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spencer and toby deserved better. they deserved a better ending. WE deserved better. after seven years of happiness, angst, tears, sadness, we deserved to see spencer and toby get back together. we should’ve seen them declare their love for each other one last time. we should’ve seen them happy as a couple, kissing and hugging and glad to finally be back with each other. i’m so angry and upset and i can’t believe marlene would do this. every other ship got an engagement/marriage/children and spoby doesn’t even get a reunion on screen. screw this

I’m rereading Allegiance by @kaelinaloveslomaris and it’s so good!! Highly highly recommend everyone to read it if you want some super super well written Skywalker fam stuff with good characterisations and a good plot and all in all 11/10 everything

I wanted to draw something for it so here’s how I imagined the half cape outfit from chapter nine! I honestly don’t know how half capes work or how you attach them so I just drew a chain similar to the one vader has on his cape, which I think is a cool detail anyway because of the “Well, I’m really going to be a mini you, aren’t I?” comment from Luke lmao

When I die I want Marlene king to lower me into my casket so she can let me down one last time

Esther deserves respect

I’m actually heartbroken about behaviour and attitudes of some people in the fandom. Matthew and Esther are real people, with real lives and real feelings. They aren’t on a TV show, they exist in real life, so the thought that anyone was giving Matt and Esther hate over an Instagram post really really pisses me off. Nobody has the right to post hateful comments about anyone just because they feel like it or are jealous. Over the weekend Matt and Esther were more than indulgent with fans who essentially stalked them for three days. By the last day you could see his face in pictures like he was not enjoying it but he is so kind and couldn’t say no. Now Esther also has to deal with all this attention on what is like her holiday and she does it with a smile on her face. So what the fuck makes people think they can just send her whatever hate they want just because they are hiding behind a computer screen to do it. It makes me sick tbh, she didn’t ask for any of this and i wouldn’t blame Matt if he wanted to stop posting on social media or even interacting with fans. Because he’d have every right to. People are interfering and messing around in their personal lives and that is so far beyond OK and acceptable. I am so tired of this shit happening in this fandom. And it completely takes away from the majority of us who love and respect the whole cast and their SO. I’m just so done and sad and ashamed right now. 

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“Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?" -tsukikage

“Can we pretend I didn’t just say that?”

“What- Tsukishima!! You can’t just say that and walk away!” Kageyama huffed as he ran to catch up with the taller boy, embarrassed but not willing to let him escape.

“Which is why we’re pretending I didn’t say it.”

The setter grabbed Tsukishima’s Karasuno jacket, pulling him back inside the club room. They were the only ones in here; everyone else had gone to get food when Daichi had offered it, but Kageyama and Tsukishima had stayed behind to practice their combination attack a bit more.

And now they were left in this awkward situation, Kageyama trying to understand what he’d heard and Tsukishima stubbornly avoiding his gaze.  

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