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Reminder to those enraged and engaged in this fight: Activism cannot be your singular focus; you can burn out, you will burn out, and you will burn out F A S T. Don’t feel guilty if you start to feel overwhelmed. Don’t feel guilty if you need to turn off the news, get off social media, or stop talking about the current political climate. It’s exhausting. Take a little time every day to decompress! Do something fun, make sure you have a hobby. Read tarot cards, knit or crochet things to donate, work out, read read read, make art (god, please, make some art, that’s gonna be one of the first things to go). It’s exhausting, fighting for your rights and liberties. It’s not going to stop being exhausting. But if we quit because we can’t keep up, we’re tired, we’re overwhelmed, then they win. And we can’t let them win, because this is just the start. So take a break. A little bit, every day. Treat yourself well and then get right back into the fray. Take care of yourself while fighting for your neighbor who might not be able to.

I’m lowkey suspicious of anyone who posts about justice and stuff but has ignored the CDM stuff… like why tho

Sky.eward shippers: Chloe is the captain of our ship! She loves it! She said so years ago!

Chloe Bennet: 

Sky.eward shippers: … ANYWAY SHE HAS BEEN HACKED

A Town to Avoid

Just the other day, I got an anonymous tip about a town so problematic, I can’t believe it actually exists. 

It’s a themed town called Germany, filled with antisemitism and Nazi propaganda. Yes, you read that right.

I’ve put the Dream Address and a bunch of screencaps under the cut, because I checked it out so you don’t have to.

Please SIGNAL BOOST to let others know not to visit this awful town.

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anonymous asked:

I don't get the whole big debate on the secret empire. I mean he really didn't turn into hydra cap, the cosmic cube mest with his head. Also nick spencer said that hydra isn't really nazi based. So i don't understand? If you like the whole secret empire thing your supporting nazi? I think nick just wanted to try something new.

I think Spencer’s idea of saying that Hydra doesn’t mean Nazi is a bit like some of my relatives saying the Confederate flag isn’t about slavery. You can say that all you want, but it doesn’t exactly ring very true for a lot of people. Given that Cap was created by Jewish men during the time of Nazis explicitly as a statement against everything Nazis stood for (and implicitly a statement against eugenics)it is a slap in the face at a time when hate crimes are on the rise. Steve isn’t a sacred cow that can never be wrong or turned evil for Plot or whatever, but I think this particular story seems tone deaf to the audience and their legitimate concerns that this kind of thing normalizes those attitudes.

The Nazis were very good at using fiction and twisting stories for their own ends. They changed Heidi and Robinson Crusoe, and they used Jewish tales like the Golem story to demonize Jews. So, there is a built in history of appropriating stories to twist them towards their horrible point of view. It isn’t like the camps came from nowhere. There was a propaganda campaign for decades. So, when I look at Steve Rogers being used as a mouthpiece for that, when I see a story that says the correct history was not Never Again, but the Allies losing, then I’m going to object. Hearing Steve espouse those words and hold the hammer is a step, albeit a small one, towards normalizing an ideology that should be reviled.

It isn’t censorship to tell the poor manbaby that his story sucks. That is the government using the power of the State to coerce or stop speech. This is unhappy consumers who are expressing their opinions to a corporation. If you enjoy the story, then I suggest you go read Phillip K. Dick’s story on the same subject that is done far better.

  • Nikolai: My every step is beset by attacks from legions of unnatural creatures. Stumbling, rotten... filthy corpses!
  • Also Nikolai: When Nikolai hears click click, life may be over quick quick!

larry-the-tiger  asked:

Heya so in reply to people saying don't punch nazis two wrongs don't make a right kind of attitude, Well if it wasn't for nazis and their fascism I would of been able to meet my great grand parents, I would of had more Jewish life style going on in my life and wouldn't of lost dozens of family members to concentration camps and suicide from surviving the camps but not the memories. So coming from a Jew by blood with family members I could of met but nazis killed them Fucking punch them.hard

you heard it here folks

ashiamaru  asked:

So to clear thing up. Yes, all of you are not so clever, because you call people who don't think like you, a nazi. Read some history books form WWII and maybe then you would get grasp on what real nazi is. Good luck, maybe someday you would grow up.

ok im answering this so people see you’re gross, but:

  • nazis arent just old folks 
  • there’s people who believe in their ideologies today
  • just because they dont belong to the wwii party or whatever, that doesnt mean that they dont perpetuate those beliefs. they do, and that makes them nazis, like the alt right

anyway. educate yourself, dont talk to me ever again, in fact dont talk to anyone ever, and learn to read and interpret my answer.

on that note:

no white supremacists, nazis, alt-righters, or any of the sort allowed on this blog. 

anonymous asked:

Do realize that antifa is actually doing the right thing? Or are you so pro "violence isn't the answer we should just talk to them uwu" so much to the point that you don't even care about nazis and what they do? You realize that they think genocide is a normal, logical solution? I don't think talking to them will change their minds. Trust me, I was raised around them. They're disgusting pieces of shit. We can't let them take over. And if we have to use violence to prove our point, so be it.

How many actual nazis has antifa stopped? How many regular people with differing opinions has antifa terrorized instead?

i feel a lil heated again but just a mini reminder. JUST BCS SOMEONE DISAGREES WITH YOU IT DOESN’T MEAN THE PERSON IS A NAZI 

fav parts of Spies Are Forever songs (act 1)
  • <p> <b>Spies Are Forever:</b> "the warmest hello to the coldest goodbye", "mega, quit your tomfuckery and get me those blueprints"<p/><b>Spy Again:</b> "doesn't even matter if i killed my best friend", "get my life RIIGHT again"<p/><b>Somebody's Gotta Do It:</b> "SOMEBODY'S GOTTA DO IT - wait what?", "you don't gotta do it - don't make me go back to the bakery!"<p/><b>Eyes on the Prize:</b> "a total deadbeat son who needs to get his shit together"<p/><b>Pay Attention!:</b> "while you're saving the world, who do you think will be saving you-oo?", "razor and shaving cream. i know what it is, it's a gun!"<p/><b>Barb's Lament:</b> "i do what i do, so you can do what you can do"<p/><b>Eyes on the Prize II:</b> "fortunes are made, but lost just as fast; don't be the one that cries - FUCK"<p/><b>Not So Bad:</b> "Nazis are not so bad" literally the entire song lbr here<p/><b>Torture Tango:</b> "i've been waiting so damn long for this! it's not supposed to go like this!", "what's your damage, man?"<p/></p>
Friendly reminder

So you have a headcanon you’re really passionate about? That’s okay! Other people have a headcanon different from your own? That’s okay as well! Hating and bitching at other people for having a different headcanon? That shit is not okay. Even if someone has a different view/opinion it’s never okay to be rude. Always stay respectful and allow people to have their own fantasy.

okay but I love saphael 50′s AU’s but how come so many don’t even mention simon being jewish? like this is the 50′s the holocaust only recently ended at this point. in fact simon would have been alive for the tail end of it, would have probably lost family in it, it wouldn’t even be off to assume his family could have survivors in it. antisemitism was still a issue including many nazi sympathizers, like things were better don’t get me wrong but it was still hard there was still issues and I just

I see them talk about racism but not antisemitism and I don’t see why. I get wanting it to be light hearted and sweet so you don’t talk about it, that’s fine but if you’re going for the more painful stuff, the homophobia, the racism, the sexism, why not talk about this? why not bring this up?

When you’re trying to be positive

but tumblr can be one of the most negative places on earth

No I don’t read Hyrda!Cap

I don’t acknowlege Hydra!Cap

Until that storyline resolves to be something else….I won’t touch it with a 10ft pole.

Knowledge is understanding that the Captain America movies are about Steve Rogers. Wisdom is knowing the Captain America movies are about Bucky Barnes.