so do you think i really care when white folks get upset when i put them in their place

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The difference between Clarke and Raven taking the flame is that Clarke wanted to take it in order to become the new commander and lead them to the bunker together, which was.. questionable, at best. It's not her place to do so. If Raven would take it, it would be to solely save her life, not to step into Grounder power. Two very different scenarios. I doubt people would be upset if it was Raven's key to living.

I believe I just argued that you CAN actually say it is her place to do it. She’s fucking saving the world here. Trying to save humanity from death in a few weeks is not a good enough reason to take the flame? 

Do we need to do it again?

  1.  She doesn’t want people to die. HOw DaRE. THE OFFENSE of wanting people to stop fighting so they can cooperate. What a FUCKING TYRANT. How.. what was it you said… ? “questionable.” Not sure she even said she wanted the power. I think she just wanted to get them to stop fighting and get in the damn bunker. But Okay. You think she wants to lead the grounders. There’s so much evidence for that. (that’s sarcasm. there isn’t. she barely wants to lead her own people.)
  2.  Lxa called her the commander. That gives her the right.
  3.  Becca called her the commander. That gives her the right.
  4. Titus gave her the flame, Becca’s journal, made her a fleimkepa, and told her to find a nightblood to become the new commander. That gives her the right.
  5.  Becca was a sky people. The flame came from her people, not just the grounders. It’s a hybrid.
  6. Clarke knows more about the flame than any of them, and that includes Gaia. Raven knows more too, btw.
  7. Clarke does NOT think of the grounders as savages. She’s been living with them and working with them and learning from them for a while now and has ALWAYS been on the side of joining with them. Hasn’t she, even when her people thought it was impossible? Hasn’t she ALWAYS been on the side of unity? Not her domination of them, but being allied, friends, partners. She fell in love with their queen. 
  8. Roan maybe said that about Clarke because he does NOT want her to become the commander, even though he thinks she was “born for this,” because he wanted an Azgeda commander and didn’t want the power to go away from the Azgeda. Hmm. Maybe Roan had his own agenda? IMPOSSIBLE. Roan NEVER plays politics. (that’s sarcasm again. Roan does nothing but play politics.)
  9. The grounders are being assholes and if you say they aren’t you’re lying so that you can turn them into noble cupcakes and Clarke into the bad guy for trying to keep them from killing everyone. EVERYONE. Because they are being savage. And if someone doesn’t do something, they’ll all die, so they do, in fact, need saving. 
  10. I told you you would change the narrative if it no longer fit your story.  (Oh, Clarke is being an imperialist if she takes the flame to save humanity but Raven is being a good perfect angel if she takes the flame to save her life.)
  11. oh yeah. AND SHE’S A FUCKING NIGHTBLOOD. that give her the right. Don’t like it? Too bad. Don’t like that it was science? It always was. Made a mockery of it? Nope. Just went back to the roots. 

I’m not saying that Clarke was right to take the flame. I’m not saying Raven would be wrong to take the flame. I’m saying the story people are putting forth does not really match the story that the show is telling. 

While some of the stuff I said above is clearly my interpretation, a lot of it is just straight up canon that people are IGNORING so they can hold onto their  interpretation. The flame chooses the commander. they have to be a nightblood. The nightblood was created by science. No matter what happens, whoever is chosen, by whatever means, is therefore chosen by the flame. That’s kind of how those kind of chosen one things happen. Ontari? Not chosen. Clarke, Lxa said she was chosen. I do not like it at all. But textual evidence that Clarke is working within the boundaries of the flame and the religion of the commander. The clans don’t like it. Gaia doesn’t like it. But the fact of it is, flame and nightblood chooses the commander, not the fleimkepa or the people. This is how they set it up. She has the right. It’s not cultural appropriation. It’s religion. Theirs.

Clarke is certainly flawed and absolutely makes bad decisions sometimes and does the wrong things, but the fandom is turning her into the bad guy racist white savior. Princess she is. White savior, not so much. The same thing they did to Bellamy last season. Misinterpreting his actions to fit their personal beliefs. 

I’m not down for it. 

 I am a fan of this show. I will defend The 100. I will defend Bellamy Blake. I will defend Clarke Griffin. I will question them too, but when I see interpretations that twist the characters so they become hated. Sorry. I’m going to say something.

