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Mae & Celica “””S”””

I was having a not so great day so for fun I whipped up a “”””S Support”””” for two cuties who should have smooched and been girlfriends, Mae and Celica. It was relaxing and this turned out tooth-rottingly fluffy lol, thought some of my followers might enjoy it so here you go. Also I wrote this in like 2 hours and haven’t tried to write either of these characters before so be gentle ;p 

Mae: Hey… Celica.

Celica: Oh no, you seem so somber again…

Mae: W-what? Wait, no way! N-no somber sourpusses over here!

Mae: …Well. Kind of.

Mae: Look, you’ve given me the confidence to say this, but I still need to psych myself up first.

Celica: I don’t understand. What’s this all about, Mae?

Mae: …

Mae: …I love you.

Celica: …Hm? That’s all?

Mae: Y-yeah. I… I love you, Celica.

Celica: But I know that already, Mae. I love you as well. You’re my dear friend.

Mae: No, I mean—I mean LOVE love! Y’know, the romantic kind?

Mae: The “I-want-to-hold-you-and-protect-you-and-wow-you’re-gorgeous-I-want-to-kiss-you-so-bad-and-oh-my-gods-did-I-really-just-say-all-that” kind…

Celica: I…

Celica: G-goodness. So when you confided in me before… I wasn’t expecting… I’m not quite sure what to say.

Mae: You can say you don’t feel the same! Heck, I expect you to!

Mae: I know you’ve never seen me…y’know, as a woman. And my personality is way below your station.

Mae: Besides, there’s that– That boy, Alm, from the castle…

Mae: But you gave me a real confidence boost the other day, dammit! Mila can’t blame a gal for trying!

Celica: …Mila… I wonder.

Mae: Huh?

Celica: I…always assumed Alm was my destiny. That’s been deeply ingrained in me, and supported by others.

Celica: But… Not only are you, one of the people I most trust, challenging that…

Celica: You’re proposing an alternative.

Celica: I wonder… Heehee… Oh, Mae, always creating trouble…

Mae: C-Celica, listen! If you really like that guy, I’m not getting your way! Really!

Celica: Don’t, worry, Mae. I… Heeheehee… Your words have really stirred my heart.

Celica: You’ve so long been a powerful presence in my life… And I know you’d protect that life with yours.

Celica: I stand by my words that you’re an absolute catch.

Mae: Aw jeez, you’re making me blush again! Celica, are you seriously…?

Celica: I want to…to try this, Mae. Try being with you.

Celica: Destiny or no, it… I think it would make me very happy.

Mae: Oh. My. Gosh. I…you feel the same? I didn’t have a plan for you feeling the same!


Mae: Pfffftha! Duma Priests? Pirate Kings? Boey? Look out, Mae’s unstoppable!

Mae: Any of you lay a finger on my girl, I’ll have your hide!

Mae: …U-um, unless it’s too early to be calling you “my girl”… Haha…

Celica: Oh, never change, Mae. I… I love you… The way you are.  

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hello! i was curious as to bangtans school days. did they all go to high school? did they go together (when they moved to seoul as trainees)? did jimin and tae attend together as 95 liners? have they ever talked abt school memories / memories together at school? you seem like a very educated person to ask! thank you!

hi! i wouldn’t say i’m educated lol, i just read a lot about the boys and mostly know where to look

here is a list of the schools taken from here:

  • Jin - (not revealed) -> Konkuk University
  • Yoongi - Taejeon Elementary -> Gwaneum Middle School -> Apujeong High
  • Hoseok - Gwangju-jain Kindergarten -> Seoil Elementary -> Ilgok Middle -> Gukje High -> Global Cyber University
  • Namjoon - Huindol Kindergarten -> Baekshin Elementary -> Ohma Elementary -> Shinil Middle -> Ilsan Daejin High -> Apujeong High ->  Global Cyber University
  • Jimin - Heodang Elementary -> Yoonsan Middle -> Busan High School of Arts -> Korea Arts High School -> Global Cyber University
  • Tae - Bisan 4-dong Kindergarten -> Changnam Elementary -> Geochang Middle -> Korea Arts High School -> Global Cyber University
  • Jungkook - Kindergarten is forgotten -> Baekyang Elementary -> Baekyang Middle -> (transferred to) Shingu Middle -> SOPA (School of Performance Arts) High School

so you can see there was some overlap, jimin and tae were classmates and they talked about their memories together! i don’t know if you’re asking about everyone’s school memories or just 95z, but i can mostly speak just about those two anyways lol:

JM: V took care of me a lot so I was able to adjust well at school.
this vlive, they talk about how people made fun of them for their dialects etc
the famous story of jimin being shy and tae getting mad at his friends for not talking to him when he transferred, how they ate a lot of snacks together and were always together both at dorm and school
the song they made when they graduated

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What are some of your fave sterek/steter fics? I need some

My favorite is No Way Out, but it’s unfortunately been taken down by the author.

