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ritsou-san  asked:

Could you make jealous eldarya boys headcanon ? With leiftan and ashkore too if possible ???

Nothing wrong with a classic HC. ^_^

Though this request could be a bit more specific: what’s the situation that’s sparking a jealous reaction? Are they in a relationship with the Guardian, or otherwise? Is there a specific character they’re jealous of, and why?  

Envy isn’t a single-reaction button that exists on everybody’s mental dashboard. Specificity always helps, dear. :)

But I’ll give this a shot. Let’s say that the Guardian is at least a recurring date for our protagonists. But a friendly night-out with the gang suddenly goes sour… 


What will set off his radar: A new favorite

Nevra’s ego is vast enough that it’s difficult for him to feel jealous of any particular man, no matter his accomplishments. It takes all kinds to make up this world… and frankly, only one of him. He knows that he offers a quality experience as he is.

So only two things can possibly stoke his jealousy. Option One: a doppelganger (aka another Nevra) who’s more successful than him in many common fields from completing high-risk missions to solving social crises, taming Gallytrots without losing eyes, wearing black, and so on. (The odds of this happening though is next to nil; Nevra has a very distinct body of accomplishments in El.)

Which leaves us with Option Two: a newcomer who has magnetized the attention of someone he’s truly invested in. Because as much as he hates to admit it, Nevra knows he has no direct say in where people’s hearts go. That’s why he labors as hard as he does to win people over. And if that interloper can snag his darling’s heart in a fraction of the time that he’s been courting them… well then. The gloves are coming off.

How he’ll intervene:

It won’t be easy to snatch the Guardian from right under his nose; if Nevra is invested in them– if not already their full-fledged s/o–, then he’s inclined to keep at their side all night. Until he has to look for a sink to give his scarf an emergency rinse after someone spills wine on it again. And gets waylaid on his way back by some determined admirers who refuse to be deterred by how he’s not (really) single any longer. Then things might get complicated once he returns to his table, and discovers that he has inadvertently given a certain schmuck ten precious minutes to speak to his darling.    

The moment he spies the Guardian blushing like the sunset while chatting with the other man– now unleashing his charm in his absence–, Nevra’s practiced smile will drop to his boots. That is not supposed to happen: how can his date look the other way tonight? And at that two-cent shyster, of all people? Don’t they care about him, or has he imagined everything between them so far? For a moment, disbelief will transfix him where he stands, the sting of hurt puncturing his confidence like a well-aimed needle. Until grim anger burns through his bones. What the Guardian truly thinks about this man… he’ll have to confirm later. But nobody puts one toe into his inner circle without him saying anything about it.

Still, he’s savvy enough to know not to break them apart like launched cannonball; this isn’t a schoolyard anymore. And he’ll never live it down if people remember him after tonight as that petulant divo. So instead, Nevra will apply his legendary hearing to eavesdrop from a distance, gauge the direction of the conversation, gnash his teeth at what he’s hearing, and then smoothly reinsert himself into the discussion like a grinning cobra, seamlessly answering for one of the participants. His arm will drape oh-so-casually over the Guardian’s shoulders, and before his rival can answer back, he’ll interrupt himself to press a determined kiss to his darling’s hand, cheek, or hairline, apologizing affectionately for his absence and– for the first time– making no mention at all of the fans who blindsided him. While privately quelling that sting of betrayal he felt from watching them across the tavern. But he firmly tells himself: ‘later’. He’ll talk to his date later.

For now, he’ll deliberately ratchet up his charisma, confidence, and generosity to court the Guardian all over again: reclaiming their attention, denying the interloper more chances to apply their own brand of charm, and driving home to dirtbag that this is his turf; his partner (even if they’ve only just begun dating). And he doesn’t share. Through it all, Nevra will tactically ignore the other man, freezing him out from the conversation that he’ll drive in a direction to include only himself and the bemused Guardian (and perhaps one other impartial party). All punctuated with flagrant displays of affection; if he can, he will find a way to pet or kiss the Guardian every five minutes. In fact, the only times Nevra will acknowledge the increasingly-awkward interloper is to throw a brief, airy jibe in his direction, smiling like a prince with permafrost clouding his good eye, before reeling his date’s attention back to himself until either the night comes to an end, the Guardian scolds him for being rude, or the now-isolated party leaves early.  

The common opinion in the Guard is that Nevra is a classy, generous man once you get to know him. But once you enter his blacklist, he’s just as generous in taking the time to needle you. Slowly.

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