And I don’t care if I don’t have the popular interpretation or how many big meta folk disagree with me. I think for myself. And I find this Clarke The White Savior narrative to be really questionable. There is some basis for it, but if it becomes the whole story, it’s inaccurate. 

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Hello there! :D I was wondering if you have a collection of evidence that Pearl is coded as autistic, because I really want to see all of it in one place. If you can't thats okay, but I was just recently thinking about Pearl and all of her behavior. :P

People have made masterposts of this I KNOW I’m just not sure where they are??? If anyone knows please reblog with a link!!

I mean just off the top of my head,

  • She has a very narrow range of passionate interests, it seems like her thoughts are pretty much totally devoted to like 3 or 4 things
  • The way she talks is, in my experience, really typical of autistic folks who have relatively good social function/are highly verbal (myself included)–formal, rigidly grammatical, a steady speaking cadence almost like she’s reading from something
  • Her physical mannerisms definitely look like those of, again, a relatively social autistic person, and a lot of the stuff she does (like twirling around mid sentence when she’s excited) seem, tbh, more like stimming than anything else. Also I just want to comment that I can’t explain it (like…my expertise of autism comes mainly from…being autistic…I couldn’t tell you the technical/neurological/cognitive stuff behind these things) but the way she sits down in the part with her name in the old opening just makes my brain prick up, it just looks???? so aspie???? and I don’t know what it is it’s probably like the way she holds her upper body perfectly still and arranges everything and puts her hands on her leg like she’s kind of absentmindedly pressure-stimming idk?
  • She’s neat but she’s not just *neat*, she genuinely enjoys doing chores for the method behind them (says so in “Keeping it Together”, probably similar to what Matt Burnett said about her liking “the process of pie”) and Steven says in “Steven the Swordfighter” that what she actually *enjoys* is sorting and organizing things into specific categories, which is like. One of the most indisputably autistic traits we’ve heard about her in canon
  • DEFINITELY has sensory issues with texture and touch, she always reacts with alarm and rigidness initially if someone touches her without warning and she’s so freaked out by food textures that even if she’s trying super, super hard to suck it up and deal with them (i.e. “Fusion Cuisine”) she just can’t, it’s too awful. Also in “Together Breakfast” and “Frybo” she actually stops fighting when food touches her–PEARL, whose probably #1 trait (going by her most positive moments in the series and “Guide to the Crystal Gems”) is never giving up–and like, so early in the series when things weren’t all that developed that might’ve been supposed to be solely a comedic moment about her being prissy (which, I mean, she is on top of everything) but looking back w/ more info on her I kind of think that was on some level intended to read as a sensory-overload shutdown. Like bad textures are the one thing she just CAN NOT deal with.
  • Infodumping like woah
  • Struggles with social awareness and understanding how others are feeling, even with other gems. Like, Amethyst was upset with her in “On The Run” because she thought she didn’t care how bad she’d made her feel, but Pearl tells her she literally had no idea she felt that way. That’s the most major time, but there are lots of other times she’s struggling to get a read on the emotional situation, and also times she misreads others’ tone or takes them literally when they were speaking figuratively.
  • She seems to really like to augment her verbal communication with visual, I’m certain that she’s a very visual thinker
  • She’s very logical-minded but she also has next to no control over her emotions/emotional expressions, and she gets overwhelmed with emotion to the point where her functioning is inhibited pretty easily (which I love, love, LOVE because that’s super accurate to a ton of autistic people but it doesn’t fit most people’s stereotypes of autistic people)
  • May be a moot point since we know now she was made and trained to have basically no autonomy, but she seems to have some executive dysfunction and time management issues. She freezes up if the next step isn’t immediately obvious.
  • hyperfocus like woah
  • Just…really likes things a certain way, concerned with following rules (even fairly arbitrary rules), doesn’t understand that some rules only apply in some situations (”which of these is my turn signal?”), tends to be a fairly black-and-white thinker
  • I just…like to think that she regenerated with that waist ribbon b/c this is kind of a stressful time in her life and waist pressure is comforting
  • Super worked up all the time specifically about everyone else’s safety and feelings (most of the time, times when she’s in a personal crisis obviously no) which is like…such a female-socialized autistic person thing. Like “I’m supposed to nurture and please and take care of everyone but I have no idea what the shit is going on with them”
  • Just seems to have trouble communicating in general I mean there’s so many times when you as the viewer outside the situation are like “pearl this literally could’ve been so easy if you’d just explained yourself” but like as a spectrum person watching you kinda know why she can’t
  • Tiptoe-walking. 
  • Scenes where she definitely looks like she’s having issues with eye contact.
  • There’s probably a ton more even but that’s what I could think of rn
Of Teddy Bears and Bonfires

