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It’s v horrible but bear with me!! 😖


Taeyong, your bother, buys you a dog to take care of but you don’t know how to so you ask Jisung to help you.

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Can’t believe you made so many hours on the train so beautiful and funny.

Okay but monsta x take their role as ‘idols’ so serious. 2016 has been a fucking hard year for them from being misspelled multiple times (like seriously?? Mosta x, moista x?? it’s not hard to write their name), having their choreography stolen without getting credits and being disrespected in many other ways to several schedules and comebacks and so many mv filmings??? They worked so hard this year and achieved so much. I’m sure not only sweat was shed in their practice room or their dorm, also tears. Probably many tears because all of them are so damn sensitive. And through all this trouble they always.. ALWAYS manage it to smile. They always have those real smiles on their faces. No fake ones. And their eyes are full of love and passion. They are true rolemodels and I’m so proud to be able to call myself a fan of them.

I saw one of those “send me something and I answer this random question” posts that float around and it had a question “If your life was a movie what kind of movie it would be?” And it listed genres like action, romance, comedy etc. And it got me thinking that even though I don’t know what kind of movie my life is, I know that I am entering into the montage part. You know the part with the music on the background and days going by fast. The part where the protagonists learns a new skill or works their ass off for something. Months worth of work stuffed into a minute or two. You know, cool cinematic narration trick, but pain in the ass to live, because you actually need to do all that work. You can’t just sit back and watch thise days go by. And me? This summer (hopefully) will be my montage before an adventure. This is the summer I lear to speak Italian (however badly). This is the summer I am going to work my ass off in order to save money. This is the summer I finally start running. And if I do even two of those things I will be immensly proud of myself.

And when the summer’s over? Let the real adventure begin!

This is it. This night killed me.

I’m still shaking so I apologize if things don’t make sense… And of course most of these things happened while I wasn’t filming so you’ll have to take my word for it.

So my dad and I had front row seats for section AA, I stood there wrapped in my rainbow flag the whole time. Before they started singing Clouds Louis came to our side and I held up my ‘my dad is Louis af’ sign and pointed to my dad. Louis pointed at us and gave us a thumbs-up.

After that everything’s a bit of a blur. Liam saw the ’you make this feel like home’ sign during Fireproof, pointed and smiled. (got that on video)

When Harry saw my 'It’s my 22nd birthday’ sign he said happy birthday (I think my dad recorded that but I haven’t had time to go through all my videos yet). Liam saw it later and said happy birthday too.

My dad’s sign said 'Thank you for helping my daughter come out’ (I wrote that but he came up with the idea and coloured it himself) and he tried to get a reaction from Harry for the longest time and we could tell he’d seen it but he didn’t react during the songs but before DFWYB (I think) he took his time to read it (and I had my home sign up as well then) and my dad saw and pulled me in to give me a kiss to the top of my head and Harry touched his chest and blew us a kiss.

My dad really wanted to give Harry a rainbow heart so he threw his on stage and Harry didn’t catch it but he made sure to let my dad know he saw and after WDBHG he picked it up, put it into his pocket and pointed at us.

THEN before (I think) DMD I saw Harry talking to someone for quite a long time and I just took my flag off so I could wave it for the last part where the boys run off stage. During DMD a guy came over to us and looked a bit confused but when I took my flag out to wave he did a double take and asked if he could get a picture of me and my dad (he didn’t have a professional camera though). After the show I asked one of the security guys if he’d seen that and knew who he was and he said he’s with the band. Make of that what you will.

When the boys left the stage after DMD I waved my rainbow flag and Harry pointed right at me while he ran out.

If anyone thinks they caught any of these moments on camera pleeeease let me know, that would mean a lot.

This was all about the boys now, I’m gonna do a RD related report tomorrow.
(the hotel wifi won’t let me add pictures here so they’re coming tomorrow as well)



>You can’t help your curiosity.

>You open the first document and start reading it. It says: Navi Project.

>It’s dad’s first experiments and findings about the making of Net Navis. Your interest is peaked.

>Netto’s Navi, Rockman, is mentioned too. It was dad’s first successful Net Navi.

>You take a look at the second document. Dad’s notes are a little messier on this one.


