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Peter watched his newest Lots Boy jump around with the others, a small smile on his face. He couldn’t really call them a Lost Boy, but she acted no different from the others – happy, childish, full of life and attitude. Her (Y/hc) hair flew about in the wind as she ran around, whooping and cheering. The boys had just got back from a hunt and everyone was celebrating.

               “She seems to fit in just fine” Felix winked as he walked by, the deer slung over his back.

               “I guess” Pan shrugged, trying to act like he didn’t really care, but the light in his eye gave it away.

               “Pan!” the girl exclaimed as she ran by him, a large smile on face “do you see how big that is? It’s the most we’ll eat in months”

               He laughed lightly, rolling his eyes and heading towards his tent before Felix could tease him again, deciding that he would come back out again when the food was ready.

               When he came back out to eat, the only space left was next to the Newbie. The others had gone off into their own group, talking about things that didn’t interest her. So she chose to sit alone, munching on her deer meat silently.

               “Is everything okay?” Peter asked, bending down to look her in the eye.

               “I’m fine” she shrugged, avoiding his gaze.

               “Don’t lie, I can tell somethings bothering you”

               She let out a sigh as he sat down next to her, clearly not ready to drop the subject.

               “I just thought they finally liked me” she admitted, glancing over to the boys “I know I shouldn’t, but I feel like I have to prove myself to them, just because I’m a girl. It’s stupid and it’s sexist. But how else are they going to accept me”

               “They have accepted you, they just don’t know how to act around you” he answered simply, patting her on the back as he stood up once again “And if they don’t come to their senses soon, I’ll make them”

               “Thank you Peter”


“This one cap’n, are you sure?”

“Yes, this one will do quite nicely”


(Y/n) to soft hands shaking her. When she gazed at the panicked face of Peter Pan she just assumed that she had overslept, that he was going to tell it was midday and he thought something was wrong, that she was ill.

               “(Y/n)” he whispered, picking her up gently “We need to get out of here and it would really help if you were conscious”

               “I don’t understand” she replied, head hitting against his chest “What’s wrong?”

               “You need to keep quiet” he answered quickly, pulling her closer “Or they’ll catch us”

               The sound of men’s voice echoed above her, making her (y/ec) eyes widen in horror. She wasn’t back at camp. The wood surrounding her and the splashing of waves meant one thing. They were on a ship. Hook’s ship.

               “Why are we here?” she muttered, gently getting out of his hold “how did we get here?”

               “You were taken, in the middle of the night” he explained, taking her hand and guiding her towards the hole he had been using as a hiding space “I’m not sure why, he didn’t take anyone else – I don’t know what his motives are yet. So it’s best if we stay quiet and out of sight”

               “But why are you here?”

               He frowned, looking down at her in shock.

               “I don’t understand”

               “Any of the other boys you would have left” she frowned “But you came for me. Did you think I couldn’t handle it?”


               “You did, didn’t you?” she gasped.

               “Keep your voice down”

               “What was last night’s talk then, a pile of bull-“

               “Look I did it because- I did it because” he stuttered, trying to come up with a reason.

               “Because you’re his favourite”

               Her eyes widened in shock as she was pulled away from the boy by the one arm pirate, letting out a cry as he dragged her up on deck. Peter dashed after them but as he got outside he was blocked by a wall of bodies – tall muscular men stood in his way.

               “I knew you would come for her” Hook grinned “Any of the others you would have left to fend for themselves. But she’s too special”

               “Shut up!” Peter growled.

               “Am I wrong?”

               He didn’t answer trying to find a way to get to the girl without using his magic – he had never done any in front of her, too afraid she would look at her differently.

               “What’s wrong Pan?” Hook chuckled “Too scared to show her the monster you really are?”

               “(Y/n) close your eyes”

               She did as she was told, flinching at the sounds of intense pain around her. She ignored it however. These were men out to hurt her. He was protecting her.

               “Everything’s going to be okay”

               She didn’t open her eyes but still reached out for him, wrapping her arms around him.

               “Everything’s okay” he repeated, petting at her head gently “I won’t let you go”

               “I don’t want to anyway” she admitted “I want to stay here, with you. Forever”


Clue references in Poe Party (48/?): Someone rubbing his/her nose in the background