so done because of the anon

So, as stated before, we’ve all gently noted the kind of nastiness spreading in and amongst blogs. This is done mostly by anons, but sometimes it’s off anon and that’s just, eugh. Anyways I just wanted to gently take the time of day to write a little somethin about people here and there that I’ve talked to and so forth, because hey everyone deserves it. Anyways.

@lankybrunettepartdeux : Katie, I bully you constantly on here, but please don’t take that to heart. You’re a fantastic person and an equally fantastic blogger. Sure you got your quirks with your 120000 Trudeau pictures I know you got stashed away, but hey not everyone is perfect. I also do sincerely want to fight you but then I’d probably hug you afterwards.

@fetacheeseandsoup : We don’t talk often, but when we do it’s pretty fantastic. Your memes? Golden. Your love for Danny Devito? Golden. Your art? Boy don’t even get me started because I love it every time I see it, regardless of what you say or think. You have a talent and you oughta keep that in mind ^ also you’re a fantastic Rids blogger, and I had fun writing the cursed script with you!

@hermannco : Ah, Leo. Leo my favorite Viper. 1. I’m so so proud you won that DC contest like don’t even get me started. I was grinning so wide when I saw the news! You’re a dankmemer, and a fantastic friend to boot. You’re also the father of the cursed Dorito Crane meme and I will forever hold that against you, just saying. You’re talented and you’re definitely gonna go places; I know it. Just 1v1 Capullo for me when you become the best DC artist, ok?

@riddlcr : Alpaca, you’re one of the best Riddler bloggers I’ve seen and I’m gonna be honest with you i’m still super shook to talk to you. You’re like A-Game for personality and content - especially your little blurbs of Edward and SO which I adore. We’ve talked about Gotham sometimes and RP sometimes, and I appreciate that a lot. I’m happy to call you a friend!

@jonathan-cranes-mistress-of-fear : Still one of the best Scarecrow blogs; thank you for sending me cats. You seem to send them at just the right moment, and I appreciate that you think of me whenever you see a feline friend!

@ritzy-biscuit : Cass, you’re hard work and dedication for all the stuff that you do has me super shook. I’m hoping one day I can work hard enough to be as good as you - but like I said, work is needed! You give us all this wonderful artwork of ideas and stories, and I and many others I’m sure appreciate all that you do <3 Plus you’re hilarious.

@theimpossiblescheme : Amy you’re a hilarious person, and really the group chat comes alive whenever you make your appearances. Your kindness and optimism overwhelms me, and I’m grateful that you care for each person in that chat, and everyone who you interact with in general.

@brownchickendog :Memer, Receipt Puller, too many titles go with you, and you fit them all. Sure I judge when you pull receipts on me, but hey, that’s life!

@waiting4codot : Your dedication to your work has me extremely shook sometimes. The fact that you can produce so many voices and create such astounding stories is a real gift, and I thank you for sharing that with us all. To add to that you’re a kind person, if a bit odd at times (booty shaking Edward - never forget) and it’s always nice to see you around. I wish you lots of luck for a career in voice acting too!!!

@mentalrhapsody : Maya, we don’t talk much, but we have talked in the past and you’re honestly one of the sweetest people I know. Your art is so unique and distinct, and I love seeing all the content you produce!

@mushy-mooster : Jas, honey, you’re an angel and I’ve said it before. Your OCs are flawless and you yourself are flawless. Life might get rough with you sometimes, and that’s ok. You have so much support here, and it always makes me happy to talk with you and see you around <3

@wouldyouliketoseemymask : Ash is one of the most mature, level headed people I know. She has outstanding edits, outstanding posts in general, and all her cats are adorable please go look at them. There isn’t much to say that I haven’t praised before; but really, if you aren’t following her, you’re missing out.

@douchetier @fellowshipofthegay @tortxrra  @halisgay and the rest of that cursed chat bc god forbid i remember all your names: Ah, the remnants of the Halbarry Net. The amount of memes you guys produce has me shook - I’ve also never seen so much care and joy amongst people. Albeit I rarely show up on that chat, but when I do it’s always welcoming and a lil trashy <3

 @mcgeeky25 @un-awesomeme @definitelynotclayface @mortalorder@thelegochicken@pyromanicofthesea and @ all y’all: the dREAM TEAM STILL STRONG LIKE 5 MONTHS LATER MY GOD. No but you guys are all amazing; we have fantastic RP’s, we have fantastic conversations, and so many memes. The fact that y’all can tolerate me so long warms my heart so much, and I’m so so happy to call you all my friends, truly.

@weyounn @finestroguesingotham : Ah, Katie and Ron. Not only are you two both amongst the best artists I’ve talked to, but you’re also some of my closest friends. And the people I’ve known the longest. Katie: I love our snapchats, and you warm my heart so much with our talks - you’re an amazing friend. Ron: Not only do you run TWO fantastic blogs, you’re fantastic yourself and I??? don’t know how???? But I love you so much.

Gentle shoutout to @smokedcapybara @highjewelfqueen @wayfaring-fledermaus @obscurusvii @rockitz @baeson-todd We don’t talk much but I see y’all and I love y’all

And, @canadian-riddler :  If I preach anymore I’m gonna look like a huge sap and no one will ever let me live this down - not like they’re gonna anyway. I honestly can’t remember how we became friends but I’m actually so happy it happened. You’re one of the best people I know, as I’ve said before, and one of the easiest to talk to. You have an extraordinary talent in writing - there’s no denying that - and your level-headedness has allowed me to chill on more than one occasion. You post wonderful music and have broadened my tastes, you post quality riddler posts, and also you founded Programmer Dad and Canadian Riddler and if that isn’t a feat i don’t know what is. You contribute so much to this silly little fandom, and I’m sure we all appreciate it. Overall, thank you <3 (plus your hair is 5000/10)

um anywayi’ve embarrassed myself enough now. If I missed you holy moly I’m so sorry I appreciate you, I love you,  and I will literally write essays about you don’t get me wrong. I’ll do it.

anonymous asked:

Do you ever think Daisy writes on Coulson's name plate and just changes the u to an o, so it says Coolson?

i can just imagine him Begrudgingly rubbing it off because he actually loves it but he has the president as his 1 o’clock and he has to maintain some sort of professionalism in front of the leader of the free world

done with this site

after what happened today, I’m leaving once I deal with this.

So, what happened?

Well, a couple weeks ago, tumblr user papatulus decided to crop a response out to make it look like I was a pedophile. This netted me only a few anon messages and like 2 people blocking me (as well as him because otherwise I’d be able to defend myself or something), until today.

at first, I ignored this. but then anon went a bit further…

of course this sounds like just a baseless threat until…

so, a few more harassing anons

and then…

ok, he’s probably just using google maps.

okay, now there’s reason to be concerned.

yep, this is fucked up.

so, this is zamii shit all over again. I’m fucking done with this hellsite, people say anti-sjws are as bad as sjws and I’d normally agree but I’ve literally NEVER seen an anti-sjw pull this level of shit.

once I get this crazy fuck in jail, I’m out of this site. 

my youtube channel is herecomesadam, mutuals can ask for my facebook. other than that, I’m out for good. 

might come back, probably not.

You’re the Celebration Tonight

Genre: Extreme fluff (as asked)

Pairing: JK x Reader

Words: 2068

A/N: This was funny because I couldn’t stop thinking about it ever since I got the ask :D So here it is finally RIPIP. Requests are open!

“No, don’t go”

“But I have to, I must.”

