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You see a sentence written in cyrillic. Some of the letters are familiar. You see the meaning shimmering underneath the surface. You almost grasp it, but it slips away. The letters on the page mock you silently.

You know this Czech word. You’ve already learnt it in Polish. It is not the same word. It is a grave insult. Your slavic friends are shocked and embarassed for you when they hear you speak it.

There is a sentence in Croatian. There is a sentence in Serbian. There is a sentence in Bosnian. They are all the same sentence.

You have to write about your day in Slovak. You spend the night polishing the draft. You fail your assigment. It’s written in Czech. You don’t know Czech.

P is not what it seems. You have to remember that.

The Croatian sentence does not mean what the Bosnian sentence means. They both mean the same in Serbian.

That word has a diminutive. The diminutive has its own diminutive. The diminutive of the diminutive also has a diminutive. Nobody knows what the final diminutive of a word is. Some say the knowledge had been lost in centuries past and matrioshkas are the echo, the tangible warning left for us to remember. No living creature should hold the means of diminishing something into nonexistence.
Others say you may still find some of them in old soviet textbooks, if you dare to look in abandoned schools of Chernobyl.

Someone is speaking to you. Is that a he or a she? You aren’t sure. It’s an abstract concept. Why does it have gender.

You see a word in a dictionary. It has seventeen letters and only one vowel. You close the dictionary very carefully not looking at the phonetic transcription. The shape of it haunts you in your sleep. You wake up face damp with tears, a bitter taste on your tongue. The clock blinks 3:03AM. You do not dare look up that word again.

This word means the same thing in the five slavic languages you’re familiar with. You use it in the sixth one. That word does not exist in this language. It never did. There is now a word-shaped void in the fabric of this language. The natives look at you uneasily. There is a new quality to the silence and your palms start to sweat.

H is not H. H is not H. H is not H. H is not H.

One day you flip through your dictionary. A page is missing. What was the word? You can’t remember. There is pressure building at the back of your head. The clock blinks 3:03AM.

You write my name is in cyrillic. There are shadows dancing on the walls. They grow longer with each letter you write down. It is not cyrillic you’re using. You keep writing my name is. The shadows now bleed from the tip of your pen. It’s irrelevant. You need to remember the right letters.

N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not N is not… If only you could remember the letters. The letters are important. What was it, that wasn’t N?

There are nine different prefixes you can add to a verb to change its meaning. There are fifty three different suffixes you have to add to a verb to make it work. In the end the only thing left of the original is a vague shape of one of its middle consonants. You can feel the anguish radiating from the verb’s mutialted form. A desperate sob escapes through your clenched teeth. You’re so, so sorry, you didn’t meant to. You didn’t. It doesn’t matter.

You now read a text in Russian. You’ve never learnt Russian. Why are you reading that text? The words burn your eyes, the meaning searing your mind.

There’s a shot of vodka in front of you. You don’t drink alcohol. You don’t care. All existence is meaningless, your soul’s in eternal pain. A broken matrioshka lays at your feet. There is no salvation, she says boring into your eyes. You open your mouth to answer, but there is only a burst of harsh rustle. It dies in whispering echoes a moment later. Your glass is empty again.


theo helping liam + my favorite scenes 

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“’LET ME HELP.’ A hundred years or so from now, I believe, a famous novelist will write a classic using that theme. He’ll recommend those three words even over ’I LOVE YOU.’”

Star Trek, The City on the Edge of Forever (1x28) The lines above come from the very following episode (1x29).

Bryan Fuller worked for different Star Trek shows multiple times, I wouldn’t be surprised if he intended this as a tribute to Kirk and Spock… ?

The first one seems quite obvious since the original line is truly iconic, but the second is a way more subtle, as probably very few people payed attention to those lines and their potential double-meaning. It also might be a mere coincidence, but given Fuller’s reputation (his Star Trek background and his… affection towards Hannigram) I don’t really think so.

And what better than a tribute to the original space husbands™ through Hannibal and Will?

