so don't even go there

Context: Duterte basically gave the Philippine National Police blanket license to kill anyone on sight suspected of using and dealing drugs, not arrest, not charge, but kill. At least 5000 Filipinos were killed in the last five months, most are citizens living below the poverty line. These has also sparked killings done by vigilante citizens, and victims often aren’t drug users or dealers.

Donald Trump has invited Rodrigo Duterte to visit him in DC.

So like for real tho if anyone.. wants to paypal me.. even like 5 dollars so I can eat and feed my wife that’d be swell.. I hate this but also Idk wtf I’m going to do. My paypal is like… help 2 poor trans people out.. ;w;

My biggest pet peeve on social media, but particularly on tumblr where I spend most of the time, is how people just don’t fact check. So you read a celeb’s problematic tweet on tumblr and just believe it because it supports your negative view of this person? You don’t even bother going on twitter and check if it happened. Usually if a post has no sources it’s probably fake.

And people wonder how bad people get in power. It works both ways, my friends.


mad as rabbits // panic! at the disco

si nos amas, salva nos
Redraw | Rahkeid Dragneel - Chapter 494
  • Me: it stinks that I'm not doing much this summer. i wonder whatI'm going to do with my ti-
  • Star Vs: New season! Jully 11!
  • Steven Universe: Marathon of new episodes! July 18th!
  • Me: okay okay, I'll admit I was wrong, I-
  • We Bare Bears: hour-long marathons on demand!
  • Me: okay that's pretty cool but I-
  • Gravity Falls: Journal 3 comes out July 26th!
  • Me: guys, I'm fine,
  • Gravity Falls: as well as a Choose Your Own Adventure Book!
  • Me: really guys, I'm-
  • Gravity Falls: AAAND A COLORING BOOK!
  • Me: dead
  • Me: I'm dead, you guys. You kiled me

ok so i was browsing through old art while despairing over smth i’m currently drawing and i found this?? ??? and i hadn’t realised i never uploaded this omfg…

done for the tw mating games thing last year!!! i don’t…remember what the theme was rip