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Prayer Answered

This is a part three that I promised haha it’s kinda turning into a Roseph fic but that’s ok?? I love these two and I’m just happy to write this stuff <3

Joseph came to slowly, feeling with a drowsy pleasure that his mouth was no longer forced open. His mouth tasted horrible, though. Blech.

The first thing he noticed was the glass of whiskey on the table next to the bed, ice slowly melting. The room was messy, thrown together, almost, and didn’t look much better than the hunched form overlooking the half-shuttered window.

“Nngh…… Robert….?”

The man turned quickly, sharp eyes piercing right through the dim light.

“Joe. You’re awake.”

It was hard not to hear the clear concern in his voice, however hard he tried to hide it.

“How’re you feeling?”

Joseph closed his eyes, mulling the question over. His ass hurt. And his arms. His legs were still working through the pins and needles stage, but at least everything seemed to be still there.

“Honestly? Like shit.”

A quiet chuckle from across the room, and Robert stood, flexing his hands as if he’d had his fists clenched tightly for a while. “I’ll get you some water.”


Robert’s footsteps were a lot heavier than Joseph remembered, though not like he had a lot of memory surrounding the couple of drunk trysts they’d had. At least he hadn’t had enough hard feelings to leave him at those guys’ tender mercies.

A glass of water thrust in his face, and Joseph realised, startled, that he’d tuned out and Robert had returned, looking a little impatient.

“Drink up. Probably dehydrated.”

Obediently, Joseph gulped down the water, gasping with relief at the cool liquid soothing his sore throat and getting rid of the awful taste.

“Thank you, Robert. I didn’t know if before had…. Well, what I mean to say is I’m glad you don’t……”

“You’re glad I don’t hate you enough to leave you alone.” Robert sighed, running a hand through greying hair and looking sideways at him. “You really think I’m cold enough to leave you there? After what I saw?”

“No.” Joseph focused on the glass, the condensation running down the side and onto his fingers. “No, I’ve never thought that little of you.”

A soft huff. “Thought not. Just making sure you didn’t get the sense fucked out of you.”

Now Joseph laughed, quietly, coughing as his body reminded him it had been screaming for a while and had little voice left. “No, I’ve still got wits about me.”

He sobered, glancing up. “Mary? The kids?”

Robert swirled his own glass in his hands, taking a sip and grimacing. Watered down. “Talked her into staying home and watching them for once. Kids’re fine, just worried about you sailing at night, s'all.”

Sailing? “Sailing?” Joseph repeated, brow furrowing.

“Yeah. Didn’t want to tell them we didn’t know where you were, so you were out on your yacht. You know. Tying knots and stuff.”

Ah. Good thinking.

“Thank you.” Joseph downed the rest of the water, taking a cool hand full of condensation and rubbing the back of his neck with it, letting it cool him down slightly and maybe help the roiling in his stomach. “I wasn’t gone long, was I?”

“Just the afternoon and night. It’s like 5:40 or some shit in the morning, can be back before they wake up if you want.” Robert’s tone clearly said he didn’t think Joseph should go home like this, and to be honest, he agreed.

“Can I take a shower here?”

Robert gestured at the door. “Down the hall. Knock yourself out.”

Joseph looked down at his legs, taking a breath. This was probably gonna hurt, but he had to assess the damage eventually.

Here goes nothing- holy MACKEREL!

He hissed in pain, almost buckling before he grabbed the bedpost.

“………Need a hand, Joe?”

Robert had gotten up when he stumbled, glass forgotten on the windowsill, eyes betraying his concern. “I can walk you there, at least.”

A weak nod was the response, and Robert eased an arm around his waist, helping him out of the room at his own pace. Joseph bit his lip, focusing on putting one foot in front of the other and not dragging his friend down with him.

“You sure you can do this yourself?”

“Yeah. Just have a towel you don’t care about ready? I hope I don’t start bleeding, but who knows.”

Robert barked out a laugh as they reached the bathroom and he settled Joseph down on the toilet lid. “Joe, I don’t give a shit about any of my towels. It’s fine. Take your time, and try not to hurt yourself more.”

“No promises.” A weak joke, but he was still rewarded with a smirk before the door closed.

Shower. Okay.