(edit: see also this)



I still can’t believe that Flint’s entire character, his whole persona, his ambitions, his entire life, is canonically based on his romantic love for another man. Literally everything that drives him stems from that love. Everything he’s trying to accomplish, everything he is. Captain Flint is literally a character created by a man who loved another man. And it’s canon.

my hand is officially dead but here is more altean prince iwaizumi + designs :’D

Why yes, I have been listening to the same song on loop for over an hour, why do you ask?


I love how in this scene Yu is literally ready to follow Yosuke anywhere

Meanwhile the others are like “Bruh. No way. You’re on your own on this one.”

Being an hero isn’t half as glamorous as they make it sound, really

I had a thought.

At first I was simply doodling because I thought maybe Emmy would wear suits then I thought she looked like some sort of dapper detective and so I gave her a gun.

Then I thought what if there was a detective AU 

So I drew Layton with a gun but I thought of my icon so what if he gets handed a gun and doesn’t know how to use it properly and doesn’t want to shoot someone accidentally so just stands there not knowing what to do with it.

And so I did this because Emmy knows her shit and Layton no.


some misc doodles of the kids from the last few days (first one is from me and @ayami-neesan‘s teenage vento aureo AU, I talked more about it here, it features a chubby Bruno and idk what more you could want in life tbh)

I never realized how much I drew Narancia and Fugo until I looked back at what I drew this month and… So many oranges and strawberries… I love them

Café vocabulary in Polish

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Based on @malteseboy‘s POST.

You should also check out THIS post out by @polskieserce who create a great café vocabulary list! 


  • biscuit - ciastko n
  • cupcake - babeczka f
  • pie - ciasto n
  • cake - tort m
  • milk - mleko n (singularia tantum)
  • food - jedzenie (singularia tantum)
  • coffee - kawa f
  • black coffee - czarna kawa f
  • latte - latte f
  • café - kawiarnia f
  • cup of coffee - kubek m / filiżanka f kawy
  • teaspoon - łyżeczka f 
  • table - stolik m
  • small plate - talerzyk m
  • cup - kubek m
  • teacup - filiżanka f
  • saucer - spodek m / spodeczek m
  • cup of tea - kubek m / filiżanka f herbaty 
  • tea - herbata f
  • black tea - czarna herbata f
  • green tea - zielona herbata f
  • white tea - biała herbata f
  • fruit tea - herbata owocowa f
  • herbal tea - ziołowa herbata f
  • mint - mięta f (singularia tantum)
  • drinks - napoje (pl.)
  • sugar - cukier (singularia tantum)

Popular pies/cakes in Polish café:

  • brownie - brownie n
  • apple pie - szarlotka f
  • meringue cake - tort bezowy m / beza f
  • carrot cake - ciasto marchewkowe n
  • cheesecake - sernik
  • yeast cake - ciasto drożdżowe n
  • tart - tarta f
  • tiramisu - tiramisu n
  • honey cake - miodownik m


  • Outside or inside? - Na zewnątrz czy w środku?
  • What can I get for you? - Co podać?
  • I’d like to have… - Poproszę… + acc.
  • to take away - na wynos
  • How much is it? - Ile to kosztuje?
  • Check, please - Poproszę rachunek
  • with milk - z mlekiem
  • with ice - z lodem
  • with sugar - z cukrem
  • without milk - bez mleka
  • without ice - bez lodu
  • without sugar - bez cukru

Adjectives (masculine):

  • fresh - świeży 
  • sweet - słodki 
  • hot - gorący 
  • cold - zimny
  • good - dobry
  • tasty - smaczny, pyszny
  • strong - mocny
  • weak, light - słaby
  • large - duży
  • medium - średni
  • small - mały