“Does it have to be this way?”

“I’m afraid it must. This is my purpose in life and death.”

“Do you really have to go? I love you…” He said, his chin tucked into his neck so his voice came out deep, serious and sombre

“But I have to go. We knew we wouldn’t ever be able to be together… You must let me go.” He raised his neck and spoke in a comically high voice

Switching back to tucking his chin in, he speaks again, “It doesn’t have to be this way… Just run away with me and everything will be fine. Nobody will even realise we’re gone.” He spoke with a pleading voice, clearing his throat midway, before his head moved backwards to stretch his neck. His veins peeked out as his voice rose even higher as he mock-screamed, “But it is my duty, please understand! Let me go, this is impossible!”

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request: yes

plot/request: Damian Wayne x reader (platonic) where Damian admits to the reader that he sees her like a mother + Bruce and reader bring 2 new additions to family, please and thank you + Reader is preggers with bruce’s newest addition and dami is jealous - anon’s

word count:1,339

warning(s): none I don’t think

Tagging: @batfamily-imagines @cait-writes-stuff @kamuithedragonlord you guys seemed interested so im done and here it is!!

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Blessing - Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader x dad!Stark

Words: 1179
Pairing: Pietro Maximoff x (f)Reader x dad!Stark
Featuring: Clint Barton
Warnings: lotta love, cheesy ending.
Requested by anon
Pietro goes to Dad!Tony to ask for his blessing to marry reader. Tony’s not to keen on the idea because it’s speedy, but he makes reader happy and that’s all he can ask for as a loving father. Fluff ‘n’ stuff please.
Authors Note: I’m sorry this took so long to get out, I have been very unmotivated recently. Just happy it’s finally done :)

Pietro Masterlist. Masterlist.

“Tony, I need to talk to you!” Pietro ran around the base all day, trying to find your father long enough to get him to speak. Tony kept dodging Pietro and hiding from him by saying that he had to do work all over the base.

Clint rolled his eyes when Tony ran into the kitchen. “I swear, Tony, if you do not talk toPietro he’s going to explode. Just give him a few minutes to talk. He’s your daughter’s boyfriend, what if it’s important?” Of course, Clint knew what Pietro wanted to talk about; he’s basically Pietro’s father.

And Clint wasn’t lying; it was one of the most important things that could happen. “I don’t want to talk to him; he makes me mad! And to know he is having…intercourse… with my daughter does not make it any better for me,” Tony argued.

Clint cocked his head and rolled his eyes. “Come on; they have been dating for nearly two years. Give him a break; he’s really not that bad.”

Tony slowly turned his head to look at Clint. “You know what this is about, don’t you?” Tony walked closer.

“What? No, no, what gave you any idea that I know what he wants? No, psh, no!” Clint lied as he stood up to get away from Tony.

“Clint, get your ass back here!” Tony shouted and ran after Clint, but was stopped by a gust of wind.

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Marauders Preference: How they would react when it’s their girlfriend’s time of the month

Requested by anon

Originally posted by stagdogwolfandrat

Remus would be amazing because, let’s face it, he’s the human manifestation of boyfriend goals. Also, he knows what it’s like to have a monthly curse that makes you want to kill people, so he’d be really sympathetic and sweet. If you wanted to spend seven hours cuddling on the sofa, then he’ll do that. If you need someone to yell and rant at, then he’ll sit and listen until you’re done. He probably gives amazing back rubs, and when you’re feeling emotionally drained he’ll hold you and play with your hair until you fall asleep. Like I said, he’s boyfriend goals

Originally posted by heart-ablaze

Sirius would overreact big time.

He would act as if it was the last week of your life; he would get you anything he thought you might need (even if you didn’t actually need anything), he’d constantly be asking if you were comfortable or in pain or breathing, and whenever you showed any signs of discomfort he would visibly wince. You would have to remind him a few times that it’s you who’s on their period, not him

Originally posted by scrapbookofmarauders

James has a little sister who he looks after during her time of the month and you can all fight me on this.

He’s already an expert on how to make an angry hormonal girl laugh and smile, and he’s totally up for getting supplies for you. He’ll sit outside by the lake with you (because he knows the common room gets stuffy and uncomfortable), and he’ll literally do anything to distract you; he’ll tell stories, plan pranks, offer to kill people who’re annoying you, anything. Usually you just ask him to cuddle with you, but you may take him up on the killing thing someday

Originally posted by marauderseraimagines

Peter would probably sell you out to Voldemort or something because that’s what he usually does when his friends need him

A/N: If you want to request a post like this or give me feedback, my ask is here!

anonymous asked:

Hey Flock! This is for your friend who's being threatened. I send a few messages to several other accounts too because I actually had the same situation so I have a little experience with anon threats and would like to help. Well as much as I can :/ There is a lot that can be done. Even if it's anon threat. The police can track their IP and this can even go as far as going to court. Threats are no joke. But your friend needs the messages. So please tell her not to delete anything.

@queencaitriona Not sure if you’ve already seen this from someone else. xoxo


This is a screenshot of an ask from @vaveyard Tumblr: 

I know books are really hard to come by in some countries, either because they’re not published there, or because of the expense. I have an extra copy of King’s Cage I would love to get to this anon but who are they??? Help me to find them by signal boosting this post and I will send them my extra copy.

Anon, if we can find you, DM me your address and I will send you the book as long as you pass it along to friends/other readers when you’re done so you all can enjoy it. 

anonymous asked:

I remember what you said about uta vs mutsuki that could possibly lead to something positive development wise, kinda what happened with urie and dona? I think you were right... with uta turning into haise now could be the only thing that would shake mutsuki and show humanity again. Although it probably won't be too effective since it's not the real haise.

Hey Anon and awww...! Thank you for remembering about one of my posts!! :3

I still mean every word of that post, and to be honest, I hadn’t envisioned the possibility of Uta turning into Haise, but now that he has done it…

I really think it will be similar to Urie losing it because of Donato.

Uta is good at reading others, so if he caught on Mutsuki’s affection/admiration for their boss (without going as far as to say he caught on their crush), he probably will be able to make a good imitation of Kaneki/Sasaki and that could have “good” results later, once the arc is over.

Look at what happened with Juuzou and Shinohara, and Juuzou has been fighting while keeping his emotions in check for a long time now, so if Juuzou could be really unsettled by Uta’s performance, the same could go with Mutsuki (who’s more crazy when they fight) in my opinion. :)

I’m really glad this fight is happening though, even as disturbing as it is. Also kudos to Uta…

…‘Cause he’s the most chilling dude ever (I can totally imagine Sakurai Takahiro-san saying ‘it hurt’ with a low and jaded but dangerous voice xDDD).

Have a nice weekend Anon and thanks for remembering about that post! :3

Hey Anon! Yep, I found this scene really interesting…

But it’s not just about my theories for Itori :) It’s just more hints that Itori and/or Nico and/or Uta probably do have a link with the Garden.

Though maybe Matsuri was just speaking about Nico in that scene? Uta was on Juuzou’s side after all, so Matsuri didn’t see him. 

To be continued” is what I think :) It’s probably a big hint, but I’m unable to say at the moment if it’s about Nico only or possibly about Uta also (and Itori).

We’ll see! Thanks for passing by Anon :) Have a nice weekend! 

