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A Line of Hamlets with their Hamlet counterparts

1971 - Ian McKellen (UK/European Tour)
2008 - David Tennant (Royal Shakespeare Company)
2010 - Rory Kinnear (National Theatre)
2015 - Benedict Cumberbatch 
2016 - Paapa Essiedu (Royal Shakespeare Company)



Behind the Scenes of a “Room with a View” | 1985.

Featuring Helena Bonham Carter as Lucy Honeychurch, Julian Sands, Dame Maggie Smith, Dame Judy Dench and the crew.

dir. James Ivory.

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My name is Hercule Poirot and I am probably the greatest detective in the world

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I don't care how you do it but I need you to basically summarise how Mark looks so dench yet at the same time he once donated £1000 to a rescue charity because he almost cried at a pupper trapped under a car (also get well soon bean (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ)

I absolutely loved this vid and this man


Pic name: Revel in the Roses

“From every blush that kindles in thy cheeks, Ten thousand little loves and graces spring To revel in the roses.” ~ Nicholas Rowe

Another one, with the same picture, because I really like this photo.  And I was torn between text or not.

To be honest, I like this one much more than the first one made with this photo, with and without the text.

This needs to happen.

ok so this is my idea

Maggie Smith, Julie Andrews, Judy Dench and Meryl Streep play 4 sassy sisters who are retired super spies but get drafted back into the field when the government has no one else to turn to. Since their retirement they’ve been living unassuming lives as quaint old ladies and use it as their undercover disguise. Amazingness ensues. Who’s going to set up the kickstarter? 

A Quidditch Fight (Draco Imagine)

(A.N. Okay! So this is my first imagine! If you have any request don’t be afraid to ask! This imagine is about when Draco, Harry, Fred, and George got into a fight after a Quidditch game. For those who don’t know Y/N means Your name and L/N means Last Name. Anyways, Enjoy!)

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“Johnson with the Quaffle,what a player that girl is,I’ve been saying it for years but she still won’t go out with me-”

“JORDAN!” yelled Professor McGonagall.

I giggle slightly at Lee Jordan’s commentary while adjusting my scarlet and gold scarf so that it hugs my neck tighter to block out the freezing air that surrounds me. Right now I’m standing in the stands of the Quidditch Pitch watching the game of Gryffindor vs Slytherin with my best friend at my side Hermione Granger and my friend Luna Lovegood my other 2 best friends are on the Gryffindor Quidditch team; as Seeker and Keeper.

Luna is wearing that crazy lion hat that i think is to show her support for Gryffindor. I can’t help to feel guilty because you see my boyfriend is a Slytherin to be exact the Slytherin Prince, Draco Malfoy. He is the Slytherin team Seeker up against my two best friend.(Harry and Ron if you haven’t caught that yet.) You see my dilemma? Draco told me that I could sit where I ever I want but I feel at fault for sitting in the Gryffindor stands.

I’m snapped out of my thoughts when I hear a faint chant from the Slytherin section of the stands:

                           Weasley cannot save a thing,

                           He cannot block a single ring,

                           That’s why Slytherins all sing:

                                Weasley is our King.

Me and Hermione looked at eachother with wide eyes. Hermione looked away shaking her head.I felt my insides boiling in anger. “Maybe he wasn’t apart of it.” voiced Hermione with doubt in her voice.Was Draco up to this? Even though I have expressed my disliking about him being a total git to my friends. If he had he better go find a new girlfriend. “Come on now, Angelina- looks like she’s got just the Keeper to beat!- SHE SHOOTS- SHE- aaahh…”Shouted Lee tring to drown that bloody song. But of course the Slytherin Keeper, had saved the goal. I search the field to look for my bloody ass of a boyfriend and instead see Harry zooming towards Ron. Once again the song boomed through the stands

                            Weasley cannot save a thing,

                           He cannot block a single ring…

Warrington was heading towards Ron. Ron had dived with his arms wide.My breath was caught in my thoart hoping Ron would block it. But the Quaffle had soared between them right into the center hoop. “Slytherin score!” Lee said.

Harry turns around finally looking for the Golden Snitch.Zooming around it seemed that he couldn’t find it. Harry stopped in front of what it looked like Draco. It seemed that Draco was singing along to that song. I clenched my fist glaring at my boyfriend. The score was twenty-nil but there is still time for Gryffindor to catch up. Ron just let in two more goals. “Angelina Johnson takes the Quaffle, she’s past Warrington, she’s heading for the goal, come on now Angelina- GRYFFINDOR SCORES! It’s forty-ten.” Luna’s lion hat roared with the cheers of the Gryffindors.

Draco and Harry were still looking for the snitch. Then all of a sudden Harry zoomed to the Slytherin end of the pitch. In a matter of seconds, Draco was zooming after Harry. They were now flying neck to neck. Then a Bludger hit Harry in the back. I heard gasp from Luna and Hermione as Harry hit the ground. Madam Hooch flew to Harry but he got up.She went to go scole Crabbe for his illegal move. Draco landed close by along with Katie,Alicia,Fred,George. They seemed to be arguing. Oh no this can’t be good. I started to leave but Hermione held my arm and shock her head. I sighed and took a seat watching them closely.

