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Mike Ross ~ Hoodies and cockiness, look good on him.

I’m not the same man that I was.  I made peace with my family; I GOT MY OLD ASSOCIATE BACK, and as of this morning, I’m the head of my firm.

“Well, I dunno, depends. Do you put out?”

Harvey just stares at him for the briefest second, not humored by the light-hearted joke in the slightest. He gave a short nod and shrug of his shoulder, right before the elevator doors began to close, said, “Bottom or top?”

In the end, he’d meant it to return the joke. They were friends. It was all so… easy.

But the doors slid open again and Mike’s hand was dropping to his side. When had that happened? Oh, right. He was too busy imagining being the bottom or top to Mike’s top or bottom. “Top,” Mike said confidently, tilting his chin in a show of defiance toward his boss.

Harvey’s smirk spoke volumes. What a silly kid. “Bottom.” Harvey’s voice said softly through the cabin, both rough and smooth - all kind of smooth - as he tilted his chin toward the associate in the same way he had only seconds ago. Quickly, he added, “And maybe if you’re good I’ll let you finish.”

That seemed to do the kid in. His shoulders slouched, and his expression couldn’t be described by any word other than “ugh”. Clearly, he thought this was some dirt-humored joke. Classic, between them. But not when he had been asking a serious question and Harvey had been toying with him.

As the doors began to close again, Harvey called out, “Hey, rookie?”

Mike’s hand came up to stop the doors again, although with much less enthusiasm this time.

“Get in.”

MIke’s eyes went wide, and his skin flushed ever so slightly, but he stepped into the steel box anyway and watched the reflective doors close behind him. His pulse had reached a record speed, and he wasn’t exactly sure if he was still breathing. He sneaked a glance over to the man next to him, analyzing his demeanor. Harvey stood proud as ever, biting his cheek to (although not very well) hide his amusement.


They stood in the hallway of Pearson the next day; Mike’s eyes trailing after the sight of Harvey’s tongue grazing deliciously across his lower lip, a mischievous glint in his eye  making the younger heat up from the inside. No, things were definitely  not going to be awkward between them.

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AN: written for the suits100 fest where my prompt was: tattoos. also available on AO3.

Mike gets the tattoo the day before his twenty-second birthday.

It’s been a rough year. Turning twenty one was such a milestone, and yet it felt completely hollow. His parents’ absence was always obvious during big events in his life, but it felt even more glaring when he blew out the twenty one candles on the cake Grammy had made. Maybe it was due to the impending ten year anniversary of their deaths. Probably it was exacerbated by the weight of Grammy’s disappointment, not only in him getting kicked out of school, but for not getting back on his feet in any viable or respectable way.

In short, his twenty first birthday is not the joyous occasion it should’ve been.

He tries to sort out his life, and manages to find a job as a bike messenger. It’s not pre-law, but it’s something, and Grammy’s extreme enthusiasm for the prospect when he tells her about it makes it all worth it. He tries to bury himself in the work, taking as many shifts as he can, pushing his body to the limit of exhaustion, all to try and distract himself from the ache he gets in his chest when he thinks about his parents. Which he does, with more regularity than usual.

When the anniversary of their deaths arrives Mike calls in sick to work and spends the day holed up in his bedroom, poring over old photo albums, the last tangible piece of his parents’ lives. When he moved in with Grammy into her tiny Brooklyn apartment, Grammy packed up his parents’ house and either sold or donated all of their belongings. He didn’t think much of it at the time, but now with hindsight he can understand the inclination. There wasn’t anywhere for her to keep a life’s worth of belongings, and even if there were it would’ve been too painful to keep everything around. But still, he wishes he had more, something he could hold in his hands and know it was something his parents had held in theirs.

He finally emerges some time after dinnertime has come and gone. Grammy doesn’t say anything. She herself looks drawn and pale, but she tries to give him a weak smile. His attempt at returning it isn’t successful, but she doesn’t seem to mind. Instead she heads over to the kitchen, and, of all things, cuts him a piece of mud cake. It’s ridiculous, because cakes should be for celebrating and not mourning, but it’s Grammy’s go-to for baking and she probably needed something to do today.

Grammy places two plates of cake on the small table, and when Mike crosses the room to sit down Grammy putters over to the old CD player tucked away in the bookshelf and puts on a CD. They sit together and silently eat cake as his parents’ favourite album plays around them.

Though the music isn’t something he would’ve discovered on his own - it was a cult classic album put out a good six or seven years before he was born - he knows it better than he knows his own Metallica and Arcade Fire albums. James and Nina Ross loved music, it was always playing in their house, and this was an album that had high rotation. Mike listens, memories of hot summer days dancing around the house with his mom and curled up on the couch reading with his dad washing over him.

And suddenly, he knows what he wants to do.

Mike’s personal favourite song from the album is called Summer Sun. It somehow has always made him warm and comforted, and given him a sense of belonging, of being in the exact right place at the exact right time. So he finds the sheet music online and takes it to a local tattoo parlor.

They discuss size and placement and cost and book an appointment for the following month. Mike doesn’t feel nervous or uncertain. In fact, he feels settled for the first time in months. It’s like having some kind of permanent marker for his parents is allowing him the freedom to let go.

