so don't none of you cb stans write nonsense in my inbox

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Chris Brown attempting to dance the Azonto on 106 & Park

  1. Just no
  2. How can you hit the dougie while doing a backflip, but can’t do the azonto?
  3. Although he said he learned it from Wizkid in Nigeria, his American fans will now interpret as him saying it’s a Nigerian dance.
  4. Now I’m going to see a much of goats under Wizkid videos with “Ma boo Chris Brown Brown brought me here!!1!” as the top comments
  5. Expect an influx of rhythmless oyinbo girls on Youtube trying to dance the azonto. 
  6. Ghanaians will declare WWIII on Nigerians on all forms of social networks for this.
  7. First he he pissed off Ghanaians for smoking weed on stage and now he didn’t give them credit for the azonto. Chris Brown will never perform in Ghana again o.
  8. Chris Brown’s mentions is going to look like a Ghanaian village when he gets on Twitter.