so distracted by sam's hair this season

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#Wiglander is sooo bad. I will enjoy the next episode with the better hair. After that I will go into eternal mourning, cause all we will then get is Jamie wearing something like a racoon hat (if you google pics for that, you'll know what I mean).

I’m in constant mourning for Sam’s real JAMMF hair. I am so distracted by the wig they have on his head, it’s the most ratchet thing I’ve seen on television recently.

I’d also like to take a moment of silence for the way they styled Claire’s hair in season 1. I miss the loose updos, the half up styles, her hair being down…it was so wild and free and CLAIRE and now it’s bushy Hermione Granger. Did they switch hair people? Take us back.

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That red merkin must be the forehead prosthesis that Sam said he wears now. His wig is so bad now, I just hope we have wig consistency this season ,prison hair is the best hair so far.

The wigs are a little distracting. I’d rather they just let Jamie have Sam’s thinning hair. And from those promo shots it looks like Claire is getting an equally sad mop later this season. At least they will match?

Request: I really dig your writing and I was wondering if you could do an imagine where the reader had a really crappy day and to try to cheer them up, Dean, Cas and Sam buy pies for everyone and go on a Wvanalking Dead marathon? And have some fluff please?

You were so done. You were done with hunting, getting blood over everything you cherished, and hurting those around you. You’d just finished a hunt, and a rather tough one at that. 

You’d spent weeks, no, months, tracking down the demon. Then, just as you were about to stab the monster, he vanished in a cloud of black smoke. The man he was possessing came back just in time to let you see the fear in his eyes, before he died. 

You hadn’t called Sam, Dean, or Cas. You turned your phone off, not wanting to talk to anybody. You were actually surprised Cas hadn’t poofed by yet to see if you were alive; maybe he could sense your sour mood.

And to top everything off, you’d ruined your clothes. During your fight with the demon, he’d slashed up your favorite shirt, giving it a giant hole right above your belly button. Blood covered just about every inch of you, and you’d have to wash your car seats later. 

You sighed in relief as you pulled into the driveway of the bunker. You pulled your keys out, then shuffled inside, the thought of a war shower and soft bed making your body ache. “Y/N!” You heard somebody shout, followed by the pounding of feet.

Soon, Sam and Dean stood in the doorway, blocking you from purity. “Hi.” You grumbled, trying to get passed them. Dean stuck an arm out, stopping you.

“You okay? We’ve been calling you for hours!” Dean exclaimed.

“I’m fine. I want a shower.” You answered, moving Dean’s arm.

You passed them, only to be grabbed by Sam. He spun you around lightly, and with a soft voice said, “What happened?”

You sighed in frustration and pulled your arm out of his grip. “I didn’t get the demon, okay? The asshole got away, and instead I watched an innocent man die!” Tears started to build up in your eyes, and you stormed off to your room before Sam or Dean could see them.

You slammed the door behind you, and took a few calming breathes. You refused to cry. Allowing the rational side of your brain to take over, you knew that you’d do some more research, find the demon again, and bring Sam or Dean with you to kill him. Content with the thought, you ripped off your ruined shirt.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Castiel asked poofing into your room.

“Jesus Fucking Christ, Cas!” You shouted, covering up your chest. “Cas, I don’t have a shirt on, you can’t just poof in here whenever you want!”

Castiel tilted his head in that annoyingly cute angelic way. “I’m sorry.” He said, not moving. 

You sighed, and shook your head. “Just, knock next time.” You said. You still had a bra on, and Cas had seen you in a bathing suit before, so you let your arms fall to your side. Cas didn’t so much as glance, just as you knew he would. 

“You didn’t answer my question.” He noticed.

“I’m fine, Cas.” You said, wanting him to leave so you could shower and pass out.

“You don’t look fine.” He commented.

“Gee, thanks.” You mumbled, but Cas didn’t smile. “The hunt didn’t go so well, alright? As Sam and Dean about it.” Then, you grabbed your pajamas and walked past Cas into your bathroom. “And don’t poof in here!” You shouted through the door.

