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why you try so hard to be viral

i don’t even try at life what makes you think i would put effort into this website

“God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?”
‭‭Numbers‬ ‭23:19‬ ‭NLT‬‬

This is one of my favorite verses…and one that I still have to remind myself off OFTEN …in my heart I know that God is trustworthy….I know that He is the perfect Father who only desires greatness for me…I’ve seen God move in my own life and in the lives of others in miraculous ways…there is not a day that goes by that I am not touched by my Father in someway …and looking at my life it’s not very hard to see Gods incredible favor on my life…but even with all this there are times that I still struggle with the thoughts that "Maybe God isn’t good as I thought”….“Maybe God dropped the ball”…and “If He has everything under control then why are things still a certain way”…and the temptation comes to do things my own way and to entertain these questioning thoughts ….and it’s at this point that I have to choose to act and believe in faith..because Gods Word says that these thoughts and these feelings are a lie…and no matter how real it seems and even when the stuff I see doesn’t match up the way I would like…God is still good and He always will be…every time I choose to believe in the goodness of my Father instead of these lies the victory comes easier and I’m stronger than I was before…💕

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Field of Stars [Open]

It was rare that Matvei was able to take advantages of his days off and leave the base. More often than not, he was only able to get a day at most, which made leaving difficult. Most of his off-days were spent squirreled away in his room where he could be certain it was safe or spending his time pouring over language lessons with Laika. Today, however, the hallways had been empty and he had two full days of freedom ahead of him, and he quickly took advantage of the abnormally barren corridors to rush outside.

“Do you believe it is wise to stray so far from the base on your own, young master?” The voice from the vicinity of his hip sounded exasperated, its owner far too accustomed to Matvei’s impulsive actions. “You failed to log your departure in the lobby books.”

“It’s fine, Gauche,” Matvei hummed, kicking a path through the snow rather than walking in it, “I’m not leaving. I’m just going for a walk. Those are allowed.” He paused, raising his gaze to the dark sky above. It was still early in the evening, but the lack of light was nothing new. He’d grown up adjusting to Sharo’s drastically different light schedule, and his night-vision had only sharpened for it. “Besides, I’m not even that far away.”

“You’ve used that excuse before,” Gauche chided, “and you lost several days to training because of it.”

“It was a cold.”

“A fever.”

“It’s fine,” Matvei huffed, putting emphasis on the second word as he started toward a bank of snow at least twice his height. “I brought a scarf.”

“And not your jacket.”

“It’s not too cold.”

“I doubt your uniform was intended for playing in the snow.” Gauche scoffed lightly, but her tone still carried amusement as Matvei began to work his way up the snow pile. “Do not blame me when you fall.”

“I never do.” Matvei countered, grinning as he reached the top in only a few seconds. His gloves were damp and the tips of his fingers had begun to feel the surrounding chill, but the view was worth it. While not nearly as high as some of the windows back on the base, the lack of floodlights and general security towers made it much easier to see the stars and appreciate the surrounding untouched snow. 

“I didn’t realise we got so mu–” Matvei trailed off, his body tensing as his ears picked up on the familiar crunch of boots in snow. He turned his body, angling it toward the noise as his uncovered eye danced across the open field, landing on a figure in the not-so-far distance. “…someone is out here.” He murmured, taking a step back as he brought his feet together. ‘They don’t look like a soldier either…’

flailing at/liking lots of things in the actuallyautistic tag all yes I understand that feeling/thing I feel your…feelings about thing/yes those are good words for that feeling/thing, but aah can’t words, poke the button" is totally social interaction in an awkward friendly/sympathy way, right? um. right.

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We let Mark down, guys. We may not all have been involved in whatever it was that happened today, but we as a community let him down. That truly upsets me and makes me want to cry. Mark tries so hard to make the world better. He does so much for us. And this community failed him. I’m sorry, Mark.

‘We kill the warleader, another will step into his place,’ Duiker said after a time.
'Probably not as talented nor as brave as the task demands. A part of him will know: if his efforts are mediocre, we’re likely to let them live. If he shows us brilliance, we’ll kill him.’
Ah, that rings of Coltaine. His well-aimed arrows of fear and uncertainty. He’s yet to miss the mark. So long as he does not fail, he cannot fail. The day he slips up, shows imperfection, is the day our heads will roll. Nine days to fresh water. Kill the Tithansi warleader and we’ll get there. Make them reel with every victory, let them draw breath with every loss – Coltaine trains them as he would beasts, and they don’t even realize it.
—  Deadhouse Gates

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I saw many people saying that Julie never promotes the things that are failing and always passes them to her co workers and now i am curious because SC was obviously her idea but all the promo for them comes out from CD & CA. In a recent interview she talked about SC and said that she hopes they will wor things out but her tone sounds like "i hope they do but i know that they won't". She doesn't fangirl about them like she did with DE or back in the day with SE sometimes.

That’s very much Julie’s M.O. She literally does none of the SC promo, and neither does Paul bc they don’t give it to him to do. It’s up to CA to smile and sell it bc Paul throws shade at every opportunity and they kinda can’t afford for him to do so with something that’s already failing. So CA does it, and JP passes it off to CD so that she doesn’t get any of the heat.

She does it for TO too. She’s always doing the Mikaelson Bros promo (the like only thing that hasn’t tanked yet), Narducci takes the rest. She knows damn well what failed but she doesn’t want the blame. CD, always getting thrown under the bus, yo.

But yeah, an excellent observation. She would not stfu with DE, talked about them like they were just the greatest creation to television. And she does not do the same with SC, which you’d think she would. But she’s so silent on SC it’s hilarious. Heart and soul of TVD, my ass.

I’m so angry. My 5 year sister had an appointment today to get her heart, well chest area x-rayed because she has problems breathing sometimes, & she has asthma, but they still wanted to make sure she’s okay & my mom literally said she couldn’t go cause her back hurts??? But she’s sitting on the couch on her phone???? Not even complaining about the pain??? What kind of mother are you??

Do you ever hear teasers/spoilers from a show you watch about its upcoming season and think ‘Yep, I am not excited about this.’  That’s where I am right now. I am not excited, and you (the writers) should probably be courting me to watch your show again. That’s what should be happening, but it’s not. 

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So, does "failing at reading comprehension" come as a ride-along benefit to "dragging other people's experiences through the mud" or is it just a prerequisite?

…I am not sure whether you’re insulting me or taking my side. Good job, ambiguity fairy!