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3.15 coda

Connor wordlessly took Oliver’s hand as they pulled away from their hug.

“Do you have everything you brought?” Connor whispered once Annalise and Bonnie began to talk. Oliver shook his head before pressing a kiss to Connor’s cheek.

“Let me just get my laptop. I’ve been looking into every department’s database to try to track you down, but apparently no one does anything legal anymore with paperwork. Which, we need to talk about because corruption is going to be the cause of the decline of Philadelphia. Can we trust anyone?” Oliver took a deep breath, ready to continue with his rant.

“Hey, get your laptop so we can go home.” Connor interrupted him, pushing him in the direction of Bonnie’s kitchen.

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I hate what you're doing to me, but I miss you

I dont know how I feel about you anymore. you hurt me and you say all these things to me and I actually feel like I’ve gotten over you. but then I start to think about the way you made me feel. the way you would hold me. the way you’d kiss me. how we’d be watching a movie and I’d catch you looking at me so I’d ask what you’re doing and you’d tell me how beautiful you thought I was. they way you’d tickle me even though you knew I hated it but I loved to see the smile on your face when I’d start laughing. how we could just talk to each other for hours and hours at a time. how you’d lay your head on my lap so I could play with your hair. the way you would hold my waist. the way we would talk about our future together. how you gave me your sweatshirt to wear and you thought I looked so cute in it because of how big it was on me. how you’d always give me big hugs and then tease me about how short I was compared to you. how we’d send each other cute tumblr posts we found. the way you’d compliment me and said how much you loved my eyes and I’d tell you how damn much I loved yours. how you’d send me a good morning text every morning and a goodnight text every night. how we’d spend hours and hours together and still want to be with each other for even longer. the way you’d tell me that I’m perfect exactly how I am..but that’s gone now. and it’s never coming back. I hate it because the things you’ve been saying to me have made me so angry and so sad at the same time. but I still miss us so much but i dont know if I’d ever wanna do this to myself again. you’re doing everything you told me you wouldn’t do but for some reason even though I’m so mad at you, I still miss you. and I don’t understand why..but it’s the truth. it’s the confusing truth. I’m mad at you and I hate what you’re doing to me, but I miss you..I miss us.

the-hunter-and-the-songbird  asked:

Daryl is so broken, and I can't take it anymore. In Still when they were fighting, He said everyone was dead and she yelled at him that he didn't know that. and now he knows that almost everyone is alive. And now he has to believe she's alive. Because when Rick asked if she was dead he replied with "Shes just gone" and he's so in love with her and no one can tell me other wise!

I know how you feel. When he was being beaten up I just kept yelling “my baaabyyy…!!!” Then he had to tell Rick what happened and he just looked so depressed. *sob* He is in love with her! 200%! And they are going to find each other next season and it is going to be the most epic reunion in the history of forever! And I will be a crying mess and Daryl being without Beth will be a thing of the past! We’ll all celebrate on here together and I’ll finally make a fanvid that doesn’t make me wanna cry, and all will be well…

I just have a lot of feels right now…