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Goddammit I H A T E when you go visit a MyCastle and it’s like “hey, friend! Easy seize and skills! :)” so you go to fight, thinking they maybe have this rare skill you really want for this character AND IT’S ABSOLUTE HELL THEIR UNITS ARE ARMED TO THE TEETH WITH +6 FORGED WEAPONS, ALL PERFECTLY ABLE TO REACH YOU IN ONE TURN AND LVL 99 LIKE WHAT THE HELL I JUST WANTED TO HAVE A GOOD TIME AND I EVEN GAVE YOU A GREAT ACCESSORY WHY YOU GOTTA BE LIKE THIS YOU DIDN’T DESERVE THIS ACCESSORY YOU DECEIVED ME

I’ve noticed a recent trend in the fanfic recommendation lists crossing my dash to not include the author’s names?? Just to type fic titles?? Or to give fic title, summary, and maybe rating and word count? But no writer??

This is SO weird to me, and not cool. Guys, we created that content, and we deserve credit. Further, it’s useful information for people seeing the rec list to know, AND authors like to know when their work is being recced. Why *wouldn’t* you include an author’s name? Sure, there’s a link to the story, but omitting the writer makes it seem like, on some level, there’s this belief these stories popped into being without a creator. Many people will never see anything other than this list and the title of the fic. We writers have worked *incredibly* hard to create this content for readers, and we give it away for free. The only credit we get is that our names are attached to the works.

When you create a rec list and distribute it without naming the authors of the works, you take that away.

If you wouldn’t reblog a piece of artwork that doesn’t credit the artist, why would you reblog a fic rec that doesn’t credit the writer?

Please, please stop this trend. Please take the five extra minutes when creating your lists to type out our damn names as well as the names of our fics.

Let’s nip this in the bud. Credit your writers, my friends. Credit your writers.

Thank you.

I’m so tired of never having any motivation to do anything

The way chronic illness destroys your ability to form and maintain friendships is one of the things I hate most about being sick.

That awkward moment when you have to tell your mom that you and your family will not be attending a couple of events with her.  And she took your “I’m not sure yet” as a yes and prepared for it and guilted you about it and is continuing to do so.  And there are a bunch of different issues for why you’re not comfortable, but she isn’t able to see it from your perspective at all.  

These are reasons why I’m having this conversation via text, not a call, because I would ramble and screw up my words and sound ridiculous.  UGGGGHHHHH.


Batting cages …. I have never hit so bad in my life. Who knew how quickly you get tired. @earl_carpenter was hitting great. Sadly I did not. Apart from the one hander. #246homerun #lesmisbway #lesmizbway [x]

icons, f-lock, and threaded comments are the things I usually miss about journal fandom, but ‘view in your own style’ may be the greatest loss of all

France/Canada Fic: 30 hits

France/Canada w/ England/America subplot: 150 hits 


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