so did nine

I’m pretty salty when it comes to the SOJ DLC case solely because it’s canon that Phoenix and Edge haven’t spoken to Larry in like 9 years.
You’d think I’d have gone bananas having a case on my trilogy squad but nooooope

on the topic of accents

all the first order officers we’ve heard have british accents right? off the top of my head Hux, Phasma, Mitaka, and that officer played by thomas brodie-sangster, and the one that says Hux is gone.

but Finn has an american accent and from what i can hear so did nines and those stormtroopers talking on starkiller so……

what’s with that?!? there’s a reason they made boyega lose his beautiful amazing accent that is important to the story, regardless of what he said on graham norton

wouldnt it be easier to have them all have the same accent and let boyega keep his? what are the prevailing theories on this? is it a class thing?

no no no wait… JB-007 had a british accent

did they really make us miss out on boyega’s beautiful accent for shity aesthetics!?!??!!!!

anonymous asked:

which one of your works are you proudest of?

Ooh, tricky question
I feel like each of my works come with their perks and flaws - I wouldn’t say I’ve written a work that I’m 100% pleased with
But my favourite pieces to write are scenes which evoke emotion (e.g. the proposal scene in Proposal or the graveyard scene in Unhealthy Obsession)
I really enjoy writing those 👌

“Lady Hinata, if you tell anyone about this I’m afraid I cannot allow you to live it down.”

Kurama secretly likes playing with the kids… “Secretly.”

When no one else is around he calls them “Squishies”.

“Now come on, you little squishies, quit pulling my ears…
*five minutes later*