His tattoo artist prints up the stencil and carefully places it on Mike’s skin. He’s getting it low on his left ribcage, close to his heart. He chose the music from his favourite lyric, and after a quick debate with his tattoo artist decided to keep the staff lines in. It isn’t long, just over half a dozen notes, and the length wraps around his rib nicely. Getting the tattoo hurts, a lot, and yet somehow it’s not as painful as he’d feared; his mind had conjured the idea of pain so unbearable that the reality isn’t anywhere near as bad.

It doesn’t take long, and his artist wraps it up and goes through the aftercare procedure and when Mike leaves he feels more connected to his parents than he has in years.


“Did I ever tell you about my dad?”

“I think you know the answer to that question.”

So Harvey does. He tells Mike that his dad was a musician, a saxophone player, and that he played with all the greats because they all loved him.

Mike may be too stoned to react, but he isn’t too stoned to realize.

It was five years ago now but he remembers. He remembers looking up the sheet music when he was planning his tattoo. He remembers seeing lyrics by Riley Ellis, music by Gordon Specter in the top right hand corner. He even remembers meeting Harvey and being amused by the coincidence of the surname.

But it’s not a coincidence. It can’t be. Harvey’s dad wrote the notes that Mike has permanently marked on his skin.

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We got monsters to find. And you’ll find them. I have to go. But this city’s in danger. You got this. I know you do. And I have more important things to do. But… And Harvey… Yeah? You’re the boss now. Maybe get a haircut?

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So... what does Hurricane Harvey mean for WHATUP? There will be a ton of displaced Houston residents, etc. Are you guys concerned about this effecting WHATUP in any way? I am, to be honest. :-(

I’m sure in some way that the aftermath will affect it. However I hope that they can take a break from the calamity and make it to Austin for a few days to take their mind off life and spend it with friends.

I understand that people have to prioritize things in their lives. I’m not saying that WHATUP is more important than a flooded home.

I hope everyone in Houston is safe and I love you guys.


let me guess, d o n n a  explained your feelings to you …

                                        m a y b e

h: “i know you’re there.”
d: “you need anything?”

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but like! i know this's been discussed but i can't get over it - there is no viable explanation for it other than Harvey fell in love with Mike at first sight? (or first 15 minutes lol) because eidetic memory or not harvey knew all the consequences? any lawyer would let alone harvey specter? and he was willing to throw everything he'd built and earned to the wind for this boy? and even after, when mike was thinking about quitting he could've let him but he ran after him? god these 2 kill me

Look I’m gonna be completely honest here. Personally I don’t think Harvey fell in love with Mike at first sight. Don’t get me wrong, I get why people have this headcanon, and it’s a completely understandable one. But for me that’s not how it happens. 

Personally I’m more into the idea of Harvey not necessarily falling in love with Mike at first sight but just recognising that there was something about Mike that he wanted to keep in his life. He felt an immediate connection, the likes of which he hasn’t felt since he met Donna. And he knew he had to do something to keep Mike near, because how else were they going to be in each others lives?

So Harvey hires Mike. And he chases him down when Mike tries to quit. And he’s hard on Mike so Mike can realise his full potential. And he rescues Trevor not for Trevor’s sake but for Mike’s. And he does all these things, big and small, because slowly but surely he’s falling in love with Mike. He doesn’t know when exactly it happens, when it goes from Mike being his protege to his friend to someone he’s utterly in love with. But I think he becomes aware of his feelings when Mike leaves the firm to work with Sidwell. But then there’s so much fighting and angst and as much as he feels that for Mike it’s almost like he can’t focus on it because so much else is going on.

And then Mike comes back to the firm. And Harvey has no choice but to deal with his feelings, acknowledge that he has them. And then. Then Mike is charged with fraud and every waking moment becomes trying to save him from prison. And when that doesn’t work every waking moment is devoted to trying to get him out. He can admit he’s in love with Mike, but he also knows that it doesn’t matter. His feelings don’t matter. All that matters is getting him out and back to Rachel as soon as humanly possible.

So he does. He saves Mike, just like Mike saved him when he walked into Harvey’s interview room that day. And just as he’s ready to say goodbye again, to take him back to Rachel, Mike tells Harvey to take him back to Harvey’s apartment. Harvey panics, wondering what’s wrong, and Mike reaches over and just says, “I want to go home. Take me back to your place.”

So Harvey does. And Mike stays in the guestroom. And every day Harvey wakes expecting to find Mike gone, returned back to the apartment he shared with Rachel. But he never does. He’s there every day, and as the days pass Mike confesses in fits and starts, that Rachel couldn’t deal with the separation, that Mike saw Harvey ten times more often than Rachel, that when told Mike had a visitor or call he’d start to hope it was Harvey and not Rachel. 

Mike finally admits that he fell in love with Harvey at first sight. He just knew nothing would ever come of it, so he tried to get over Harvey by being with Rachel. And he thought he had. But being separated from the world threw some things into pretty sharp relief, and he realised the truth. He was always in love with Harvey.

And finally Harvey can tell Mike the truth, that he’s so in love with Mike he doesn’t know how he could ever go back. So he does. But only after kissing Mike senseless.

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finding out when your bebz is single vs finding out when your bebz is taken