Hahah, hey Anon! Update on the crushes of TG where the Qs are concerned:

  • Hsiao -> Saiko
  • Saiko -> Urie /!\ maybe (the word she used wasn’t explicit about what kind of love she feels for him)
  • Matsuri -> Urie 
  • Urie -> Mutsuki
  • Mutsuki -> Haise

No need to be surprised about Mutsuki feeling like this towards Haise/Kaneki though :) 

  • Haise was seen as the protective figure in Mutsuki’s life until after the auction arc
  • Mutsuki showed to be a little uneasy after Haise met Touka and he couldn’t stop thinking about her
  • And in ch100:

…which was kinda completely ironic as a reaction, considering that Mutsuki stabbed Akira multiple times for siding with ghouls, when she did exactly like Haise who sided with his old ghoul friends. 

So that screamed “big crush” for me for a long time now, and that’s also why last week I did precise in that post that we had no way to know how Mutsuki felt towards Urie.

Anyway, let’s see how Sasaki!Uta will deal with Mutsuki and vice versa xD I can’t wait! :D

Have a nice weekend Anon!

Star ASKS!

Hey, I got an unusually high volume of asks related to Star vs. the Forces of Evil this week. I’m replying to some of them in a couple of text posts. Here’s the first one!:

Anonymous said: FanTASTIC job on the song day episode!

Thank you!!

Anonymous said: Ilysm and ty for everything you’ve done for me and my fellow trans friends!!! 💜💜 im sorry you get aggressive folks coming at because of it. Just know that you’re so so so appreciated and im so glad to know that we have a voice for the lgbt community in children media !! No matter what happen with marco know that just the fact that you appreciate the theory is a lot more than we could ever dream of!!💜💜💜💜 and your webcomic is good too you’re just a genius tytyty!!

Hey anon! Thank you for your support (and for your kind words about my comic)! U_U I am not trans myself (I am only your friendly neighborhood cisbi) but I hope I can be a supportive trans ally! I of course cannot speak on Marco’s canon development as a character, but as for the fan theory itself, I am glad it is bringing you happiness!

Anonymous said: I love that anon is so entitled that they’re telling a storyboard artist which theories they aren’t allowed to like on the show they fucking work on

Yep! It would be one thing if I were openly supporting a popular “neo-Nazi Marco” theory or something but … that’s not what’s going on. Let people like the fan theories they like! As long as they’re not hurting anyone! 

Anonymous said: Did Ruberiot get killed after song day because he posible started a riot/revolution or is he okay?

No, no, he’s okay! He’s probably just super upset.

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Prompt #1

 This took way longer than it should have done… Anyway, this is for the two anons who both sent in similar requests!

Warning: smut, rated M

Hello,angel! I just want to give you a Malec prompt because I really like the way you write them. :) So basically Alec hears Magnus speak/sing something in Spanish and is angry and grumpy because he’s probably the only one who doesn’t understand and can’t talk this language (Izzy& Simon are like perf, Clary and Jace have the basics) . When he tells Magnus, the warlock decides to teach him, but in more intimate and erotic way, while they are in the bedroom. 

“Alec, are you okay?” Magnus asked, suddenly interrupting the previous fifteen minutes of complete silence.

They were sitting on opposite sides of the bed, the mattress between them  cold and the air between them still. Which was fine. Magnus of all people knew that everyone needed some quiet-time every now and again. He was spending this particular quiet-time reading his battered copy of Wuthering Heights for the nth time. Alec, however, did nothing except stare down at his fingers which must have been absolutely fascinating as they fiddled with the frayed hem of his baggy t-shirt.

Nonchalantly, Alec turned his head and said, “Yeah, I’m fine,” his eyes directed at Magnus but not looking directly at Magnus.

Magnus raised an eyebrow. “You sure?”

Alec nodded and shrugged. At the same time.

“What’s that supposed to mean,” Magnus deadpanned.

With an arduous sigh, Alec said, “I’m fine. Really.”

After folding down the top of the page carefully, Magnus snapped the book shut and placed it on the bed-side table, then turned back to Alec. “You haven’t exactly been talkative this evening,” he stated. “Not that you’re usually particularly talkative… Let me paraphrase that: you haven’t exactly been more talkative than the less than talkative but sometimes pretty talkative that you usually are.”

Alec snorted and, despite trying as hard as possible to keep his expression stony, a tiny smile pulled at the corner of his lips. Mission accomplished, Magnus thought, feeling very pleased with himself.

“Really. It’s nothing, Magnus,” Alec eventually said.

“Well it’s your loss,” the warlock said, still not entirely convinced.

And then the silence returned.

“Did I do something?” Magnus asked.

“No,” Alec said in the most unconvincing way possible.

“You’re a terrible liar,” Magnus informed him. “And don’t think that I don’t recognise the silent treatment when I’m given it.”

“How am I giving you the silent treatment?” Alec exclaimed, a hint of uneasy indignation in his voice. “I’m talking to you now, aren’t I?”



“You know what.”

“I actually don’t.”

The warlock rolled his eyes to the ceiling and sent a quick prayer to any deity who may be listening. “Alexander,” he sang.

“Magnus,” he sang in reply.

“Don’t make me come over there,” Magnus warned.

“I’m not-”

Too late. Magnus was already crawling towards Alec and before the Shadowhunter could react, he was straddling Alec’s legs. “Come on. Talk to Aunty Maggie.”

Alec grimaced.

Magnus huffed. “At least give me a clue as to what’s wrong.”

All he got was a slow, displeased blink.

Magnus narrowed his eyes and considered leaving the grumpy Shadowhunter to stew in his own petulance, when a thought suddenly hit him.

Magnus gasped comically, a grin spreading across his face. “I know what it is!”

Alec gave him a sheepish glare.

“Oh, don’t look at me like that Alexander.”

Alec folded his arms across his chest defensively and glared at the duvet beside him. “S'not my fault,” he grumbled.

“Not your fault… what?”

“That I can’t speak Spanish.”

Magnus’ grin dropped from his face. “What?”

Alec’s head snapped up as he realised his mistake. “I thought you said…” At Magnus’ confused expression, he then said, “Wait. Why did you think that…?”

“I thought you were angry because I shrank one of your sweaters when I tried to do the laundry manually!” Magnus exclaimed, his voice rising in pitch as he spoke.

Alec frowned. “You did the laundry manually?”

“Yeah. Whatever. But what do you mean, you can’t speak Spanish?” Magnus asked, completely ignoring that last comment. “Why are you upset because you can’t speak Spanish?”

“You don’t remember, do you.”

“Remember what?…” Magnus asked, suddenly feeling a little guilty.

Alec bowed his head as he tried to hide the embarrassed blush that tinged his cheeks and he worriedly chewed his bottom lip.

Magnus was still straddling Alec’s legs as he sat in thought. He wracked his brain for something- anything. He’d tried to run through all the events of the day in his head, remembering what he did first thing in the morning, and then at midday, and then-


Alec seemed to pick up on Magnus’ realisation, as he then said, “I know it’s not a big deal and I know you didn’t say anything bad, but Izzy and Simon understood you, and so did Clary and Jace and I–” He took in a deep breath. “I just want to know what you said.”

“You could have asked-”

“I did,” Alec said quickly. “But you… I don’t think you heard me at the time. And you had clients in the afternoon, so I didn’t want to interrupt.”

Not knowing how to respond to that, Magnus found himself yet again speechless because of Alec, who seemed so insecure and uncomfortable as he confessed what had been on his mind. This was a shadowhunter who was insecure about not being able to speak Spanish. Most shadowhunters, Magnus knew, would never find it in themselves to care about something as mundane as that. But Alec wasn’t most shadowhunters, and although Magnus already knew this, he still found himself surprised at some of the smallest things that Alec would do.

