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But imagine a modern TGS Twin!AU

The Hyde family has twins, Henry and Edward. They are inseparable. But when their father dies and their mother marries another man, their relationship starts breaking apart. Henry, being the all-perfect son, adapts their new surname, Jekyll. Hyde doesn’t like his stepfather. He rebels and stays Hyde. 
Henry is good at school, Edward not so. Their stepfather has high expectations in Henry, he has probably already given up on Edward. Henry can’t help his brother as he constantly needs to study, making Edward slowly become the black sheep of the family. 
Edward used to get in trouble a lot. Since Henry was the “better” child he pretended to have done it and wouldn’t get punishment. But with their new father Henry can’t afford mistakes anymore so he dyes his hair brown so they can’t pretend being each other anymore. Nowadays, people don’t even know they are twins anymore. 

Maybe Edward was jobless so Henry hired him as an assistant. Rachel, Lanyon and co would probably assume they are the same person instead of dating.
I’m pretty sure they still get along just fine. Their relationship would probably be Zach and Cody lmao

TGS by @arythusa / @glass-scientists

Henry Cavill Imagine

A/N: It was requested by an anon. I hope you like it! 

(Y/N’s pov)

I was busy making my and Henry’s favorite dishes all day because today was our second anniversary. I wanted this night to be special, to be ours. I was listening to my favorite songs while I was cooking. I was very happy and excited for tonight.

I prepared the table and put candles on it. He was out filming but he would come early tonight. I was done with the food so I changed my outfit. I wore a tight red dress. Then I sat on the couch waiting for Henry.

It was 9.30pm but he hadn’t shown up yet. He should have been here by now. I wondered where he was so I called him. There was no answer. I poured myself a glass of wine while waiting for him. I called him a few times more but he didn’t answer. I decided to call Dave, who was one of Henry’s friends at the set.

“Hi, Dave. It’s Y/N. I hope I’m not bothering you.”

“No, it’s okay. What’s up?” He answered politely.

“I can’t reach Henry. Do you know where he is?” I asked hoping him to know.

“I don’t know where he is right now but he left like two hours ago.” I got shock as I heard that. What if something bad had happened to him? Otherwise he would have already come because it was our anniversary. I wasn’t the optimistic one. I couldn’t help thinking about bad things.

“Y/N? What’s the problem? Are you okay?” Dave said as I was silent for a while.

“I- yeah,” I heard the sound of the keys at the door. It should have been Henry. “Thanks, Dave. I think he’s just come. I’ll talk to you later, bye.” I said quickly and hung up. I ran to the door expecting Henry. It was definitely him.

“Where have you been?” I almost yelled. I was really worried about him. He pulled of his jacket slowly. He was staring at me blankly and having difficulty in standing.

“I was with the friends” he slurred tottering.

“Are you drunk?” Well, he totally was. “Why didn’t you call me or answer my calls?” I asked not waiting a response from my previous question.

“Sorry, I’d forgotten” he said sitting on the couch. I was standing furiously in front of him. He’d also forgotten our special day and got drunk with his friends without even calling me.

“I can’t believe you.” I said with a cracky voice. I could feel my eyes filling with tears.

“What’s wrong baby?” he asked worriedly. He looked at the dress I was wearing, then he realized the table behind me. He hardly stood up.

“It’s 13th of October, isn’t it?” he asked upsetly. He finally got what day it was. I just nodded.

“I’m so sorry.” he said trying to hug me but I pushed him. I didn’t want him to touch me right now and he was stinking. He looked disappointed.

“I made all these things and all you had to do was- Whatever, you are drunk. It’s meaningless.” I shook my head taking my purse. Then I headed to the door.

“Where are you going?” he asked grabbing my arm but I got rid of his caught easily. “Cassey’s” She was my best friend. I wanted to stay the night at hers. All I needed was a friend to talk. Not a wasted boyfriend.

“Don’t go, please” he begged but I didn’t listen. It was for our own good. I was still angry with him and I didn’t want to do anything wrong with anger.

“We’ll talk tomorrow. Happy anniversary.” I closed the door feeling my heart broken.

“Goodmorning sunshine!” Cassey woke me up cheerfully. After I’d come Cassey’s, we talked all night and I got relieved. I felt less anger for Henry now. However, I couldn’t forgive him yet.