You waited a few minutes before completely stripping down; you never knew if the angel would listen to you or not. you jumped in the shower, and turned the temperature to just below burning. The water took all the blood off you, and let you feeling refreshed and a little happier. Sure, you weren’t about to go singing about how great life was, but you could manage to not want to kill everything. It was progress.

You stepped out of the water, dried yourself off, then jumped into your bed. Exhaustion hit you like a truck, and you almost passed out. But then, there was a knock at your door. You ignored it, hoping whoever it was would go away, but they persisted. 

Finally, too annoyed to let it continue, you jumped out of bed and flung the door open, ready to stab somebody. Cas stood there, his hand still raised from when he’d hit the door. “Hello.” He greeted you.

“Why?” You asked. Cas tilted his head at your question, and you took a deep breath to calm yourself. “Why were you knocking on my door?”

“You told me to knock before entering.” he explained.

You stared at him for a moment. Happy thoughts, happy thoughts. You reminded yourself. Cas was just following what you’d told him. Not having the energy to explain knocking to him, you decided to save it for a later date. “Alright, well what did you need?”

“Sam and Dean asked me to get you.” He answered, like that was an answer. 

“Why?” You whined.

“Because we have a surprise.”

“Cas, that’s great and all, but can’t it wait until tomorrow? I’m freaking tired! I don’t wanna walk anymore!” You leaned on the door frame, and gave Cas your puppy dog eyes.

Cas sighed, and you thought you’d won. But then, he just picked you up, and carried you bridal style to Sam and Dean.Although you were a bit annoyed, Cas was strong and held you comfortably. You almost fell asleep as he carried you to the living room.

What? Were you too lazy to walk?“ Dean teased.

"What? Were you too annoying to let me sleep?” You shot back, keeping your eyes closed and head resting on Cas’ chest.

“Alright, we get it. You’re tired. But, we thought this might help.” Sam said, and you opened your eyes.

On the TV, The Walking Dead was paused. You recognized the episode immediately; the pilot. Your eyes continued around the room, and you saw pie and beer on the table. You couldn’t hide the smile that spread over your face. 

“Cas, can you put me on the couch?” You asked. Cas nodded and gently placed you on the couch so you were laying down. “Alright, let’s get this party started!” You smiled, and Sam started the first episode. 

Dean picked you head up gently and sat beneath you, running his hands lazily through your hair. Sam sat on the floor, with his back pressed against the couch. Castiel sat under your legs. Since Sam’s head was right in front of yours, you mindlessly braided his hair, allowing your fingers to run through the braid once you’d finished.

Zombies crowded the screen, and you jumped slightly. Dean chuckled at you, but didn’t comment. Despite the thrill of the show, and the distraction of playing with Sam’s hair, you felt yourself start to fall asleep.

Sam, sensing this too, said, “Why don’t we eat some pie?”

Dean quickly agreed, he’d been eyeing the pie since the show started. Dean took a whole pie to himself, and you had a slice of apple, while Sam and Cas had some cherry. The pie gave you a burst of energy, and you stayed awake for the rest of season one. As season two started, your eyelids started to droop again, and without the distraction of food, you fell asleep.

You woke up suddenly when something hairy hit your arm. You gasped and looked down to see Sam’s head falling back, soft snores escaping his lips. You started to look up at Dean, but felt his hand still in your hair, and heard his snores, so, not wanting to wake him up, you kept your hed still. You glanced down at Cas, who since he wasn’t an angel, remained awake, trapped under your feet.

“Cas.” You whispered, and his eyes fell on you. “You can go if you want.”

Castiel shook his head and smiled at you. “I don’t mind.”

“But you’ll be here for hours.” You warned.

“I enjoy keeping you all company.” He shrugged. “Go back to sleep.”

“But-” You yawned, “You’ll be here…. for hours.” You said the last part as you closed your eyes and laid your head back down. Castiel started to rub your feet, projecting you into one of the most peaceful sleeps you’d ever had.

(I hope you like it!)