

         You placed a finger against his lips. “I’m going to throw the papers away and you’re never going to pull that stunt again.”

         When Yongguk nodded, you closed your eyes and snuggled against him. The darkness was beautiful because even though you couldn’t see, he was still your light, and you hoped that you were like that to him too.

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❝I’m such a failure.❞ - defiancebled


It took a moment for Sendak to process what Keith had said to him cause really? He thought that? Sendak closed his bright yellow eyes for a moment before sighing and kneeling down to face Keith, setting his hand on the young galra’s shoulder. “Keith.. Listen to me. You’re not a failure! Look at all you’ve done with your life so far! You’ve been able to help form voltron, you’ve fought a countless number of enemies, and you were able to beat the trials in one try! I had to do it four times!”

“You’re not a failure, Keith. You’re an amazing warrior and a very valued member of voltron.” Sendak said almost excitedly. He knew what it felt like to think of yourself as a failure, gods knew he did. A soft sigh leaves his body before he moved forward to wrap his arms around the poor smaller galra. “It’s okay..”

If I’m squid partying, I like to be in the enemy team’s base area. Why? Because I can. So when my team mates are being spawn camped, I’ll sit there and spam the “this way!” command. Out of the countless times I’ve done this, only once did some team mates actually come when called. Super Jumping is your friend squiddos. If you’re being spawned camped badly, sometimes you gotta abandon your base.