(This story brought to you by the fact that I got a build a bear and really needed to start writing again. This is me getting back into it so to speak so if anything’s weird or off to you let me know. On with the long oneshot!)

“And so the girl was trapped in the car with the escaped lunatic! In the morning all that was found of her was some teeth and a femur. With the flesh barely hanging on.”

Everyone audibly swallowed, as the redhead finished her tale of the lunatic of the lake. The very same lake they were currently in the middle of. Mabel thought it would be cool if most of the town youth to have a big camping night on Scuttlebutt island, and actually managed to make it into a real party. Wendy and all her friends thought it’d be cool, Candy and Grenda loved the idea, and Pacifica managed to convince her servants to keep quiet about this to her parents when they came back from the alps. Although right now Mabel was clutching one of her stuffed animals in fear.

“Welp it’s time for bed everyone!”

“But we could still-”

“See everyone in the morning!”

With that Mabel had crawled into her tent and zipped into her sleeping bag.

Soos had stopped to look at his watch.

“Whoa dudes, it’s 2:30. Mabel’s right we should head in if we want to wake up and be ready for the boat at 7.”

Soos ended up being an unintentional chaperone for the trip, as Stan wanted to make sure his grandkids wouldn’t get too mixed up in whatever those other teens were doing. They may be turning 14 soon but dammit they weren’t ready for whatever those sixteen year olds were doing. Soos had taken this role very seriously as he separated any boys and girls getting too close by “Making room for Soos”. Robbie and Tambry were not amused.

“Phft. Whatever.”

Robbie, Tambry, and a few others stayed up; though everyone eventually turned in by the next hour.

During his attempts to sleep Dipper could swear he had heard something… but brushed it off as the wildlife, mostly so he could actually sleep. Still his body seemed hard pressed against resting and by 5 in the morning a very reluctant 13 year old had to answer nature’s call. Once he took care of that, he realized there was still an hour before they would start packing up and considered returning to his nice, cozy- wait is that Pacifica?

Sitting on one of the logs around the now distinguished campfire was a somewhat disheveled and groggy young heiress. A rare sight to be sure.

Dipper decided to quietly walk up to her like one would a frightened animal, knowing that he could very well scare her off accidentally. His footsteps were heard of course, but Pacifica was already aware of who it was as she heard him waking up. Immediately she decided he must be hungry and offered him what she’d been munching on.

“Hey Dipper, want a granola bar?”

He eyed it tentatively before muttering a “thanks”; taking it from her hand and sitting down on the ground next to her. Unwrapping it he took a bite and swallowed before asking:

“Didn’t get much sleep last night?”

She responded with a light, playful kick in his back and a “humf” as he exhaled a bit in jest. He then stopped to get a better look at her face and the bags under her eyes, he hadn’t seen her like this.

“Seriously though, everything alright? Was camping too uncomfortable?”

“It’s fine Dipper, just couldn’t sleep.”

“Why though?”

Pacifica’s face scrunched up in a look of deep thought before:

“I had a nightmare.” came out in a soft mutter.

There was a subject he was familiar with, especially when one of the scariest monsters you’ve ever faced was a dream demon.

“Oh. Is it okay to ask what about?”

She looked at the ground in front of her and kicked away a pebble in the dirt.

“You know it helps when you talk about them with someone but if’d you’d rather-”

She saw him awkwardly trying to help and couldn’t help herself, he was being so sweet and kind. It was actually pretty adorable. Wow, she must be deliriously tired.   

“Alright, I’ll tell you. Probably due to lack of sleep or the fact that you can keep a small secret, which you WILL keep. Got it?”

Dipper nodded.