I’m just gonna go through my ao3 subscriptions and choose some I enjoyed, since I haven’t made a proper faves list yet, so here ya go (only sterek atm sorry): 

If the Ley Lines You Should Follow

Hide of a Life War

Inevitability (About Damn Time)

Run To You

Find me Sitting Poolside

a bunch of smutty shorter ones 

literally anything by HalfFizzBin

Hemingway Can Suck It

Garden Variety

Light Up My World Like Nobody Else

Every Step You Take

It Can All But Break Your Heart

The Worst Thing I Ever Did

Salty Sweet

everything by stilinskisparkles

Runnin’s On My Mind Boy

The Second Coming (Of Werewolf Jesus)

Things We Know, Unsaid

The Creepy Cave (don’t judge me)

Gravity’s Got Nothing on You

We’ve Written Volumes (In Blood Scars and Ink)

Some of my favorites! Hope that’ll keep ya busy for a while! x

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Did you see Namjoon saying that Kook is so shy! and then Taehyung was like "are you shy?" and baby Kook got even shier... ADHJSQHDB I can't with Kook right now, He's such a baby boy, and then Hobi saying he's so cute as if we don't know that already while Yoongi quietly glancing his way and smiling softly. The hyungs are wipped for their baby maknae. Bye I'm gonna go cry right now because of the feels :'(.

tae’s ‘are you shy?’ was so cute and then jeongguk :((

hoseok calling him cute made my entire week, like what did that have to do with the question and he just immediately looked over and just points at jeongguk and is like ‘that one right there is cute’ and yoongi’s little arm stretch thing he did… lbr he did that to cover his smile, he just looks over and then starts to smile and does the arm stretching and covers his mouth… they’re all so soft for jeongguk

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*basks in the glow of Regulus & Sirius drabble* Thank you so much I love seeing these boys happy. ❤ Unrelated: the Marauder's Map shows Pettigrew's name and location. And Fred and George had the map before Prisoner of Azkaban. Presumably they used this map before giving it to Harry. Did it ever bother them that some random-ass man was sleeping in Ron (and Percy's) bedroom? Possibly IN THEIR BEDS? This is like me realizing Half-Blood Prince is a pun all over again, I need a second opinion, help.


There have been so many posts about that, it’s super amusing. Probably a plot hole, since as far as I know JKR has never addressed it directly. The only real solution would be that they never saw Ron when Pettigrew was also around. Maybe they didn’t check on him when he was sleeping? Maybe Ron never carried Scabbers around? Idk. It’s kind of horrifying and hilarious at the same time.


Here’s the gameplay banner for my legacy! The smaller, yellow banner will be displayed somewhere above or below gameplay picks! As you all know, my saves did get deleted so this is the gameplay that is replacing them (the juice legacy and the rossi legacy - which got deleted)! 

The founder, heir, whatever the fuck of this legacy is that pretty boy up there! His name is Dee Williams and he’s your local athlete, artist combo! He’s openly, proudly and unapologetically trans, he also has a mind blowing interest in the peculiar (aliens, vamps, that sorta thing so basically he’s me except he’s talented! 

life's great y'know

so I think the best thing in my life happened a couple of days ago.
so this boy in my class; he has naturally curly hair but always straightens it; came to school with his natural hair and everyone was super weirded out bc they weren’t used to it.
but I complemented him and said that he looks really good and it suits him.
he thanked me, but said that he was just lazy to straighten it and this is the only time he’s with his natural hair.

•it’s been four days since he started going to school with curly hair, and he isn’t planning on changing that.

my mom's comments on every act 2 hamilton song
  • What'd I Miss: oh THIS is Thomas Jefferson!!
  • Cabinet Battle #1: "turn around bend over i'll show you where my shoe fits" still more civilized than the 2016 presidential debates though
  • Take A Break: philip grew up fast
  • Say No To This: how hot was this hamilton anyway (me: what why) a lot of people seem to be in love with him i'm just wondering
  • The Room Where It Happens: this must be your favorite song, because it's about wanting to be included
  • Schuyler Defeated: *hears first four notes* i thought we already heard this song
  • Cabinet Battle #2: i wish all debates were just rap battles
  • Washington on Your Side: the fast talking guy is back
  • One Last Time: did he die
  • I Know Him: is this the king again (me: yes) oh i thought he died or something
  • The Adams Administration: "sit down john you fat motha--" i thought he was friends with john though (me: nope wrong john)
  • We Know: "my god" is it weird that his voice is soothing to me
  • Hurricane: intense
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: were the hamiltons like the kardashians
  • Burn: this is angelica right (me: no it's eliza) well the hamilton doesn't deserve her
  • Blow Us All Away: "How about when i get back we all strip down to our socks" I DONT LIKE THIS BOY
  • Stay Alive Reprise: oh no.
  • It's Quiet Uptown: i should be crying but it makes me wonder if i would be this sad if you died, and i don't know if i would be, so now i'm just guilty (me: oh my god)
  • The Election of 1800: "can we get back to politics please" i agree
  • Your Obedient Servant: this song is almost as passive aggressive as you are
  • Best of Wives and Best of Women: how did she forgive him
  • The World Was Wide Enough: "the world was wide enough for both hamilton and me" wow
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: if your father cheated on me and then wrote a song about it i probably would not do anything for him again
  • Conclusion: good music but i'm still not buying you tickets