Fred and George suddenly charged at Draco but Angelina took Fred’s arm while Harry got George’s. Draco was just….laughing? What a fucking git I hope this was worth losing me. Harry suddenly let go of George as they both went at Draco. Harry punched Draco in the stomach. I stood up and ran down the stands as i heard girls screams, Draco yelling, George swearing, and a whistle blow. As soon I reached the ground I saw Draco curled up on the ground, whimpering and moaning, his nose bloody; George had a busted lip and Fred was held on the ground by three Chasers.

“I’ve never seen behavior like it- back up to the castle, both of you, and straight to your Head of House’s office! Go! Now!” Harry and George both marched off the pitch. I quickly ran too Draco. “Draco are you fucking crazy?!” I yelled all he did was moan in pain. “ Miss L/N  please take Mr.Malfoy to the Hospital Wing.” said Madam Hooch. Turning her back to scole Fred.

I looked back at Draco who was already looking at me I glared at him.Then looking away from him I stood up and out reached my hand to him. I felt his big hand take my small one and I pulled to help him up. When he stood up I let go of his hand and started to walk towards the castle when I felt Draco’s presence was absent I turned around and saw him just standing there pinching the bridge of his nose. I gestured him to follow me and started to walk again.

When we got in the castle Draco finally spoke up, “ Y/N I don’t want to go to the Hospital Wing.” “ Then you shouldn’t have gotten in a fight.” I said bitterly.

I felt Draco grab my upper arm to stop me from walking. I turned my head the avoid his gaze. “ Y/N please look at me.I’m so-” “Don’t say that you’re sorry because you’re not.”I said interrupting his apology. “I didn’t mea-” “ Stop Draco.” I say getting frustrated with him, wishing he would just stop talking. “ No Y/N let me-” “Draco if you stop talking I won’t take you to the Hospital Wing.” I say interrupting him once again turning around only to be met with his icy blue-grey eyes. He nodded looking at the ground. I sigh thinking of a place to take him. I gron having no choice but to take him to my dorm. I turned around and began to walk to the Gryffindor Tower.

Once we reached the Fat Lady’s portrait, Draco stopped walking. “ Y/N I can’t go in there.” “ Fine, I guess you want to go to the Hospital Wing.” I said looking at him. He looked at me with a hint of- I think fear in his eyes.Seeing that almost made all of the anger in me dissolve. “Draco, everyone is still at the game don’t worry.” He nodded. “ Are you going to stand there all day or are you going to give me the password?” Questioned the Fat Lady. “Balderdash.”

 I opened the door to my dorm and guestered Draco to walk in. “ Just sit on my bed.” i muttered. “ I think I have a first-aid kit in my bathroom.” Draco nodded as he sat on my bed. I walked in my bathroom and open one of the cabinets it revealed a first-aid kit, I grabbed it walking back to a groaning Draco. “ Babe, my nose hurts.” I set the first-aid kit next to Draco’s leg. I looked at him “ I can see that.” I replied. “Just move your hand so I get a better look.” He winced as he like his hand drop from his nose. “ Tell me if this hurts.”I said as I started to poke around at his nose when I reached one spot he winced and  grabbed my wrist to make me not touch it and whined “Don’t that hurts!”

“I think it’s broken Draco….” his eyes opened wide. “What?! That stupid Potter I’ll make him pay-” He stop and looked at me and muttered a quick apology as I glared at him sighing. “If it’s broken a first-aid kit won’t be any help.” I huffed. “What are you going to do then?” Draco questioned watching me closely. “ I have something in mind.” I said as I pulled out my wand. “No Y/N we should go to the Hospital Wing.” I glared at him. “ Now you want to go to the Hospital Wing? Just trust me Draco.” I said looking him in the eyes. “ Okay Y/N just don’t make it worst.” I rolled my eyes at his remark and pointed my wand at his nose and exclaimed, “Episkey!” A bright light shot from the end of my wand and hit Draco’s nose.

When I lowered my wand Draco exclaimed, “It doesn’t hurt anymore!” I nodded my head trying to smile. “I’m not done yet stay here I’ll be right back.” I walked back into my bathroom and turned on the sink on for the water the be luke warm and grabbed a rag. I put the rag under the faucet so it would be denched. I turned the sink off and twisted the rag so all of the extra water would come off. When the rag was damp I walked back to Draco and stood in between his legs and put the rag to his nose. I felt his hands find a place on my hips, his thumbs started to rub circles on my hips. “ Y/N I’m really sorry.” Draco whispered. I looked in his eyes to find them already looking at me. I looked away blushing going back to clean the blood off his nose.

He pushed a piece of hair behind my ear “ Look at me, Love.” I cleaned the remainder of the blood off of his face and grab his hand that held his nose and wiped the blood off of his fingers. “Please.” I set the now bloody rag on the first-aid kit and looked at Draco. He smiled gently at me and grabbed my hand and kissed it, “ Thank you for helping me, Y/N.” he whispered. “Your welcome.” I replied also whispering looking in his deep icy grey-blue eyes. “ I’m sorry for being a git I hope that I can make it up to you. I don’t want to lose you.” He moved his hands to my cheeks as I placed my hands around his neck. Smiling at him I whispered, “ I think you can make it up to me right now.” He smiled at me as he leaned forward as I felt his soft pink lips touch mine. After lips moved in sync for what it seemed like hours he kissed my forehead and said, “I love you.”