“You have a visitor” Cassey said grinning. “Don’t say that it’s Henry” I said only making the grin on her face bigger. “He is in the living room. Thank god he’s sober”

I got up and checked my appearance on the mirror. My eyes were a little red but I didn’t care. I went to the living room. Henry stood up as I entered.

“Y/N…” he whispered hugging me tightly. I let him hug me. This time his scent was really nice. “You can’t imagine how sorry I am” he said kissing my neck several times. “Could you forgive me?” He really meaned it looking sorry.

I could never resist him. I could never stay mad at him. Even his smile was enough to melt my heart. So I nodded wrapping my arms around his neck “I forgive you, Cavill.” Maybe the last night hadn’t turned out to be special, but every moment we had together was already special, already ours.


Favorite -Spencer Reid Imagine

Spencer x Reader

Summary: All the team goes out for a night out and you and Spencer end up drunk at the end of the night.

Derek plated himself at the end of your desk as you were finishing your report. You glanced up at him. ‘What can I do for you?’ You asked cautiously. You didn’t like that look on Derek’s face, it was one that he wore when he was up to something, or when he wanted you to do the rest of his paperwork. ‘Me, Prentiss and Garcia are heading out tomorrow for drinks, you in? You have to, it’s Christmas’ You raised an eyebrow and nodded. ‘Sure’ He beamed. ‘Great, now go ask Reid’ He patted your shoulder and stood.

You blinked and furrowed your eyebrows. ‘What?’ He smiled and shrugged. ‘I asked him but he didn’t give me a real answer. But if you ask him’ Derek leaned over your desk and wiggled his eyebrows at you. ‘He’ll go for sure’ You rolled your eyes, tilting your head to the side giving him a bored face. ‘Come on, he’ll come if you ask Y/n’ Derek smiled widely at you.

He reached around you and spun your chair around so it faced the break room. He grunted and heaved the chair up tipping it forwards causing you to stumble out of the chair. You turned and shot him a glare. ‘Well then you can bring them to Hotch’ You waved your hand towards the file with a smug smile and turned when you heard him groan.

You leaned against the counter smiling up at Spencer. He jumped slightly and looked up at you. ‘Did I scare you Spencer?’ You smirked up at him and he sent you a soft glare before smiling himself. For ages you couldn’t seem to surprise the Doctor, he always seemed to know what you were going to say, what you were going to do. So you made it your mission to sneak up on him as often as you could, and he did the same to you. It became almost a game between the two of you.

He shook his head in defiance and you chuckled watching his smile grow when you did. ‘Morgan just told me they were planning on going out for a few drinks tomorrow, said he invited everyone. You coming?’ Spencer sighed slightly and looked up at you  taking a sip of his coffee. ‘Last time I went out with him and Garcia they tried to get me drunk’ You smirked. they had told you about that, they had failed.

You smiled as he leaned against the counter beside you his arm brushing off your shoulder. ‘I’ll be there this time’ He smiled. ‘You are not very good at holding your alcohol either’ You scoffed. ‘Yeah, because I choose to spend all my spare time watching 5 hour movies I barely understand with you’ He smiled taking another sip of his coffee. ‘Instead of building up my tolerance with those two’ He shrugged. ‘Okay, I’ll go if you do’ You beamed up at him and wrapped your arm around him in a quick hug. ‘I can’t wait, I’ll see you there then Spencer’ You giggled as you turned and bounced off as Spencer watched you his smile growing.

You pulled at the dress you were wearing. It wasn’t your normal one, it was black and short, and tight. something you never wore, especially around the team. You tossed your hair over your shoulder as you walked into the bar, something else you never did at work, wear your hair down. You spotted the rest of the team by the bar. Garcia beamed and waved at you and you raised your hand waving back.

Derek looked up following where he eyes were. His own eyes widened and he let out a low whistle causing you to blush and look down quickly. The rest of the team looked up with a smile. You waved at them as you got closer to the group.

Spencer turned and his eyes widened before they took in your entire outfit. ‘Damn girl’ Garcia giggled handing you a drink when you reached the group. ‘You look gooood’ You smiled and thanked her realising she was already a little intoxicated. ‘Yeah, your hair looks good that way, why do we never get to see it like that?’ Derek complained with a laugh. Spencer reached out and picked up a strand of your hair before dropping it again with a smile. ‘I do’ He looked back at Derek before taking a sip of his drink. Derek’s eyebrows shot up and he chuckled at Spencer’s behavior.