So Magnus leaned in and kissed him. The contact was slow and gentle, but deliberate. It was clear that Alec hadn’t been expecting it, but he eventually relaxed into the familiar contact and brought his warm hands up to the back of Magnus’ neck and rested them there as if the touch reassured him.

When Magnus pulled away slightly, Alec softly asked, a smile in his voice, “What was that for?”

“For being you,” Magnus answered easily.

With a light snort, Alec told Magnus, “You know, I still want to know what you said earlier.”

Magnus paused, in thought.

“It wasn’t anything bad, was it?” Alec suddenly said, worry creeping into his voice.

“No! No, of course not!” Magnus exclaimed.

“Then why…”

Magnus smirked, and then he was kissing Alec again, slow and teasing. The shadowhunter couldn’t resist at first, but when he seemed to gather his senses, he pushed against Magnus’ chest and pulled away. “Seriously, Magnus, I want to know what you said!”

“All in good time, my dear,” the warlock teased, taking Alec’s wrists and slowly moving them apart as he moved forwards and pressed his entire body against Alec’s so that he couldn’t escape. He nipped and kissed his way down the side of Alec’s neck, following the large, inky-black pattern of the deflect rune and ignoring Alec’s continued complaints as he did so.

As he reached the collar of the shirt, he released Alec’s wrists to snap away the inconvenience, causing Alec to squirm beneath Magnus as goosebumps broke out over his tattooed torso. Before Alec could push him off, the warlock snaked his magic around his wrists to keep him in place.

“Hey! That’s not fair!” Alec cried indignantly, pushing against the force holding him down but to no avail.

“Did I ever mention being fair?” Magnus drawled. “I think not.”

And then he snapped away the last of the material between them: his own dressing-gown and Alec’s boxers. Alec blushed heavily as he lay completely bare beneath Magnus, who was equally naked. Even though Magnus had seen him naked many times before, the shadowhunter’s pulse would always increase nervously as his clothes were removed.

Magnus then proceeded to make sure Alec was as unselfconscious as possible. He pressed his lips in an open-mouthed kiss to every rune and scar that painted Alec’s chest and stomach, tracing the lines with the tips of his fingers as he went. Alec had ceased straining against the magic that bound his wrists, instead yielding completely to Magnus’ power and relaxed slightly.

When Magnus reached Alec’s throbbing erection, he didn’t dive in straight away. First, he kissed and licked at Alec’s hipbones, well aware o another particular part of his body that would like the same attention.

When his lingered at Alec’s hips for a few seconds longer than necessary, Alec stirred. “Magnus,” he said, his voice throaty and deep. “Magnus, please…”

The warlock cocked an eyebrow. “Yes, Alexander my darling? What is it?”

“You know damn well what it is,” Alec growled.

“I’m afraid I do not understand,” Magnus said nonchalantly. “You’re going to have to explain it to me.”

Alec merely grunted in response, the sound a mixture of a sulky huff and a pained whine.

“Use your words, Alec dear-”

“Okay okay!” the shadowhunter nearly yelled. “Please, Magnus. Touch me, suck me- anything!”

A second later, Alec’s entire erection was engulfed by Magnus’ mouth. Alec let out a choked cry, arching his back off the bed before he could stop himself as he felt the back of Magnus’ throat. Magnus held him like that for a few moments, swallowing around Alec’s pulsing erection, and then pulled off, only to go back down again, causing the Shadowhunter’s entire body to shudder. With his free hands, he gripped the base of Alec’s cock and kneaded his heavy balls, eliciting even more moans from him.

“You do realise,” Alec said shakily as Magnus continued to bob his head, slowly and without rhythm, up and down Alec’s cock. “Th-that I still want to know what you said earlier… This isn’t going to make me forget.”

Magnus pulled off and said, “I’m not telling you what I said. I’m showing you,” before returning his attention to Alec’s straining erection.

“M-Magnus,” he stammered after a couple more minutes of the torturously slow friction. “I’m gonna… I’m going to…”

Magnus pulled off with a smirk. “So soon, darling?”

Alec flushed a darker shade of red and looked away. “Shut up,” he mumbled.

“I thought you wanted to know what I said…” Magnus said with a teasing tone.

“I thought you were in the process of showing me,” Alec shot back cleverly. “Or whatever that’s supposed to mean- By the Angel!” he exclaimed as Magnus swallowed him once more, only this time Magnus set off at a pace designed to make his boyfriend come as quickly as possible. Which he did.

Not even thirty seconds later, Alec came down Magnus’ throat with a throaty whimper which he would have smothered with his hands if his arms weren’t pinned down by Magnus’ magic.

Once Alec’s body had relaxed and stopped quivering with the after-shocks of his climax, Magnus released his softening cock and shuffled up the bed to lie beside his boyfriend. His own erection was still very much hard and throbbing, but it could wait.

“So?” he asked. “Any thoughts on what it was that I said?”

Alec’s eyes were closed and he was still catching his breath when he sleepily said, “I dunno… Something to do with blow-jobs?”

Magnus chuckled. “Nope.”

“Ugh, why won’t you just tell me?” Alec whined.


Alec pursed his lips. “Then at least let me finish you off,” he said with a glance down to Magnus’ cock.

“That does sound nice… But still nope.”

Alec sighed. “Fine then. Have it your way.”

A couple of seconds of silence.

“Magnus. Just tell me.”

“Okay then…” He pressed a deep, tongue-less kiss to Alec’s lips, and said, “I’ll tell you tomorrow.”

“What?!” the shadowhunter exclaimed. “Why tomorrow?!”

“Well,” he said, feigning deep-thought. “It depends.”

“On what?” Alec growled, narrowing his eyes.

Magnus grinned. “On whether that stamina rune of yours can get you up for a round two.”

*Crossing Paths* Newt x reader

◘ Anonymous asked:

Can I get an Newt Scamander in the modern day, is in CA studying any cool creature, and meets the reader at college (specifically CSUSM because I go there 😁) and it’s just full of fluff and whatnot 😝 I adore this man💙

I hope you enjoy, sweet Anon! Sorry it took a few days to finally get done! I hope it’s all you dreamed it would be! ^_^ Enjoy some modern day Newt Scamander!

Dropping your books on the table, you opened up your laptop and took a sip of the steaming hot coffee you had bought and settled in for an afternoon of serious paper writing. You knew you shouldn’t have procrastinated, but the past few weeks the weather had been so perfect you just had to go to the beach with your friends. 

“Come one…” You pressed the keyboard multiple times, but your stupid screen kept freezing. Letting out a sigh, you pressed the restart button and waited for your laptop to reboot. 

Keep reading


I’d like to take a moment to apologize to the first anon. I told myself that I’d get this done in under two weeks, and we have past that a few times over. Heh heh…..

So, anon, if you’re out there, I am small and forgetful and love you! Please forgive.


You were making a difference.

…At least you hoped you were.

Being an office worker was not ideal, but neither was field work really. The only reason you agreed to do this job was because it had, “Overwatch,” branded all over it. In a dedicated organization like that, especially as small as it was, every job was important. Plus, someone had to watch over your boys.

You stretch your back. Geez, this whole week was nothing but reports and papers and meetings and then more reports. Not to mention, the Junkers over-the-top way of doing missions, was not helping. It seemed they didn’t realize, or more likely, didn’t care that destruction leads to paperwork. Paperwork that lands on your shoulders.