“This is going to require a bit of a story, would you mind?”

He immediately shook his head no and leaned back onto the log, he was ready for this.

“It was my third birthday, and although my parents were going to throw me a big party to celebrate that day; they had their own party to get to. So instead on my birthday they said they were taking me somewhere as a surprise.”


A tiny Pacifica in pigtails was wriggling in her seat looking out the window.

“When are we going to be there?”

*Ring Ring*

“Sorry Daddy I mean may I ask how much longer it will be?”

Preston quietly took a sip of his morning coffee, he didn’t did look at the child for a moment just staring off looking distant. Her mother on the other hand was gazing into a mirror, admiring her makeup and smiling to herself.


She shut her mouth as soon as she saw his hand headed towards his pocket. She already knew, a few more rings of that and she probably wouldn’t get her surprise. She didn’t get surprises that often, her Mom and Dad told her things beforehand and taught her how to be polite or who was important. Today was her birthday though so it had to be something nice.

The limo stopped and a butler opened the door for them.

“The mall?”

“Yes, Pacifica your surprise is in there.” Her mother spoke whilst putting on a pair of sunglasses.

The little girl stepped outside and got into the walking position she had learned. She would be in front of her parents and walk slowly, yeah that was it…

The Northwest clan then proceeded to make their way into the shopping center with a servant in tow. The mall was weird today, there was usually more people. She was still confused until she heard the nice music.

“We’ll be opening up soon folks! There’s just the matter of one, VIP we have to take care of.” A young lady announced as she stood in front of-

“Teddy Bear Factory?!”

Before the Northwests had the opportunity to reprimand their daughter the young lady took notice and walked over to the trio, bending down to speak with Pacifica.

“Hello there Birthday girl! Are you ready to have a ton of birthday fun?”

Her little eyes shone with excitement and replied with a happy yes. The lady then pulled out a lovely little birthday tiara for her to wear and she held her hand as she led them all into the store.

Pacifica’s eyes darted all across the room, there were so many different little outfits, accessories, and colors. In the meantime Preston had been discussing details with the employee and then demanded that all the bears be lined up before his daughter for her choosing. Everyone stopped stocking and began grabbing the display bears on the wall and placed them in a half circle around the birthday girl.

“All right Pacifica, now you get to make the very first bear of the store. Which one do you like?”

It may have been the Teddy Bear Factory but there was all kinds of animals, in different colors and patterns. She started walking around the stuffed animals looking them over, as well as touching them to feel their fur. Then she saw it, the one she wanted.

“That one!”

She pointed at a soft looking white bunny with button eyes.

“Oh the Spring Time rabbit? That’s a cute one.”

She picked out the skin from a large barrel and took it to the stuffing machine, where she picked out a little velvet heart and stuffed it deep inside the bunny rabbit. After being stitched up she was told to look around and get any clothes she’d like for her new friend and to think of a name. Grabbing pajamas, dresses and bows for her bunny she thought of a name whilst dressing her.


“That’s a great name for a jumpy little bunny.”

She typed it into a small computer and got a birth certificate with the name printed in large letters.

“It looks like Hoppy’s all set to go home with you now. Have a beary great birthday Pacifica!”

She curtsied for the nice lady that helped her out and her and her family went on their way. Preston did scold his daughter for being too friendly with the common folk, but the heiress was still happy with her little fuzzy friend.

So much so that she slept holding “Hoppy” close to her heart that night.

And the next night.

And for a month straight.

Until she was seven.

During those four years; Pacifica loved the stuffing out of Hoppy, dressing her up for special occasions, buying more and more clothes and accessories, and of course taking her to bed every night.  

She held her whenever she was punished or yelled at, she was someone who would never be upset or disappointed like her parents. She was also something to hug, Pacifica really didn’t get hugs from anyone since it was considered improper. During the last year though she noticed that her Mother asked to have the toys removed from her room, she was getting too old for them in her opinion. So she hid Hoppy and her clothes under a old floor board underneath her bed, to make sure that her favorite toy was safe.

It didn’t last too long though, one night she had put her down for a second while she went to the bathroom. A butler had picked it up and was going to return it to her room when Preston who was walking by noticed it in the servants hands.


She found herself in front of her very annoyed father who tsked at her.