  • to have a coffee - pić kawę (impf.) / napić się kawy (pf.)
  • to eat - jeść (impf.) / zjeść (pf.)
  • to go have a coffee - iść (impf.) / pójść (pf.) na kawę 
  • to sit - siadać (impf.) siedzieć (impf.) / siąść (pf.) / usiąść (pf.)
  • to drink - pić (impf.) / wypić (pf.)
  • to buy - kupować (impf.) / kupić (pf.)
  • to order - zamawiać (impf.) / zamówić (pf.)
  • to pay for… - płacić (impf.) / zapłacić (pf.) za
Victuuri Frozen AU


  • Victor is a young prince who discovers he has the power to control ice, and at first he’s fascinated but then slowly realizes that he can’t control it
  • It comes to a head when he’s a teenager and he loses control in the palace, accidentally shooting a small son of a servant in the chest with his ice powers, making the boy pass out
  • the boy lives, but Victor is horrified with himself, so he leaves the palace, leaving king yakov & the others distraught. he secludes himself in an ice castle where he can’t hurt anybody else again with only his younger friend yurio, who travels back and forth between the palace and the ice castle, trying to get victor to come home and failing
  • years pass, and katsuki yuuri is a young boy in the village who has been told tales of the ice prince for ages, they hold a festival for him every year bc yakov is still upset that he left. yurio is the only person who knows where he is but respects his wishes and his location is a badly-kept secret
  • yuuri has a small strand of silver hair, but he has never known why
  • he gets lost in the woods one day, and it’s cold out and he’s freezing, and he can’t remember which direction he came from, and he doesn’t have his phone with him
  • but he finds a man in the woods, silver haired, alone, looking at him with an analytical, fearful expression
  • the man takes him into the ice castle (which isn’t made of actual ice but w/e) and gets him blankets and warm tea and tries to help him but is simultaneously horrified
  • as soon as yuuri feels better victor tries to kick him out, but yuuri figures out who he is
  • (that’s when yuuri turns around and victor sees the strand of silver hair)
  • (and it’s the little boy he’d hurt so many years ago)
  • and yuuri forgives him, tries to get him to come home. victor refuses but yuuri visits him often with yurio, who pretends to hate him but secretly loves him
  • they slowly but surely fall in love
  • eventually, victor comes home and they live happily ever after
  • (((also, yes, olaf is yurio. we were all thinking it. i was thinking it, you were thinking it. makkachin is the moose/caribou thing whose name i can’t remember)))

Murdoc: laptop overheating?? pour water on it to cool it down!

-some time later-

2D: i trusted you

Murdoc:  Do not trust people like me. I will take you to museums, and parks, and monuments, and kiss you in every beautiful place, so that you can never go back to them without tasting me like blood in your mouth. I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.

Based on @2-doc‘s tag for this post.

Imagine Jake and Amy going shopping in a toys store for Gina’s daughter’s birth…

  • Amy is so happy to be here with Jake, and she can’t hide her smile as they go inside the store hand-in-hand because last time she was there, it was for Gina’s baby shower and she had to pick the gift ALONE and she didn’t know if SHE was going to have a future with the love of her life because you know, he was in jail and maybe wouldn’t come back for YEARS.
  • But now he’s here with her, and they’re ENGAGED as the ring on her finger reminds her of (as if she needed a reminder of it anyways…), and she knows someday it’ll be their turn – they’ll have children of their own.
  • She can’t help but complain about how the toys are gendered because if Gina’s daughter wants to be a pirate SHE CAN BE A PIRATE WHY SHOULD IT BE FOR BOYS ONLY and of course Jake gets outraged with her.
  • At some point they arrive in the dolls section and Jake takes one and talks to Amy through it, calling her ‘mommy’ and other stupid ramblings 1x01-stylez but she doesn’t get annoyed and leave this time, only smile at how cute her fiancé is.
  • They really just fool around the store for a long time, joking and laughing and playing with everything you can play with there ‘Amy look at this it’s so cool!’ ‘God where did that sound come from, why is this dog talking and asking me to rub is back now?!’ and there’s this feeling never leaving their hearts as they don’t have to word it to know they think about the same: they can’t wait for the day they’ll go toys shopping for their own childrend.