At this point, you could practically feel the bags under your eyes, and a coil in your back. It was hard to believe that anyone could spend all day everyday sitting on an uncomfortable chair, staring at a screen.

Whatever, you were almost done typing up this mission statement, then you were home free!

Oh, what’s that? An email with instructions to handle the legal works of the last two missions? Therefore elongating your workday and preventing you from leaving early?

Oh boy.

You were making a difference. Please be making a difference.


“An’ then it falls!” Jamison watched eagerly as another piece is taken off of the tower and placed on top. He frowns at it stability.

“Your turn.” Mako points at you. You shift forward looking it over before settling on a holographic piece and sliding it out.

“Aaaaaannnnnnndddddd…..” He taps his fingers against the table.

“Read em’ and weep, James.” You lean back, glancing past the Jenga tower you had downloaded earlier that week. You cross your arms and let your head lay against the back of the couch. God, your neck was killing you.


“What?” You realize that you had been resting your eyes, leading you to zone out.

“I said, ‘it’s your turn.’” Junkrat sets his head in his hand. “You feelin’ okay?”

“Yeah. Tired, sore, y'know, the same old same old.” You take out a piece.

“Maybe we should go to bed soon then.” Roadhog suggests, checking the time.

“Nah, being able to relax like this is more helpful honestly.” You reach above your head in a stretch, back cracking in the process. “I’m fine with sleeping normal time.”

You roll you shoulder and wince at the sudden jolt of pain. A string of curses catches your attention and you turn to see a pile of blocks and a defeated man.

“Jenga!” You shout to mock the smaller man. He glares back at you and huffs. You put your hands up in defense. “Hey, I was just kidding!”

He pauses, noting the stiffness in your movements. He puts on a nasty grin, wiggling his fingers. “Oh, what’s that? Ya askin’ for massage are ya!” He stands quickly, startling you.

“Hey! No! Stay back!” You push closer to Roadhog and he raps his arms around you, trapping you. “Traitor!” You gasp, wiggling in attempt to break free.

“You’re not escaping this time.” He rumbles from behind you.

“You’re gonna get a massage an’ like it!” Jamison half jokes, half boasts.

“I refuse! I refuse!” You laugh, backing as far away from him as physically possible.

His hands land on you shoulders with the most evil chuckle he could muster. He works your muscles as you fake struggle, just to make things harder on him.

The night ends with you passing out, mid massage, face first in your bed.

NCT 127: When their gf has anxiety/depression and has a hard time leaving the house

Here you go anon! Sorry that it took so long to upload (at first I had it done and was putting in the gifs but then it disappeared on me and I had to start over)! But I hope that it is as good as you wanted!

– Member K

Taeyong: Taeyong would go over to you whenever you would come to hang out because he knows it will make you uncomfortable.

Originally posted by taeyongd

Like Taeyong, he would be fine with always coming over to your place and having fun regardless.

Originally posted by neotechs

He would make a lot of jokes so that you don’t feel bad about having to always be somewhere where there aren’t many people.

Originally posted by ohbaibeeitsyou

As much as Yuta roasts people, in this matter he would just make sure to be there for you and to make you happy, ^^

Originally posted by neotechs

He’d be very similar to the usual Yuta, roastin’ others who make fun of you. He’d also comfort you ^w^

Originally posted by doyo-ng

This lil’ happy virus would cheer you up 25/8 and be there for you whenever you want him to be. 

Originally posted by nakamotens

The angel (who is slowly becoming savage) would comfort you, and hang out with you randomly to make you happy.

Originally posted by seungkwansthighs


I guarantee that he would make you smile, and would also be around you a lot (who wouldn’t though).

Originally posted by monoka

Again with another savage. He would also put aside his savageness for you~

Originally posted by nctinfo

anonymous asked:

who's your favorite gintama couple?

I’m actually ashamed this question has to be asked (WHAT HAVE I DONE THAT PEOPLE DON’T KNOW THE ANSWER TO THIS OMG I’M A SHAME TO THE FAM)

Ok but think about new bodyguard Sougo and heiress to a mob empire Kagura (not that she needs a bodyguard because she knows how to kick ass and she kicks them good, but we all know how Umibouzu and Gin can get). She’s so mad at first when she hears about the new arrangement because she cannot stand him so her sole purpose is to make Sougo’s life miserable; he doesn’t have any kind of problems returning the favour, ofc, but when the situation calls for it try touching a hair of her head- he’ll kill to keep her safe.

This was part of an AU of mine where they’re working undercover and they have to move to China during some months to dig up some info in order to stop a mafia (apart from Gin, nobody else knows about Kagura’s past) and things get shady. This scene takes place in a gala they attend. Kagura is pissed and Sougo is so done.


anonymous asked:

Hi Amy! I was just wondering if you or anyone had written a meta or anything about Klaus' parenting. Especially how it will differ from Marcel to Hope. Thank you in advance!

I’ve touched on it in other ways, since it is pretty central to the show, but I’m not sure if I’ve addressed it directly before?

I definitely think @klausmikelsons or @klausmikaelssn (don’t blame me for the names, trust me, I know) has also touched on it as well, maybe in the past? My memory fails me, so if the following isn’t what you were looking for you can always ask them as well!

Your question is a really good one, though, and I thought it would be super easy for me to answer - I thought that I’d thought about this extensively! But when I actually was like ‘Hm. What is it - besides blood, which is certainly a factor - that really makes this different?’ I had to really sit down and think. Why?

Klaus has always been subconsciously trying to achieve the things his father valued. Consciously, he calls this ‘strength’, since that’s what Mikael called it. When those around him constantly marvel at how he viciously seeks a legacy, they always attribute it to his loneliness. That’s a part of it, yes - wanting to feel a kinship that he can truly trust and truly control - but think about how obsessed Mikael was with legacy. With having a warrior as a son, with carving his ancestor’s runic symbol on a stave a thousand years after he was supposed to have died. Legacy was everything to Mikael.

So Klaus says in TVD that he needs to make hybrids as an army to use against Mikael. Rebekah picks up on how it’s more than that, but all she sees is the loneliness. What he’s also seeking is legacy, that thing his father held above all else, the thing that made Klaus so disgusting in Mikael’s eyes - that the weakness he saw in Klaus was connected to him, was because of him. What was that line? “I cannot describe the relief I felt when I learned that you were not actually my son.”

The hybrids ended up being a failure - their loyalty was forced, even if it was pure. It was another farce (as much as he loves his half-siblings, he has never been able to trust that they truly love him back) in his eyes.

Two hundred or so years earlier, before he had broken his curse, before he was strong enough to face his father mentally and physically, he saw a small opportunity for legacy. He saw himself in a young boy, on a funeral walk. He saw spirit and rejection and loneliness and greatness.

When Mikael first saw Klaus, swaddled in Esther’s arms, he was filled with joy. He looked into the baby’s face and saw a “warrior’s eyes”.

When Klaus first saw this boy, he asked him if he had a name. He said no. Klaus looks into the boy’s eyes, and suggests Marcellus. The boy is a little confused, the name sounds so grand and old. Klaus has to explain: “It comes from Mars, the god of war, and it means ’little warrior’.”

As genuine as Klaus’ love for Marcel is, from the very first moment, Klaus was motivated by his feelings of inferiority, his need to prove himself, his desire to be strong and great and powerful. His sympathy for Marcel was real, his tenderness was real, none of that is worth any less. But the context is tragically important.

