so done ;a;

She stepped away from me
And she moved through the Fair
And fondly I watched her
Move here and move there
And she went her way homeward
With one star awake
As the swans in the evening
Move over the lake

Dnpcorgis’ 500 follow forever

I never thought I’d reach 500 followers wow so I wanted to do a follow forever because I’ve never actually done one and I don’t know what else to do lol. So here’s a mix of my mutuals and just really great blogs that I love and y’all should check out too <3

PS If I missed anyone please feel free to shout at me I’m sorry :(

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hc where the party is practicing basketball with steve for the school team’s tryouts “okay, playtime is over ladies. skins and shirts. mike, sinclair, you’re with me. wanna see what you’ve got, henderson. let’s do this” steve commands while taking off his shirt, lucas following in order to impress max, who only rolls her eyes while pushing him playfully, and finally mike. eleven wondering from her place at the bleachers what kind of powers will must have when she sees the boy’s nose bleeding

anonymous asked:

u dont have to answer this but i wanted to let you know that you're the reason i draw again. i stopped few years ago and then randomly saw your art it just ?? was so powerful, vibrant, dynamic and smooth it gave me so many chills i was like. i wanna be like that too :o and i started drawing, following your tutorials etc. now i like to think im an ok artist tho my art looks very different than yours. but still you were and ARE an inspiration for me and many others so thank you thank you 💜💜💜

There’s nothing more amazing than hearing that you’ve inspired someone to be creative and I’m just slksfsdf your comment made my whole day light up, so thank you for taking the time to tell me!! I’m so so delighted my art has led you to start drawing again! Best of luck with your art journey, you lovely thing <33

The ‘Always’ quote is quite overused and I admit it doesn’t mean much to me anymore. But whenever I rewatch the scene, and I hear Alan say that, I get chills. Maybe it’s the music, maybe how it was filmed, maybe his voice, I really don’t know, but that scene brings the word to life.