>Your name is here too.



>You close the document and put it where it was.

OMFG I had the best dream ever last night. Check it out!

I was in a small private beach surrounded by little houses with Josh and C. Suddenly paps start arriving and Josh comes to me and asks me if I can help them hide since I know the place. 

I agree because, duh, it’s Josh Hutcherson and although I have to drag C along with us I do want to help the guy. However, as we start running and entering random empty houses that somehow are all connected inside, we lose sight of C.

As I’m about to turn a corner, I realize Josh has stopped running. I turn around and I see him debating with himself about whether to go look for C or wait for her there. But before I can ask him, he talks:

“We need to wait for her.”

I sigh deeply. “No, we don’t.” I don’t like that girl and surprisingly I’m not afraid to let him know. “Who knows where she is, if we wait for her the paps will get to us. They may have her already.” I talk about paps as if they were zombies that want to eat us. Oh well, as long as I can run away with Josh, this time just the two of us. But suddenly I feel a shot of rage building up inside me. Something that’s making me hold a grudge against him. And I know exactly what it is: him caring about her. 

As I look away to hide my angry face, Josh is checking all the doors around us to see if C is behind any of them. I start tapping my fingers against one of the wooden door frames as I get anxious. We need to keep running but he’s still in the middle of that internal conflict. 

“I- I can’t leave her behind,” he says as he wipes his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand.

“Right,” I sigh again. “Listen, she’s clearly doing whatever she wants. She’ll find us eventually. Let’s go up to the roof.”

The roof is completely empty, however no matter how many times I tell him it’s safe and no one will find us here, he still wants to leave and keep looking. This time I reluctantly follow him until we find ourselves in a very long and narrow corridor that has at least 20 different doors. When we take a few steps and check the first one, the door we’d used to enter the corridor closes automatically. I quickly go back and turn the handle: it’s locked. 

“Great, we’re locked in. I hope at least one of these doors is unlocked.”

“Not the first two,” says Josh, who’s already working on the third one.

When we reach the middle of the corridor after having checked half the doors, we sit down on the floor, exhausted, sweaty, thirsty. 

“This is just awesome.” Josh says in a tone that makes me think he believes this is all my fault. 

“Hey, at least no one will find us here.”

“Yeah, not even my girlfriend.” I snort as he says the last word and he reacts quickly. “What? You got a problem with her?”

“Don’t you?” I say defiantly.

“What? She’s my girlfriend!” He starts to get nervous.

“You keep saying that.” I stand up but he grabs my arm, demanding an explanation. “Josh, I know it’s all bullshit.” 

“What are you talking about?” He tries to say that in an angry way, trying to make me feel guilty for thinking such a thing. But as he stands up and I look at him in the eye, I see a little spark that I quickly understand he’s trying to hold on to, something so tiny, but so shiny that I know he can’t hide it. Something in him to remind him it will all be worth it in the end. 

“I know you love Jen.” I say in a confident tone as I go back to checking doors. This time I don’t need to see his face and wait for a reaction.

He laughs in a very fake way. “What? Where did you get that from?” He obviously doesn’t need to ask what Jen I’m talking about, and I like that. “Claudia and I are-”

“Everything’s a cover-up, Josh, I’m not stupid.” I can’t listen to him defend his fake relationship with that girl. I am done with his shit. “You can fool the rest of the world but not me, not us.” I say the last two words quietly, almost in a whisper. “Whoever doesn’t want to see it, fine, I don’t care, but I know what I see and nothing that you say is gonna change that. You love Jen, and you’re just using your “girlfriend” to hide that. I’m not gonna say anything else since it’s your private life, but just so you know, it’s obvious who you love. And it’s not that brunette spanish girl you keep looking for.” 

I finish my speech as I finally find an unlocked door. I push it gently and enter. I’m already a few steps in when I hear his voice after a long, deep sigh.

“Is it really that obvious?”

I turn around to face him but he’s not looking at me. He’s hiding, just like he has been doing for years. We both smile sweetly and I can tell he’s thinking about her. I reach out my arm and when he takes my hand I say:

“Let’s go. I need to get you home to her.”

And for the second time that day, we both know who I’m talking about.