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Too hopeful

Summary: Sebastian wife writes him a letter in which he does not want to receive

A/N: I feeling self hate tonight so his a sad one guys! sorry!

To my dearest love,

I’m writing this one from your desk, you know the one that lays at home? Do you remember what home is my love, your office hasn’t had the pleasure of meeting you yet the oak is still abandoned and smells to strongly of new. Home is now a house my love, all your shirts have lost their smell I know this because I’ve worn them straight for six months.

I watched you change through Instagram, the way your body now morphs into someone I don’t know. I hope you know I don’t remember what it feels like to wake up to that beard brushing my neck, do you think of me when you shave my love. How I use to do it so delicately and yes I do see the tiny cuts adoring that skin of yours. Just how I notice there are no bags under your eyes or how your feet don’t drag on concreate ground did you know mine do? My body is tired Seb, tired of longing all the time for someone who hasn’t called me in nearly a month!

This letter is short, I’m sure it will not cross your mind but I’m going home and by home I mean to my mothers. I miss you too much to live in a constant state of your old presences. An finally I’m sorry for telling you I could do it because I can’t deal with missing you for months at a time.

All the love Y/N x

Sebastian sits in the tight fitting plane sit, his was on his way home and the letter came as he was packing his bag for the flight and suddenly no point seemed to come from this flight. As if it had already crashed and burned, tears burning his eyelids but the tighter he scrunches his eyes the quicker they appear. He lets them roll down his cheeks as realisation kicks in that his just lost his love…

Continuation?? Let me know loves!

Oi. I’m blind as a bat.

After Unit 00 was repaired from being melted by Triangle-chan, it also got a new paint job… It used to be Orange and White, but now it’s Blue and White. Freakin’ heck, I didn’t even notice until now. I mean, I noticed its color, just not that it had changed!

I’m glad it did, though. The old one was too close to Unit 02′s red and orange, and this blue scheme fits Rei. Actually, it looks like Unit 00 has red eyes as well! Err… A red eye.

Huh. Unit 00 has one eye. Unit 01 has two. And Unit 02 (probably) has four. I know Asuka said that there’d never by a Unit 03 model, but if it did exist, I wonder if it would have eight eyes, and so on and so forth.

Oh, whoops. Forgot Psycho-delic exploded. So Nerv only retrieved L O N G B O Y E and Triangle-chan, to date. And Copywight, of course.

HAVOC. byun baekhyun. pianist & vampire hunter.

“they called it the war of the roses, but no rose was ever so bloody.
delicate grace was shunned by blood and filthy mud, the souls of men with it,
and in corporeal form they ravaged the land and all its beauty fashioning
metal from thorns and ploughing the fields with blood,
for a crown of bitter hollowness” —  i.       ii.       iii.

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So this is the end of you and me we had a good run and I'm setting you free to do as you want, to do as you please without me Remember when you were my boat and I was your sea?Together we'd float so delicately, but that was back when we could talk about anything 'Cause I don't know who I am when you're running circles in my head and I don't know just who you are when you're sleeping in someone else's bed We're not the same, I wish that could change....... But it can't.

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I have seen the sea when it is stormy and wild; when it is quiet and serene; when it is dark and moody. And in all its moods, I see myself. 
- Martin D. Buxbaum

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Aries: Broken hearts and bloodstained fingers, your voice reminds me of a lively melody. A warriors heart with a delicate soul, an unlikely combination you put together so well. You have it hard, don’t you? Yet you get up with only the skin at your knees scraped and dripping red.

Taurus: The reminiscence of a rose - the single flower that’s so impossible to hate, delicate and pretty, even when it stops blooming. Your voice could calm even the most chaotic oceans, always soothing with soft notes of comfort. Even your eyes could mesmerise the most soulless creature; your sweet face leaves me dreaming in heartache.

Gemini: Your eyes twinkle with mischief, what are you thinking about? That’s what I always wonder, the curve of your mouth always makes me suspect. I love your mind, I think that’s my favourite thing of yours, you tell me so much I cannot help but wonder the things you leave unsaid.

Cancer: Lovely eyes filled with unspilled tears, how can you be so wonderful? I’ve always said that, people who can feel so much have the capacity to be the kindest. How have you not broken yet? I think I can admire that. Sensitive, emotional, I dream of you. Your heart reminds me of an endless sea, so much you leave undiscovered.

Leo: It’s enamouring, how full of life you are - your soul could rival the sun, it’s as if you shimmer with the promise of eternal bliss. Perhaps that’s why you so easily win the hearts of all; so golden and glamorous. I’ve always said your gaze held the most wonderful of stars, even now I can still count them; youthful and shining. I think it might be impossible to ever fully hate you, your warmth is far too compelling.

Virgo: I find it odd that you can’t see your beauty, it’s always been so obvious to me. Why must you be so harsh to yourself? Especially when you’re so obviously perfect. I think it’s your innocence that draws me in most, always so pure and lovely; like the sweetest rose. I wish I could win your heart, but I know I’m undeserving. Yet there’s a gentleness in you I can’t help but have.

Libra: Ah, Aphrodite’s purest creation - how could you not adore such a thing? There’s a sweet nostalgia of love about you that makes my heart ache; as if I miss a love I never had. I think your nativity is what makes you so pure amongst the rest of us. There’s an underlying softness to everything you do.

Scorpio: I don’t think there are enough words to describe you, your depths are unfathomable. I think here lies the true meaning of profound. There’s a frustrating beauty in you I can’t seem to point out, perhaps it’s because it’s so buried. You are kind, so very kind, I don’t understand where people see your darkness. Or perhaps I do. I think it’s in your eyes, how dark they seem even when you smile. They’re the eyes of someone who has seen tragedies, yet you arose from them with a certain light and grace that can’t help but seem lovely.

Sagittarius: An adventurer, a wandering soul always searching for its next quest - you’ve danced with the sun and conversed with the stars. The universe knows you better than you know yourself. You are wild and brimming with the promises of life, so much too see, so much to learn! There is truly nothing more lovely than the life of one who experiences, I see the whole world when I’m with you.

Capricorn: Cold eyes and shy smiles, I know you’re gentler than you believe. Your stars are least private in December, perhaps that’s why it’s my favourite month. I admire your patience the most, it brings peace to my fiery spirit. It’s funny, how unemotional you portray yourself - your soul warming smile contradicts that in every way, it’s unexpected yet not at all surprising.

Aquarius: The ruler of rebellion, invention and revolution - it’s as if you shake the world awake. Your mind is the strangest place I love to be in, show me all your thoughts; especially the ones you’d never think of sharing. A lover and a loner, detached yet still connected, you always leave me wondering.

Pisces: The moon tells me tales of your heart every month when she’s full and shining, I wonder how it hasn’t burst yet. She tells me there’s a beautiful idealism to you, I don’t think there’s a single dream you haven’t dreamt. I think it’s beautiful, how such a pure soul can exist. My heart aches when I hear the stars whisper soft words of comfort you every night you disappear into yourself; licking wounds and drowning in sorrows - your sensitivity is what’s most raw. I hope one day you can find your heart.

—  My Thoughts On The Signs

Me, Doing College Theatre: “Why do we keep doing all these Weird as Shit™ shows? Wouldn’t we get more butts in seats if we did musicals?”

Me, now, doing Butts-in-Seats-Musicals: “Hokay, please direct me towards the Weird Shit. I would like one Weird Shit Play, please.”