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Aaron and alex totally meet because alex is doing something weird and Aaron is like "what the hell". Like it's probably midnight and they're both in a grocery store (Aaron cause he was craving ice cream and Alexander because he promised Lafayette that he would buy butter and he forgot until now) so they're both checking out and only one line is open because it's midnight and all Aaron can think is how weird the person in front of him is because he's buying 10 packs of butter

This is great

Like imagine Laf having told Alex over and over again that they’re out of butter and Alex keeps promising he’ll get some, but he always forgets. So one day Laf just puts hundreds of sticky-notes around the apartment that just say “BUTTER” and Alex just gets so mad cause the sticky-notes are legit everywhere. Plus Laf probably pulls some asshole move where he drinks all the coffee, knowing it will piss Alex off enough to go buy the butter.

So, being the annoying little shit that he is, Alex goes to the grocery and buys like 20 things of butter to fill the refrigerator with. And the person at the register is giving him the weirdest looks and Alex is just like, whatever, but then he turns to see this guy clutching two things of ice cream to his chest, also giving him a weird look, and Alex asks what he’s staring at.

And Aaron, who really had just wanted to quickly buy some ice cream, is just thinking to himself, why did I have to get stuck behind this crazy butter man? He does his best to just casually say that he’s never seen someone buy so much butter, and the guy shrugs, saying that Aaron has no right to talk, since he’s the one buying two tubs of ice cream at midnight.

And of course Aaron gets offended by that, cause who is this guy? What does he know about Aaron’s life? It had been a long week, and Aaron just really wanted some ice cream, and fuck this guy for making him feel guilty. So Aaron argues that it’s normal for people to buy ice cream, and it’s much less normal for someone to buy twenty sticks of butter. 

Then, without either of them realizing it, they both start laughing, cause wow, it’s midnight in a practically empty grocery store and they are having what is probably the most ridiculous argument to ever occur in a grocery store.

They both finish checking out, and then Alex is telling the whole story about the sticky-notes and the coffee to Aaron, who laughs the whole time, and Alex can’t help but think that the guy has a nice laugh. Before he can stop himself, Alex is asking Aaron if they could do this again sometime.

And Aaron is really confused at first. Alex wants to meet at a grocery store and argue with each other? But then Alex is laughing, saying that he meant could they meet up and talk. He gives Aaron a smile and says that he’ll even take Aaron out for ice cream if he wants to. Aaron says yes, and they exchange numbers.

So Alex goes home, smiling to himself as he puts all 20 sticks of butter into the fridge. Half the reason he’s smiling is because he scored a date with a pretty great guy, but the other reason is knowing that it will be hilarious to wake up to the sound of Laf screaming in frustration when he opens the fridge in the morning.  


Your eyes stole all my words away…

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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?


Atlus may have not shown him much in game but

RememberGoro2k16, he was the one who brought us news (the real mvp)

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What's your biggest pet peeve?

(OOC: So I know that this is pretty common, but grammar and pronunciation are so important to me. People who use good instead of well: blegh. People who use fast as an adverb: blegh. People who don’t use tHE OXFORD COMMA: BLEGH! People who mispronounce milk (melk), library (liberry) or pillow (pellow): blegh.

More specific to me though, I can’t stand it when people don’t rinse their dishes before putting them in the dishwasher.)

This is the best description I’ve ever seen.

The time Tom’s got a decent number #15 (among 50) in Elle Girl’s “Hottest Guys in Rock, early 2000s” .

so my friend was trying to explain to me how much he loved something and flat out said “renee, this is my taylor swift. I feel that strongly about it, like the way you feel about her” and I said okay damn man shit I got you. the fact that my friends know to say something like that means I am indeed living my best life™.


  • Friend: ok but aren't they just fictional characters? Why are you obsess over someone that isn't real. I mean that's just weird....
  • Me: why don't u shut yo mouth up before I kill u with my motherfucken fictional powers
  • Friend: ugh...*backs away*
  • Me: that's right hoe

It’s okay my darling, just go to sleep
The night has fallen and new day awaits
I’m here, I’m here, I’ll keep you safe
No bugs will ever creep on you
No hard time can ever reach you again

Here in my arms, I’ll make you warm
The dead of night won’t scare you
The monsters won’t hurt you here
Just stay strong for one more day
Stay go for one more night

Don’t fear, my dear love
Don’t you fret either
Believe me I won’t leave
Not even an inch from you
I’ll stay with you until the end

Soon we’ll be free from this hell
Soon we’ll fly away from this place
We’ll fly to somewhere happy,
Where we can build a home together
And we’ll forget this hopeless past

—  Alby’s lullaby for Newt when the blonde guy can’t sleep.
Fancams from The Exo’luXion Beijing Day 2

Hi, I’m finally home after so much adventure and drama for the past week and i decided to cut and upload some of the fancams i recorded. 

In no particular order: 

Full playlist here