Jisung Texts

It’s v horrible but bear with me!! 😖


Taeyong, your bother, buys you a dog to take care of but you don’t know how to so you ask Jisung to help you.


Original characters???? On my blog???? It’s more likely than you think…

This boy is from that cool dream I had the other night. I decided to flesh out the story and make original character designs for it. 

His name, at least for right now, is Daniel and he’s the wizard’s adopted son and the older brother to the homunculus boy. Daniel has no magic himself but he’s a devoted, tough little boy who protects his little brother at any cost. He’s about 15 or 16 years old, probably a Pisces and I think his weapon of choice is going to be a revolver. 

I can’t wait to draw him with his baby bro. I love my new dream sons.

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anonymous asked:

How did you develop your writing style? It's so unique and descriptive. Did you take inspiration from anyone and build on that, or was it more like writing until you gradually became better at it? I'm having a crisis because I want to develop a distinct writing style, but I don't know how. I don't know if you can compare it to an artist finding their style or not, so I don't really know what to expect. eh, sorry if this didn't make any sense (ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣﹏ᵕ̣̣̣̣̣̣)

Very interesting ask.

Thank you for the kind words in the beginning of your ask, first of all. I think this is a very important thing to address for writers in general because it’s a struggle that we all go through at one point. And, for others, it’s a constant battle… for most, if not all, it’s a necessity. 

I’ll be answering this in two parts, because one is more personal while the other is more objective. I hope that these answers and thoughts will help in some capacity.

We’ll go with the objective one first. (This will be long. Sorry. I can’t answer this question in a short way without any depth.)

. Where Do You Aim When Crafting Your Writing Style? .

Anon, if I were to be honest, the actual act of aiming to develop a distinct style, rather than focus on developing your craft in terms of grammar, syntax, and variation in imagery, leads to obstacles more than anything. 

I know from personal experience that being obsessed with being different (and this is more recent in my years as a developing writer, rather than towards the beginning) prolongs the frustrations and even causes writers to stumble and overthink about their style. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve struggled with enjoying my own writing because of my very descriptive use of words and imagery, even though that’s what differentiates me as a writer. 

(And there are plenty of flaws that develop with every single style, and I can tell you a dozen frustrations I have for every one positive thing I like about my own. Of course, that will be expanded on later.)

The first step into coming into your own writing style, Anon, is understanding that trying too hard to emulate another’s style will only halt you in crafting your own. There is nothing wrong with drawing influence and finding inspiration in authors, of course, because that’s how we function. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be similar or even outshine the authors we admire, whether it’s in terms of the actual style itself, the content, the plots, the characters, the settings, etc. In fact, it’s encouraged for writers to explore the secrets and methods that the most esteemed and successful authors use, because that’s where you learn.

Writing is, in fact, an extremely meticulous and even mechanical process. There is a sort of science (if you want to view it that way) to the way stories are structured, how certain styles work with certain readers and so on. 

Your motivations behind why you want to develop a distinct style should be made clear before you move forward with practicing and continuously exploring what you have to offer for yourself, rather than your wish to imitate other people.

Now, there are countless different ways you can discuss the writing styles of different authors. For one thing, there’s a very descriptive elegance and simple depth that is often found in the works of Ian McEwan, for instance, the author of Atonement, Nutshell, and Sweet Tooth

His style is very heavy on summarization of his characters, almost, which can either draw the reader in or immediately turn them off. Some absolutely despise this style because they claim it lacks depth or connection between the reader and the characters.

I absolutely love Ian McEwan. I’m one of millions of readers who enjoy his style, and I oppose the viewpoints of millions of readers who absolutely detest his style. But what makes Ian McEwan Ian McEwan is… well, Ian McEwan’s writing style and process. 

When you criticize or praise Ian McEwan, you’re not criticizing his style for emulating J.K. Rowling or George R.R. Martin or C.S. Lewis or any other writer, but your’e criticizing and praising him for his style. He is well into his own work because, through being influenced and learning from his own idols, he’s grown into his own style. 

Ian McEwan’s style, not a… say, “polished imitation of Rowling or Martin.”

It’s just his own.

This is a very important differentiator because it’s incredibly easy to become enveloped in the idea of wanting to be the “next J.K. Rowling” or the “next Stephen King.” I guarantee that it happens to every writer, and maybe my opinion isn’t exactly universally viewed as accurate in this regard, but I think this is a dangerous way to view writing.

