so does it fail

So Azallya disregarded Quinn’s advice on Taris and took Pierce with her to conquer the republic base…

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anonymous asked:

They say intercepted signs are where you failed to grow and expand in a previous lifetime. Leo is one of my intercepted signs which also happens to be my south node (past life) so what does this mean, did I fail in my past life?

I have an intercepted north/south node too. The south node is our past life and therefore what we will be familiar with in this life. I interpret an intercepted south node as not being familiar with those past-life traits in this life, but this is just my speculation! I’m curious as to what @transcendicalprosperity would have to say on it, since they’re the only other blog who is well informed on interceptions.

do u ever just get really sad abt ur own muse

GDI I wanna join in on all the Pokemon GO hype and picture posting, but my phone won’t let me take screenshots cuz of my shitty broken SD card >:/

i had a dream last night where it was spring awakening, except wheatley was moritz, & now i can’t stop seeing the connections between them & i’m gonna go scream for a minute & then come back & answer some sadness in my inbox

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t-shirt weather - circa waves (this song never failes to make me happy and so does you and your blog)🌻

Oh my, that’s so cute!! c:

a song for you: Can’t stop by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Send me a song that reminds you of me and I’ll give on in return

Umarak was basically an independent contractor that Makuta hired after his regular minions, the Skull Creatures failed right? So does that mean that if his plan went the way it was originally intended, would the skeletons be tracking down the creatures? Does that mean “Kulta the Destroyer” going to be a thing? I’d love to see a moc if that.

if you are an addict or an alcoholic, whether you are currently in recovery or have fallen off the wagon, know that i am proud of you. you are trying your best and have come so far. know that failing once does not mean that you will fail again, and that even if you do, i will be no less proud. you are wonderful and bring so much to the world. you are worth it, worth everything

Daily Mail comment section sure does not like So Fail. Only couple of nannies defending “stunning and sensational” (Daily Fail’s words…or maybe Sophie’s own) her. PR, waiting for your next move. If she wants her face to tabloids so badly, may I suggest a messy DIVORCE?! Come on Ben, give yourself a prober bday gift, you deserve it!

the most beautiful thing in the entire world is knowing that even with all the sadness, all the anger, all the feeling like it will never get better; IT ALWAYS DOES. every time. it never fails. so much happiness in my heart right now. i feel so full of sunshine and good feelings and man did I miss it so much.

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Maya and Austin brotp version! :)

who walks out of the movie theatre after a movie and suggest they watch another movie straight after? Austin would
who swears like a sailor when driving? They both try not too, but I think Austin swears more
who is always ten minutes early to appointments? Maya
who swears they can set up the new home entertainment system without any help? Austin, but so does Maya when he fails
who can spend five hours straight in ikea? i do not really know what this is
who buys things online & returns them a few days later? Austin is very, very guilty of this
who plays the music so loud that it basically ruins everyone’s hearing? Austin, he is a pop star for crying out loud
who is more likely to spend money on unnecessary things? Austin, Maya is more careful with money
who stays up until 5am reading? I think they both would, but Maya would be the first to fall asleep
who has a strict “no shoes” rule in the house? They don’t
who complains about not having a bathtub because they can’t buy bath bombs? I would say Maya, because Austin prefers showers
who’s the more competitive one? Both are pretty