so design

In which Recovery Girl recommends Toshinori gets himself a body pillow when he complains of a sore back, and this guy just can’t help but buy his own merch.

Thanks to @keybladewelderladyraven who reminded me that I have been wanting to draw this for like, a year.


Trying out some sketchy brushes.

I’m trying to do something about my art style so I should be posting a lot of sketches, doodles and wips. Way more than I usually do.

And way more fanarts, I know what y’all want xD


“I’ll paint the Sara funko to look like Victoria, and then I can have my OT3,” I said.

“It’ll be fine,” I said. “It’s paint,” I said. “Colors. Blocks of ‘em. That’s it,” I said.

“YOU WERE A FUCKING MORON,” I say, three days and like nineteen coats of paint later (including several base coats of white), with only her hair done, staring down armor.

The Red King, Bartleby, for slumberland au. this is probably the only design i’m going to post for slumberland au since i still like it alot (heart themes are my jam)

IIRC, since he represented hearts and he’s a cat king in canon, he had 9 lives or 9 different forms when you challenged him for a boss fight. Every fight was tougher than the last, getting more and more monstrous until the final 9th fight, where he would just be a tiny cat. he would be defeated in 1 hit by that point while cursing Alice in embarrassment


Hey, so you know how I have a bunch of my OCs as part of the same rebel cell, the “Devaron’s Angels”? Well, for “Shadows and Stardust” (which you can read here, if you haven’t yet), I wanna have more members of that rebel cell show up—maybe not for huge roles, but enough that you get a feel for who they are and what they do. I thought about just designing these secondary characters myself, but then I figured, “Hey, why not see if anyone else would wanna do one?”

So, I wanted to ask—would anyone be interested in designing an Angel? I’m not gonna put all the essential details about them here, just in case no one ends up wanting to, but yeah, just message me if you think you’d be up for it! :D

@furbsonas here’s my furby fake design, they have a name yet but they’re kinda a mix of Popples and furbies?? The infrared sensor is in the little flower, and they have droopy eyelids, along with a volume dial and on/ off button by the battery pack. Because of the extra buttons they’re a bit bigger than furbies, maybe 2005 size. I’m probably gonna remove the “no specific themes” rule, though

Omg I took so long on this drawing ;;^^ but it’s finally finished! It’s Damien!! With longer hair!!

I did this to kinda represent the way I feel when people call me or something I do weird….oh! But not the nice “you’re weird! I like you!” Kinda thing but when I say something and they just say “weird….” it make feel bad? But then I remember Well hell yeah! I’m weird! 😎 So yeah xD anyways, hope you like the drawing ^^ and always be proud of being weird!!