Desperately trying to emulate another’s style through forced, unnatural and exhausting means, leads to burnouts and a quick recession of passion and even frustration that you can’t even pinpoint as a writer.

You will often ask yourself: “Why isn’t this working? I’m doing exactly what my favorite author is doing!”

And that, right there, is where you know you’ve slammed headfirst into a wall.

Do you write because you want to express the style of a different author? Or do you write because you want to express yourself?

Most, if not all, writers would say: “well, obviously myself. Why else would I write? I’m not trying to copy every other person out there.”

Of course writers aren’t always actively trying to do just that, but sometimes it’s inevitable when you’re focused so intensely on wanting to create your own style amidst a pool of millions of writers who could not be more different. Sure, some styles are going to be similar no matter what, but there are always elements that show your personality as the author in your work.

You should write, ultimately, for yourself first before anyone else. Thus, your style should be, ultimately, you. 

How do you become a better writer? You read and you write every day. It’s a simple, yet very tasking process, and part of what, of course, draws from us, as writers, to look to our idols and what causes us to create a new style based off of what we know. 

It’s the basic fundamental of writing, from beginners to the most advanced and successful published authors around (and beyond).

So, instead of aiming to mimic other styles and trying too hard to emulate your favorite authors, start with drawing inspiration from them and just… losing yourself, to a few tries. In order to evolve into your own style, you must freely write and just let your typing/writing fingers speak for themselves.

It’s a very daring process and it’s extremely difficult to do, especially for over-thinkers like myself, but trust me, the payoff is absolutely rewarding. 

[ Alright, moving on to the more personal aspect. There will be answers that aren’t explored in this one because they should be exemplified more in the second half of this post. Fair warning. ]

. So, Let’s Talk About the Relationship Between Style and Writer .

Oh, boy.

Honestly, this ask resonated so much with me personally that it’s difficult to write all of this out, but it’s important. And, as much as I actually detest and obsess over changing my style each and every day, there’s something I need to make clear about how it works in general.

My style actually fluctuates depending on which tense I’m writing. 

In fanfiction, I often write in present-tense. Why? It’s fast. It’s quick. It immediately appeals to the senses and allows more freedom and control over the characters in how they move, talk, etc. It also motivates me to write faster because this type of style emulates how I dabbled in poetry, which I’m very fond of. 

My writing is… very descriptive, yes, but this started out as my biggest flaw. In fact, it’s still considered a flaw. 

Sometimes I use far too many adverbs and far too many words to reach a certain point, and overly describe each scene and movement between characters because of how specific and vivid my visions are for each story.

It’s part of my controlling nature as a writer. Boohoo, I’m a horrible person. Whatever. 

Usually when I reread my drafts (which is either obsessively repeated or not done at all…) I cut away the excess descriptions because, ever since I started writing, I would over-write. I was desperate and even more insecure in my craft, and it showed. 

When I write original works, I write in the past-tense. And, strangely enough, my style just… changes. 

It’s often recommended not to have different writing styles for certain settings. If I had to simplify my style I would say it’s very descriptive and is pretty minute in what it pays attention to, but it can get lost in the fray and is usually best observed between character interactions and descriptions of scenes upon envisioning them for the first time. 

My past-tense style, when compared side-by-side with my present-tense, holds some key similarities but are, ultimately, quite different. It’s more blunt, still highly visual and sensual, but it is still, essentially, my style.

Everyone develops their style in a different way and over time through practice and just… discovering what you enjoy most about writing. 

  1. Do you love appealing to the senses the most? 
  2. Do you love imagining landscapes and describing the different ways a sunset or sunrise can look? 
  3. Do you love architecture? Buildings? Moss on the walls? Thorns on a vine? What roses smell like in winter if they still retain their fragrance?
  4. Do you love witty banter and short, snappy descriptions and fast-paced action? 
  5. Do you love dialogue more than the setting?
  6. Do you love the setting more than the dialogue?
  7. Do you love both equally and seek a balance?
  8. Do you love slow-building drama and angst? 
  9. Do you love describing economics and politics?
  10. Do you love describing romance and sex? 
  11. Do you love laying out emotions as they are bluntly or relating them to more palpable things? 
  12. Do you love fantasy? Contemporary? Thriller? Mystery? All of them? Everything and anything in-between?
  13. Do you love more minute or expanded details? 
  14. Do you love skipping over details in general and just going straight to the point? 
  15. Do you love writing?

