so demonize me already

Seduce Me 2 Reactions

Drunk Damian:

Learning more about The Spirit from Erik’s route:


My Precious Baby Matthew:

Angel Torture:

Demon!James scenes:

The kinky ass sex with Demon!Sam:


All the crossroad choices, where you KNOW there’s a Right Answer but you don’t know which is which:

Anytime the The Demon Lord talked:

The Boys’ Wives showing up:

The Council:

Diana and Saero:

The art and music:

The Bloopers:


If you can’t use adjustment layers for felfire when CAN you use them?
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Under The Bed - chpt 61

Live in fear, this one’s 11k. But more Rivaille POV and Hunter, God bless that boy, is a delight to write (and hopefully to read).

Guys I would trade my soul to meet Jacksepticeye here in Australia. Like you have no idea. I’m huge fan. I would travel to Sydney or Melbourne if I had to. Guhh why is Australia so bloody far from everywhere else?!

EVERYBODY LOOKING AT LUCADO god I love that she’s just like…a fuckup

“I don’t even take samples at the grocery store anymore” GOD i love her, only just un-demoned and already so quick

“she hates me anyway” ah, a sudden kindness. interesting.

sit the fuck down, jockstrap

oh nonna poor baby. “I bet she cried” haha what an asshole

“Oh you think she’s hot?” well yeah Doc she’s the other smartest person you know.

The plate. The answer’s the plate.

Jeanie you FUCKUP 

OH shit well now I feel bad

Sometimes I cry about my stutter, because it’s incredibly frustrating, and making my lack of social skills even worse.
But then, I think about Odin, and everything gets better.
Thank you Michelle for creating Odin Arrow, Thanks to him, I feel so much better about this speech disorder that has been following me since 4th grade. Ava’s Demon has taught me so many positive things, but this character is so important to me. 

lauraroslin-deactivated20161109  asked:

cordelia chase

OTP:cordelia/angel. in AtS i ended up shipping this so hard it ruined my life. on btvs i kinda shipped cordelia/xander even tho they were horrible to each other, but they sort of made the other grow as a person as well so i was ok with it.

BrOTP:my favourite friendships of hers is cordelia/wesley/gunn, they were amazing when angel flounced off in s2. but i love all the angel investigations teams. i was also invested in cordelia/buffy’s friendship.

OT3:cordelia/wesley/gunn and i guess cordelia/wesley/angel.

NOTP: none in particular? i think all her relationships were very important. obvs i wasn’t into cordelia/connor but that was diff she had literally no say in the matter (unbeknownst to everyone including connor, she was possessed, so i doubt she was into it either), so it’s n/a to me.

tv meme: [2/2] quotes → angel

“the only way you get to keep the visions is by becoming - part demon. the process isn’t easy. it’ll make your vision pain feel like a stroll through candyland. and even after the pain subsides the effects of the transition will be numerous and unpredictable. you may never be able to lead a human life again.” "so, demonize me already.“

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That video you just posted reminded me that I stopped watching Angel when Cordelia ascended to the higher plane at the end of season 4(?). And I'm afraid to keep going because I know a lot of people are angry about what happened to her later on (*cough*connor*cough*). Should I push on or?

end of season three. and i’d push on. seasons four and five are a fucking mess overall, like let’s be honest here, but i’d say there’s still enough good in there to make them worth a watch. then again, i’m always loathe to give up on a show before i reach the end. you do you, anon.

(…but if you stop watching then you’ll never get to you’re welcome. it doesn’t even come close to making up for the shit joss & co pulled in s4 but it’s still a nice farewell episode for cordelia, and definitely a better place to leave her arc on than her ascension.)