so does the cast of doctor who

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I don’t know where that idea came from but I’m facinated

I always read this stuff about some day remaking Buffy, and like… NOOOO WHYYY.  Remaking the tv show is a bad idea.  However, using BtVS to launch a franchise makes so much sense okay. It’s basically money on the ground waiting to be picked up.  We have an established universe here where we can take the idea of “the chosen one” and transport it to any setting, any period era. We can cast any type of girl in any type of environment. 

Most slayers only lived like 5 years max, right? That’s perfect length for a tv show.  You could have one girl die, then activate the next. Honestly this universe has every bit as much potential to burn through lead actors as Doctor Who does.  You can also leap forward into the future, because maybe Willow’s trick to “activate” all the slayers at once is only good for a single generation? And 40 years from now maybe we’ll be back to only one girl at a time. SCIENCE FICTION FUTURE SHOW ABOUT A VAMPIRE SLAYER.

Money on the ground, people. Money on the ground.

@seananmcguire you’d watch this, right??


Behind the Scenes of The Waters of Mars (Part Two of Many)

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s interview with Lindsay Duncan in DWM 415:

“Loads of energy,” bellows Graeme [Harper, director], as the cast and crew gear up for another take. “Let’s kick it up the bottom - really fast and pacey, c’mon! It’s a lovely, chaotic moment.”  He turns to William Hartley, the First Assistant Director.  “It’s like being in a circus, isn’t it?”

“What does that make you, then?” chips in Russell T. Davies, Doctor Who showrunner and - with Phil Ford - the writer of this episode.  “The lion tamer?”

“I’d like to start over there,” explains Graeme, “and pull focus, so you’ve got the Doctor as a loose, lonely figure, watching on…”

“Is that when I get changed?” teases David, removing his helmet.  “Is that when I slip into something more comfortable?  I left my space shoes by the door! Sorry about the helmet hair,” he adds.

“Wear it like that out,” suggests Russell. “You’ll start a trend.”

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“Jenna is laugh-out-loud funny, incredibly quick-witted and brings a truth and depth to everything she does. She blew everyone away at her first audition. Steven wanted to chase down the corridor and offer her the role on the spot. Our casting director Andy Pryor had to hold him back! Jenna has grown the character enormously throughout her time playing Clara. She travels in Time and Space and saves the universe. They don’t do much of that on Downton Abbey.” – Executive Producer Brian Minchin, Doctor Who (2015)

Happy Belated “Whouffaldi” Colepaldi Christmas gift @dontwedeservebetter​ ! I hope you like it. I tried my best. This was my first time trying to draw something (done on my ipad). It’s done with digital HB pencil. It’s not perfect cause I’m a newb but I still hope you like it. Hope you had a good holiday :D

So Peter Parker, who’s gotten married and impregnated his wife and has a whole comic starring his daughter, can’t have a kid, but Jessica Drew, who has continuously insisted she doesn’t want to be a mother… like, just, why does it age Peter so much and not Jessica? Or is it okay to age Jessica? Just–what’s the reasoning for allowing his villains and supporting cast and allies to mature, but keeping Peter in this “oh no, I have a date but Doctor Octopus is destroying the city!” state for decades on end? I know I’ve asked this before, but it’s really confusing.

Why unite a fandom when you can divide it?

So kasterborous posting an article, based on a misquoted article that’s over a year old, stating opinion as fact, based on evidence that doesn’t actually exist, while ignoring the evidence that does (the cast and producers stating emphatically that these things never happened) - doing nothing to unite a fandom, and everything to tear it apart.

Fandoms are supposed to be positive, a celebration of this thing you love. It’s not about posturing for or against a ship, it’s not about stating what is and is not canon according to your worldview. It’s not about spreading misinformation in order for your faction to be the top faction. It’s about uniting and enjoying together this thing that we love.

So when a major news site for said fandom pulls negative shit like that, it just poisons the entire thing. Can’t we just sit back and enjoy the fucking show, whatever happens?