Because when Klaus tries to be a father to Marcel, he’s trying to teach Marcel how to live his life as a rejected bastard son - Klaus is trying to help a younger version of himself achieve greatness. In Klaus’ mind, this is the purest expression of his love for Marcel. But it’s not what Marcel needs.

It’s no surprise that Marcel ended up so much like Klaus. That he nurtures his inferiority complex with bravado and power-lust. It’s the only way Klaus ever showed him how to cope, because it’s the only way Klaus knew how to cope. So when Marcel seeks the power that has comforted Klaus, vampirism, Klaus is shocked and confused - vampirism is the curse that gave him power, yes, but it’s a curse all the same - but he understands Marcel’s need all too well. He paved the road for Marcel to follow. His refusal to turn Marcel until his hand is forced is a testament to his conscious desire to give Marcel a better chance at life, one that is healthier and less fueled by evil vices. But subconsciously, he needs to turn Marcel into a warrior, he needs to build his legacy, he needs to show his father that people like him can create and dominate and thrive. He needs to feel strong.

The difference between his fatherhood of Hope and his fatherhood of Marcel, I think, has way too many aspects to examine in one meta. Maybe some of my friends can expand on it, but there are a few things I feel like really, really, get to the core of why Klaus is going to be able to walk down a different path this time.

When he first saw his little girl, he didn’t see himself. He didn’t see the cycle of pain that drew him to Marcel, he didn’t see power, he didn’t see strength. He saw a tiny creature, innocent, new, and irrevocably tied to him. He saw something that the likes of Mikael had never touched. He saw a baby who needed a father.

This time, it’s truly selfless. His need for legacy is what kept Hayley alive, no doubt, during the pregnancy. But now he needs something more than he has ever needed legacy - he needs to raise Hope in a world that will never teach her that she’s inferior, that will never make her feel unwanted or unloved, that will never tell her that she is weak for feeling pain.

He has no idea how to do that.

In order to give her a safe world, he dived headlong into his Mikael-esque tactics of dominion and power. Killing his own biological father is the height of this, and every time he embraces the fear and hatred of others is another brick to the defense. He has to suddenly face every horrific thing he’s ever done, though, and wonder, how am I going to keep my enemies from hurting her, when I have done worse to them? By becoming bigger and by becoming badder.

That’s what we’ve seen so far. He definitely has every intention of ending the cycle of abuse, of being a loving and open and caring father. But he feels that in order to have an environment safe enough for Hope to live, he has to create a space where no enemy would dare defy him. Since Hope has been too little to really understand Daddy’s actions in seasons 2 and 3, this has only been an issue in the back of Klaus’ mind. It’s a problem he knows exists - especially when everyone keeps pointing it out to him - but he doesn’t know any other way to even begin to change.

That’s why he goes to a person like Camille, to try and figure out how to change all of those well-worn cycles within him, but that’s a bit of a sore subject for me, as everyone knows. Point is, he makes conscious and active choices to face the ways that he perpetuates abuse, and to change them. He’s not always successful, poor boy, but he finally wants to change and feels like he actually might be able to do so.

Now that she’s old enough to really see him, if not understand his actions, he’s going to have to make big and scary decisions about the example he wants to set. For his parenting of Marcel, teaching him Machiavellian authoritarianism and alpha-male posturing was a way for Klaus to teach Marcel how to protect himself from his insecurities, from his fears. In doing so, he inadvertently reinforced and normalized those insecurities. He can’t do that with Hope. She doesn’t have those insecurities, and it’s on his shoulders to parent her in a way that will keep her from developing them.

He’s going to have to lean on his family, now that he no longer has someone ‘safe’ and non-Mikaelson like Camille. Klaus doesn’t know how to do that. He knows how to manipulate them (well, everyone but Hayley) but he doesn’t know how to trust them with that vulnerability within him. It’s not about legacy any more, not about patting himself on the back and saying ‘take that, Mikael, I really am worth something! Look what I’ve made!’

And that’s been Klaus’ goal for a thousand years. With this new goal… who knows how he’s going to handle it, but the fact of his shifting and warring priorities alone is enough for us to hope. That’s what Elijah saw in Klaus before it even began. That’s why Elijah latched on to the idea of Hayley’s pregnancy and didn’t let go. This new opportunity for Klaus to have a love he can trust and a family member who can trust his love in return - it’s unprecedented. So no matter how many times Klaus has and will fail in achieving his new goal, the one that finally, finally exists outside of that thousand-year-long cycle of abuse… there’s always hope. Always Hope.


Infinite AU Social Media Posts: Riley’s outfit for the night

Side Note: Do you guys like me posting these visual tie-ins to the fic?  Be honest…anon is on in my ask box if you wanna be anon.  I haven’t done one in a really long time, but it’s mainly because it took me a long time to find the perfect visual for what I had in mind for her dress.  I have a few others, but I really don’t know if I’m being super annoying with these or not.  So let me know?

When Haechan takes you on a date

Thank you so much for requesting~ I had a little bit of trouble with this scenario but I hope it isn’t too obvious  >< If you are displeased, please tell me! ><

i could have done this in so many ways omg the possibilities with this request are limitless *pun not intended* tbh i feel like this could be a lot better but i just couldn’t come up with anything better T-T

Words: 1104

Fluff because this smol bean deserves high quality (lol, where though? not here) fluff

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by taeiloves

You checked your phone. No new messages or calls.

Did something happen to him? Or is he just late?

Donghyuck was already half an hour late. You weren’t angry or anything of the sort, you were just wondering if he was okay. Sure, it was boring to wait but at least the weather was nice and you were in a good mood.

It was your very first date with Donghyuck. You two had known each other for quite some time already. Eventually, he had managed to ask you out after asking permission from his agency. You weren’t interested in his fame or anything like that, you just genuinely enjoyed his company just like he also enjoyed your company despite you being just a regular person.

You hummed along to the song that you were currently listening to through your headphones. It was spring and the weather was indeed very nice. The sun was shining but it wasn’t too hot. People seemed to be in a good mood.

You felt a tap on your shoulder and turned around. You took off your headphones and smiled a little.

“Sorry for being late,” Donghyuck apologized behind the mask he was wearing. “My van was followed by some fans so we had to lose them before I could come to you.”

“It’s okay,” you smiled.

“I’ll make sure I won’t be late next time,” he said and you two started walking.

You just smiled in response. “What do you have planned for today?” you asked. He had insisted on planning the date and hadn’t told anything about it to you.

“You’ll see,” he said and you could almost see his mischievous smile through the mask that was covering half of his face.

“Are you sure your fans won’t recognize you?” you asked.

“No,” he said. “But you know, we can always make a run for it if someone recognizes me,” he gave a laugh and you chuckled. “Besides, even if someone recognized me, I’m sure they wouldn’t do anything crazy.”

You doubted him a little, knowing how extreme some fans could get, but decided to trust him. If he trusted his fans that meant that you could also trust them.

You two walked for a while and talked about how your week had been since you hadn’t seen each other since the week before. He told you that he didn’t have much to do these days since he wasn’t in the unit that was promoting and they weren’t going to make him promote for a while. He had more free time than he had had since debut.

“How do you spend your time?” you asked, curious.

“I just practice or hang out with other members who aren’t promoting. I’ve also started writing some lyrics.”

“Oh,” you smiled, a little surprised and looked at him. “That’s cool.”

