so don't you bring us down today

  • Dear Taehyung,
  • You're always smiling.
  • You're always having a good time.
  • How do you do it? I know it can get hard sometimes, especially as an idol who works under pressure a lot and doesn't get much rest.
  • Your strength, it amazes me. Thanks to you, I've changed a lot as a person & my mindset has definitely become more positive.
  • thank you for the happiness you bring upon me. I've become so much more outspoken and I can feel myself growing up as a person.
  • I know it can be hard to show your true self through a camera, especially when the media & netizens are there to jump on anything you might say.
  • But, just know that you're doing you. Please don't let anyone bring you down.
  • Your recent fancafe post, my heart shattered to pieces reading it. Knowing that someone who has made me laugh and become the happy person I am today, is now in pain and doesn't realize their true value, it hurts.
  • And it sucks, because I can't be there to comfort you.
  • Just like the rest of us, we can't physically be there to comfort you.
  • But, Tae, just know that you are capable of anything. Your character and smile has lit up the world's of so many other people.
  • & don't worry, I have been there too, where I've felt the lowest of my lows, and although it can take a lot of time to slowly get back up & the fact that I'm still slowly growing, just know that there will always be someone who may be "better" than you but, you are doing you. & you will always be killing it in YOUR OWN WAY.
  • Just like you've always had, Tae. ♡
  • I'm sorry there's not much we can do except for sending you words of strength. But just know Tae, you are an amazing human being and don't even think twice about it.
  • ARMYs love you.
  • Have strength bby ♡
  • I know it can get hard, but remember, you are you and no one is better at being you than you. ♡
  • Love,
  • ARMYs.
  • - Note: After reading what Tae had written in the fancafe, I had to make this letter.
Summer Lovin' - Nash Grier Fanfic ( Part 5 )

Nash’s POV:

“ Get Off Her Gilinsky!!" Nash shouted and he got off her immiedietly,

Gilinsky rubbed the back of his neck and spoke ” Oh Hey Nash, Y/N got a littly drunk so I brought her up to her room and she pulled me in for a kiss.“ and Nash’s face was full of anger

” Bullshit Gilinsky! You kissed me! When you wrapped your arms around me I thought you were Nash!“ you screamed and just started to cry at this situation. ” Get Out Gilinsky".

“ That was so low Y/N”

“ I thought it was you!”

“ Whatever! But you didn’t push him away!”

“ I couldn’t he didn’t let me go!”

“ I think you should leave.”

“ leave my room" you questioned in pure frustration

” uhh yeah"

“ Why don’t you get the fuck out Nash! and never come back”

“ Shut Up Y/N! Noone cares what you say!”

“ Thats Bullshit! I think we need to break up because I don’t date faggots like you”

“ Whatever, I don’t date cheating Bitches" and walked to the door and slammed it hard. Soon as he walked out you started to ball out in tears.

~ 2 hours later ~ 1 am

” Hey" Y/B/N called

“ Go Away Nash or whoever you are!”

“ Whats wrong" Mahogany asked with a genuine tone

” Jack Gilinsky kissed me and I thought It was Nash and Nash got mad because I kissed him back and he said mean things and I sorta broke up with him" You cried on Mahogany’s shoulder and Y/B/N put her arm around you “ Y/N, Nash is an idiot if didn’t believe you or forgive you so don’t let him bring you down. Lets get some sleep because the second day of Magcon is tomorrow and then we can relax for another week and then we are back to North Carolina for us" Y/B/N said

” Nash’s there" you whined “ Go to sleep girls, big day tomorrow" Mahogany said.


Next day:

Today was day 2 of Magcon Chicago and You, Y/B/N and Mahogany were all getting ready,

Y/N wore: 

you were still upset but your lif motto was ’ If nothing you planned goes right then don’t wait for something to come to you, go to that something’In this instance the something is Nash. You wore something to impress the other boys and let Nash know what he lost.

By around 9 am you girls went downstairs to meet the guys for breakfast you kinda was excited to see the boys and to see Nash’s reaction.

” Hey Girls" The boys chimed

“ Hey Boys!! Excited for today?!" You girls replied, but you couldn’t stop looking at Nash who’s eyes were full of lust and his face when the boys complimented you. You sat next to Cameron and Y/B/N.

The Event:

The event for you was really awkward because Nash kept looking at you but you tried to ignore him and just continued the games and Q&A’s with the others then one of the girls from the crowd asked Y/B/N and yourself

” If you had to date one of these boys, who would it be and why?“

Y/B/N aswered Matt because she is totally inlove with him since day one and you stood there with a blush but then decided to answer the question "ummm… I would date Shawn because he is so cute and he can be my personal radio and he can sing to me when ever" and you looked over to Nash and he just looked disappointed and looked away then you looked at Shawn and he was walking over to you and gave you a huge hug.

Once the event was over you went on to twitter and saw a tweet that nash postet and you knew it was meant for you;

” @nashgrier: i know you made a mistake, I know you are sorry, I know you regret it, I know you still love me, But I screwed things up by saying fucking mean things, I need you right now. Seeying you dress nice makes me feel like i have the everything when really i don’t i lost that everything because of one stupid night that we were drunk. I hope you see this and come back to me or vice versa I go back to you. But I don’t think you want to talk to me….. I’m so sorry and I want you back and this time I won’t screw up I won’t I promise. I know your friends hate me and I hope they can forgive me for this stupid mistake I made of letting the best person in my life go….ofc my family is #1 but you come in a close tie… ahahaha love you loads still even if you don’t"

You imiedietly smiled and ran over to Nash and you kissed him full of passion and he just gazed into your eyes and smiled.