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Here, have this precious little Smoothie

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When I draw this bab, I’m just going to tag @ask-blueberry-sans

Why I am who I am
Do not read if you don’t want to know, and if you do and complain about it after, then that’s your own fault and problem. Will delete this later.

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[text] I love you too!!!
[text] of course! you’re always so supportive of me when I’m busy, you deserve the same. 
[text] you don’t have to ‘make up for it’ either. if anything, I’m proud of my man for working so hard! you’re the best rapper in the game!! or… whatever you guys say.
[text] let’s just relax. we can watch movies and eat a ton of unhealthy snacks tonight!

anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say you're one of the best blogs i've ever followed. You reply to things in such an informative and polite way and unlike a lot of other pastel and pink blogs you're sfw. You're just really great and you brighten up my dash ♥

oh my goodness, what a kind message! T_T you have quite literally made my day anonnie ahh~ to know i might brighten someone’s dash is such an honor and makes me really really happy to know!! thank you so much for taking the time to send this ask lovely, you are really great yourself and you certainly brightened my day!! ^.^ <33

Sorry for no art like, ever anymore. :’( 

Once I get this cosplay finished and the con is over! I promise! More art!