No matter how enormously successful he may have been at the start, the future of a teen idol once he’s graduated from the warm embrace of boy bandhood is always precarious. Will his star continue to rise to Justin Timberlake (or, for the U.K. crowd, Robbie Williams) status? Or will he become nothing more than a distant, fond memory—a time capsule of a generation’s youthful indiscretion?

That’s the question facing former One Directioner Harry Styles who, a little over a year after his group officially (probably) disbanded, has just made the best case yet for his enduring pop cultural relevance. In going above and beyond his musical guest duties on this week’s S.N.L., Styles proved what his die-hard fans have been saying all along: he’s more than just a haircut.

This wasn’t Styles’s first S.N.L. rodeo; as musical guest, he’s always shown a penchant for hopping into sketches. Not all guest musicians like to try their hands at live sketch comedy, but Styles and the rest of the One Directioners charmingly cropped up on a 2012 “Manuel Ortiz Show” sketch and, briefly, in a 2013 sketch featuring Paul Rudd as their biggest fan. They also endearingly and self-mockingly cameoed in Rudd’s opening monologue.

But none of Styles’s previous, light S.N.L. sketch work could have prepared his fans for his level of involvement in this week’s episode. Perhaps taking a page from his successful S.N.L. collaborations with Justin Timberlake, host Jimmy Fallon had Styles join him in two sketches as well as the episode’s monologue. That monologue appearance was the least challenging part of he played. All Styles had to do was dance and belt out a smidgeon of Bowie—right in his wheelhouse. He did it all while giggling a little at Fallon’s self-seriousness. Who wouldn’t?

But Styles had a much bigger role to play in one of the earliest sketches of the night: an impressions showcase in the guise of a Celebrity Family Feud. By rights, Fallon should have owned this sketch—he very impressively scampered back and forth across the set in order to pull off dueling John Travolta impressions. But Styles sort of stole the show out from under him by unveiling a fearless (if not always entirely accurate) Mick Jagger impression.

As any S.N.L. aficionado will tell you, complete commitment to a bit and a willingness to make a fool of yourself is key to good hosting. Timberlake was fine in a pair of early S.N.L. appearances—but it wasn’t until he showed up in 2003, cool as a cucumber, in a giant omelette costume that he proved once and for all that he could hang with the best Studio 8H had to offer. Styles-as-Jagger also took a tiny dig at his own fledgling solo career, saying, in character, “Solo? Why would anyone in a successful band go solo? That’s insane.” Self-awareness? Also a vital quality for any S.N.L. host.

Styles’s last acting appearance of the night came during a surprisingly effective, high-concept sketch which saw Fallon and a group of Union soldiers slowly turn a traditional Civil War ballad into an infectious pop song. Styles appears as a Rebel prisoner who adds a soulful bridge. The singer’s earnest crooning prompted half of the beard glued to his face to pop off—not a rare issue when it comes to live sketch comedy. Styles handled the malfunction with aplomb, first slapping the beard back on his face when the camera panned away—and then, when it came loose again, just going with it.

But like Timberlake before him, Styles has not lost sight of the gift that made him a star. For all his sketch work in this week’s S.N.L. the singer also performed a pair of songs that sent his longtime fans swooning: his chart-topping single, “Sign of the Times” and a new track, titled “Ever Since New York”

But a successful foray into the world of sketch comedy isn’t the only way Styles is taking cues from Timberlake as he embarks upon his post-One Direction career. The singer recently landed a coveted role in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming prestige drama Dunkirk. Timberlake also followed the dissolution of N*Sync with a few serious film appearances, including Alpha Dog, Black Snake Moan, and, most successfully, The Social Network. Neither Styles nor Timberlake may ever win an acting Oscar, but all that stage presence has to go somewhere—and, depending on how well Dunkirk goes over, we may be at the very beginning of another boy band member’s long perch at the top.