“Now Pacifica, didn’t your mother tell you to throw all your toys away.”


“Then what were you doing with this hm?”

“I was just-”

“Disobeying orders. Disobeying orders is what you were doing young lady!”


“How many times have we told you to not refer to posteriors in conversation?!”

“I know but-”

“See! You did it again! What did we tell you about disobeying orders?!”


“Now you’re mumbling and crying?! A Northwest never cries! That’s it young lady you are grounded for two weeks!”

She gazed towards the ground too ashamed to look at him.

“Now, what to do about this…”

His eyes locked onto the fireplace. Pacifica pleaded at him with tear stained eyes, but it was of no use.

He chucked Hoppy into the fire, all the while Pacifica tried and failed to hold in all her tears and sobs. That earned her another week of being grounded but she couldn’t stop herself, one of the few things that gave her comfort in this world was now ashes.


Pacifica stayed quiet for a few seconds afterward while staring at the ashes of the bonfire. Dipper decided to wait until she spoke again, he knew how attached someone could get to their favorite toy. Mabel had taught him that much.

“That’s what I dreamt about last night, the night that he threw her into the fire. If I had to guess what caused it, I guess your sister’s stuffed animal being near the bonfire brought it back. I know it’s kind of dumb to-”

Dipper climbed onto the log and looked at her straight in the eye.

“No it isn’t. A lot of people have certain things they really like and it can be traumatic if you lose them. Heck if my sister was here she’d probably be bawling her eyes out.”

“But isn’t it-”

“There’s nothing wrong with having a stuffed animal, heck every girl’s room I’ve ever seen has a bunch of those on her bed.”

“Wait. What girl’s rooms have you been seeing?” she raised her brow suspiciously at him.

He blushed immediately.

“Not like that! I just have a couple cousins, and some of my friends have sisters, and sometimes I watch movies with Wendy at her place-”

She started laughing at his attempts to explain himself.

“Slow down, I was just messing with you, you big dork.”

Dipper sheepishly smiled and the two burst into laughter.

“See don’t you feel better talking about it?”

She looked at him in the eyes.

“Yeah, I have to admit I’m feeling better.”

He smiled warmly at her before she turned away a moment:

“It would’ve helped if I still had Hoppy though. All I have left is her velvet heart, I found it a bit charred but intact when the fire was put out. It’s better than nothing though.”

She turned to see his concerned expression and hugged him, taking him by surprise at first till he caught on and hugged her back.

“Thank you Dipper… and thank you for not laughing or brushing my story off.”

They were like that for a moment just sort of holding each other comfortably till…

Make room for Soos!

The two were then forcibly pushed apart by two big hands on their foreheads. Soos then sat down between them.

“So dudes, what were we talking about?”

The two young teens fumbled a moment before declaring that they were talking about how to best pack away all their gear and look at the time they needed to get started.

As they bolted off towards their tents and started packing, Soos smiled to himself.

“Sorry little dude, but my work here is done.”

A week or so passed after their camping trip and Pacifica was now in the process of getting back home after a day of traveling to visit some dignitaries her parents wanted to impress, and getting scolded in private for messing up for the umpteenth time. All she wanted to do was go scream into her pill-

She froze. Right there on top of her bed was the one thing she was not expecting at all today.

A fluffy white plush bunny from the Teddy Bear Factory was waiting for her, certificate and all. Except there was one thing out of place. A note.

She picked it up and began reading:

“Dear Pacifica:

After I heard about Hoppy I couldn’t help myself when I saw this in the window of the Teddy Bear Factory. So I went in despite a few weird looks and brought back Hoppy 2.0! Unfortunately she’s not complete just yet. She’s missing something important, maybe you can figure out what it is? Also don’t worry, your family’s staff knows not to mess with her in anyway. So your secret is safe!

                                                               Take good care of her! From, Dipper”  

She looked at the bunny to see any signs of incompleteness, realizing that her back was slightly open. She went to the old floorboard under her bed and pulled out the old burned heart and stuffed it inside the bunny.

She pulled the string and it closed up immediately, snipping the extra string off. She was now complete.

She once again pressed the soft bunny close to her heart and shed a tear.

Who did this dork think he is, and when could she kiss him?