All of these aspects and many, many more, make up the many different styles that writers wield and hone to their own ability each and every day. It requires discipline, a lot of practice, insight, and willingness to delve deep into oneself and think: “will I like reading what I put down?”

Be honest with yourself. Experiment. Try new things. It’s normal to be confused and stuck in a rut, Anon. I struggle with my own style every day and obsess over it far too much, but it’s a constant uphill battle with unimaginable rewards when you start coming more and more into those moments where you can lean back and loudly proclaim:

“Yes. I fucking wrote that, and it’s brilliant. I love this style and I’m going to keep using it and building on it and making it the best of what it can be because it’s mine and I want to be proud of it.”

Good luck, Anon. And to anyone else reading this! I hope it provided some value! Thank you for the wonderful question and I wish you the absolute best.


Can’t believe you made so many hours on the train so beautiful and funny.

Someone Save Me

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is youtube getting a little boring now or is that just me

Okay but monsta x take their role as ‘idols’ so serious. 2016 has been a fucking hard year for them from being misspelled multiple times (like seriously?? Mosta x, moista x?? it’s not hard to write their name), having their choreography stolen without getting credits and being disrespected in many other ways to several schedules and comebacks and so many mv filmings??? They worked so hard this year and achieved so much. I’m sure not only sweat was shed in their practice room or their dorm, also tears. Probably many tears because all of them are so damn sensitive. And through all this trouble they always.. ALWAYS manage it to smile. They always have those real smiles on their faces. No fake ones. And their eyes are full of love and passion. They are true rolemodels and I’m so proud to be able to call myself a fan of them.



>You can’t help your curiosity.

>You open the first document and start reading it. It says: Navi Project.

>It’s dad’s first experiments and findings about the making of Net Navis. Your interest is peaked.

>Netto’s Navi, Rockman, is mentioned too. It was dad’s first successful Net Navi.

>You take a look at the second document. Dad’s notes are a little messier on this one.


>Your name is here too.



>You close the document and put it where it was.

This is it. This night killed me.

I’m still shaking so I apologize if things don’t make sense… And of course most of these things happened while I wasn’t filming so you’ll have to take my word for it.

So my dad and I had front row seats for section AA, I stood there wrapped in my rainbow flag the whole time. Before they started singing Clouds Louis came to our side and I held up my ‘my dad is Louis af’ sign and pointed to my dad. Louis pointed at us and gave us a thumbs-up.

After that everything’s a bit of a blur. Liam saw the ’you make this feel like home’ sign during Fireproof, pointed and smiled. (got that on video)

When Harry saw my 'It’s my 22nd birthday’ sign he said happy birthday (I think my dad recorded that but I haven’t had time to go through all my videos yet). Liam saw it later and said happy birthday too.

My dad’s sign said 'Thank you for helping my daughter come out’ (I wrote that but he came up with the idea and coloured it himself) and he tried to get a reaction from Harry for the longest time and we could tell he’d seen it but he didn’t react during the songs but before DFWYB (I think) he took his time to read it (and I had my home sign up as well then) and my dad saw and pulled me in to give me a kiss to the top of my head and Harry touched his chest and blew us a kiss.

My dad really wanted to give Harry a rainbow heart so he threw his on stage and Harry didn’t catch it but he made sure to let my dad know he saw and after WDBHG he picked it up, put it into his pocket and pointed at us.

THEN before (I think) DMD I saw Harry talking to someone for quite a long time and I just took my flag off so I could wave it for the last part where the boys run off stage. During DMD a guy came over to us and looked a bit confused but when I took my flag out to wave he did a double take and asked if he could get a picture of me and my dad (he didn’t have a professional camera though). After the show I asked one of the security guys if he’d seen that and knew who he was and he said he’s with the band. Make of that what you will.

When the boys left the stage after DMD I waved my rainbow flag and Harry pointed right at me while he ran out.

If anyone thinks they caught any of these moments on camera pleeeease let me know, that would mean a lot.

