so derpin


I feel like I’m a little a late to the game on posting about my Wizard World Chicago experiences!! I got back so late Sunday night (technically Monday morning) and have been working nonstop. Today is my day off…soooo I’m reflecting now!

After Salt Lake City…I never thought I’d do this whole con thing again…and I especially didn’t think I’d be doing it again in 5 months. But. Alas. Here I am!

This whole thing from the beginning was miles different than SLC. I had a group of friends to go with.. I was going for multiple days… I was going to panel and VIP and all this shit that I was drowning in. 

We got in Friday, got our packets, walked by Christopher Lloyd (HOLLAH!), and then went off to drink margs and eat pizza!

Saturday rolled in and I was a mess. I was nauseous and nervous! We got in line and then we whipped tits to G’s booth after they let us in and then it was the waiting game. Waiting for her to come out. That’s the worst for me. Waiting! 

She came out like a troll wearing that fucking I’m With Schmoopie shirt! I brought a mug for her to sign but for the life of me I COULD NOT DECIDE what I wanted signed. I wanted it personalized but what in the hell was I gonna have her say?? My turn was coming soon so I just wrote on the post it “something funny and or crude to help get me through the day” and prayed for the best! She was still signing stuff when she saw my mug and was like “What is that?!” She looked at it and read the note, looked up at me and gave me the most wicked grin! She put the mug down under the table between her legs to sign it- she was so amused with herself…and then so proudly…she slammed the mug down on the table and I laughed so loud! I could not believe…and of course. She did NOT disappoint!  


Then I had to book it to David’s photo op and man…I like barely made it! You know those vids of Gillian saying “Where the fuck is David?” This is where he was… 

So dreamy! 

Then  we went to panel and I won’t relive that because everyone and their dog has… but after that we did the dual photo ops which is probably my favorite photo op ever.

Also- I got to meet @storybycorey​ in the line but I was so caught up in the day, I didn’t even think to take a picture!

Day 2 rolled around and we were absolutely wrecked but we still had Gillian things to do! Most of the girls did David photo ops Sunday morning so I hung out. After… My friend Alley and I went to the bathroom before we got ready for our ops and as we walked out I walked right into Gillian. She was just standing there on her phone… I just smiled and kept walking…I wasn’t going to be *that* person!! 

So our Gillian op came up and we did a group photo first

And then it was my turn! I’m not entirely thrilled with my face and its weird glory! But…when I walked up to her…she kind of cocked her hip to the side and threw her arm over my shoulder! I wasn’t anticipating her doing that! I could not believe! So while I’m totes derpin in my pic…the fact that we have this pose makes me so happy so I’m gonna call it a win anyway! 

After ops we lined up for another autograph. It was the end of this whole thing…it was winding down and when I got to her I was able to really just talk to her for a second. We had a great conversation that I’ll keep with me for very long time. She smiled so sweetly and she said “thank you so much for that” and gave me her hand and squeezed. It was such a sweet ending to such an emotional and wild ride. 

I’m so glad I came on this trip! I questioned coming due to some personal things going on in my life but I’m glad I did. In addition to all this, I had such an amazing time with a great group of girls. They are so special to me. It’s crazy how one little event- my friend backing out of Salt Lake City led to all this. I would never have reached out to my friend Erin and I wouldn’t have met these girls and had this trip of a lifetime. I’m blessed and so happy! KISMET! <3 

Self Titled Album "5 Seconds of Summeme" Tracklist

1. She Looks So Derpin’

2. Kiss Me(me) Kiss Me(me)

3. Everything I Didn’t Troll

4. Good Derpinas

5. English Meme Affair

6. Heartbreak Derpina

7. Amemesia

8. Memelight

9. Beside FFFFUUUU

10. Troll Way Home

11. Meme Up Here

12. Lost Derp

13. Voodoo Troll

14. Never Meme

15. Social Casualmeme

16. Memeteen


soooo~ i heard it was derpfire‘s birthday

happy birthday derpins!!! hope you enjoy this lil comic i made

sorry that it’s messy and rushed, i haven’t been able to draw for months because of school (ugh

but enjoy these dorks being their loser selves