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@tereziweek *bursts through door* SO I HEARD IT WAS TEREZI WEEK

here have a dragongirl

(day 5: that superhero au no one asked for)

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Wake up, mun! You haven't been active for FOUR days, and we are so close to the 100th headcanon! :c

Dude I’m back in school now so sometimes the queue is going to run out and there’s going to be a bit of a larger gap between posts because I don’t have a ton of time to fill it. I’m working 2 jobs, taking 3 classes, and doing a directed study for my senior thesis so I’m going to be quite busy this semester. But don’t worry I’m definitely aware of how close we are to 1000! Part of me really wants to be the one to write the 1000th headcanon, since this blog started with me writing my own and not just posting submissions. So I kind of want to claim #1000 and that’s another reason it might take a little longer because if I do do that then I need to think of a good idea first.

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si nos amas, salva nos
Redraw | Rahkeid Dragneel - Chapter 494
  • Me:it stinks that I'm not doing much this summer. i wonder whatI'm going to do with my ti-
  • Star Vs:New season! Jully 11!
  • Steven Universe:Marathon of new episodes! July 18th!
  • Me:okay okay, I'll admit I was wrong, I-
  • We Bare Bears:hour-long marathons on demand!
  • Me:okay that's pretty cool but I-
  • Gravity Falls:Journal 3 comes out July 26th!
  • Me:guys, I'm fine,
  • Gravity Falls:as well as a Choose Your Own Adventure Book!
  • Me:really guys, I'm-
  • Gravity Falls:AAAND A COLORING BOOK!
  • Me:dead
  • Me:I'm dead, you guys. You kiled me