He chuckled at your reaction. “I’m not good yet but I’m trying my best.”

“As always,” you chuckled and nudged him gently.

He smiled widely and pointed at a what seemed like a bookstore. “That’s what I have planned for today.”

You were surprised by his statement. “What? Really?”

He nodded. “I remember you saying you like bookstores.”

“I do,” you said. “I’m surprised you remembered.”

“To be honest, I was a little unsure if I was right,” he gave a laugh. “I’m glad I remembered correctly.”

You two entered the bookstore and you immediately felt like you had stepped into a very cozy environment. The store was quite small and everywhere you looked you could see books. There were numerous shelves, filled with books of different color and size and they all looked like they very different in age. Some of the books were very old-looking and you figured they were books people had brought to the store to sell of just donate.

“Welcome,” a young woman greeted you from behind a cashier with a smile. “Are you looking for something in specific?” she asked.

“No, not really,” you smiled, still mesmerized by all the books.

“If you come up with any questions, please do ask me,” the woman said and you nodded before starting to move around the store.

There were a lot of classics and the books were actually in different languages, which fascinated you. You made sure to look at every shelf very carefully. Donghyuck looked around too for some time but slowly his attention shifted from the shelves to you. He observed your expressions and smiled whenever you gasped upon finding a book that caught your eye.

“You’re not getting bored, are you?” you asked him when you noticed that he wasn’t really too interested in the books.

He shook his head immediately. “I’m not the least bit bored.”

You smiled a little and returned to looking at the books. It took you a good half an hour to walk around the whole store and after you were done, you walked over to the cashier with a few books that you absolutely could not leave at the store. Besides, they were very cheap.

After buying the books, you and Donghyuck exited the store. He held you hand and led you to the next spot that was a cute little café just a few blocks away from the bookstore.

“What do you want to order?” he asked when you two stepped in to the café.

“Hmm…” you looked at what the café had on its menu. After a bit, you decided what you wanted and ordered it. Donghyuck insisted on paying since you had already used some money on the books you had bought. You went to sit down and waited for your order. You talked about the most random things and the conversation continued after you got your orders. You talked for maybe two hours, which you two didn’t even notice. The time just flew by while you laughed and talked about a ton of different things.

“Oh crap,” Donghyuck looked at the clock. “I have a schedule in an hour… I… should probably go…”

You were surprised when he suddenly stood up. “Oh, okay.”

“I’d love to walk you home and all but…”

“I understand,” you smiled. “You should go. I don’t want you to be murdered by your manager,” you chuckled.

You both got up and walked outside. With a smile, you gave him a hug. “Do your best,” you said, referring to his schedule.

He nodded with a smile and hugged you back. “I’ll text you,” he said and let go.

“You’d better,” you chuckled, making him chuckle too. You said goodbye to each other and parted ways, both smiling widely. Though short, the date had been very pleasant and left you both wanting more.

The Avengers Headcanons (Part 1)

Author’s Note: Okay so I’m going to have to do this in two parts because wowzers, it’s a bunch. Now let me say this before you read on, I have never done headcanons before, like ever. And if I did this correctly (is there a correct way??) I hope you enjoy it! Of course these are just my ideas on what your relationship would be as. Thank you anon babe for the request! I promise to get the second part out as soon as possible <3

Also some characters may have longer headcanons, that is because sometimes I’m just more familiar with certain other characters (oops)

Warnings: This does contain talks of PTSD and panic attacks

Fluff & Angst 


Request: Anon

Can you do relationship headcanons for the avengers? (Or if not all of them at least Scott and Pietro) thanks so much your blog and writings make me so happy darling!!


~Steve Roger Headcanons~

  • Huge cuddle monster, especially on his days off he won’t let you out of his arms (even if you’re needed for missions)
  • When both of you have to work he’ll be the first out of bed and will always make you your coffee
  • Whenever you’re baking sweets he likes to stick his fingers in the batter and eat it (he’s a super soldier, raw eggs can’t hurt him)
  • Whenever you’re deeply invested in doing something Steve likes to draw you. He especially likes to draw your eyes, they always show a passionate fire
  • When either of you have a mission to go do and you’re not together, both you and Steve made it a tradition to make each other lists on what you love about each other
  • When both you and Steve have missions together he always makes you carry band aids on you. He knows it’s somewhat silly but it makes him feel better
  • After missions it’s another tradition you both do, you guys take a bath together. He’d clean you while you express all of your worries and frustrations from the mission
  • Then you do the exact same for him (he sometimes gets super emotional from major missions because his mind always went back to Bucky)
  • Steve has PTSD, and when he starts to show his symptoms even more you’re always right by his side, trying to calm him down. Unlike Tony he needs to know that you’re actually there, he’s terrified of the thought of you disappearing from him like Bucky did. And as much as he hates to admit it, he can’t lose you like he did Peggy. You know that and you also know that he truly does love you
  • Whenever his PTSD gets to be too much you take him to your guy’s bedroom and lay him down, you had asked Tony to install a dimming light switch (which helps in times like this). You make sure he’s only able to hear your voice, no loud noises or bright flashes for they could bring him all back down and make him think he’s in the war again
  • When both you and Steve fight you always let him have the last word. As much as you’d want to argue back you realize how hard is must be for him to even be fighting with you
  • Sometimes when the fighting goes too far and either of you say something too harsh you both go to your hideaways. And while hiding both of you think of ways on how to apologize to each other
  • Both of you hide for exactly 3 hours. And when you both find each other it’s filled with regretful tears and loving words. In your guy’s relationship, both of you apologize, not just one
  • At the end of the day, mission or no mission, fighting or not- you and Steve always fall asleep in each others arms, whispering, “I love you.”

~Tony Stark Headcanons~

  • He loves to spoil you. You’re always against it though (you tell him to just donate his money)
  • He also tries to get you to wear one of his Iron Man suits (he’s even made you your own Iron Man suit!)
  • Tony doesn’t seem like a huge touchy-feely guy but when the mood strikes him he’ll pull you from whatever you’re doing and cuddle you
  • During those choice cuddle sessions he sometimes is the little spoon (He had admitted it while you guys were cuddling that he loved being the little spoon. But if you were to tell anyone that he’d of course deny it)
  • Tony doesn’t like to fight with you. Like at all, he’s had too much fighting in his life already (and being an Avenger doesn’t make it any better) and you’re the one person he never wants to fight with
  • Sometimes when he falls asleep in the lab you go down to drag his butt to a nearby couch. And you stay with him throughout the whole night (you didn’t care if your body was going to hurt in the morning, he’d do the same for you)
  • Whenever Tony has a panic attack you always bring him to the biggest window overlooking the city and make him a cup of tea. He doesn’t like being touched when having the attack so you always ask J.A.R.V.I.S everyday to keep a dryer running to keep your blankets warm (Tony wants the warmth of someone during the attacks but like he said, he doesn’t like to be touched during them) You’ll wrap him up in the blanket and sit with him for hours. Wether it was to listen to him talk or just hear him breathe. You’ll remind him every few minutes to breathe in and out or to drink his tea so he doesn’t start to panic again
  • Once Tony is calmed back down from his attacks he’ll slowly scoot himself over to you (he has to test the waters to see if he’s comfortable with being touched) if he’s comfortable with it he’ll raise your arm and cuddle into your side. You’ll then sit there and softly comb your fingers through his hair
  • During most days he’ll play classic rock through the com-system and if a slow song comes on and you’re in the vicinity he’ll whisk you off your feet to a clear area and dance with you (sometimes when dancing his hands will ‘accidentally’ slip down to your butt and you’ll then ‘accidentally’ drop your foot harshly on his)
  • After a hard day at work when both of you meet up back at the bedroom you both always make it a big deal to say “I love you” before you all asleep and after you wake up