If an early positive review (from Oscar winner Mark Rylance, no less!) is any indication, Styles also knows exactly how to channel that surplus of charisma. Rylance said of his Dunkirk co-star: “He seems remarkable … one of those people—Sean Penn has it, too—a kind of panache. I look at them and think, ‘How did you get that? How do you get so that life is easy?’ But he has got a lovely, lovely character. It’s a gift.” Dunkirk comes out in July. If it’s a palpable hit, we could see Styles make his S.N.L. hosting debut as early as this fall.  -  VANITY FAIR

I guess i might as well put a LAPIDOT thing here.

Not All Men

“Not all men are rapists,” my Dad would grunt as he scrolled through his friends’ Facebook profiles and read the articles about sexual assault they’d posted.

“Not all men are abusive,” my Dad would mutter as he did research to disprove the domestic violence statistics that bothered him so much.

“Not all men are like him,” I’d mouth to myself, as Dad threw Mom across the room for having the temerity to contradict something he’d said.

After hurting her one night, he came to my room a few hours later. “You’re a sweet boy,” he told me. “I know you’d never harm a woman, no matter how much she deserved it. Not all men are like me. You don’t have a temper.”

I did have a temper, though. And I seethed.

Years later, I left for college an angry, confused young man.

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He did a little Q&A, answered some questions about his projects (latest one is Loco ft Live - Movie Shoot) and mentioned BTSxBBMAs, Mino&Winner and Bobby&Ikon.
He said he’s going to get back into his artistry so i’m looking forward to some lit songs in the future. Imagine all the collabs😳🤙🏽

~also please comment and let me know if i should add a summary to future posts or not? Some people like to take the summary out when reblogging……~

No Promises (m)

“God,” Jungkook spits out, “We told you we worked at a club before, why are you so surprised?”

You roll your eyes at his statement. “You never told me it was a strip club. What were you guys thinking?”

Synopsis: You never thought that your two closest friends would work at a club one day, especially as strippers. Now all they want to do is give you a private show.


Pairing: Jungkook x Reader x Yoongi // stripper!jungkook & stripper!yoongi

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 7.5k

Includes: sub reader, switch jungkook, dom yoongi, daddy kink, dirty talk, strip tease, oral & face riding, exhibitionism/voyeurism, masturbation, blowjob/throat swab, multiple orgasms, orgasm control, frottage

A/N: for @itsrainingmin and her thirsty ass… happy birthday hoe. the sin for this is toned down a few notches, huhu. thank u @addictedtonamjoon & @seoulscapes for dealing w this dilemma and keeping me on track LMFAO

tossed in some mxm action for u as well booboo ,’:^)

“You guys are… what?” You take a moment of silence to yourself so you can process the newfound information, mind dazing with lucid imagery of your two friends being…

“Strippers,” Yoongi clarifies nonchalantly. “Why are you so surprised?”

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How did you two meet?
Jessica Chastain: When Tree of Life went to Cannes, all the interviewers were asking me about my favorite actors and actresses because I was new to the industry, and they wanted to get to know me. I was always gushing about this little, unknown actress Isabelle Huppert. (Laughs). Everyone kept saying, “She’s here.” And so they were trying to get an introduction. We had dinner in Paris. And when I said to her: “Oh, I love you. You’re my favorite actress,” she goes, “I know.” (Laughs.) Because that’s how much I was talking about it.

White Lace | [S]

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MusclePig™ [12:27] : Are you free yet?

The obnoxious vibrations of your phone distract you from the splatter of paint that had you preoccupied for the past couple of hours.

You picked up your phone from your table, the light from it seemingly unpleasant as you typed in a quick response.

You [12:30] : Do you really want to go out that bad?

MusclePig™ [12:30]: I haven’t seen you in a week, my heart and dick are throbbing for you.

You threw your phone down on to your bed beside the hardwood table that you were seated on, silently laughing to yourself as you read his last message.

That’s definitely something Jungkook would say. Over the past couple of months you had gotten to know him better, the both of you often bonding over anime or stupid memes; sometimes just listening to each other as he babbled on about a new plot he had thought of.

You’d been avoiding going out with him over the past week, trying to focus on classes and the projects at hand. But Jungkook wouldn’t let you stay in this hermit hole that you had created for yourself.

MusclePig™ [12:31]: Pleasee~

You [12:33]: Pick me up in an hour.

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Goodnight Texts: ReggiexReader! Oneshot

Hey guys! I dunno, I had this idea but I’m not too happy with how I executed it in this oneshot. More oneshots will be coming soon so sorry if this is bad!

Summary: (Y/N) can’t sleep so decides to text her boyfriend Reggie. This slowly turns into a mini sexting session.

Warnings: NSFW, I guess? Allusions to smut. Cussing.

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(gif not mineeeee)

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