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Request: Henry Mills imagine where he breaks it to you that you are a fairytale character Thumbelina, then he starts rambling about how its his favourite fairytale and he sort of slips up that he likes you. 

Sorry this took so long ~Beth

Plopping down on a bench, you gazed idly at the park around you as you waited for your new friend Henry to arrive. 

You were new to Storybrooke, brought here as a result of the second curse inflicted by Snow White herself. This new curse brought a host of new fairytale characters to the modern world and while they retained their memories, you were left with little recollection of your past life, save for a vision of waking up in the midst of a garden of flowers. Your eyes landed on a patch of tulips, still in bloom despite the cold season, drawing on a faint memory. You had always loved flowers, caring for and appreciating the true beauty that these simple life forms held. A dim recollection of a woman laughing and saying that you might as well have been born out of one crossed your mind. It was one of the few snippets of your old life you remembered, a useless memory really especially since you couldn’t even remember your own name. Glancing up, you saw Henry, with a large object -probably his story book- approaching the wooden park bench you were perched on. Here in Storybrooke, you usually went by Mary-Louise but today with his help you would finally figure out who you truly were. 

‘Hey,’ you greeted him when he drew closer. 

 ‘Hi Mary-Louise,’ he answered, sitting next to you and placing the book on him lap. ‘I actually have a few theories as to who you might have been. But first I have some questions to ask you.’ 

 You nodded earnestly. ‘Ask away.‘ 

Henry pulled out a clipboard and with his pen poised, he began. 

 ‘Now I may have asked you this first but I need to eliminate the options. Do you recall any vivid memories from your past?' 

 ‘Not really but I do have this one recurring memory. I remember being in a garden surrounded by flowers every where except they were huge and I lived amoungst them. I do remember always loving flowers.’ You smiled slightly to yourself, enjoying the memory. Realising you have been staring off into space for a while, you cleared your throat awkwardly and turned to face Henry, hoping he did not think you were an airhead or something. 

 Henry merely nodded scribbled something on his clipboard. 

 ‘Ok next question. Do you recall any human or fantastical contact with any one at all?’ Thinking for a minute, you told him about the woman and her laughter though you were unsure how it was relevant. Following this you answered more questions, some strange and others you had no answer to but for your friend’s sake and your own, you tried to answer them as best that you could. Henry’s response was a slight nod and more scribbling. After about a dozen questions, your curiosity finally won out. 

 ‘Do you have any idea who I was?' 

 Henry thought for a moment. ‘Well with Belle’s help, we just could. Come on.’ He grabbed your hand and the two of you made our way to Mr Gold’s shop.

 At the familiar ring of bell, Rumpelstiltskin’s wife looked up from the counter with a smile on her face. 

 ‘Henry, Mary-Louise to what do I owe the pleasure?' 

‘Hi Belle, Do you have a way to help Mary-Louise figure out who she was back in the Enchanted Forest. Grandpa told me that if someone remembers something from their past then they might be able to follow that memory to reveal their past lives.’ Belle listened intently as Henry related everything to his grandmother. You were still quite surprised by this but Belle was never uncomfortable by it, so you concluded that you shouldn’t be either. 

 ‘I think I might have just the thing,’ she replied when he was done and retreated into the back room for a moment before emerging with a black oak box in her hands. ‘I found this when I was cleaning out yet another cupboard in the back but it should do the trick,’ Belle said. Lifting the lid, she took out a large glass ball. 

A crystal ball. 

 ‘Now Mary-Louise, all you have to do is place your hands on the crystal ball and concentrate very hard on that memory. You might feel a little twinge but that’s just the magic working okay?' 

 Gulping, you nodded and did as she said.

As soon as your skin touched the cool surface, you felt it begin to quiver slightly. Shutting your eyes, you focused on the memory, trying to grasp at its evasive strands. The vibrations intensified and you felt the touch of magic on your forehead, the twinge Belle had mentioned. Then the vibrations stopped altogether and a sudden coolness washed over you, causing you to drop your hands. 