~Natasha Romanoff Headcanons~

  • She’s not one to really express (physically mostly, sometimes verbally too) her emotions to anyone (she’s secretly scared that someone will use her emotions against her and somehow hurt you)
  • You always reassure her though that she doesn’t have to do anything that makes her feel in anyway uncomfortable. You also always reassure her that you do know that she loves you
  • On her free days from missions she always does two things:
  1. She shows you moves on how to defend yourself and how to take down your attacker (you work for SHIELD and you do know how to defend yourself but you let Nat teach you anyway- it makes her feel better)
  2. She will shut all of the blinds and lock every door and then she’ll show you just how much she loves you
  • Nat doesn’t like to cook so you’re always the one cooking. You don’t mind one bit to be honest. She does so much for you already and you’re happy to do this for her
  • Even though she doesn’t necessarily show/express her feelings for you everyday, she could never turn down an opportunity to cuddle you
  • She likes to be both the big spoon and the little spoon. But her favorite cuddle position is when she’s able to look at you. She likes to point out everything she loves about to herself while you relax in her arms
  • Whenever Nat has to go on a mission you always pack her a lunch. She doesn’t care what the others think because they know that if they joke her about the packed lunch… she could easily kill them with so said packed lunch (Tony had a hard time getting all of the banana out of his ear that week)
  • When you’re the one with the mission instead, you make a week’s worth of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners for Nat. Your homemade cooking always gives her comfort when you’re gone.
  • This goes for the both of you, when either of you come back from a mission injured to hell and back the other takes care of the other’s injuries and cleans them up
  • Whenever she’s too tired to clean her guns after missions, you’re the one to clean them for her
  • She’s the one to kill the bugs (but she of course lets go of the spiders outside)

~Clint Barton Headcanons~

  • Clint is always cranky without his morning coffee, so before he wakes up you make a full pot of it for just him
  • You got him this gag gift for Christmas a while back- it was a giant coffee mug that could hold up to a gallon of liquids… he uses it every morning
  • Clint is partially deaf so you had taught yourself sign language for him (it’s helpful too when you want to tease him in front of The Avengers)
  • Everyone gets super frustrated when you and Clint sign to each other in front of them. It’s especially frustrating when either of you laugh suddenly
  • The first time you told him you loved him you had used sign language to tell him (he cried)
  • Before you guys started dating he would hide up in the vent and rafters and watch you (you knew he was there always hiding but you knew he was just trying to figure out your character)
  • You had finally gotten tired of his hiding so one day you asked Nat to meet you in the common room (you knew he was going to be there so before he could get to his usual hiding spot in the room, you climbed up there and waited for him. When he finally showed up you had almost fell out of the rafter from laughing at his shocked reaction. Clint asked you out right then and there, you of course said yes)
  • Clint always complains about not having enough arrows so for his birthday every year, you get him just that, arrows. (you always have a theme for the arrows, last year’s theme was Hello Kitty)
  • For being an Avenger, Clint loves junk food. So every time you go to the grocery store he has to tag along.
  • And for being a master assassin, he’s not very sneaky about all of the treats he puts in the cart. And whenever he thinks you caught him he’d give you the most innocent look, you’d then roll your eyes, and then the innocent look is replaced with a shit eating grin
  • In your phone his contact name changes every month from: “Bird Boy”, “Lil Shit”, “Princess”, and your favorite, “Lil Shit Princess”
  • He’s the master of building forts, everyone will agree with you on it
  • You two fight about the silliest of things, and when he feels as if he lost during the petty argument he goes to sulk up in the vents
  • The only way you found out how to get him out of the vents is to yell about his favorite show being on
  • Or to yell out that you’re about to drink the last bit of his coffee (it’s always interchangeable)

~Bruce Banner Headcanons~

  • Bruce loves to show you his research. It could be either his old research or new, he has to it all to you
  • He loves to watch you read his research too, you always have a proud look on your face
  • Bruce also always asks for your input on his ideas and projects. He always wants to know if you think his projects are safe/good ideas
  • Like Clint, he would hide from you before you guys started dating
  • Before dating Bruce he would spend even more time in the lab. He was investing himself in trying to find a cure for his “Big Green Problem” as he would put it
  • The only reason for him researching it even more is because he wanted you to not think of him as a monster, but as just some regular guy
  • One day when he thought everyone was gone he finally had left his lab (even in the beginning of the relationship you were always curious of what he does in the lab). You snuck in to see why he’s been in there whenever you were over. Bruce came back and saw you in tears, you had found out why.
  • Lets just say Bruce has never felt so terrified and in love after the lecture you gave him
  • Bruce doesn’t like to talk about it but you were able to convince him into seeing a therapist
  • You always wait for him during his sessions (and for when he wants you back there for him, you always rush to him and hold his hands)
  • And after therapy sessions you both always go get ice cream (his favorite is pistachio, ironic isn’t it)
  • It took a long time for Bruce to show you any type of physical affection, but when he finally did, he was the most loving boyfriend anyone could ask for
  • Whenever Bruce meditates you always join him, no matter what time it is. Unless you’re really needed somewhere else, if that’s case then you leave a cup of tea next to him
  • As much as Bruce love peace and quiet, you had made him a playlist of soothing classical music for when he’s in the lab
  • You actually made tons of different playlists for him when certain emotions hit him (his favorite is called “Calming the Big Green Babe” he finds it funny)
  • He totally cried during Marley & Me

~Thor Odinson Headcanons~

  • First things first, he may be a God from another part of the universe but he’s a huge fucking nerd
  • While you were showing him Earth’s modern entertainments, he had stumbled across the Star Wars movies (big mistake)
  • Whenever it’s his turn during movie night at The Avengers tower he always and you mean always requests for the Star Wars movies
  • Everyone blames you
  • You never understood his obsession with Poptarts
  • But you always stock up at least one cabinet in the kitchen with the artificial treat (it’s always gone within three days)
  • Speaking of the kitchen, during your first few months of living together you had to keep your good china dishes hidden from Thor so he wouldn’t smash them
  • But! You do keep thrifted dishes in a separate place so both you and Thor can smash them for whenever you both want to celebrate
  • Thor never likes to be the little spoon. And if you were to even joke him about trying to be the little spoon for once he’ll always answer with, “I am the might Thor! I must be the big spoon my love!” He just doesn’t want to crush you
  • He’s also very dramatic (you blame it on his Asgardian culture) but you find it charming to be honest
  • He can get very homesick sometimes but he knows he can’t leave at times because The Avengers might need his help
  • When he does get homesick, you drape on your guy’s bed sheets and try, keyword try, to do an Asgardian accent. It always manages to bring a smile on his face. And if you got super close to doing the accent he’s proud laughter will boom throughout the room (they don’t call him the God of thunder for nothing)
  • If Thor has the chance to go back to Asgard, he will every time ask you if you wanted to come along (you of course always said yes)
  • Whenever you both are in Asgard and someone asks who you are, Thor without fail will pull you into his side and answer with, “My Queen.”
  • And it always ends with you laughing at him


This alone has taken me two days to do, please forgive me if I don’t get out the other part the same day as this posts or even the next. I’m only one little nerdling <3