This was all about the boys now, I’m gonna do a RD related report tomorrow.
(the hotel wifi won’t let me add pictures here so they’re coming tomorrow as well)

OMFG I had the best dream ever last night. Check it out!

I was in a small private beach surrounded by little houses with Josh and C. Suddenly paps start arriving and Josh comes to me and asks me if I can help them hide since I know the place. 

I agree because, duh, it’s Josh Hutcherson and although I have to drag C along with us I do want to help the guy. However, as we start running and entering random empty houses that somehow are all connected inside, we lose sight of C.

As I’m about to turn a corner, I realize Josh has stopped running. I turn around and I see him debating with himself about whether to go look for C or wait for her there. But before I can ask him, he talks:

“We need to wait for her.”

I sigh deeply. “No, we don’t.” I don’t like that girl and surprisingly I’m not afraid to let him know. “Who knows where she is, if we wait for her the paps will get to us. They may have her already.” I talk about paps as if they were zombies that want to eat us. Oh well, as long as I can run away with Josh, this time just the two of us. But suddenly I feel a shot of rage building up inside me. Something that’s making me hold a grudge against him. And I know exactly what it is: him caring about her. 

As I look away to hide my angry face, Josh is checking all the doors around us to see if C is behind any of them. I start tapping my fingers against one of the wooden door frames as I get anxious. We need to keep running but he’s still in the middle of that internal conflict. 

“I- I can’t leave her behind,” he says as he wipes his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand.

“Right,” I sigh again. “Listen, she’s clearly doing whatever she wants. She’ll find us eventually. Let’s go up to the roof.”

The roof is completely empty, however no matter how many times I tell him it’s safe and no one will find us here, he still wants to leave and keep looking. This time I reluctantly follow him until we find ourselves in a very long and narrow corridor that has at least 20 different doors. When we take a few steps and check the first one, the door we’d used to enter the corridor closes automatically. I quickly go back and turn the handle: it’s locked. 

“Great, we’re locked in. I hope at least one of these doors is unlocked.”

“Not the first two,” says Josh, who’s already working on the third one.

When we reach the middle of the corridor after having checked half the doors, we sit down on the floor, exhausted, sweaty, thirsty. 

“This is just awesome.” Josh says in a tone that makes me think he believes this is all my fault. 

“Hey, at least no one will find us here.”

“Yeah, not even my girlfriend.” I snort as he says the last word and he reacts quickly. “What? You got a problem with her?”

“Don’t you?” I say defiantly.

“What? She’s my girlfriend!” He starts to get nervous.

“You keep saying that.” I stand up but he grabs my arm, demanding an explanation. “Josh, I know it’s all bullshit.” 

“What are you talking about?” He tries to say that in an angry way, trying to make me feel guilty for thinking such a thing. But as he stands up and I look at him in the eye, I see a little spark that I quickly understand he’s trying to hold on to, something so tiny, but so shiny that I know he can’t hide it. Something in him to remind him it will all be worth it in the end. 

“I know you love Jen.” I say in a confident tone as I go back to checking doors. This time I don’t need to see his face and wait for a reaction.

He laughs in a very fake way. “What? Where did you get that from?” He obviously doesn’t need to ask what Jen I’m talking about, and I like that. “Claudia and I are-”

“Everything’s a cover-up, Josh, I’m not stupid.” I can’t listen to him defend his fake relationship with that girl. I am done with his shit. “You can fool the rest of the world but not me, not us.” I say the last two words quietly, almost in a whisper. “Whoever doesn’t want to see it, fine, I don’t care, but I know what I see and nothing that you say is gonna change that. You love Jen, and you’re just using your “girlfriend” to hide that. I’m not gonna say anything else since it’s your private life, but just so you know, it’s obvious who you love. And it’s not that brunette spanish girl you keep looking for.” 

I finish my speech as I finally find an unlocked door. I push it gently and enter. I’m already a few steps in when I hear his voice after a long, deep sigh.

“Is it really that obvious?”

I turn around to face him but he’s not looking at me. He’s hiding, just like he has been doing for years. We both smile sweetly and I can tell he’s thinking about her. I reach out my arm and when he takes my hand I say:

“Let’s go. I need to get you home to her.”

And for the second time that day, we both know who I’m talking about.