 ‘You can open your eyes now,’ you heard Belle say. 

 As your lids fluttered open, you gasped on wonder. The room was dark save for a projection coming from the crystal ball, its vivid colours casting patterns across the walls of the shop. It showed a girl dressed in flower petals, running and dancing through the flower beds. She was very small but her steps were guided by the birds and small woodland animals around her. Surrounding her, the field was full of tulips. 

‘Mary-Louise, that’s you.’ Henry whispered, breathlessly. 

‘Yes it is,’ you breathed. 

‘I think you should be calling her Thumbelina,’ Belle inserted gently.

                                      *             *              *              *
‘Thumbelina!’ He exclaimed, after we had thanked Belle and left the shop. ‘I never would have guessed that!’

‘Neither would I,’ you chuckled, still in awe. 

‘That’s one of my favourite stories, growing up. It was one of the only fairytales my mom let me read. Bet she never knew that you existed back in the enchanted forest. And now here you are!’

He chattered on as the two of you back to your house, which now that you thought about it, was decorated quite brightly with lots of florals everywhere. 

‘…and when they made you marry that mole. And how you would have almost froze if it weren’t for that robin..’

You continued to smile as he babbled, finally coming to a stop when he noticed you looking at him amusedly. 

‘Sorry,’ Henry mumbled, blushing slightly, looking adorably embarrassed. ‘I have a tendency to ramble on especially when I kinda like someone.’

Realising what he had said, Henry’s eye widened and he clapped a hand over his mouth.

‘I’m an idiot.’

‘No you’re not,’ you laughed and removed his hand, planting a quick kiss on his cheek. ‘Thank you for helping me figure out who I was.'His blush deepened.‘It was nothing.’ 

You stood there for a moment longer before something occurred to you.

‘I think I have the Thumbelina movie inside so do you want to stay for dinner then watch it with me?’


the secret history dreamcast

peter bruder  »  henry winter | “(He) was dark-haired, with a square jaw and coarse, pale skin. He might have been handsome had his features been less set, or his eyes, behind the glasses, less expressionless and blank. He wore dark English suits and carried an umbrella (a bizarre sight in Hampden) and he walked stiffly through the throngs of hippies and beatniks and preppies and punks with the self-conscious formality of an old ballerina, surprising in one so large as he.”

Okay, the longer response to @czarrish’s prompt. Now with fewer ridiculous run-on sentences and more feelings! Turns out I could do it in a hundred sentences, but the five hundred option is still open, I suppose. If there’s one thing I’m never gonna shut up about it’s Adam Parrish being bi and totally fine with it. That kid is my moon and stars, I swear.

“Adam, how did you know that you were interested in men?”

The question catches Adam off guard. Gansey is sitting next to him, hunched over on the porch step with his chin on his knees. They’re both watching Ronan and Blue do donuts across Ronan’s mud slick in an old Jeep Adam had helped him rebuild. Henry, who had been watching with them, has just gone inside for water and left them alone. Adam wonders how long Gansey’s been waiting to ask someone this, if it’s his general curiosity at work or if it’s more specific. If he needs to figure this out before this short break is over and he gets back on the road where he’s once again pressed between Henry and Blue with the whole of the world at their feet.

Adam realizes quite suddenly that he does not envy them the world. In a couple weeks he too will have the whole world at his feet, in his own way.

Several hundred yards away the Jeep makes a sharp turn and rocks up onto two wheels. He can just hear Blue’s shouts and whoops over the sound of the engine and mud splatter. “I don’t guess I am,” he says, “but he’ll get there.”

Gansey rolls his eyes and grins, but he doesn’t look at Adam. He’s very tightly wound, like he is sometimes before tests, eyes straight ahead because the only way through is forward, no room for deviation. This is not a deviation, Adam wants to say, but he knows that’s not what he was asked.  

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I dare say you are more beautiful than any piece of art here. ” 

        It was not just a line. Born into a famous family, Henry Tudor’s existence was synonymous with charity events, art galleries, fundraisers, meetings, travel.  He’d seen it all and done it all, but never had his vision been blessed with such an extraordinary woman before him. 

       Sparing a glance at the painting that had captured her so, he strode to stand next to her, purposely brushing his shoulder lightly against her.