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I was honestly unable to resist and help myself by commissioning -the ever darling and awesome- @soddingcloudgazer for another piece, this time of my Jharna Ryder with Suvi ;^;!!! Thank you IMMENSELY for this beautiful piece 💙!!!!

Team Titcurtains - from “I’m going to fuck the living shit out of him” to respectably-dressed pirate spy couple. ❤


A Look™

so i got a little bonus cash on my paycheck and i commissioned @lyndraws​ to draw a fancy garbage can


Appreciate A Dragon Day ~ Game of Thrones: The Targaryen Brothers—Drogon the Black, Rhaegal the Green, Viserion the Gold

Quick and simple headshot painting of Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle which I have said a million times that it is my all time favorite Studio Ghibli movie and will never get tired of watching. It has such a touching story and I feel very connected to Sophie. Also the scenery is gorgeous and has so many details and all the characters get to be so relatable. Anyway I hope you like this lil drawing and also have a lovely week. Take care.
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caterjunes  asked:

lucy do you have a favorite tall ship? like one that strikes you as The Most Beautiful or best designed or just one that you squee over most?

I’ve been mulling this over, and though I am monstrously biased towards vessels I’ve actually worked on, I’ll list a couple more:

Belowdecks, the schooner Zodiac has to be one of the most beautiful vessels I’ve ever been aboard. There’s so much brightwork and a ton of gorgeous vintage detailing. Admittedly I’m more excited about square-riggers than schooners on the whole, but I was still blown away when I visited her at the Tall Ships Festival in Tacoma in 2008.

I’ve also been massively curious about the Alexander von Humboldt for a while, mostly because of her extraordinary green sails:


Unfortunately the ship has since been retired and turned into a hotel and her successor (the creatively-named Alexander von Humboldt II) has white sails. Alas.

It’s hard to pick! There are so many beautiful ships out there. I love all my children equally u_u

okay but consider: andrew is an artist

  • it’s just something he does and he doesn’t really talk about it???
  • he’ll fill up entire sketchbooks with halfassed doodles but in between those doodles are these like. really detailed portraits of the foxes
  • he keeps these sketchbooks under his bed (where nobody would look bc lbr nobody messes with andrew’s shit) and he’s not really hiding them that’s just where he keeps them
  • eventually one day he tells neil to get something for him because he doesn’t want to move and neil finds this gigantic stack of thick black, leatherbound books and he asks andrew what they are
    • “open them” andrew shrugs
    • neil is in Shock because he had no idea??? 
    • he asks nicky if he new andrew could draw and nicky is just like “what the fuck andrew can draw?”
  • neil asks if he can look through the sketchbooks when he has time because seriously these things are gorgeous and so detailed
    • it takes him like 2 weeks to go through them all in order bc they’re all dated
  • the quality/content of the drawings also correlates to andrew’s mental state at the time
    • so like the earliest ones are incredibly angry and harsh with lines obviously pressed into the paper with much more force than necessary, thick strokes and over-exaggerated features
    • but the further and further you get into his sketches, they mellow out? now he’s got these beautifully detailed portraits with tiny fine details that you’d only be able to get if you had a lot of patience
      • there’s also an increasing amount of portraits of neil but nobody says anything about that…to his face. nicky thinks it’s incredibly adorable but he values his life too much to voice it.
  • most of the drawings are in just plain pencil but the few that are done in color will take your breath away
  • now that his “secret” is out and people actually know he draws he’s much more open about it
  • the foxes all start getting these random drawings slipped under their doors for no reason because andrew keeps running out of places to put his drawings (neil and nicky keep putting them up on the walls) and he needs to get rid of them
  • just. artist andrew. 

no energy left to do the rest

Wagakki Band from left :
Ibukuro Kiyoshi 美少年? (Koto)
Suzuhara Yuuko she’s so pretty and talented omg (Main Vo)
Oumura Shin a.k.a Machiya イケメン? (Guitar, Vo)


So @askstarfrost mod and I were talking chickens the other night and we got on the topic of pheasants, especially the really exotic ones. We ended up making some pheasant ponies/Hippalektryon. xD

I picked the Lady Amherst’s (Chrysolophus amherstiae) to base mine from! First is a normal C.amherstiae, then a Melanistic (for lack of a better/more correct term), then a Golden x Amherst’s hybrid!

They were really fun to do! Detailed, but oh so worth it~ They’re gorgeous birds to use and I hope to see more of them get used in character designing!